Traveling with Cosmetics and Toiletries: What to Pack

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It's not always easy to pack your makeup for a trip. It's not just like packing clothes, where you're going, what you'll be doing, and how long you'll be gone affect what you bring, but there are also travel regulations to consider and potential dangers, such as liquids leaking or palettes being crushed. One can be a minimalist traveler or a maximalist traveler. The minimalist prefers to take only the bare essentials on a trip, while the maximalist likes to be completely prepared for anything that may happen.  

Whether you plan to bring only a carry-on or a full suitcase on your trip, it is best to know exactly what you will need in advance. Put this list to use as a travel makeup packing checklist.

A primer on what to bring for your beauty regimen while away

You're the minimalist who enjoys taking minimal possessions with you.

You prefer simple, stress-free travel, but you still need to look your best. You don't want to spend your precious vacation time waiting in airport security lines, so be sure to pack all of your must-have beauty essentials in a compact makeup bag that can be carried on.

One, use a reusable airport bag to transport liquids in your carry-on before you get to the airport.

Getting through airport security is already a hassle, especially when you have a family with you on a long trip. In the middle of the security line is not the time to be digging through your purse and carry-on to find your liquids and toiletries. Don't worry about it any longer; just make sure to pack your liquids in a TSA-approved bag before you leave. reusable airport bagTransportable, Reusable Carry-On This not only speeds up the security checkpoint process, but it also helps the environment by reducing the need for disposable plastics. Check out our variety of travel wash bags, each of which includes a separate liquids bag that complies with TSA requirements.

Review the current liquid restrictions in which beauty products you can fly withWhat cosmetics are TSA-approved for air travel? you've passed through airport security, right?

TSA approved clear liquid bag for airport security from Emma hanging wash bag

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2. Organize products with multiple uses

Rather than bringing along your usual assortment of makeup, try packing items that can serve multiple purposes. Lipsticks that double as cream blushers, eyeshadow palettes that double as eyeliner, and highlighters that work on the eyes, cheeks, and lips are all fair game. Consider whether or not you need to bring concealer, and try to find makeup that doubles as skincare. The Ordinary's Serum Foundation SPF15 is currently our top pick. This summer foundation has a serum-like texture and a medium coverage.  

Third, decant your toiletries before you leave.

Decant the essentials, such as serums, foundation, concealer, and highlighter, into travel containers for shorter trips or vacations when you know you won't need your full makeup collection. In this way, you can take your most-loved works wherever you go.

Gabriel de Santino, a renowned makeup artist, recently shared a fantastic piece of advice in an article for Byrdie, and we couldn't be more in awe. com Makeup liquids, he suggests, can be stored safely in empty contact lens cases. Their compact size belies their large capacity, as they can hold a substantial amount of product while remaining securely sealed.


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Makeup category organization is key.  

You can easily find everything you need in your arsenal of beauty supplies if you divide and conquer. For the minimalist beauty guru on the go, we present the Amy 3-in-1 Makeup Wallet. Store liquids in the see-through pouch, your other cosmetics in the floral bag, and your hair accessories in the mesh pouch. Each section can be detached independently, allowing you to create a makeup bag of any size for any destination. Check out our variety of travel wash bags, all of which come with a separate clear liquid compartment that is acceptable by the TSA.

You're a true Maximalist if you always have every single beauty product in your bag.

Imagine this: Packing all of your cosmetics and toiletries for a trip into a tiny makeup bag and rearranging them as you try to close the zipper can be a stressful experience. Do these descriptions fit you? It's a situation all of us have been in, and it's the perfect time for plastic bottles and jars to get their lids broken off. Why, then, forego what brings you joy—wearing makeup—during the holidays, if doing so is possible? If you follow our guidelines, you'll always have room for your entire collection of cosmetics, no matter how long you'll be away or where you'll be traveling.


1. Opt for a spacious, well-organized cosmetics case.

We guarantee that a large travel wash bag with separate sections will revolutionize your packing routine. The first compartment is perfect for storing your foundations and concealers, while the second is ideal for stowing your colored cosmetics. Having separate storage areas allows you to bring everything you need, and keeps it all neatly organized. The next point is particularly pertinent in this context: a large travel makeup bag will keep all your precious products safe.

Having a cosmetics bag that won't spill is essential.

When going on the road, it is imperative that you bring along a leak-proof wash bag to keep all of your wet belongings contained. No one wants to check into a hotel and discover that their foundation has leaked all over their clean, folded clothes. Make sure you invest in the best travel wash bag and cosmetic makeup bag you can afford by looking for features like waterproof fabrics and reinforced seams.

Make a list of the different ways you can apply your makeup, and stick to it.

Just as you would plan your outfits for a trip, knowing in advance which fabulous looks you intend to rock on your trip will help you pack only the essentials. However, since this is your vacation, you should treat yourself by bringing along some of your favorite luxurious lotions and brightly colored makeup in addition to the basics. Make a checklist to ensure that no details are overlooked. The list can be kept on the vanity and items can be crossed off as they are packed. The use of a travel toiletry bag with see-through sections allows you to quickly and easily inventory what you have and what you need to repack.

Is it true In a recent survey, 59% of British women reported that their beauty routine was a stress reliever. After all, when you're on vacation, why shouldn't you experience the same emotions?

Keep it jam-packed!

Keeping a few essentials in your makeup bag at all times is the best way to make sure you never forget anything. For this purpose, a foldable or hanging travel wash bag with separate compartments is ideal, as it allows you to easily store and access travel-sized toiletries. Makeup care essentials like cleansing wipes, mini makeup brushes, and makeup remover should never be far from hand.

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Do you prefer packing light or a lot of makeup? Please share your thoughts in the space provided. Check out our travel makeup bag and travel wash bag assortments to find the perfect set for your needs, no matter how many beauty essentials you like to bring along on vacation. Wishing you a joyous holiday season

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