How to Fold a Suit Jacket in Three Easy Steps

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Do you fellas know how to properly fold a suit jacket? Suits are among the most troublesome garments to pack and transport.

There are two major issues that are solved by a good wool jacket at the same time: For starters, it's quite cumbersome Second, if a fold is pressed into the fabric, it may be permanently creased.

You can steam or iron them out in the future, but it will be more work and may shorten the life of the jacket. This is an issue that needs to be addressed immediately.

Happily, we have three that you can choose from View them down here:

Traditionally, the first fold of a suit jacket is the shoulder tuck.

tucked shoulder suit jacket fold Folding a suitcase in this manner relieves stress on the seams and folds.

There is a large fold in the middle of the jacket for this one. That means it won't keep its shape quite as well as a good roll would.

However, a flat fold is sometimes the only way to pack a jacket into a suitcase, especially when space is extremely tight. As compared to others, this one is superior because it only has one fold that isn't along a seam.

Basically, you turn one shoulder inside out and tuck the other shoulder into it, seam to seam. The breast panels (with their linings turned outward) sandwich the sleeveless jacket between themselves in a vertical stack. After that, you fold it in half lengthwise from the bottom before storing it.

The jacket can be folded this way if it will be stored for a while and you prefer a flatter fold to a roll. With proper care, the center crease shouldn't settle and the lining shielding the outer fabric from damage, your jacket should last for years to come.

Besides the possibility of creasing at the single fold, the biggest drawbacks are the need for a clean, flat surface and the need to practice a few times before getting it right. It's possible to do while standing and holding the jacket, but it's tricky.

Fold #2 for a suit jacket: the shirt fold

suit jacket shirt style fold Perfect for those times when you need to fold something quickly but still stay on the go

In a pinch, a man can simply fold his jacket in half like a dress shirt and be on his way.

When worn, the sleeves are tucked behind the back, the shoulders overlap in the middle, and the garment is folded in half from the bottom, with the hem tucked up under the collar. The squared off silhouette is the result of the lapels and collar being placed directly on top.

The final product is roughly the same size as Option 2, but it is thicker in the middle and less even all the way around.

The major issue here is that the jacket is being folded multiple times, both vertically and horizontally. Especially at the points where the folds intersect, that's a great way to make creases.

In that case, why bring it up at all Compared to the other two folds, it takes much less time to put together, and you don't even need a flat surface! Putting on a jacket is as easy as tucking the collar under your chin and folding it three times.

This is fine if you're only planning on storing the jacket temporarily on top of a case. If you need to transport it for a longer distance or if it will be subject to pressure, you're better off using one of the alternative methods.

Three Ways to Fold a Suit Jacket: The Roll

suit jacket roll Are you looking for the most effective wrinkle protection? Be a roller, not a flop

It's one of my favorites.

Getting the jacket into the fewest possible folds is as simple as not folding it at all.

Tucking and layering ingeniously is still required. The entire jacket, however, can be rolled up into a snug fabric tube (much like a blanket or sleeping pad).

The main benefit is that a rolled jacket is never folded across the fabric if it is done correctly. The jacket's wide front and back panels are bent gently into a curve rather than being pressed flat into a corner, and most of the movement occurs in these areas where the shoulders and sleeves are designed to move.

If your suitcase is particularly deep, you can even tuck a shirt or two into the roll. If you try to stuff too much in, the roll won't stay in place and your jacket will get wrinkled.

The most significant drawback of a roll is the additional horizontal and vertical space it necessitates in comparison to a flat fold. It may take a few tries before you get it perfect and there are no wrinkles.

Keep in mind that you will need to make some additional attempts. A jacket with interior wrinkles is more likely to wrinkle further in storage.

How to Conveniently Bring Your Suit Jacket With You Anywhere

You can reduce the wear and tear on your jackets by following one of these guidelines when folding and storing them.

  • To begin, don't fold the jacket. Wear at least one of your jackets on the plane if you're flying. You won't have to worry about packing it at all, save for maybe a couple of hours in the plane's overhead.
  • Pack the jacket on a hanger inside a long garment bag. You can take these on airplanes or in cars, but they don't hold very much.
  • In the event that folding is unavoidable, do so as little as possible and always along the seams. When folding a piece of fabric, the fewer times you have to do so across a flat surface, the better.
  • Put the inside of the jacket face out whenever possible. If the inside of the jacket gets dirty or torn while being shipped, no one will ever know. While external damage can render the jacket useless or necessitate emergency maintenance

It does nothing to reduce bulk (though we'll soon be demonstrating some clever folds that can help). It doesn't matter how the jacket travels, but being gentle with it from the start will ensure that it arrives at its destination wrinkle-free and ready to be worn.

Step Two...

How to fold a suit jacket is just the beginning. Read on for my tips on folding and stowing your luggage with ease for travel or storage.

Remember that having access to such helpful information is only half the battle; you must also TAKE ACTION.

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