Packing Pants: Three Methods

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    Sort out which pair of pants needs to be folded. In order to reduce wrinkles, business pants and other pants made of wrinkle-prone fabrics should be folded instead of rolled. When packing for an important meeting or other formal event, always fold your dress pants so that they don't arrive at your destination completely wrinkled.

    • Never roll your suit pants; doing so will only result in wrinkles.
    • 100% cotton pants should be folded to prevent wrinkles.
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    Get those pants ironed first. You'll look even more ridiculous after traveling with wrinkled pants because of the time they spent crumpled in your suitcase. Your chances of being able to wear your pants immediately upon arrival are increased if you iron them before packing them.


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    Spread the pants out on the floor. Make sure you have a nice, even fold by doing it on the floor or some other hard surface. Spread them out and straighten out any wrinkles so they can be folded without a hitch.

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    Pants legs overlap when folded in half. Fold them in half by crossing one leg over the other. See to it that the fold falls precisely in the middle over the crotch seam. Remove creases by straightening the legs.

    • Dress pants with a crease or pleat down the center should be folded in half along the crotch to maintain the crease.
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    Split them in half horizontally Raise the cuffs to the waist. Once more, smooth out the creases in the pants so that they don't show up in the waistband. Smooth out the folds with your hands to ensure a professional look.

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    Repeat the folding process in half The waistband and the cuffs of the pants should be lowered until they meet the bottom of the fold. Those pants of yours are now ready for storage When you fold your pants in half like this, one crease will form across the knees and the other crease will form across the thighs. It's preferable to have a few strategically placed creases rather than a lot of wrinkles, but if neatness is absolutely essential, you may need to iron them. [1]


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    Learn which pants cuffs go where You can roll up wrinkle-resistant fabrics because they are so easy to transport in this way. Those wrinkled pants that you don't mind bringing along for the ride can be packed this way. More space can be saved in your suitcase if you roll your clothes rather than fold them. Listed below are the various trouser styles that lend themselves to the rolling motion:

    • Jeans
    • Leggings
    • Sports pants
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    Spread out the pants on the table. To minimize the appearance of wrinkles, it is best to start with ironed pants. Smooth out any wrinkles by laying them out and running your hands down the legs.

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    Pants, fold in half Fold them in half with one leg over the other. Use your hands to smooth out the wrinkles. Check the fabric carefully for rumples.

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    To begin, roll from the waist up. Like you would a jelly roll or sleeping bag, begin rolling the pants up from the waist with your fingers. Repeat this motion all the way up to the cuffs. Rolling your pants like this makes them easy to pack away in a suitcase.

    • Keep the fabric from creasing as you roll it. Straighten out wrinkles as you go.
    • Don't roll too tightly, as this will cause the fabric to wrinkle.


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    Dress pants should be stored in a suit case. Use a suit bag that allows you to pack your pants vertically, without folding them in half, if you are worried about wrinkling them or if you need to arrive at your destination and wear them immediately without having time to iron them. For wrinkle-free pants, try this method.

    • Hang the pants up using a hanger that won't tear the material. Folding the pants in half at the knee and draping them over the top of the hanger is a necessary step when using certain types of hangers.
    • Fold them perfectly straight and store them in your suit case to prevent wrinkles.
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    Roll your pants up tight and stow them at the bottom. If you find yourself with rolled pants, make room for them in your suitcase by placing them below your wrinkle-sensitive clothing. Put them in the bottom of your suitcase, where they won't be as likely to get crushed.

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    Fold your pants and stack them on top. This will prevent them from getting creased and crushed during transport. When your bag is almost completely packed, lay these items on top of the rest. Avoid stacking heavy items, like shoes, on top of your folded pants. [2]

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    To avoid wrinkles, put your clothes in a dry cleaning bag. This added security will prevent them from moving around during transport. This is an effective method of preventing newly ironed pants from becoming creased in transit.


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    My thick sweatpants have defeated every technique herein. How to fold sweatpants in any other way

    Community Answer

    If you haven't already, try folding the sweatpants in half and then rolling up the pant legs.

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    How do I best stow away my corduroys?

    Community Answer

    Using the advice given here, pack them as you would any other pair of pants.

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