Simple, Two-Handed Methods for Rolling Your Briefs

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    Place the underwear flat. If you have a flat surface, you can fold or roll your paper much more easily. Any flat surface will do, from a table or bed to the floor or a lap desk. Lay the underpants out with the fronts facing up. Put a stop to any wrinkling right away.

    • It's not necessary to have a huge surface area for underwear.
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    Bring the elastic band of your underwear down. Putting the top of the underwear on backwards by folding the band over the top Folding the underwear in half with the help of the band at the end will reduce the required space to 1 or 2 inches (2 5 to 5 one centimeter) taller at the top [1]

    • The analogy that comes to mind is rolling up a sleeve.


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    Bringing in the two sides creates a third fold in the underwear. The right third should be tucked into the middle of the briefs. Carry out the same motion on the left side, crossing it over the right. What you're left with should be a elongated rectangle that's only a third as large as the original. [2]

    • The crotch can be folded in half to the band before the right and left sides are tucked in. It's not an essential process, though.
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    To do this, roll the underwear from the crotch to the waistband. To begin rolling, fold the bottom edge in a bit so that it meets the top edge. Climb steadily higher until you reach the group. [3]

    • Small folds can be done instead of rolling if desired. Therefore, the resulting underwear will be able to maintain an upright position in the drawer.
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    Turn the band over your briefs. Put in as much effort as possible and roll the underwear to the very edge of the fold. One-handedly seize the roll Pull the band and the extra underwear over the roll you just made with your other hand, effectively inverting the band. Your roll should be secure and not easily unraveled. [4]


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    Naylon, Julie.

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    No Wire Hangers is a Los Angeles-based professional organizing service founded by Julie Naylon. Organizing and consulting services for homes and businesses are offered by No Wire Hangers. Having appeared on The Conan O'Brien Show, Julie has also had her work featured in publications such as Daily Candy, Marie Claire, and Architectural Digest. She won "The Most Eco-Friendly Organizer" at the 2009 Los Angeles Organizing Awards.

    Julie Naylon

    Keep your folded underwear organized by putting it in a drawer. Keep your underwear in a convenient location, as you will need to reach for them frequently throughout the day. Use containers like baskets or bins to keep them in order in a closet.


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    The underwear should be laid out flat. Pick a spot that's convenient for you, be it the floor, your bed, or the kitchen table. In a flat front position, the underwear Remove wrinkles with your bare hands.

    • Wear the front of the underwear outward. The band of your underwear should be at the edge that is closest to you.
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    From the waistband, start rolling the underwear up. Get a hold of the edge of the band and fold it in on itself just a little. And with that, the roll has officially begun. The underwear must be rolled continuously until the crotch is reached. Keep a distance of 2 inches (5 When you reach the crotch, there should be about an inch (2. [5]

    • Your plan is to use the void to fold the underwear in on itself.
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    Toggle the briefs around Take hold of both ends of the roll to prevent it from unraveling, and then flip the underwear over so that the rolled side is now facing you. The crotch flap should be unrolled slightly in the middle of your long roll. [6]

    • Flip it so the crotch is facing you.
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    Roll each end into the center. To adjust the roll's placement over the crotch, draw in the right side and slide it there. Fold the left side over the right, just like before. You should now have a roll with the crotch flap sticking out from between the folds of the thirds you made. [7]

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    Bring the crotch up and over the opening. Raise the 2.5 cm (2 inches) That little bit (less than 2 inches, or 5 cm) of crotch you didn't roll over the new folds The underwear roll should be fairly tight now, but if you leave it like this, it will unroll. [8]

    • You should be able to reach over the top of the folds you made in the crotch and have them be hidden.
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    Tuck the briefs into themselves. If you turn the underwear so that the side facing you is facing up, you will see a small opening, much like the flap of an envelope. Turn it inside out by folding it over on itself. To complete the fold, you must perform this action twice. [9]

    • It shouldn't unroll after the final fold has been made.
    • This is analogous to rolling socks inside out.


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    Spread out your shirt, socks, and underwear. The shirt should be laid out first, and the wrinkles ironed out. Put on your underwear and fold it in half, left to right. Wear your underwear as a midsection. Take off your socks for the time being. [10]

    • Socks, underwear, and a shirt can be rolled into one compact bundle using this method for easy access.
    • You can wear shorts or pants in between your shirt and your underwear if you like. Separate the pants in half down the middle. Spread them out and position them so that the waistband is directly under the collar of the shirt. Avoid using anything too heavy, as it won't roll very far. [11]
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    Roll the sleeves and bottom of the shirt toward the center. Over your underwear, tuck in the right third of the shirt. Also, fold the left side over the briefs. Folding can cause wrinkles, so it's important to smooth them out as you go and make the fold as neat as possible. [12]

    • If you're wearing pants, tuck your shirt in at the crotch.
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    Place the socks atop the shirt. Put on one sock with the toe touching the middle of the shirt and the top sticking out to the right. If you want the top of your socks to face out to the left, you should layer the second pair slightly over the first. [13]

    • Create a "T" shape with your body, the socks at the top and the shirt as the column, by doing this.
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    Beginning with the top, roll the bundle tight. To make a tight roll, start at the sleeve and roll your shirt, socks, and underwear together. As you work your way down to the shirt's hem, be sure to keep the roll nice and snug. [14]

    • Roll your pants down until you reach the crotch.
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    The roll should be rolled up and stuffed into the top of the socks. Use one hand to grab the roll As if you were tucking one sock into another, use your free hand to bring the sock's opening around the whole bundle. Repeat with the second sock, this time crossing the top of the bundle over the bottom. Right now you have a bundle that won't be able to be untied [15]


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Julie Naylon is a co-author on this piece. No Wire Hangers is a Los Angeles-based professional organizing service founded by Julie Naylon. Organizing and consulting services for homes and businesses are offered by No Wire Hangers. The Conan O'Brien Show featured Julie, and she has been featured in Daily Candy, Marie Claire, and Architectural Digest. To her credit, she was named "The Most Eco-Friendly Organizer" at the 2009 Los Angeles Organizing Awards. With 47,748 views, this article has been read extensively.

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