What to Do With Your Toiletries When Flying Carry-On Only

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It can be difficult to pack all of your liquids and sticky toiletries into a one-quart plastic bag when you're only allowed to bring a carry-on. If you want to know how to pack your toiletries in a carry-on bag, here's a guide.

Investing in a complete skin and hair care routine would be fantastic. In reality, there just isn't enough room for everything.

The good news is that you can learn to travel light.

May I check a bag with my toiletries in it?  

Absolutely However, you'll want to be cautious about how you pack your liquid toiletries for the flight.  

If you're traveling with liquids, gels, or pastes, remember the TSA's 3-1-1 rules That way, you won't have any trouble getting through airport security.  

Read on for helpful advice on how to pack your toiletries for a trip.

packed liquids for a carry-on

Can I bring any toiletries on the plane with me?  

You are free to pack whatever personal hygiene items and cosmetics you like in your carry-on. Do not forget that you must adhere to TSA regulations.  

Any liquids you wish to bring with you must fit into a single 1-quart clear plastic bag (e.g., a 1-quart Ziploc storage bag), and no bottle may be more than 3 inches in height. It's 4 ounces (regardless of how much is in the bottle).  

Bottles and other large containers must be placed in a checked bag, with the exception of necessary medications and baby food or formula.   

I realize that is an ambitious goal, but I believe it is achievable.   

To avoid having to remove your liquids bag from your carry-on luggage at security checkpoints, think about signing up for TSA Pre-check or Global Entry (which includes TSA Pre-check eligibility).

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May I check my carry-on with mascara? Can I bring shampoo in my hand luggage?  

You must adhere to the regulations for packing liquids if you intend to bring liquid shampoo in your carry-on luggage. If you want the whole list of rules, visit the TSA's website.

You could get a shampoo solid like this one from Amazon if you're short on storage space.  

When you do that, you won't have to worry about bringing it in your liquids bag.  

Bring your proof of travel insurance with you. You'll want the assurance that comes from knowing your trip costs are protected.

The use of mascara has been a contested topic.

If the container has a wand (e.g., a mascara wand), I've been able to get away with not putting any liquids in my 1-quart clear liquids bag, even though they are considered "liquids" by security. g , a few tubes of concealer, and a few lip glosses or liquid lipsticks) AND if I'm staying within the United States on my trip, a toothbrush and toothpaste.  

When going to a country other than the United States, S, it's a good idea to double-check these regulations with any other airports you plan to use.

Mascara, for instance, was previously listed on the Charles de Gaulle Airport website as being prohibited by the 3-1-1 rule, but it is now possible that it falls under the broader category of "gels" that also includes "lip gloss, etc." ” 

It's better to be safe than sorry, so throw in your 1-quart bag the things that could go either way.

OR make sure there's enough room in a separate bag for the non-liquid items so you can switch them out if need be.  

Don't do anything that might cause a TSA agent or other airport security to pull your bags for extra screening or otherwise cause you to be delayed in getting through security, is my advice.

Please advise on the best type of bag to use for transporting toiletries in hand luggage.   

Your bag must be see-through and no more than one liter in volume.  

A variety of "TSA-approved" clear toiletry bags can be found at low prices at department stores and online retailers like Amazon.  

Most of those bags appear to be much larger than one quart to me. I've also heard tales of tourists who bought one of those bags but had it confiscated at airport security because it was too big.  

There's a chance you won't have room for all of your travel toiletries. Not at this time   

What's the point of taking the chance In this case, I use something as simple as a one-quart Ziploc bag.  

Guidelines for fitting toiletries into a carry-on bag

However, I have no idea how to fit all of my liquid toiletries into such a tiny bag.   

What are you saying? I can hear you. This is difficult, but you're up to the task.

Here are a few of my favorite, easy-to-implement strategies for reducing the volume of liquid hygiene products

Pare down your skin care routine to the bare minimum.

Face wash, liquid exfoliant, and lotion Unless your trip will last more than a week, that's all you really need to have fun.  

After packing all of your other essentials, you can throw in some overnight masks and spot treatments in your liquids bag.   

You can further reduce the volume of liquids used in your skin care routine by opting to use a facial cleansing cloth rather than a liquid, gel, or cream face wash.  

These dry cloths from Amazon that you just wet before you use them have saved my life on multiple occasions. This way, I'll only have to bring what I need on my trip. Their wetness is maintained unlike with regular towelettes.  

Minimize the time and effort you spend on hair care by doing just the basics.

Take only the bare minimum of hair care products on your trip. What you need may consist solely of shampoo and hairspray.  

Use the hotel's provided toiletries to cut down on the number of travel toiletries you need to bring along.  

Another option is to replace liquid shampoo with a shampoo bar like this one and forego the need to pack liquid shampoo.  

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Put your dwindling supply of toiletries to good use on your trip.

I always save the last of my eyeliner or a skin care sample for a special trip. Next, I pack them up for my trip and dispose of them before I return.  

When you're only allowed to bring hand luggage on your trip, every inch of space you can save is invaluable. This is especially true for return trips, when you might want to bring back souvenirs.  

Substitute solid (or powdered, easily transportable) toiletries for liquid ones.

A lot of liquid personal care items have solid alternatives, such as deodorants, shampoos, and so on. Since you won't have to cram them into your one-quart liquids bag, you'll have more room for other necessities.  

In my opinion, this is the best solid sunscreen stick.

This is a popular solid shampoo bar that you can try.  

In addition to liquid conditioner, you can purchase bars like this one.  

Keep your skin supple and hydrated on the go with solid body lotion, which is available for purchase.  

Mineral makeup, such as this, can be used in place of traditional liquid cosmetics like foundation and concealer.

The amount of room taken up by your liquids in your carry-on luggage will be drastically reduced.

You and your traveling companion will need to share a bathroom.

Use your companion who doesn't need much in the way of liquid toiletries as your mule to bring along some extra items.  

Products like shampoo, toothpaste, and antibiotic ointment are all included in my husband's liquids bag. Finally, that's all there is to it. Since we both use the same amount of shampoo and toothpaste, he usually takes mine. This is love at its finest   

Get your toiletries when you get there.

For longer trips, it may be more convenient to wait to stock up on toiletries and any liquid medications until you arrive at your destination.  

Some travelers prefer to wait until they reach their destination before buying necessities like shampoo, toothpaste, and sunscreen that they will use every day.

Checklist of Carry-On Toiletries

toiletries packed in a 1-quart Ziploc bag for travel You'd be surprised at how much you can bring with you once you master packing your toiletries in a carry-on bag. That got me through a week in Paris comfortably. Ready, set, go!

If you are only allowed to bring a carry-on on your trip, use this list as a guide for what to bring for toiletries. It's easy to tailor to your specific requirements and preferred style of travel.  

When I travel, I try to bring as few toiletries as possible and wear as little hair and makeup as possible.  

Travel sizes of your favorite products are available for purchase, or you can get some reusable travel-sized containers of varying sizes to bring along a small amount of your full-size products from home.  

This "Amazon's Choice" bundle includes a wide variety of storage options.  

There is a lot of demand for these bottles on Amazon as well.

Preparations for the Skin

Use these dry cloths, which you then wet for cleaning. When packing light, they're ideal.  

This SPF 30 day cream is all I use.  

When I travel, I always bring a small bottle of this liquid exfoliant.  

Cosmetics for the hair

Instead of taking up valuable space in your suitcase with liquid shampoo, try this solid shampoo bar instead.  

Great feedback has been left for this reliable conditioner on Amazon.  

I also like to bring along a travel size hairspray. At the drug store, I buy miniature versions of my go-to products.


Face paint

I find that a combination of a long-wearing concealer and foundation works best for me when I'm on the go. My go-to cover-up is this one right here.   

This "foundcealer" is a favorite of mine as well.

Consider using a powder mineral foundation like this one to reduce the volume of liquids in your carry-on when traveling.  

The Art of Eye Makeup

I'd rather keep things straightforward. I always have an eyebrow pencil and a clear eyebrow gel like this one in my bag.  

Then you should probably give this eyeliner a shot.  

This mascara has a special tubing design that helps keep your lashes clean.  

Use a retractable eyeshadow stick if you need to bring one. As opposed to more traditional powder eyeshadows, this one is less likely to crumble while you're on the go.  


Use a simple lip gloss like this one to look your best.  

Use a lip balm instead. I can't imagine being on a long, dry flight without it.  

Toilet Paper, Shampoo, and the Rest

Those free samples of toothpaste and floss you get at the dentist every six months? Now you have an excuse to use them all up on your next trip!  

Since at least one of us (me) is a particularly messy eater, we always bring along this handy stain remover.  

Tips for stowing toiletries in your carry-on luggage

The challenge of figuring out how to pack toiletries for carry-on only travel is real...and often deeply personal. The things that help one person may not help you at all.  

It's possible that you'll come to look forward to the challenge of bringing only the bare essentials for ever-extended trips. You should be able to fit all the liquids you'll need into that one-quart Ziploc bag, what with all the solid toiletries out there.  

When traveling with only a carry-on, do you have any suggestions for efficiently packing your toiletries? Do so in the space provided below.

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