Minimalists recommend the following carry-on luggage items.

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Deplaning and leaving the airport is all you can think about after a long flight with a fussy infant and a congested seatmate. However, this strategy will be slowed if you have to wait in line for your checked bag and then lug it all the way to ground transportation. Carrying only a carry-on bag is the ideal, if not the goal. However, if you want to realize this ambition, you'll need a reliable, lightweight, multipurpose bag that can hold all your necessities without weighing you down.

You should have a carry-on bag that is around 30 liters in capacity, according to One Bag Travels' founder Geoff Grisdale. Approximately 45 liters in volume is the maximum allowed by most airlines for carry-on luggage, Grisdale told HuffPost. "For most of my trips, I find that backpacks between 25 and 30 liters work pretty good. ”

Grisdale is a part of the thriving online one-bag travel community where fellow light travelers can exchange advice and recommendations. This community can be found in a variety of places online, including a very active Reddit page and the "minimal" lifestyle niche on YouTube. Grisdale claims that the people of the OneBag subreddit are happy to provide advice on anything related to travel luggage, whether it be the dimensions of a specific airline's carry-on policy or the best waterproof laptop case.

Grisdale adds that a good carry-on bag should have enough pockets, dividers, and compartments to suit the traveler's needs. You probably don't need a bag with 100 pockets if you always seem to be searching for your chapstick and phone charger. Yet if The Container Store is your go-to retailer, you might drool over a bag that has a dedicated compartment for everything you own.

While it's challenging to pare down your belongings, minimalist lifestyle vlogger Christina Mychas says it's worth it because you'll have less stress on the road and when you get home and unpack.

Mychas told HuffPost, "There is so much rushing up to wait with traveling, so packing light with a carry-on and backpack not only helps us get going, but saves SO much unneeded stress, back pain, and time." As a general rule, you can get by with less than you think you will, so I've gotten into the habit of only bringing the necessities and the clothes I wear frequently on my trips. ”

Packing light is your friend when traveling to destinations with uneven pavement, no elevators in the hotels, or multiple modes of transportation (plane, train, and/or tram). We polled our favorite travel bloggers and minimalist packers to find out which bags they recommend for carry-on travel.

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Backpack for long trips, the Osprey Fairview 40
It doesn't matter how long my trip is, I always bring only a carry-on." The Osprey Farpoint 40 Travel Backpack, in the small/medium size, is my go-to backpack. You can put a lot of stuff in this bag, and it does so with ease because of its sturdy construction and practical design. It's perfect for me because it's large enough to carry my camera equipment, laptop, and other necessities, but compact enough that I have to reevaluate how much stuff I bring along. In my opinion, packing lightly is worth the extra time and thought it requires. It is pointless to carry around unnecessary belongings. Minimalist lifestyle vlogger Sophie Daquis
The Pakt One Bag is my all-time favorite purse." It's great that there are two large, independent compartments that can be accessed independently from the top or, alternatively, can be accessed simultaneously by unzipping the bag in half and laying it flat. This makes traveling and storing items a breeze. This bag is constructed with high-quality materials and has held up exceptionally well over time. The shoulder strap is cushioned and there are plenty of other compartments for storing your belongings. This bag is large enough to hold everything I'll need for a trip of any length. This bag has a laptop sleeve built right in, so you can ditch your backpack. For the past few years, I haven't used any other bag on any trip because this one is so spacious. YouTuber and advocate of a minimalist lifestyle Spencer Scott Pugh
Pakt: $295; Amazon: $295
This is a laptop bag by Kenneth Cole Reaction, the Chelsea.
This Kenneth Cole backpack from Amazon is always my first choice for vacation." Because it has a dedicated compartment large enough to hold a 15-inch laptop, it has won my heart. More compact electronic devices can be stored in its various other compartments. The strap that attaches to your rolling suitcase means you won't have to worry about losing it as you navigate the airport on foot and is what ultimately persuaded me to purchase it. ) Everything I needed for my ten-day trip to Europe fit easily in this backpack and a small rolling carry-on suitcase. Due to the uneven pavement, a large suitcase was not practical as a check-in bag. For me, learning to travel light has double benefits: it lowers my stress levels and teaches me to make do with less when I return home. Rachel Vinn, a minimalist lifestyle vlogger
I took the Samara ocean backpack with me on my recent trip to Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, and it held all of my electronics and other necessities with ease. Since it's my regular purse, I had to bring it along. It's as unobtrusive as possible while still being useful, and it can store more items than you might expect. A quote from Mychas
Recently, I've been using and appreciating the Thule Aion 28-liter pack. It served me well on my most recent trip. Since it teeters on the line between a personal item and a carry-on, you can stow it under your airplane seat. It simply expands your range of possible carrying solutions. There's no need to go any bigger or smaller than a 28-liter capacity, as that size is just right. It has a laptop sleeve and a small divider, so it's like having a built-in packing cube, and that's enough space for me to separate my electronics from the rest of my gear. Having too many pockets, dividers, and compartments can increase the price and bulk of a bag. This seems like a good compromise between size and simplicity, as it will accommodate all of my gear without making me lug around too much weight, and price, as it won't break the bank. -- Grisdale
"Recently I made the switch to the Monos backpack, which is significantly roomier than my old one while maintaining a streamlined, minimalist design. With its many well-thought-out pockets and watertight construction, I intend to put it to the test on my upcoming quick in/out trip to Mexico City. Do not worry, you will be kept up to date. ” – Mychas
The Le Pliage Tote by Longchamp is my go-to airport bag." For nearly a decade, this bag has been my standard for light, convenient travel. The nylon body and leather straps make this backpack extremely sturdy and fashionable. It's a timeless style with just one interior pocket, so you'll have to carefully consider what you bring along. I pack light by bringing only the essentials in a capsule wardrobe and by dividing my belongings into smaller pouches. However, if necessary, a lot can be stuffed into the bag. Assuming it's a business trip, I can easily bring along my laptop and clothes for a week's worth of travel. I just got back from a three-week trip across Europe by myself, and I can safely say that I would not have enjoyed it one bit had I been lugging around a huge suitcase from country to country. Because I never have to wait in line at baggage claim, I can breeze through the airport and be on my way. As soon as the plane touches down, I am off and running. Minimalist lifestyle vlogger Carla from The Carla Project
Retail Prices: $155 at Nordstrom | $219 at Amazon
The AER travel pack is my go-to, but it all depends on how much stuff I have to bring with me." Clothing, cables, a Kindle, a portable speaker, a water bottle, and the occasional iPad or laptop are the bulk of my luggage. Reddit user u/nanerpoodin (from the subreddit r/onebag):
We recommend the Kathmandu Litehaul 38L as the best backpack for short-term, one-bag trips. This travel bag is unlike any other backpack because it opens like a suitcase from the front, providing instant access to all of your belongings (i.e. e you won't have to rummage through bags anymore It's the perfect size (38 liters; not too small that you'll feel cramped, and not too big that you'll have trouble lugging it around on airplanes and buses; trust us; we know; packing lightly [equals] comfort. The backpack has a sleeve for a tablet or laptop and some decently sized pockets. The backpack's handy features include the ability to convert it into a duffel bag and hide the shoulder straps, giving it a more streamlined appearance. We have taken this backpack on a wide variety of trips, from short weekend getaways to an extensive 16-country [around the world] trip that included a visit to Everest Base Camp. (This is a Himalaya-approved pack, so yes) Travel vloggers Nicole and Mico
Backpack by Hedgren, model Voyage Zenith
"A Hedgren bag is what I typically reach for." After deliberating for three years, I finally decided to buy it. I really like it because it has a secure back pocket for my passport and a laptop sleeve for when I need to bring both. I use packing cubes, and I always bring three: one for my toiletries (a dopp), one for my clean clothes, and one for my dirty clothes. That will make doing laundry while on the road a breeze. The trick is to keep your wardrobe to a minimum, so that you can wash your clothes every three days or so and still feel like a brand new person. Reddit user Jonathan Klinger from r/onebag

Klinger owns the currently unavailable Hedgren Bond model, but the Voyage Zenith is comparable.

Bringing dress clothes on the road is a challenge for even the most seasoned minimalist travelers. For those who don't want to lug around a separate garment bag but still need to bring a suit to an event like a wedding or business conference, this bag comes highly recommended on the OneBag subreddit. The garment duffel by Halfday is a sleek, easy-to-carry garment bag that rolls out into a duffel and has a shoe compartment.

It's "ideal for a itinerant performer." Luis H., a potential purchaser, It's perfect for my needs and will get me through three to five days of shows and travel." Don't put it off any longer "

L L Big Bean Boat and Tote with Zip Closure
I'm a native of New England, and I'm fairly certain that an L model ambulance took me home from the hospital. L Tote and Bean Boat They're classic canvas totes that get better with age. My mother, who is a schoolteacher, used one of these bags every day to transport her lunch, a copy of her lesson plans, and a stack of student papers to class. A few years ago, I purchased an extra-large bag with standard shoulder straps and a zipper. It's my go-to bag for trips and can fit a lot more than it looks like it would, including several pairs of pants, shoes, and any thrift store finds I might find along the way. The best part is that it has a timeless design, so you won't feel like you're toting around your dorky high school soccer duffle bag.
And if you're shopping for a carry-on and don't need to worry about cobblestone streets, consider these options:

The Beis carry-on is my go-to suitcase because the exterior is the most sturdy material I've encountered, the interior is well-organized, and the wheels are buttery smooth." They are available in aesthetically pleasing hues. Video blogger Taylor Wynn:

Revolve is $198, and Beis is $198.
Planning for Traveling and Shopping

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