Unveiling the Mysteries of Time Travel: Your FAQs Answered!

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FAQ About Time Travel, a 2009 British film directed by Gareth Carrivick from a script by Jamie Mathieson, is a splendid comedy science fiction production. It stars renowned actors Chris O'Dowd, Dean Lennox Kelly, Marc Wootton, and Anna Faris.

The storyline follows the escapades of two zealous science fiction enthusiasts, O'Dowd and Wootton, in a British pub, where they encounter a girl from the future, Faris, who sets off an adventure they never anticipated. The trio navigates a time travel conundrum that almost overwhelms them, not forgetting Pete's snarky remarks.

The film premiered in the UK and Ireland on 24 April 2009. It had another broad unveiling on BBC Two on 1 August 2010, one month after Gareth Carrivick's demise, a befitting dedication to his illustrious career.

In the film's plot, we witness Ray losing his job as a costumed guide in a theme park attraction. Later on, he catches a movie with his pals at the cinema, but they all agree the film wasn't impressive. So they head to the pub, where they craft a "Letter to Hollywood." Here, they share remedies on how to stop making bad movies, written on a paper from Toby's notepad.

While at the pub, Ray bumps into Cassie, a beautiful American girl with dark brown hair, who purports to be a member of an organization that fixes "time leaks." She warns Ray about "Editors," people who time travel to slay famous artists just after they create their masterpiece, to avoid a probable decline in their work's quality. Cassie tells Ray that future books will be about him, acclaiming him as "Ray the Great." However, Ray shares the experience with Pete and Toby, who assume he invented the tale to soothe himself after losing his job.

While at the pub, Pete leaves to use the bathroom, but when he comes back, he finds the bar full of dead bodies, including his bearded older self. In shock, he retreats to the toilet but realizes everything is back to normal when he returns. He confides in his friends about the incident, linking it to Cassie's time leaks, but Ray thinks Pete is attempting to take his attention away from his recent firing.

The trio travels back in time for 30 minutes and discovers themselves finishing their "Letter to Hollywood." While there, Ray notices Cassie still conversing with a younger version of him and prevents her from leaving. He explains that the time leak was found in the men's restroom, and Cassie returns six months later with a different hairstyle, claiming she rectified everything. However, when a couple arrives ahead of schedule, she leaves to investigate, and Pete, Ray, and Toby assume everything is fixed.

Unfortunately, they find themselves in a post-apocalyptic version of the pub as they exit the restroom. Pete is traumatized, dirty, and bearded, and they hear peculiar noises. They rush back into the restroom. Later on, they try to stop Pete from contacting their younger selves, fearing a paradox that would erase them. They attend a themed-night party where an earlier Toby is discovered writing on his notebook, the back of which holds the mysterious information that made them famous.

They meet Millie, a second time traveler trained by Cassie, who tells them she was sent to take them back to their time. They uncover the information on the back of the paper but keep it confidential to viewers. Ray finds out that Millie plans to kill them and warns Pete and Toby. Cassie, who's six months older, tries to help but discovers her time machine offline. Millie arrives, promising to make them legends in return for the paper, but Toby refuses. As they try to destroy the paper, she seemingly kills everyone but leaves with the piece of paper.

The bloodied Ray causes a feedback loop by spilling a pint, resulting in time leaks everywhere, and the trio has 14 hours to save the planet. Cassie appears through a glowing portal and reveals she's dating Ray, encouraging them to join her in a parallel universe. Afterward, in a mid-credit scene, Ray tells Pete that their younger selves are gone. A second Pete emerges, and two Tobys pass by with one of the Petes commenting, "This is all getting a little bit too complicated."

Acting Cast[revamp]

Release on Video[revamp]

The release of the DVD took place on September 7, 2009, in the UK.[2] Moreover, HBO launched this film as part of its list of DTV productions.


This movie was produced in collaboration with BBC Films and HBO Films. Filming happened at the Pinewood Studios in the UK.[3] It is worth noting that "The Wheatsheaf Pub" receives a special thanks credit.


The film's opening credits show outline block letters in light blue on a space background, applying the style of the Superman flicks.[4]

Various promotional items for this movie display a stylized image of the actors in the male leads, posing similarly to Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd in posters for the Back to the Future franchise.[5]


The critical reception to this production has been mixed. As of January 2023[update], the film has a 35% approval score on Rotten Tomatoes, based on 20 reviews.[6]

According to Empire magazine, "Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel" is a quirky film with an engaging script that will keep you on the edge of your seat.[7] The Daily Mirror review stated that the movie has enough laughs to make it a refreshing change from the usual British film fare and that while it feels like a stretched-out TV pilot, it is nicely put together.[8] Conversely, The Irish Times described it as a mildly diverting yarn but criticized its small scale and apparent low budget.[9] In a scathing review for The Guardian, Peter Bradshaw called it the worst film of the week and recommended burning the Union flag in the cinema foyer.[10]



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