Unforgettable Tokyo Japan 2023: Discover the Top , , , Sights

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Table of contents

I. Introduction

- Tokyo is the capital of Japan

- There are endless things to see and do in Tokyo

II. Northern Tokyo’s Top Things to Do

- The Edo Tokyo Museum

- Asakusa Sensoji Temple and Tokyo SkyTree

- Ueno Park

III. Central Tokyo’s Top Things to Do

- Tokyo Imperial Palace and Nijubashi Bridge

- Tsukiji and Toyosu Fish Markets

- Akihabara neighborhood

- Hama-Rikyu landscape garden

IV. Conclusion

- Tokyo is a city worth visiting multiple times

- There are many things to explore and experience in different parts of the city

Western Tokyo’s Top Things to Do:

  • - Visit Meiji Jingu temple in Shibuya neighborhood.
  • - See the Scramble Crossing and Hachiko Memorial Statue.
  • - Explore bars and clubs in the area.
  • - Visit the Nezu Museum for traditional art.
  • Southern Tokyo’s Top Things to Do:
  • - Visit Roppongi Hills for modern art.
  • - Check out the Mori Art Museum for contemporary installations.
  • - Visit Tokyo Tower for a 360° view of the city and Mount Fuji on clear days.
  • Introduction:
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