Ways to Fold a Suit Jacket in 3 Easy Steps

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Men, can you fold a suit jacket like a pro? Suits are notoriously difficult to pack and transport, even among the most annoying aspects of clothing maintenance.

When it's off your shoulders, a high-quality wool coat combines two frustrating issues. To begin with, it's rather ponderous Additionally, it can be permanently creased if a fold is pressed into the fabric.

These marks can be removed with steam or an iron, but doing so will reduce the jacket's lifespan and add extra work. It is extremely important to find an answer to this issue.

Luckily, we have three that you can choose from. Have a look at them down here

The First Fold for a Suit Jacket Is a Tucked-Shoulder Fold

tucked shoulder suit jacket fold Stress on the seams and folds of a suitcase is evenly distributed thanks to this design.

There is a large fold in the middle of the jacket for this one. That means it won't keep its shape quite as well as a good roll would.

However, a flat fold is sometimes the only option when packing a jacket into a carry-on bag, as this is where the jacket will take up the least amount of room. Folds that aren't along seams are kept to a minimum with this one.

Simply turn one shoulder inside out and tuck the opposite shoulder into it so that the seams are touching. The jacket's sleeves are arranged in a vertical row, stacked atop one another, and the chest panels (with their linings facing out) form a sandwich around the whole thing. Finally, it is folded in half vertically from the bottom before being stored.

If you're going to be storing the jacket for a while and want a flatter fold than a roll, this is the way to go. As long as you don't pile too much on it, the crease down the center shouldn't set, and the jacket's lining will keep the outside from getting damaged.

The biggest drawback is that it takes practice to perfect, and you usually need a clean flat surface to do it on, in addition to the single fold that can potentially crease. It's challenging, but doable, to do while standing and holding the jacket.

Fold #2 for a suit jacket, known as the shirt fold,

suit jacket shirt style fold Ideal for those times when you need to fold something quickly but still stay mobile

For the busy man, folding the jacket over like a dress shirt can be the quickest and most convenient option.

The shirt is folded in half from the bottom, with the sleeve tucked behind the back and the shoulders overlapping slightly in the middle, and then the bottom hem is tucked up underneath the collar. Since the lapels and collar are placed directly on top, the resulting silhouette is a neat square.

The final product is roughly the same size as Option 2, but it is thicker in the middle and less even all the way around.

The major flaw here is the multiple vertical and horizontal folds in the jacket. In particular, the places where the folds intersect are ideal for creasing.

Therefore, why bring it up at all It's much quicker than the other two folds, and you don't even need a flat surface. The jacket's collar can be tucked under the chin and the sleeves folded in thirds in mere seconds.

Put the jacket on top of the case if you know you'll only be storing it there for a short time. Use one of the other methods if you need to transport it for a longer distance or if it will be subjected to pressure.

Jacket Roll: The Third Proper Way to Fold a Suit Jacket

suit jacket roll Seeking the most effective anti-wrinkle protection? Instead of collapsing, keep rolling

One of my favorites

There's a simple way to reduce the number of folds in a jacket: don't fold it.

Tucking and layering ingeniously is still required. The entire jacket, however, can be rolled up into a snug fabric tube (much like a blanket or sleeping pad).

The main benefit is that a rolled jacket is never folded across the fabric if it is done correctly. The jacket's broad front and back panels are bent gently into a curve, rather than being pressed flat into a corner, and the majority of the movement occurs in these areas (the shoulders and sleeves).

You can usually tuck a shirt or two into the roll as well, providing your suitcase is deep enough. If you try to stuff too much in, the roll won't stay in place and your jacket will get wrinkled.

The most obvious drawback to rolling is the extra room it requires, especially in the vertical dimension, compared to a flat fold. No matter how many times you try, you might still end up with a few wrinkles.

You should make an effort to try again and again. The jacket's interior wrinkles are likely to get even deeper if you stuff it into a closet or drawer.

Carrying a Suit Coat: Constantly Useful Instructions

There are a few things you can do to protect your jackets while folding and storing them, though.

  • To begin, don't fold the jacket. If you're taking a flight, you should probably wear a jacket. So long as it can fit in the overhead bin for a few hours, you won't even need to pack it.
  • You should hang the jacket in a garment bag and use the entire bag. These can be used in vehicles or airplanes, but their storage space is constrained.
  • Avoid making more folds than necessary, and try to line up the folds with the seams. A flat piece of fabric should be folded as little as possible.
  • When not in use, the jacket should be stored with the lining facing out. In the event that your jacket's lining gets scuffed, stained, or torn during transit, you won't be able to tell because it is concealed from view inside the jacket. However, external damage can render the jacket useless or necessitate emergency maintenance.

It does nothing to reduce bulk (though we'll soon be demonstrating some clever folds that can help). However, regardless of the method of transport, taking care to handle the jacket gently from the start will ensure that it arrives at its final destination wrinkle-free and ready to be worn.

What Comes Next...

The folding of a jacket into a suit is only the beginning. Next, look at my tips on how to efficiently fold and pack your luggage for travel.

Take note: it's all well and good to have this knowledge, but you still need to DO SOMETHING with it!

Check out my top-notch instructional program for male fashionistas

Watch the video below to learn the three best methods for folding a suit jacket to prevent wrinkles.

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