Saudi Arabia Creates Official 7-Star Guidelines for Its Luxurious Island

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Saudi Arabia appears to be interested in opening the very first hotel with a rating of 7 stars, officially. It definitely has the financial resources to accomplish this.

Josh Corder

Saudi Arabia has the intention to establish and maintain officially recognized "7-star standards" at its highly luxurious Sindalah Island, which is currently being developed. The concept of '7-star' originated with the inauguration of Dubai's Burj Al Arab hotel, a distinction that the operator Jumeirah has never been fond of using, and neither has the emirate made it official.

However, Saudi Arabia aims to make it an authentic reality. The NEOM giga-project, which has a budget of $500 billion, is actively seeking individuals who are capable of implementing and upholding "7-star" standards at Sindalah Island, which will have its own set of regulations.

Currently, NEOM has published four job vacancies that specifically mention 7 stars, all of which pertain to Sindalah as it prepares for its opening next year. These positions include a head of compliance, a director of facilities management, a senior manager of audit & compliance, and a dedicated "7-star auditor."

The job description for the auditor position is as follows: "The 7-Star Auditor plays a crucial role within Sindalah's Property Management Team, with the task of ensuring that Sindalah consistently meets and surpasses its ultra-luxury standards. This position epitomizes Sindalah's pursuit of perfection by aligning its operations with the overarching visions of NEOM."

While the auditor role is related to property management, the other job openings explicitly state that they are seeking candidates with qualifications and experience in the hospitality industry.

On the construction database MeTenders, a tender has been issued for a 7-star hotel on Sindalah.

Sindalah Explored

Sindalah is set to make its debut in 2024, featuring a total of 413 exceptionally luxurious hotel rooms, 333 high-end serviced apartments, and 51 upscale retail establishments. Confirmed operators include Marriott with their Autograph and Luxury Collection, as well as Four Seasons.

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