The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Time to Visit The Bahamas

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Experience the beauty of the Bahamas with its pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and serene skies punctuated by the flight of various birds. The sight of mega yachts docked in all their opulent glory only adds to the idyllic paradise. This isn't just a dream, but a way of life in the Bahamas where simplicity and old-fashioned fun reign supreme.

Are you truly familiar with the Bahamas or simply aware of the rave reviews about this heaven on Earth? When is the ideal time to visit this tropical paradise?

According to experts, while the best time to visit the beaches of the Bahamas is during high season from mid-December to mid-April, the summer months of June to November herald the low season, where temperatures range from a warm, sometimes rainy 89.7°F in the day.

Discover more about the Bahamas in this article on the Sandals Blog, where we cover the Bahamas in a nutshell, when to visit, seasonality, crucial weather information, the best ways to make the most of sunshine hours, major events, and even a featured activity: swimming with the pigs!

Dig deeper into the rich history, culture, and natural beauty of this archipelago comprising over 700 islands off the coast of Florida. Explore popular island destinations such as New Providence Island (Nassau/Paradise Island), Grand Bahama Island, The Exumas, The Abacos, Eleuthera, Long Island, Harbor Island, and San Salvador Island.

While many of the islands remain uninhabited, the constant flow of curious tourists from the US to this tropical paradise through the Lynden Pindling International Airport (Nassau) ensures bustling activity at every turn.

Map of the Bahamas

Don't miss out on the most beautiful beaches in the Bahamas; discover more in our linked article. Before you go, familiarize yourself with all that this paradise has to offer to ensure an unforgettable experience.

Seasonal Considerations for Visiting the Bahamas

When it comes to planning a Caribbean escape, timing is everything. The travel industry recognizes three crucial seasons, each offering distinct advantages and disadvantages to visitors. Here's what you need to know:

  • Peak Season: Mid-December to Mid-April

  • Pros
  • Experience the Bahamas at its most vibrant, with numerous festivals, regattas, and special events.
  • Ideal for families traveling with children, thanks to a wealth of kid-friendly activities and attractions.
Couple on a Bahamian beach

Enjoy perfect weather with plenty of sunny days and warm temperatures. January and February provide ideal conditions for sun lovers who prefer milder, less humid weather. March boasts a perfect balance of warmth and coolness.

Non-Bahamian tourism arrivals


Expect higher prices and larger crowds, with longer wait times at popular attractions.

Accommodation options may be more limited, particularly if you have a specific resort or villa in mind.

Pack accordingly for the evenings when temperatures can dip, even in the Caribbean.

"Caribbean Chilly"


Refers to a breezier Caribbean evening where lightweight long-sleeved shirts or jeans are appropriate.

Shoulder Season: Mid-April to June


Enjoy the Bahamas in a calmer, more serene environment with fewer visitors and cheaper flight prices.

Spring Break activities abound, making this season perfect for younger travelers looking for fun and excitement.

Ideal for ocean lovers, with the warmer waters attracting diverse marine species for snorkeling and scuba diving.

The Exuma Sandals Emerald Bay Beach


May not be the most relaxing time for a Zen or romantic vacation, as the islands can become party central during Spring Break.

Expect some rain as the wet season starts in June, but you can still enjoy a relaxing beach getaway.

Low Season: August to November


Take advantage of the lowest prices of the year, with many deals and discounts available.

Enjoy the Bahamas without the crowds, with many attractions and beaches to yourself.

Experience the excitement of Hurricane Season, a unique adventure for thrill-seekers.


Prepare for rainy weather and the potential for stormy conditions from late August through November.

Limited resort and activity options may be available during this time, depending on the impact of the hurricane season.

No matter when you choose to visit, there's always a reason to love the Bahamas. Plan your trip according to seasonal factors and enjoy everything this enchanting destination has to offer.

The Sandals Emerald Bay Resort and beach


The low season in the Bahamas is the perfect time to travel if you’re on a budget. You can snag great deals on resorts and hotels during this time, making that luxurious Butler suite you’ve always dreamed of suddenly affordable.

With fewer crowds, you can enjoy a more personalized experience and easily find a good spot at the beach or pool.


However, if you’re looking for a party, it’s better to visit the Bahamas during peak season as there’s less happening during the off-season.

rainfall in the Bahamas by month

You should also expect some rainfall during the months of July to December, which are in the wet season. That being said, there are still plenty of beach days to enjoy, and the ocean water tends to be warmer during this time, making it a great opportunity for snorkeling.

Weather in the Bahamas

wind in the Bahamas by month

From November to June, you can enjoy the dry season in the Bahamas, while the wet season starts in July and ends in December. January is generally cooler than most months with lows of 63°F at night and highs around 79°F during the day.

temperature in the Bahamas by monthhumidity in the Bahamas by month

Sunshine Hours in the Bahamas

The sunniest month in the Bahamas is April, with an average of 9.2 hours of sunshine per day, while the least sunny month is December with a recorded 6.9 hours of sunshine per day. Keep in mind that the dry season spans from December to June, while the wet season starts in July and ends in December.

ocean temperature and sunshine hours in the Bahamas

Major Events in the Bahamas

Bahamians love sharing their mixed culture, and there are many festivals and activities happening in the islands throughout the year, such as:

  • Junkanoo

A couple dancing with Bahamian Junkanoo berformers

This Mardi-Gras-style festival is held on Christmas Night and Boxing Day, with a second round on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Local groups compete for boasting rights, with dual victories being a significant source of pride and bragging rights.

Farmer’s Cay Festival

Yachtsmen can enjoy this annual event held every February in the Exumas.

Bacardi Billfish Tournament

For avid deep-sea fishers, this weeklong tournament is held every March.

A Bahamian holding a bowl of Conch Salad

Bahamas Family Island Regatta

Boat races and onshore activities are the highlights of this April event held in George Town, Exumas.

Bahamas Billfish Championship

Happening between April and June and split into four different venues and times, this event is a must-attend for fans of deep-sea fishing.

Eleuthera Pineapple Festival

Featuring a parade, arts & crafts, and tons of pineapples, this event is held in the first week of June.

Independence Week

Parades, fireworks, and lots of entertainment take place throughout the islands on July 10.

Great Bahamas Seafood and Heritage Festival

In October, the Bahamas host this festival displaying authentic Bahamian seafood.

Two couples in the water with a swimming pig

Annual One Bahamas Music & Heritage Festival

Nassau and Paradise Island come alive in the last week of November with live performances during this three-day celebration.

There are loads of other regattas and festivals happening on the islands throughout the year, ensuring that you’re never short on things to do. One of the most popular activities in the Exumas is swimming with the pigs. The pigs and piglets swim out to your boat to greet you in a tropical paradise. It’s a must-do activity, especially if you’re traveling with kids.

Sandals Emerald Bay Resort Pools

Insider tip: Book Sandal’s luxury resort in Exuma if you want to vacation close to the swimming pigs!

Before You Go…

When planning your ultimate Caribbean vacation, remember to consider seasonality in the beautiful islands of the Bahamas. Fortunately, the odds are in your favor for some fun in the sun all year round. With these tips, you can ensure you’re better prepared for your Caribbean beach vacation. Don’t forget to share this article!

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