Making Money While You Travel the World

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Everyone seems to want to see the world these days. Yet who, unless independently wealthy, can afford to take a few months off to backpack Central America or ride a motorcycle across Laos?

Here comes the idea of taking a long trip while working odd jobs here and there. Simply put, not everyone with wanderlust is independently wealthy. To the contrary, one who influences

It's possible to make a living while seeing the world as a backpacker. Photograph by Getty Images.

Basically, the concept is straightforward. Put aside enough cash for extended travel, and make your money (and vacation time) go further by working along the way.

Typical "digital nomad" jobs like trading stocks or selling products didn't make the cut for this article. Working abroad has never been easier thanks to the advent of remote work and the rise of movements like crypto nomadism, but these occupations call for a unique set of competencies. How feasible it is for you to work remotely is a major factor in deciding whether or not you can call yourself a digital nomad. As an alternative, I was interested in exploring work that could be done by anyone visiting or residing in a foreign country.

I've separated possible options into two groups: volunteer work in exchange for room and board, and paid work that can be done while you're on the road for an extended period of time. While the following entry will highlight volunteer opportunities in exchange for free lodging, this one will focus on paid employment.

How to make a living while seeing the world

Not many people are able to travel full time and make good money unless they become an influencer or plan to write a killer blog. Earning a respectable living will help finance your travels and explorations, but don't expect to make six figures.

It's alright though This is because there are times when the memories made are more important than the money earned. A lack of a $120,000 income from the previous year won't matter if you can work as a bartender in Australia for six months to save up for a surf trip to Bali.  

If you're a native English speaker with a bachelor's degree, teaching English is one of the most accessible fields of employment overseas. It's a great way to (sometimes) make good money and (potentially) spend a significant amount of time in a foreign country.

Francesca Murray, a former English teacher in Martinique, penned the first English guidebook to [ ] the island

Murray, Francesca

Francesca Murray, the creator of One Girl One World and a multimedia journalist, left for Martinique at the age of 27 to work as an English teacher. The job started out as a yearlong journey to fill her blog with material, but it quickly grew into much more. She has become widely recognized as the foremost authority on Martinique among Americans, and she is responsible for publishing the first guidebook to the island written in English. What she has to say about it A teacher of English as a foreign language says that teaching English abroad is "an incredible way to fully immerse yourself in a culture."

Work and requirements vary greatly from one country or school to the next. Almost all reputable employment opportunities will necessitate completion of a Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certification program.

Requirements, beyond the TEFL certification, vary widely among countries and schools.

Examples of countries in the Middle East that typically require teaching experience include Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, while examples of countries in East Asia that typically do not include South Korea, Japan, or China are

Salary ranges can be quite different depending on the area of interest and the applicant's history. Due to a lack of income tax and free housing, English as a Second Language teachers in Oman reportedly earn a remarkable $40,000. Teachers of English in countries like South Korea and Japan, for example, benefit from both a low cost of living and high salaries, allowing them to put away tens of thousands of dollars each year. On the other hand, educators in European countries like the Czech Republic, Italy, and Spain say their salaries are just enough to get by.

To get a job teaching English in another country, check out websites like Serious Teachers or a href="MY_REDIRECT_PREFIX" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">span>> The book by educator Nicole Brewer and the recommendations of world traveler and English language instructor Nomadic Matt are two additional resources for those interested in teaching English abroad. There are Facebook groups for English as a Second Language teachers in your target country, and joining one of those groups is also recommended by experts.

Finding individual schools to apply to or scouring message boards for information can be time-consuming; if this sounds like a chore, you may want to consider working with a recruiter. Your preferences (salary, location, benefits) will be taken into account as they find you a suitable institution to work for. The fee for recruiters is typically covered by the school.

People have positive impressions of these programs on the whole, but some bad apples do exist. First, do some research by talking to current teachers and reading online school reviews. Any ambiguity in a contract will likely be interpreted in favor of the institution, so be sure to read every word. Since you probably know less about the local work culture, it's important to prepare by asking questions.

Previous educators also warn against sending money to a school before enrolling. A job is a job, and you shouldn't have to pay for the privilege of having one. Warning signs include programs that insist you work while visiting the country, but don't provide any compensation beyond your wages (such as a return ticket home, a housing stipend, or health insurance).

A working holiday visa program is an excellent choice for those who wish to spend an extended period of time working abroad but who are not interested in teaching English.

British travel blogger Tommy Walker of The Wandering Walker argues that a working holiday visa is "the easiest way to experience a new culture." Thanks to working holiday visas, he was able to spend his twenties in New Zealand, Australia, and Hong Kong. In this way, you can see the world, see the world, and save money for future adventures. ”

The program allows participants of certain nationalities and ages to live abroad and work in low-skilled occupations such as bartending for a specified period of time (usually between six and twenty-four months). One additional perk is that, in most cases, your length of stay in a country will be significantly extended compared to if you had entered on a standard tourist visa.

The program is seen as a means by the participating nations to promote cultural understanding and encourage tourists to stay for longer periods of time. Working holiday visas are a great way to travel internationally and earn some money if you are still deciding on a career path or just want a change of scenery. Although requirements vary by country, applicants are typically required to be between the ages of 18 and 30.

Do your research in advance because the program's logistics vary greatly depending on your nationality and the country to which you intend to travel. Given that the United States does not have its own working holiday visa program, many other countries do not provide Americans with this visa. Right now, U.S. citizens can only travel to Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore, and South Korea.  

Finding odd jobs abroad is much more daring than going on a working holiday or becoming an English as a Second Language teacher. The road may not be as well-marked, as there is no manual for persuading hostel owners that they need your artistic expertise, but the payoff could be substantial.

Kach and Jonathan Howe, two long-term backpackers turned live-aboard luxury yachters, spent years traveling throughout Central America and Asia. The Filipina and British couple may have settled into a more comfortable phase of life now that they are sailing the world in a luxury yacht, but there was a time when they had to work hard to fund their travels.

The Mr. & Mrs. Howe blog features the couple's life as world nomads, during which they have held a wide variety of jobs, from teaching English to waiting tables to managing hostels' social media. From their many years of experience traveling slowly, they suggest that you Those who wish to see the world while still earning a living should make an effort to improve their employability.

Kach and Jonathan Howe were able to fund their extensive travels by teaching yoga in South America.

Kach & Howe, Jonathan

As 30 year old Kach Howe puts it, "working, volunteering, or joining a workaway program... is a great way to get deeper into a place." Howe says that she and her husband stayed in places longer than planned because they supported local businesses. This allowed them to meet locals and learn "about things that we might otherwise have breezed through having only seen a handful of highlights from the guidebook." ”

They spent 2014 backpacking across South America, and they only made enough money from yoga and massage to keep them on the road. The two of them traveled across the continent, focusing on the larger cities where they could make a bigger splash in the market with their Tantra Yoga and Ayurveda massage certifications.

The first installment in a series on how to travel the world while working or volunteering A second entry can be found here: Ways to Fund Your World Adventures Through Volunteer Work

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