Ten Suggestions for Solo Vacationing

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For a variety of reasons, including not having found "the one," being on the road for work, or just craving some "me time," a solo trip can be very different from one taken with a friend. If you've been avoiding solo travel out of fear, these ten tips may be just the confidence booster you need to finally take the plunge.

Ten suggestions for solo trips


It is possible that some hotels and cruise lines will only allow a maximum of two people per room. A single supplement is the extra cost you must pay above and beyond the base rate in order to ensure the travel service provider makes as much money as they would have if you had brought a companion.

All of these charges will be laid out in detail before you make a reservation. If it doesn't, you should inquire about it before committing to a booking.

Stay Somewhere That Has Been Highly Recommended

You may experience a heightened sense of vulnerability when traveling alone to a foreign destination. Do some homework before making a reservation, and only stay in a hotel or Airbnb with a lot of positive reviews. By reading the comments left by previous guests, you can get a sense of the host, the surrounding area, and whether or not you can expect to share the property with anyone else.

Third, reserve a room at a location that offers free Wi-Fi.

If you are traveling during a time when it gets dark early, you may not want to spend as much time out and about as you would during the summer months. Staying somewhere with free wi-fi is a must if you plan on spending a lot of time in the hotel. Use this time to video chat with loved ones back home and fill them in on your day's exploits.

Also, you could use your internet connection to watch videos online, check your email, and explore the web. If you're planning on staying somewhere that requires a fee to access the wi-fi hotspot, you might be able to save money by booking a room at a hotel that offers free in-room wi-fi to guests with certain levels of membership. Or, you can gain access to more than a million Boingo wi-fi hotspots in more than 190 countries with an American Express Platinum Card. If you need to find a place with Wi-Fi access quickly, a search on the Boingo website can help.

Meeting other travelers is a great way to break up the routine of traveling alone. When you land and disembark, your conversation need not end. Actually, there are two fantastic tools that can facilitate meeting other travelers and locals: Couchsurfing (which is like Airbnb in that it allows you to stay with local homeowners in their homes), where you might also meet other travelers; and Meetup.

You can use Meetup to discover interesting and fun things to do in a new city regardless of where you're staying. Some of the best places to hang out and enjoy the local culture may be hidden from the pages of guidebooks. In each city, you can find a wide variety of options, so research them ahead of time.

Relax While You Eat 5.

A meal can be a great opportunity to let your guard down and be genuine with those around you. You can certainly engage the waiter or bartender in conversation, but if you'd rather have some quiet time to yourself, that's fine too. If there's free WiFi, you could use the time to plan the rest of your day, check your email, or read a book.

Cafes are great places to people-watch without worrying about standing out too much, as their relaxed atmosphere typically attracts both solitary patrons and small groups in search of solace. You can get some peace and quiet in a booth at the restaurant. You can maintain your anonymity in either place, and the experience may be more pleasant than at a fast food chain.

Sixth, Get an Early Start

Don't be a night owl if the idea of going to bars and clubs by yourself doesn't appeal to you. If you are traveling to a large, busy city, you can safely sightsee on your own at your leisure. It is easier to avoid the crowds at popular attractions when you leave the hotel before the families and night owls have left for the day, so getting an early start is recommended.

As a group, do something you wouldn't normally do.

When you're by yourself on a trip, you might be hesitant to try new things for fear of disappointment. Instead, you can experiment with activities that your typical travel companions would never try. To illustrate, you can go to an art museum all day if they'd rather spend the day at the beach, or vice versa. Perhaps there are activities you can enjoy without the presence of your offspring.

As an added bonus, this trip could be the perfect chance to check something off your "to-do" list.

Get Lots of Pictures

Smartphones and ubiquitous free Wi-Fi hotspots make documenting your travels easier than ever. Instant photo sharing on social media makes it feel as though your friends and family are along for the journey, sharing in almost every moment with you as it happens. It's not required, but a selfie stick is always welcome. We're always green with envy whenever we see photos from far-off locations that we'll never be able to visit in the foreseeable future.

9. Provide loved ones with a copy of your travel itinerary

Send a copy of your itinerary to your loved ones, detailing your travel plans (flight times, hotel confirmation numbers, and perhaps even a rough idea of your sightseeing schedule). Take a few moments (before you leave) to register your trip with the State Department in case the local embassy or consulate needs to get in touch with you while you're away.

The tenth tip is to compile a list of your emergency contacts.

The last piece of advice is one that every traveler should follow. Create an easily accessible list of your emergency contacts. Include your own number, that of a friend or family member back home in case of an emergency, and any other numbers you think you might need. In the event that your credit card is lost or stolen, or if your trip is unexpectedly canceled, you can call the credit card company at their toll-free number to activate the travel protection benefits.

Likewise, snap a photo of your cooking equipment. In the flurry of last-minute packing and checking of carry-ons, it's easy to overlook switching off the oven, the coffee maker, and the iron before you leave for the airport. Check the photo of your stove dials once you get to the airport to make sure everything is off. If you can't, ask a neighbor or landlord to do it so you don't have to worry about it while you're gone.

Synopsis of Solo Travel

The next time you have to travel without company, you may dread it. Don't One of the best times of your life may be waiting for you right now. Making memories with loved ones is wonderful, but a trip taken alone can be just as enjoyable. All it takes is a good outlook. As an added bonus, globalization has been facilitated by technological advancements that have shrunk physical distances.

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