The Necessary Items for a Global Adventure

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F Planning a trip around the world, especially when doing so on a tight budget or with a family, can be a daunting task.

You need to think about a lot of different things, like what you need to do before you leave and how much money you have, when deciding whether or not this trip is right for you. To get you started, we've compiled a comprehensive guide to international travel, covering everything from planning your trip to making ends meet while abroad.

First, set yourself up for success by preparing

A passport and possibly visas are required for international travel; in addition, you'll need to determine how much time off work you'll need to accommodate your trip.

But first:

Sort out your paperwork

U.S. residents S will require a valid driver's license as of Oct. 1 1, 2020, all U S U.S. citizens taking a domestic flight must present a form of identification that satisfies the Real-ID Act's stringent new security standards for state-issued driver's

Alaskans, Californians, Idahoans, Mainers, Oregonians, and Washingtonians, among the other 24 states' residents, have until the end of October By October 10, 2018, everyone must have a card that complies with Real-ID requirements, though states can apply for delays until November. Those living in states where the Real-ID Act will be fully implemented on October 1, 2020, should check the status of their identification documents frequently before booking flights.

To get out of the country S Some land and sea borders accept passport cards or other forms of trusted traveler identification. However, if you plan to travel internationally and will be departing from or entering the country via airplane, you must have a passport book with you.

Have a passport already Be sure that it is still valid for at least six months after your intended travel dates. This is because some nations, including Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Russia, require it for entry. An expedited passport renewal can be obtained in person at a passport agency and costs an additional on top of the standard $110 fee if proof of international travel is provided (such as a flight itinerary).

Depending on your destination and length of stay, you may also need a visa to travel internationally. Visa-free entry and exit is possible thanks to reciprocal visa waiver agreements between some nations. The United States and Canada do not require visas for travel (except in special circumstances), and a visa issued by any of Europe's 26 Schengen States generally allows travel throughout the others for up to 90 days.

Find out if you need a visa to enter a country by visiting the website of the embassy or consulate there. For brief visits, you may be able to visit certain countries without a visa. Citizens of other countries, such as the United States, are welcome in others. S for Visa Processing Upon Arrival

Plan out your breaks now.

It's not easy to juggle work and travel, but there are ways to do it that don't involve ditching your career.

If you work for a company that offers paid time off, that's where you should begin. Companies like PTO Exchange allow employers to buy back unused vacation time, which can then be used by employees to pay for things like vacations, health insurance, or donations.

Reduce the length of time people must wait in security lines

To speed up the process of entering and leaving airports, sign up for TSA PreCheck or Global Entry.

If you pay for a five-year membership to TSA PreCheck, you won't have to take off your shoes, belt, laptop, liquids, or light jacket when going through security at domestic airports. Presently, 47 different airlines serving 200 U.S. airports provide the service.

A Global Entry membership costs $100 for five years and grants you expedited airport security screening similar to TSAPreCheck as well as expedited U.S. customs clearance. S automated customs screening at airport kiosks for passengers arriving from abroad

Explore the possibility of temporary or traveling employment.

You can still make money while traveling the world even if you quit your job.

Companies like Upwork make it possible for freelancers in a wide variety of fields like video production, translation, programming, designing, writing, and mobile development to find work remotely, even while traveling. Freelancers, according to Upwork representatives, can earn as much as $200 per hour on average, though this varies widely depending on the type of position and the number of hours worked.

You could also look into organizations like Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WOOF), which will put you up on farms all over the world in exchange for helping out with chores like feeding animals, tending to plants, and picking fruit.

Acquire a suitable credit card.

Not only can you avoid getting hit with hefty foreign transaction fees if you use the right travel credit card, but you can also earn valuable rewards and benefits while away.

The Chase Sapphire Reserve ($450 annual fee) is one such card, offering a $300 travel credit, $100 in credit toward Global Entry or TSA PreCheck, access to thousands of airport lounges, no foreign transaction fees, and a 1:1 point transfer program towards top airline and hotel loyalty programs, to name just a few of the many travel perks available to cardholders. Points earned on the Bank of America Travel Rewards card are easily redeemable for travel expenses like plane tickets, checked bags, hotel rooms, automobile rentals, and even cruises. The card provides an unlimited point system, with a maximum of 1 point per dollar spent. You'll earn 5 points for every $1 spent, and a whopping 20,000 bonus points after spending $1,000 in the first three months of opening your account!

You can save money on hotel stays with the Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card by earning five points for every dollar spent at a Starwood hotel and two points at participating Marriott Rewards hotels.

Planning ahead of time is essential.

Now that you've done all the necessary planning, you can book your trip around the world, which will most likely involve either a round-the-world airplane ticket, a trip by ship, or some combination of the two.

The following is a rundown of the various travel possibilities:

Why not think about a trip around the world?

You can buy a round-the-world ticket and use it for flights on multiple airlines that are part of the same alliance. However, there are rules that must be observed. Generally, tickets are valid for up to a year through the following major alliances, though passengers must begin and end their journeys in the same country.

  • It is the number of miles flown that determines the price of a round-the-world ticket on Star Alliance airlines like Air Canada, Air China, Air New Zealand, Austrian, United, and Lufthansa. You are allowed up to 15 layovers, but you must always travel back in the direction from which you came.
  • With OneWorld (which includes American Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, and Qantas), you can choose between two different types of round-the-world tickets. The One World Explorer ticket is based on the number of continents you visit, and allows you to take up to four segments (flights) in each of the six continents the alliance flies into, while the Global Explorer ticket is based on the number of miles you travel.
  • Delta, Air France, Korean Air, and AeroMexico are all members of Skyteam, an airline alliance that offers round-the-world tickets with a minimum of two stops and a duration of one year.

Round-The-World tickets can cost around $2,000, and Dave Grossman, author or MilesTalk: Live Your Wildest Travel Dreams Using Miles and Points, recommends checking whether it’s cheaper to book a round-the-world trip or individual legs by entering itinerary into Google Flights and comparing the overall price to those offered when building an itinerary out on the alliance websites

Travel agents and specialized websites like AirTreks and Flight Centre are additional resources for reserving worldwide itineraries. These sites can save you money on a global vacation because they combine the cheapest available flights from different airlines.

Warning: if you miss a connection on a round-the-world ticket, your entire trip will be canceled. This option is best for confident long-term planners.

Go on a global cruise

If you want to see the world from a different perspective, a world cruise can take you from the United States to every continent in the world. S to Europe specifically or to zero in on a single continent The average length of a world cruise is three months, but some itineraries can be longer.

You may be able to book a shorter cruise, anywhere from two weeks to a month long, on some world itineraries. In addition to booking the segment itself, customers will need to book a one-way ticket to get to or from the beginning or end of their trip.

As noted by Cruise Critic, the average price of a world cruise is between $13,000 and $40,000.

Take a cruise to change your location

A repositioning cruise is a great option for budget travelers who want to see the world without breaking the bank. The cruises typically take place in the off-seasons, such as the fall and the spring, and can be up to $50 cheaper per day than traditional cruises. As a general rule, one-way tickets are sold by cruise lines for repositioning cruises.

One example is taking a train.

Assuming you want to take trains wherever you go, you can do so in a few different ways. There are a few specialized tour operators, such as Great Rail Journeys, that now provide round-the-world rail trips and rail passes to a wide range of destinations.

You can travel across the country on Amtrak. S There are rail passes available for 15, 30, and 45 days, with options to travel across 8, 12, and 18 segments, respectively, for a total cost of $459, 9, and 9, respectively, for adults.

Purchasing a rail pass is a common strategy for saving money while seeing a large portion of a continent, such as Europe. With unlimited travel across 28 European countries, the Eurail Global Pass is the only rail pass that allows international travelers to see the whole of Europe. You can purchase a global Eurail pass from the company's website at a variety of price points and validity periods, starting at 0 per person for six days of travel within a month.

If you're looking for the most cost-effective means of transportation between two cities, including bus and ferry options, Rome2Rio is a great resource. Berlinbus, a low-cost bus operator in Germany, and the Student Agency Bus, which offers discounts on coach lines across Europe, are two additional options. The Swiss Federal Railways, or SBB, offers a number of overnight train options, allowing you to avoid spending money on hotel rooms while traveling.

Plan ahead of time

There is no ideal number of days leading up to your trip during which you can guarantee the lowest airfare. On the other hand, social media is a great place to keep tabs on upcoming flight sales, as airlines frequently announce flash sales on a regular basis. In addition, there are some apps that can notify you when the cost of a flight you're watching drops to a price you're willing to pay.

Third, beware of surprise costs for transportation and messaging.

Once you're already on the road, you can save money at each stop along the way by following some simple guidelines. In order to minimize financial strain while globetrotting, consider the following:

Pick up a city pass

While the specifics of what is included in a city pass can change from one location to the next, in general, you can expect to receive free or discounted admission to many of the top attractions in a city, as well as fast-track options to bypass long lines. The Paris Pass is one example of a city pass that provides free public transportation in addition to free museum admission. While visiting the United States, S If you're planning a trip to any of 12 different cities in North America, be sure to check out the CityPASS network, which offers discounts to attractions across the board.

Put an end to hotels' sneaky extra charges.

Ask the hotel if they can waive fees for amenities you won't use, such as the gym or in-room safe, to lower the hotel's hidden fees (after first verifying the hotel's hidden fees, of course). Before your arrival, the hotel might be able to cancel these fees from your bill.

You should read the "terms and conditions" of your all-inclusive hotel's stay carefully. This is because some hotels have a policy of charging more for luxuries such as champagne, upscale liquor, and certain activities. Check for asterisks in ads and promotions as a quick and easy way to spot these.

Have an unrestricted conversation

While it's important to keep in touch with loved ones back home, the costs of international phone calls and roaming can quickly add up.

Those with an Android phone can use free Wi-Fi calling and texting apps like WhatsApp, Viber, and Skype. Additionally, you can pick up a local SIM card from any of the airport's vending machines or a convenience store. Using the Local SIM app, you can find the best nearby carrier to buy a SIM card from.

Pick Your Eateries Carefully

One of the best parts of traveling is trying cuisine from different cultures, but it can get pricey if you eat out every night. Avoid spending your hard-earned cash at restaurants close to popular landmarks because of their higher prices and lower quality. According to CheapOAir, some experts recommend saving money by eating the majority of your meal during lunch instead of dinner.

Inquire about the inclusion of extra services in the cost of airfare and lodging.

Some hotels and airlines offer free extras to guests who specifically request them. Some Hawaiian Airlines flights even offer complimentary ukuleles, while Southwest offers complimentary hot chocolate. Freebies can range from a night light, a charger, and a curling iron at Kimpton Hotels to a yoga session at a Hyatt hotel of your choice.

Now, if you're just looking for some ideas for where to go, have a look at this list of the top 20 most affordable travel destinations in 2018.

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