Places I Can Go Without a Passport

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Traveling from one state to another in the United States takes about the same amount of time as it would to go from one European country to another due to the larger size of the United States compared to Europe. You do not need a passport to travel between the 50 states in the United States of America.

However, there are special requirements for U.S. citizens to follow when visiting certain Pacific Ocean territories without a passport. Security measures between the United States, its possessions, and its neighbors were less stringent before 9/11. In most cases, you'll need a passport to leave the country, but there are always some exceptions.

Top Destinations That Do Not Require a US Passport

The following countries do not require passports for entry:

  1. The Island of Puerto Rico
  2. The Virgin Islands, USA
  3. The Marianas Islands, Northern
  4. Western Hemisphere: American Samoa
  5. Guam
  6. Canada
  7. Alaska
  8. Mexico

Keep in mind that if you travel directly to these countries or US territories, you will still need to have some form of valid identification in order to enter those places, and that traveling without a passport is usually only valid for land or sea travel.

Dominican Republic

When visiting Puerto Rico, a passport is not required. If you have a valid government-issued photo ID or birth certificate, you can visit this tropical island in the Caribbean about a thousand miles off the coast of southeast Florida whenever you like. It is possible to enter the United States without a passport if you are not a citizen but a lawful permanent resident.

Puerto Rico is home to some of the world's best beaches, an abundance of water-based activities, a wealth of hiking opportunities, and the chance to paddle a kayak to a spot where the water literally glows at night. Overall, if you want to take a vacation but don't want to deal with the hassle of getting a passport, Puerto Rico is the place to go.

Virgin Islands, U.S.

In contrast to many other Caribbean countries, visitors to this cluster of islands don't need a passport to set foot on their shores. Since 1917, when Denmark sold them to the United States, the US Virgin Islands have been a part of the United States, and today they are a popular tourist destination.

It is possible to see three of the world's largest islands during your vacation: St. Thomas, St St. Croix and St. John You can do anything from sightseeing in the Virgin Islands National Park to snorkeling in Trunk Bay.

The Marianas, Or the Northern Islands

The Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands is a United States territory in the western Pacific Ocean. There are a total of 14 islands in the archipelago, with the southernmost island (and independent territory) of Guam. Since the islands are considered US territory, a passport is not required for entry or exit. A valid government-issued photo ID or a certified copy of your birth certificate is still required for entry, just like in any other US territory.

Among the most popular islands to visit are Saipan, Tinian, and Rota; the former is the largest. Micro Beach, Mount Topachau, Banzai Cliff, and countless historical sites are just a few of the incredible places you can visit between these islands.

Specifically, American Samoa

American Samoa is another fantastic vacation spot that doesn't require a passport. The breathtaking scenery of this US territory is best experienced on the islands that make it up. However, flights to this territory are uncommon, and most visitors must fly into Honolulu, Hawaii, to enter the country.


The island nation in the North Pacific Ocean allows U.S. citizens to enter with only a proof of citizenship or government-issued photo ID, as opposed to a passport. The Mariana Islands are a great place to spend a summer vacation, and this is one of the most populated islands.

Ypao Beach Park, one of the best beaches in the world, can be found on this island, which also boasts a pleasant year-round temperature range. Along with its cultural and historical significance, it also offers access to two sunken warships, artifacts from World Wars I and II.


If you are traveling to Canada by land or sea, you do not need a passport to enter the country. But you'll need a passport or NEXUS card to get in. A NEXUS card is a form of identification that facilitates a speedier entry and exit from Canada. The application process for a NEXUS card is supervised by both the United States and Canada as part of this bilateral program.

You need a passport or a NEXUS travel document in addition to your passport card in order to enter Canada via airplane.


If you have a passport card or an enhanced driver's license (EDL), you can now enter Mexico without a passport thanks to the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative. If you're a citizen of the United States, having an EDL will speed up the process of entering Mexico by land or sea and prove your identity and citizenship. If you have an EDL, you can use it to enter Canada and many Caribbean US territories. If you are flying to Mexico, however, you will need a valid U.S. passport in addition to your EDL or passport card.

Additionally, children under the age of 16 can enter Mexico on a parent's or guardian's passport (for land travel only) with only a birth certificate.


As a state within the United States, Alaska does not require visitors to present passports upon entry. But if your flight has a layover in Canada, you'll need to bring your passport with you.

Looped Vacations

A passport is not required for a closed-loop cruise within the Western Hemisphere that departs and returns to the same port. Nonetheless, check that the cruise will not be stopping in any foreign ports that necessitate a passport when leaving the United States.

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