Tips for Packing and Transporting Formal Garb

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While the thought of exchanging vows in a far-flung locale is undeniably appealing, the logistics of planning such a wedding can be difficult to manage. However, even if everything is taken care of once you arrive at the wedding, you still need to worry about making it there safely and with everything you need (without forgetting anything at home). can be suffocating Plan ahead for how to transport your wedding attire (dress, suit, or tuxedo) when packing for your own destination wedding. It is also recommended that guests plan ahead when it comes to transporting their formal attire to the ceremony and reception.  

Hope LaVine, a bridal fashion stylist, recommends that brides always bring their ceremony attire in a carry-on bag. LaVine also notes that other articles of clothing besides the dress or suit are subject to this regulation. She advises, "If you're flying, bring everything you need for the event in a carry-on, including your shapewear, shoes, undergarments, jewelry, and hair accessories." "In addition to the suit or dress, please bring in your carry-on bag anything else that will be necessary for the day." "

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Los Angeles-based fashion stylist and content creator Hope LaVine specializes in bridal wear.

If you're planning a destination wedding, read on for more of LaVine's expert advice on how to transport your wedding dress and other formal attire.

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The store you buy your dress or suit from should also give you a garment bag to transport and store it in. In addition, after the final fitting, your wedding outfit will be folded and ready for transport; however, you should not unpack it until you reach your final destination.

If you didn't buy your suit or dress from a store that specializes in such items, or if your outfit didn't come with a garment bag, you can find one with little trouble on the internet. According to LaVine, "[for a wedding dress] you'll want to make sure the hanger straps are on the clothing hanger, loop them around as many times as needed till they take the weight off the straps of the garment if there are straps." Then, if you have a train, hang it up by hooking its underside loop onto the hanger's hook. To reduce strain when folding, spread out the garment's weight like this first. "

While it's important to remember to pack your wedding dress, suit, or tuxedo in the garment bag, that's only half the battle. If you want to pack it in a carry-on, says LaVine, "start by placing the middle of the garment inside, then take the top and fold it over, and take the bottom and fold it over." There will be a three-fold increase in "

LaVine recommends that couples include their contact information (name, phone number, email address, and a local address where they can be reached) on or inside their garment bag before traveling with their attire. It's highly unlikely that you'll lose track of your wedding clothes on the way there, but accidents do happen, so it's best to be prepared.

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Planning a wedding that requires a flight to a distant location The safest way to get your wedding clothes to your destination is to bring them with you as carry-on items. LaVine stresses the importance of never checking a wedding dress when flying. You should always treat the checked bag as though anything could happen to it. We certainly don't need that kind of tension leading up to the wedding. "

You can bring your formalwear on the plane in a few different ways. The most straightforward is to pack your wedding dress, suit, or tuxedo into a carry-on bag and put it in the overhead compartment. However, you may not be able to fit your garment bag inside your suitcase if your clothes are particularly large or fragile. After all, as LaVine points out, you could always just hold the garment bag in your hands for the duration of the trip. It's possible, she says, but "depending on the size or weight, this may be uncomfortable for long periods of travel."

The flight attendants may offer assistance with securing your luggage or clothing if you're lucky. LaVine says, "Sometimes you get a really nice flight attendant and they let you hang the dress in the closet at the front of the plane." Don't rely on this, but you should inquire about it. The overhead compartment will suffice if they are unable to accommodate this. "

Lay your wedding dress flat in the trunk or the backseat if you anticipate spending a lot of time in the car on the way to the ceremony. According to LaVine, "the backseat is preferred because you'll have A/C." "Wedding dresses, especially those with beading, tend to yellow with heat, so you don't want to leave them in a hot car for an extended period of time." A cooler or darker environment is preferable. "

Although it might be tempting to have your clothes shipped to you, LaVine advises against doing so. The thought that these crucial, high-priced garments might not arrive on time is enough to send anyone over the edge. You'll also take better care of your wedding clothes than anyone else ever will.

Keep in mind that your wedding dress may get wrinkled if you have to travel in any way. Don't freak out if you start to notice some shape while traveling; a quick steam will get rid of the creases. LaVine recommends taking your clothes out of the garment bag as soon as you arrive at your destination to let the fabric settle, which will eliminate many of the wrinkles.

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Not only do the bride and groom spend a lot of money on their wedding day attire, but so do the bridesmaids, groomsmen, parents, and guests. To avoid looking like the couple of the hour, it's best to pack all of your clothes in a carry-on. LaVine expresses her dismay at the prospect of a bridesmaid missing her best friend's wedding because her dress was left behind at the dry cleaners. Get out in front of the problem, as I always advocate, and don't bother checking the bag. "

Taking your clothes out of their garment bags as soon as you check into your hotel will help the wrinkles disappear, and if you have any lingering creases, LaVine suggests steaming them before you head out to the party. Her advice: "Try to avoid steaming on the wedding day because you want the garment to have time to dry before you get into it and create more wrinkles," she says.

In the event that you forgot your steamer at home, no need to worry; simply hang your garment next to the shower, turn the hot water on full blast, and you'll be good to go. Get rid of as many wrinkles as possible by closing the bathroom door and steaming your clothes in there. However, it will make your dress clothes look much better for formal occasions even if it doesn't remove the most stubborn wrinkles.  

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