How to Take Your Cat on Vacation: Advice for a Road Trip!

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When we got Fish, our first cat, we knew we wanted to take him with us everywhere. So Fish has been accompanying us on our journeys from the very beginning. We've picked up a lot of useful information, and we'd be happy to pass it along to you if you're planning a trip with your cats.

Bringing Your Cat on a Plane

Most importantly, prepare ahead of time if you're taking cats on a trip. We rarely plan out our trips in minute detail, so don't worry about doing the same. However, you'll have the most success if you already have plans for your lodgings and activities.

Tips and Trick for Road Tripping With Cats |

Location Selection Preparation

We have five primary choices for overnight accommodations: car camping, tenting, trailering, lodging in hotels or houses for rent. As with any kind of road trip, taking cats along for the ride presents its own unique set of challenges and rewards.

Keep in mind that if you intend to camp out or sleep in your car, you will be restricted to cat-related activities. While driving, we frequently stay in hotels for one or two nights. Now we can leave the cats in peace while we go to the mall, a restaurant, or the movies.


However, there are some unique difficulties associated with hotel stays that involve cats. It can be challenging to locate lodgings that are cat-friendly in some locations. Unfortunately, it's not uncommon to encounter additional pet fees when you do. Some accommodations have strict policies against leaving pets alone in guest rooms. Before making a reservation, check to see if pets are allowed.

Click here for more information: Guests with cats are welcome at nine different hotel chains.

Towing a small travel trailer as you explore the world is another viable option. Our cats love riding in it, but it's a pain to maneuver in urban areas. It will soon feel like home once we get settled in. To top it all off, cat-friendly campgrounds are simple to locate, and most of them don't even charge extra for pets.


Cars that Offer the Utmost in Relaxation and Protection

The best way to transport your cat is in a carrier that has been crash tested and is locked. Leaving your cat unprepared could cause it unnecessary stress. The right pet carrier can even serve as a temporary bed for your feline friend on long trips.

Sleepypod Mobile Bed with PPRS Handilock Sleepypod Website is responsible for the image used.

Fish and Chips have been coming along for the ride with us ever since they were tiny kittens, so they're used to the car. Chips, however, suffers from motion sickness when traveling along curvy roads. Because of this, we've found that bringing his bed up to the level of the windows has been beneficial.

To be extra safe, we always cover our belongings with a blanket that can be easily washed if we end up sleeping in the car. In the event that Chips gets car sick or they get something nasty on their paws, you can simply wipe it off.  


Ensure You Have the Proper Equipment by

Taking your cats on a road trip requires some extra preparation. We have a portable litter box, litter scoop, and scented trash bags that we keep in the car. If you frequently travel with your cats, it may be more convenient to keep a litter box in your vehicle.

It's also important to have pet wipes. It's possible to use baby wipes, but the scent bothers me, so we always buy pet wipes instead. They smell like coconuts and are incredibly soft. They're fantastic for mopping up any and all spills.

When the urge to go on an adventure arises, we can quickly pack Fish and Chip into their cat travel bag and hit the road. Our kit includes foldable water and food bowls, extra leashes, cat coats, wipes, treats, and dehydrated food.

Also, if you'll be gone for more than a few days, nail clippers are a welcome addition. When we go on hikes, we don't have to worry about our cats' sharp claws digging into our shoulders because we keep their nails trimmed.

Last but not least, pack a copy of your cat's immunization records. The vaccination records of your cat must be presented whenever he visits a veterinarian or stays in a daycare or boarding facility.


Know When to Stop Pushing Your Cat

It's important to know your cat's limits before taking them on a road trip. We've been on the road with Fish and Chips for so long that they treat the car like it's their own.

If your cat's only experience in a car has been a trip to the vet, you'll need to do some prep work before taking it on the road.

The first step is to get your cat used to walking with a harness and leash. Then, begin making quick trips to exciting destinations like the park via car. Until your cat is completely at ease traveling any distance at all, you should gradually increase the duration of your trips. Lastly, try out sleeping in a tent or the car. Staying calm and patient with your cat as he adjusts to these new routines will prevent many sleepless nights on the road.

GO FURTHER How to Pick the Perfect Cat Harness


Try to Maintain a Constantly Low Temperature

Finally, remember that a hot car is no place for a cat. For this reason, preparatory work is crucial. Your cat will need a pet sitter or kitty daycare if you have plans that don't allow him to come along.

Even going to the store requires avoiding the cats. When it's warmer during the day, we leave the cats in the car and go run errands at night, or vice versa.

GO FURTHER Road Trip with Your Pet: A Step-by-Step Guide


Sacrifices must be made when traveling with cats. In any case, we have a lot more fun and feel closer to one another as a result.

With any luck, this piece will equip you to take your cat on road trips with equal zeal.

Original publication date: February 4, 2020

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