The Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport: How to Navigate It Easier for Your Holiday Travel in 2022

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In late December, millions of Americans hope to take to the skies like Santa and his reindeer.

In 2022, AAA estimates that 113 million Americans will take a vacation during the winter holidays.

More than 54 million people, including nearly 29 million on Christmas week alone, will travel through U.S. airports, according to Hopper, a company that tracks airfares. S winter airports

According to Hopper, the average price of a domestic round-trip flight for Christmas travel was $339, a decrease of 15% from 2021 and 11% from 2019. However, as the holidays approach, the company reports that airfare prices are increasing by $5 to $10 per day. According to Hopper, the average round-trip domestic fare will be over $400 at peak times.

During the holiday season, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport will be bustling with thousands of visitors. These helpful hints will get you through the airport with as little hassle as possible if you plan on being one of them.

Sky Train extension opening in time for the holidays will facilitate car rental services at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

When is it safest and most expensive to fly during the holiday season?

The days before and after Christmas and New Year's Eve tend to be the busiest, while Christmas Day and New Year's Day themselves are typically less crowded.

With the exception of three days in the middle of December, Hopper predicts more than 3 million travelers across the country. 18 and Jan 3 Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year's Eve were predicted to be the three days with the lowest volume of travelers.

The busiest travel days across the country during the 2022 holidays were on December 16, 17, 20, 26, 29, and 30 of January According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, number 2 On each of those days, it screened at least 2 million passengers.

In terms of passenger volume, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport has recently surpassed its pre-pandemic highs.

The holiday season brings the question, "How crowded will airports be?"

In a prediction made on December As of December 12th, American Airlines has 91,715 flights scheduled across the globe. 16 through January 2 in an effort to accommodate the surge in holiday vacationers It anticipates December to be the 16 and Dec Over 5,500 departures are expected on the 22.

The Arizona Republic quotes an American Airlines spokesman, Derek Walls, who says that the airline has 7,395 flights scheduled to and from Phoenix Sky Harbor over the holiday season. American is responsible for roughly 40% of all flights at Sky Harbor.

To avoid missing your flight, make sure to leave plenty of time in advance. Flights within the United States require a three-hour advance check-in, while international flights require a two-hour advance check

Six ways in which the Phoenix airport is accommodating passengers with special needs and shortening the journey

What is the parking fee at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport?

The parking rates at Sky Harbor Airport are as follows:

  • Airport parking garages are $30 per day.
  • There are three $16/day economy garages at the airport, one on the west side and two on the east.
  • Parking in an east terminal economy surface lot will cost you $14 per day, but getting to the airport terminal on the PHX Sky Train is free.
  • A daily fee of will get you into a cheap "park and walk" lot that does not provide shuttle service to the airport's terminals.

If you want to save time and guarantee availability, you can make a reservation in advance. Click here:

Sky Harbor's Find a Spot tool, accessible at, can help you locate parking if you haven't already done so. It will display the costs and locations of parking lots in close proximity to your airport.

Companies like PreFlight Airport Parking and the Parking Spot offer convenient off-site parking options. They provide shuttle service to and from the terminals, as well as covered and uncovered parking options.

The cheapest price for using PreFlight is $12. If you want to sleep in the open, expect to pay per night. Demand determines The Parking Spot's pricing, which ranges from $19 to $22 per day. $ 50 per day for self-parking (not covered)

Optional: Avoid driving and parking at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport

Pickup and drop-off procedures

During peak travel times, Sky Harbor asks that passengers be dropped off and picked up at the PHX Sky Train Station, located at 44th and Washington streets in Phoenix. To get to the terminals, passengers can take the Sky Train for free.

Sky Harbor has free cellphone lots where you can wait for the person you're picking up instead of making unnecessary loops around the terminals.

There is a proper and improper way to use a cellphone.

If my holiday flight gets canceled, what will I do?

Get real-time updates on your flight status by downloading your airline's app ahead of time and turning on push notifications.

The app allows you to quickly find alternative flights and rebook them if your original one is cancelled. It's much more convenient than having to rush to the airline desk and wait in line with other passengers or calling the airline's 800 number and waiting indefinitely to speak to a customer service representative.

If a flight is cancelled and you need to stay overnight because of something other than bad weather, the airline might pay for your hotel and meals.

If your flight is cancelled, you can either reschedule or request a refund.

What items are permitted past security?

Any type of liquid or gel must be packed in checked bags. Bags with contents greater than 3 ounces are not permitted on planes. Bottled water and booze are among these. So are jams and jellies, oils and vinegars, hummus, ice cream, sauces and dressings.

The TSA screener has the final say on whether or not a particular item, such as a cake, pie, or solid cheese, can fly in a passenger's carry-on. Put it in your checked baggage whenever possible. Go to for a comprehensive list of items and their travel status.

The Transportation Security Administration strongly recommends that no passenger check or carry on baggage containing any type of wrapped gift. Wrapped Christmas presents are permitted, but a screener has the right to open anything that sets off an alarm.

Before you pack, check your empty bags for any banned items and remove them. You can find a comprehensive list of permitted and prohibited items on the TSA's What Can I Bring page.

Phoenix Airport Terminals 3 and 4: A Complete Guide to Flights, Dining, Shopping, and More

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