Packing Instructions for a Backpack

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There are a variety of abilities necessary for a successful nomadic existence. Things like how to hitch a ride from a complete stranger and how to haggle with callous innkeepers for a better rate.

You'll need a lot of different abilities, but one of the most crucial is learning how to get by with just a backpack.  

Having to lug around a lot of baggage is not only inconvenient but also costly. Bringing only a backpack eliminates the need to check your bags, which increases the risk of loss or damage to your belongings.

Whether your goal is increased ease and freedom of movement during travel or the mere elimination of the need to check bags at each stop along the way, adopting a minimalist packing strategy will serve you well. Here are some of our best advice on how to pack a travel backpack.

the pakt travel backpack

Learn the Ins and Outs of Selecting the Perfect Backpack for Your Trip

There is more to successful packing than just knowing what to bring and how to bring it. Selecting a high-quality backpack makes a huge difference when traveling. Picking a carry-on size backpack will force you to be selective with your belongings and prevent you from bringing too much.

You need a backpack made with portability, ease of use, and comfort in mind while you're on the road. Your gear will be much more accessible if it opens in the front. When traveling with a lot of gear, it's important to have easy access to what you need most without digging through your bag.

The ideal backpack should have these qualities:

  • It's the ideal carry-on size for the majority of airlines.

  • There are two sections, one clamshell and one top-loading.

  • The multitude of internal pockets allows you to neatly separate and secure your various travel necessities.

  • Padded laptop compartment that's simple to get to

  • Protect your valuables with this stealthy hidden pocket for your passport, cash, and more.

  • A belt that can be worn around the hips or slung as a bag in its own right

  • Waterproof storage compartment opening at the top, perfect for cosmetics and other toiletries

  • Water bottle holder on the outside

  • Easily slide your backpack over the roller bag's handles with a luggage pass.

  • Airport security checkpoint compliant with a TSA pocket for quick access to your passport and other belongings.

   pakt travel backpack clamshell design

If you're looking for a backpack that simplifies packing, aids in organization, and doesn't weigh you down, look no further than the Pakt Travel Backpack. With its premium padded shoulder straps, detachable sternum strap, and load lifters for even distribution of weight, the harness system provides all the conveniences of a trekking backpack.

The Pakt Travel Backpack has a tough, water-resistant exterior to protect your belongings from the elements. Moreover, it is plastic-free and made entirely from recycled materials. The perfect backpack for anything from a weekend business trip to a month-long backpacking adventure across Europe.

Pakt backpack with items for travel, including a laptop, camera, and headphones  

Where to Go and What to Pack in a Backpack

Choosing what to bring and what to leave behind is the next step. This activity will call for some deep thought, so put on some tunes and maybe grab a drink to get you in the mood to pack.

Find a large empty table, a spare bedroom, or a patch of floor. Make a list of everything you intend to bring. Everything you own, from clothing to paperwork to electronics to toiletries Put it out on the table if you plan to bring it.

It's probably clear by now that the sprawling mess in front of you can't be contained in a backpack. Have no fear We'll assist you in reducing the volume to a more manageable level.  

Packing List

To begin, separate the items you will need immediately, such as your passport and laptop. After that, it's time to cut the fat. What you really need for a long trip, weeks or months, is exemplified in this packing list.

As cumbersome and heavy as shoes are, you really only need two pairs: one for everyday wear and one for special events. One pair will be worn, while the other is packed away. If you're going on a trip that will be warm, packing a pair of flip-flops or sandals will give you more footwear options without taking up much extra room in your bag.

Clothes for a week should be sufficient for most trips. Doing laundry is much more convenient than lugging around multiple outfits at once. Use a color scheme that is fairly neutral so that everything can be combined with anything else.

Everything in your backpack should have a secondary use on your trip. A lightweight button-down shirt, for instance, can be worn to both the office and a formal dinner. A dress can be dressed up for happy hour or worn casually as a swimsuit coverup.

The Items You Should Never Leave Behind

If you're having trouble deciding what to bring along, separate the "nice to haves" into their own pile. You shouldn't burden yourself with the weight of items you'll only use occasionally on your trip. Towels, soap, shampoo, and hair dryers are probably not necessary if you plan to use hotel rooms for the majority of your trip. However, some budget hotels and inns may not have these necessities, so it's important to ask in advance.

To help you decide what to bring and what to leave behind on your trip, consider the things you most enjoy doing while away. Don't forget that even in the most out-of-the-way locations, you can find a store if you find yourself in dire need of something you forgot to pack.

Tents and tripods, two pieces of bulky equipment, can often be rented on the spot. You can always re-insert an item or two if there's still space.

features on the pakt travel backpack

After you've whittled down your belongings to the bare minimum, you can get down to the specifics of where everything will go and how you'll make room for it.

Placement of Items

  • Put your clothes and footwear in the primary storage areas of your backpack.

  • Liquid toiletries must fit into a one-quart plastic bag for air travel. The Pakt Travel Backpack has a handy waterproof front pocket for storing wet items like toiletries and other necessities. Shampoo bars and bar soap are much lighter than liquids, use less packaging, and are much easier to pack than travel-sized bottles. Pack a microfiber towel if you need to dry off after the pool. They're more lightweight, dry more quickly, and require much less storage space than traditional towels.

  • If you're bringing a laptop, put it in the padded laptop sleeve. For international travel, a universal travel adaptor is also required and can be stored in one of the main compartment's smaller mesh pockets.

  • Everything Else: Stow it all in the front pockets of your backpack, as you won't need it until you're at the airport. Place essentials like your passport and extra cash in the security pocket so they are out of the way but still easily accessible while you go through TSA screening and check-in at the airport.

Allocation of Effort

Comfort while carrying your backpack relies heavily on how evenly the weight is distributed. Weight distribution can be improved with the use of a sternum strap, load lifters, and a hip belt. Keep your bag's heavy items close to your body.

When you do this, your backpack's center of gravity will be closer to your body. If you carry your load away from your body, the strain on your shoulders will increase.

Get the most out of every nook and cranny

Pack your backpack to the brim. Don't forget to cram everything into the bag's nooks and crannies! Stuff your spare socks and t-shirts into the extra shoes you own if there's room.

the pakt travel backpack's waterproof pocket

Put the Straps and Pockets to Good Use!

Make use of all the compartments and straps on your backpack when you travel. It's best to begin by loading up your hip and front pockets with necessities. Some excellent items to bring on a plane include: a small first aid kit; your travel rain jacket; an inflatable pillow; and a sarong that can be used as a blanket.

Use the accessory straps to secure your tripod or yoga mat to your backpack. Put your water bottle in the side pocket and your coffee gear in the main compartment. One of the bag's interior mesh pockets is the ideal size for stowing a rain poncho and foldable tote.

The Best Ways to Safeguard Your Backpack

Everyone needs to rest their bodies and minds. Think about how you'll keep your backpack safe when you can't see it. The Pakt Travel Backpack has a cable lock that can be used to secure all of the backpack's exterior zippers.

  the pakt travel backpack accessory straps

Space-Saving Advice for Packing a Backpack

Put on Your Heaviest Objects

Packing light while traveling? Wear your biggest items on the plane. Your sneakers, jeans, and jacket all fall under this category.  

Do not forget to bring a variety of lightweight, adaptable layers

Packing light layers is your best bet if your travels will take you through different climates or to a place where temperatures are likely to fluctuate. That way, if the weather changes, you can simply add or remove a layer without having to lug around heavy sweaters and other heavy clothing.

Naturally, if you're going somewhere cold, you'll need to bring some thick layers of clothing. As such, you may want to think about putting them in a compression bag to reduce the amount of room they take up. You can use the straps to attach your heavy coat to the outside of your backpack as well.

packing cubes

Rolling vs. folding clothes when traveling

Your heaviest layers should be worn closest to your body, followed by your midlayers, and finally your lightest layers. You could try rolling your clothes instead of folding them. You can save more room by rolling your clothes instead of folding them, and you'll also have fewer wrinkles.

Get Some Travel Cubes

Packing cubes are the best way to organize your belongings in a backpack for a trip. The five cubes in our packing cube set allow you to organize your clothes by type and use every inch of your backpack.  

The two larger cubes with zippers are perfect for trousers and blouses, while the two smaller cubes can hold underwear, nightgowns, and shorts. Socks and underwear fit perfectly in the stuff sack-style bag.

Pack a Garbage Bag

You can keep your dirty and clean belongings in different compartments of your backpack if you bring a smaller, multipurpose bag with you. One of the many uses for our packable tote is as a laundry bag. Use it as a carry-on in the airport, on the beach, or while shopping.

the pakt travel backpack

Some Final Words of Wisdom

When you've finished packing your backpack, try it on for size. Just how do you feel? Can you carry it and walk a short distance without feeling any discomfort? Doe s it look like there's too much going on  

If you can't comfortably carry it or it's bursting at the seams, it needs to be rethought. Your trip could end in disaster if you put too much stress on yourself or your backpack.

It's important to remember that you'll inevitably pick up some souvenirs along the way. In all likelihood, even the most minimalist vacationers will return home with at least a few mementos from their trip. It would be disappointing to realize after returning home that your backpack was too full to accommodate one more amazing souvenir from your travels.

Trying to learn more travel hacks from the pros? Here you can find a variety of minimalist travel products curated for conscientious explorers.

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