What to Do with Your Trousers in Three Different Ways

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    Choose which pants to fold. Instead of rolling, you should fold your business pants and other pants made from wrinkle-prone fabrics. If you need to bring dress pants to a meeting or other event that requires them, you should fold them so that they don't arrive at your destination completely lined with wrinkles.

    • Always fold your suit pants instead of rolling them, as this prevents wrinkles from forming.
    • 100% cotton pants should be folded and stored in a drawer because of their tendency to wrinkle.
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    One should always begin with pants that have been ironed. Your wrinkled pants will look even worse after being in your suitcase for several hours. If you iron your pants before you pack them, you might just be able to pull them out of the suitcase and into the office.


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    Spread the pants out on a flat surface. Make sure you have a neat fold by doing it on the floor or another hard surface. Spread them out and straighten out any creases or folds so that they can be folded without a sloppy appearance.

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    The pants are folded in half with the legs overlapping. Fold your legs in half by crossing one over the other. The fold should be centered over the crotch seam. At this time, it is imperative that you straighten your legs in order to avoid the formation of creases.

    • Keep the crease or pleat in place when folding dress pants by folding them in half along the crotch.
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    Cut them in half vertically. Lift the cuffs above the waist. Once more, smooth out the creases in the pants so that they don't show up in the waistband. Check that the fabric is neatly folded by smoothing it out with your hands.

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    Repeat the folding process in half Fold the bottom of the pants up to meet the waistband and the cuffs. You can now pack your pants away Folding pants in half like this creates a crease across the knees and another across the thighs. Although strategically placing a crease there is preferable to having many wrinkles, if neatness is absolutely essential, you may need to iron them. [1]


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    Learn which pants cuffs go where The ability to roll up garments made from wrinkle-resistant materials is a major convenience. It's a simple, efficient method for transporting wrinkled pants. There will be more room in your suitcase if you roll your clothes rather than fold them. What follows is a list of trouser styles that can be rolled, in no particular order:

    • Jeans
    • Leggings
    • Gym shorts
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    Spread out the pants on the table. If you want to avoid wrinkles as much as possible, start with ironed pants. Spread the pants out and smooth your hands over the legs to get rid of any wrinkles.

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    Create a slit in the pants' middle Just fold them in half by crossing one leg over the other. Compress the wrinkles with your palms. See to it that the fabric is completely smooth and free of wrinkles.

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    Roll from the waist up. In the same way you would roll up a jelly roll or a sleeping bag using your fingers, begin rolling the pants down from the waist using your fingers. Keep going until you reach the cuffs. Rolling your pants like this makes them easy to pack away in a suitcase.

    • Take care to prevent creases in the fabric as you roll. Get rid of wrinkles as you go.
    • Loosely roll rather than tightly, as the latter will cause the fabric to wrinkle.


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    Put your nicest pants in your suit case. Use a suit bag that allows you to pack your pants vertically, without folding them in half, if you are worried about wrinkles or need to wear them right away at your destination. In order to avoid wrinkles in your pants, try this.

    • Use a hanger made specifically for pants so as not to rip the material. Certain types of pant hangers necessitate the pants be folded in half at the knee and slung over the top of the hanger.
    • If you want them to stay wrinkle-free throughout the day, make sure to fold them straight and store them in your suit bag.
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    Roll your pants up tight and stow them at the bottom. If you find yourself with rolled pants, pack them in the bottom of your suitcase, below your wrinkle-free clothes. Pack them near the bottom of your suitcase, where they will be less likely to be crushed.

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    Fold your pants and stack them on top. This will prevent them from becoming wrinkled and crushed during transit. When your suitcase is almost full, place these items on top of the others. Avoid stacking heavy items, like shoes, on top of your folded pants. [2]

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    To prevent wrinkles, put your clothes in a dry cleaner bag. Extra security like this will ensure they don't move around during transport. It's an effective method of preventing crisply pressed pants from becoming wrinkled in transit.


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    My thick sweatpants have defeated every technique herein. How to fold sweatpants in any other way

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    If you haven't already, try folding the sweatpants in half and then rolling the legs up like a sleeve.

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    Corduroy pants: how should I pack them?

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    Using the advice given here, pack them as you would any other pair of pants.

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