Ideal timing for a trip to Bermuda.

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Bermuda boasts stunning shorelines caressed by turquoise waters, attracting visitors seeking sunshine, sea, and tranquility. Nonetheless, this small island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean experiences seasonal fluctuations that dissuade many visitors in fall and winter, as hurricanes and cooler weather set in. However, budget travelers can take advantage of lower prices during this season.

Beach loungers with blue-and-white striped umbrellas on Elbow Beach in Bermuda

Whether you fancy basking on the beach, engaging in sports, attending local festivals, or exploring the culture, we offer a guide on the best times to visit Bermuda.

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A couple observing rocks near the ocean, Natural arch, Bermuda

May to October: High Season and Prime Time for a Beach Escape

As Bermuda enters the spring months, the weather warms up rapidly, and summer arrives with its hot temperatures. May typically sees daily highs of 76ºF, reaching the high 80ºFs between June and October. Although not excessively high, visitors should check the UV index and humidity levels before venturing outdoors to avoid the intense sun and effortful walks owing to high humidity levels ranging between 80 to almost 100% from June to September.

This period of warm, dry weather attracts hordes of tourists, resulting in high hotel prices and busy beaches. However, the warm seas offer a thermal spa-like experience, and visitors can look forward to long days enjoying the sun and sand.

March and April: Fewer Crowds With Uncertain Weather

Bermuda's shoulder season runs from March to April and is usually unstable. There are still cultural events to attend, and the average daytime highs linger in the low 70ºFs, providing an ideal environment for a quiet day by the beach. However, overcast days can be less pleasant.

While you may find yourself alone on the beaches, a first-time visit to Bermuda should stick to the high season for the perfect sunny days the island is famous for. But if you have visited during high season, consider taking a risk on the shoulder season's end in March or April for a quieter island experience and discounted rates at the popular resorts.

November to February: Low Season Discounts

Contrary to popular belief, Bermuda has a low season from November to February, which catches first-time visitors by surprise. Although this period is relatively mild, with daytime highs between 60ºF and 70ºF, occasionally dropping to the high 50ºFs, locals fashion parkas and sweaters, and the roofs emit smoke from wood-burning fires.

The island's idyllic beaches are less crowded during this period, and discounted rates may be available at popular resorts. If you are used to colder temperatures, this may be a perfect time to enjoy crowd-free and affordable beach trips.

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