How to Take Your Dog on Vacation by Your Side

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The American Kennel Club's PUPDATE newsletter Covering the first day of life and continuing for the next 18 months, this article provides vital information on puppy care, education, and socialization. Affenpinscher, Afghan Hound, Airedale Terrier, Akita, Alaskan Klee Kai, and Alaskan Malamute are just some of the breeds that can be found in the "breeds" section. Label = "American English Coonhound," Value = "American English Coonhound," Label = "American Eskimo Dog," Value = "American Eskimo Dog," Label = "American Foxhound," Value = "American Foxhound," Label = "American Hairless Terrier," Value = "American Hairless Terrier," Label = "American Leopard Hound," Value = "American Leopard Hound," Label = "American Staffordshire Terrier" "value":"American Staffordshire Terrier"; "label":"American Water Spaniel"; "value":"American Water Spaniel"; "label":"Anatolian Shepherd Dog"; "value":"Anatolian Shepherd Dog"; "label":"Appenzeller Sennenhund"; "value":"Appenzeller Sennenhund"; "label":"Australian Cattle Dog"; "value":" Label="Australian Shepherd," "value":"Australian Shepherd," "label":"Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog," "value":"Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog," "label":"Australian Terrier," "value":"Australian Terrier," "label":"Azawakh," "value":"Azawakh","label":"Barbado da Terceira," "value":"Barbado da Value: "Basset Fauve de Bretagne," Label: "Basset Hound," Value: "Basset Hound," Label: "Bavarian Mountain Scent Hound," Value: "Bavarian Mountain Scent Hound," Label: "Beagle," Value: "Beagle," Label: "Bearded Collie," Value: "Bearded Collie," Label: "Beauceron," Value: "Beauceron," Label: "Bedlington Terrier," Label:"Belgian Malinois"; Value:"Belgian Malinois"; Value:"Belgian Sheepdog"; Label:"Belgian Tervuren"; Value:"Belgian Tervuren"; Label:"Bergamasco Sheepdog"; Value:"Berger Picard"; Value:"Berger Picard" Label="Bichon Frise,"Value:"Bichon Frise,"Label="Biewer Terrier,"Value:"Biewer Terrier,"Label="Black and Tan Coonhound,"Value:"Black and Tan Coonhound,"Label="Black Russian Terrier,"Value:"Black Russian Terrier,"Label="Bloodhound,"Value:"Bloodhound,"Label="Bluetick Coonhound," Bohemian Shepherd, Bolognese, Border Collie, Border Terrier, Borzoi, Boston Terrier, Bouvier des Flandres, and Bouvier des Flandres. "value":"Bohemian Shepherd," "label":"Bolognese," "value":"Bolognese," "label":"Border Collie," "value":"Border Collie," "label":"Border Terrier," "value" Value: "Boykin Spaniel," Label: "Bracco Italiano," Value: "Bracco Italiano," Label: "Braque du Bourbonnais," Value: "Braque du Bourbonnais," Label: "Braque Francais Pyrenean," Value: "Braque Francais Pyrenean," Label: "Briard," Value: "Briard," Label: "Brittany," Value: "Brittany," Label: "Broholmer," Label = "Bull Terrier," Value = "Bull Terrier," Label = "Bulldog," Value = "Bulldog," Label = "Bullmastiff," Value = "Bullmastiff," Label = "Cairn Terrier," Value = "Cairn Terrier," Label = "Canaan Dog," Value = "Canaan Dog," Label = "Cane Corso," Value = "Cane Corso," Label = "Cardigan Welsh," Value = "Card Label = "Catahoula Leopard Dog"; Value = "Catahoula Leopard Dog"; Label = "Caucasian Shepherd Dog"; Value = "Caucasian Shepherd Dog"; Label = "Cavalier King Charles Spaniel"; Value = "Cavalier King Charles Spaniel"; Label = "Central Asian Shepherd Dog"; Value = "Central Asian Shepherd Dog"; Label = "Cesky Terrier"; Label = "Chesapeake Bay Retriever" "label":"Chihuahua,"value":"Chihuahua,"label":"Chinese Crested,"value":"Chinese Crested,"label":"Chinese Shar-Pei,"value":"Chinese Shar-Pei,"label":"Chinook,"value":"Chinook,"label":"Chow Chow,"value":"Chow Chow,"l Label="Cocker Spaniel," Value="Cocker Spaniel," Label="Collie," Value="Collie," Label="Coton de Tulear," Value="Coton de Tulear," Label="Croatian Sheepdog," Value="Croatian Sheepdog," Label="Curly-Coated Retriever," Value="Curly-Coated Retriever," Label="Czechoslovakian Vlcak," Label="Dandie Dinmont Terrier," Value="Dandie Dinmont Terrier," Label="Danish-Swedish Farmdog," Value="Danish-Swedish Farmdog," Label="Deutscher Wachtelhund," Value="Deutscher Wachtelhund," Label="Doberman Pinscher," Value="Doberman Pinscher," Label="Dogo Argentino," Value="Dogo Argentino," Value="Dalmatian," Value="Dalmatian," Label="P Label="Drentsche Patrijshond," value="Drentsche Patrijshond," label="Drever," value="Drever," label="Dutch Shepherd," value="Dutch Shepherd," label="English Cocker Spaniel," value="English Cocker Spaniel," label="English Foxhound," value="English Foxhound," label="English Setter," value="English Setter," label="English Springer Spaniel" 'label':'English Springer Spaniel', 'label':'English Toy Spaniel', 'label':'Entlebucher Mountain Dog', 'label':'Estrela Mountain Dog', 'label':'Eurasier', 'label':'Field Spaniel', 'label':'Finnish Lapphund', 'value':'Finnish Lapph the "Finnish Spitz" and "Flat-Coated Retriever" and "French Bulldog" and "French Spaniel" and "German Longhaired Pointer" and "German Pinscher" and "French Bulldog" and "French Bulldog" and "French Bulldog" and "French Bulldog" and "French Bulldog" and "French Bulldog" and "French Bulldog" and "French Value: "German Shepherd Dog"; Label: "German Shorthaired Pointer"; Value: "German Shorthaired Pointer"; Value: "German Spitz"; Label: "German Wirehaired Pointer"; Value: "German Wirehaired Pointer"; Value: "Giant Schnauzer"; Label: "Glen of Imaal Terrier"; Value: "Glen of Imaal Terrier"; Value: "Glen of "label":"Gordon Setter","value":"Gordon Setter","label":"Grand Basset Griffon Vendu00e9en","value":"Grand Basset Griffon Vendu00e9en","label":"Great Dane","value":"Great Dane","label":"Great Pyrenees","value":"Great Pyrenees","label": Label="Hamiltonstovare" and its value would be "Hamiltonstovare," Label="Hanoverian Scenthound" and its value would be "Hanoverian Scenthound," Label="Harrier" and its value would be "Harrier," Label="Havanese" and its value would be "Havanese," Label="Hokkaido" and its value would be "Hokkaido," Label="Hovawart" and its value would be " Label = "Irish Red and White Setter" and Value = "Irish Red and White Setter"; Label = "Irish Setter" and Value = "Irish Setter"; Label = "Irish Terrier" and Value = "Irish Terrier"; Label = "Irish Water Spaniel" and Value = "Irish Water Spaniel"; Label = "Irish Wolfhound" and Value = "Italian Greyhound" and Value = "I Label = "Japanese Akitainu," Value = "Japanese Akitainu," Label = "Japanese Chin," Value = "Japanese Chin," Label = "Japanese Spitz," Value = "Japanese Spitz," Label = "Japanese Terrier," Value = "Japanese Terrier," Label = "Jindo," Value = "Jindo," Label = "Kai Ken," Value = " Label = "Kerry Blue Terrier" = "value" = "Kerry Blue Terrier" Label = "Kishu Ken" = "value" = "Kishu Ken" Label = "Komondor" = "value" = "Komondor" Label = "Kromfohrlander" = "value" = "Kromfohrlander" Label = "Kuvasz" = "value" = "Kuvasz" Label = "Labrador Retriever" = value="Lakeland Terrier"; label="Lancashire Heeler"; value="Lancashire Heeler"; label="Lapponian Herder"; value="Lapponian Herder"; label="Leonberger"; value="Leonberger"; label="Lhasa Apso"; value="Lhasa Apso"; label="Lowchen"; label="Maltese" The following pairs of labels and values are valid: "label":"Manchester Terrier (Toy)","value":"Manchester Terrier","label":"Mastiff","value":"Mastiff","label":"Miniature American Shepherd","value":"Miniature American Shepherd","label":"Miniature Bull Terrier","value":"Miniature Bull Terrier","label "label":"Mudi","value":"Mudi","label":"Neapolitan Mastiff","value":"Neapolitan Mastiff","label":"Nederlandse Kooikerhondje","value":"Nederlandse Kooikerhondje","label":"Newfoundland","value":"Norfolk Terrier","label": label="Norwegian Elkhound,"value="Norwegian Elkhound,"label="Norwegian Lundehund,"value="Norwegian Lundehund,"label="Norwich Terrier,"value="Norwich Terrier,"label="Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever,"value="Old English Sheepdog,"label="Norwegian Buhund,"value="Norwegian Buhund,"label="Nor value="Otterhound," "label":"Papillon," "value":"Papillon," "label":"Parson Russell Terrier," "value":"Parson Russell Terrier," "label":"Pekingese," "value":"Pekingese," "label":"Pembroke Welsh Corgi," "value":"Perro de Presa Canario," "value":"Perro de Presa Label="Petit Basset Griffon Vendu00e9en," Value="Petit Basset Griffon Vendu00e9en," Label="Pharaoh Hound," Value="Pharaoh Hound," Label="Plott Hound," Value="Plott Hound," Label="Pointer," Value="Pointer," Label="Polish Lowland Sheepdog," Label="Pointer," Value="Polish Lowland Sheepdog," Label="label Label = "Poodle (Standard)", "value = "Poodle", "label = "Poodle (Toy)", "value = "Poodle", "label = "Porcelaine", "value = "Porcelaine", "label = "Portuguese Podengo", "value = "Portuguese Podengo", "label = "Portuguese Podengo Pequeno", "label = "Portuguese Pointer", "value label="Portuguese Water Dog,"value="Portuguese Water Dog,"label="Pudelpointer,"value="Pudelpointer,"label="Pug,"value="Pug,"label="Puli,"value="Puli,"label="Pumi,"value="Pumi,"label="Pyrenean Mastiff,"value="Pyrenean Mastiff,"label="Py","value="Py","label":" There are many different types of Rat Terriers, including the "label":"Rat Terrier" and "value":"Rat Terrier, "label":"Redbone Coonhound" and "value":"Redbone Coonhound," "label":"Rhodesian Ridgeback" and "value":"Rhodesian Ridgeback," "label":"Romanian Carpathian Shepherd" and "value":"Romanian Carpat Value: "Russell Terrier," Label: "Russian Toy," Value: "Russian Toy," Label: "Russian Tsvetnaya Bolonka," Value: "Russian Tsvetnaya Bolonka," Label: "Saint Bernard," Value: "Saint Bernard," Label: "Saluki," Value: "Saluki," Label: "Samoyed," Value: "Schapendoe," Value: "Schapendo label="Scottish Terrier,"value="Scottish Terrier,"label="Sealyham Terrier,"value="Sealyham Terrier,"label="Segugio Italiano,"value="Segugio Italiano,"label="Shetland Sheepdog,"value="Shetland Sheepdog,"label="Shiba Inu,"value="Shiba Inu,"value="Shiba Inu,"value="Shiba label="Siberian Husky,"value="Siberian Husky,"label="Silky Terrier,"value="Silky Terrier,"label="Skye Terrier,"value="Skye Terrier,"label="Sloughi,"value="Sloughi,"label="Slovakian Wirehaired Pointer,"value="Slovakian Wirehaired Pointer,"label="Slovensky Cuvac,"value="Slovensky Cu Label = "Small Munsterlander" and Value = "Small Munsterlander" and "label" = "Smooth Fox Terrier" and "value" = "Smooth Fox Terrier" and "label" = "Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier" and "value" = "Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier" and "label" = "Spanish Mastiff" and "value" = "Spanish Mastiff" and "label" = "Spanish Water Dog label="Staffordshire Bull Terrier,"value="Staffordshire Bull Terrier,"label="Standard Schnauzer,"value="Standard Schnauzer,"label="Sussex Spaniel,"value="Sussex Spaniel,"label="Swedish Lapphund,"value="Swedish Lapphund,"label="Swedish Vallhund,"value="Swedish Vallhund,"value="S "label":"Thai Ridgeback","value":"Thai Ridgeback","label":"Tibetan Mastiff","value":"Tibetan Mastiff","label":"Tibetan Spaniel","value":"Tibetan Spaniel","label":"Tibetan Terrier","value":"Tornjak","label":"Tibe For example, you could have the following pairs of labels and values: "label":"Transylvanian Hound","value":"Transylvanian Hound","label":"Treeing Tennessee Brindle","value":"Treeing Tennessee Brindle","label":"Treeing Walker Coonhound","value":"Treeing Walker Coonhound","label":"Vizsla","value "label":"Welsh Springer Spaniel","value":"Welsh Springer Spaniel","label":"Welsh Terrier","value":"Welsh Terrier","label":"West Highland White Terrier","value":"West Highland White Terrier","label":"Wetterhoun","value":"Wetterhoun","label":"Whippet","value":"Whippet" For example, ["label":"Wirehaired Vizsla","value":"Wirehaired Vizsla","label":"Working Kelpie","value":"Working Kelpie","label":"Xoloitzcuintli","value":"Xoloitzcuintli","label":"Yakutian Laika","value":"Yakutian Laika"," akc org\/wp-admin\/admin-ajax php","pupdateSource":"site-sidebar"> > >

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