How Much a Trip to Hawaii Will Cost You and When it Is Most Economical to Go to Hawaii

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A weeklong trip to Hawaii will set you back an average of $2,023 for a solo traveler, $2,986 for a couple, and $4,371 for a family of four. Costs for a room in a hotel in Hawaii range from to $433, with an average of $177, while the cost of renting a home for a week or more will run you anywhere from $270 and 0. Costs range from 8 to $1,580 for economy seats and $3,040 to $4,961 for first class on average round-trip from any airport in the world to Hawaii. Costs for transportation and eating out at local restaurants are estimated to run between and $150 per day per person.

Vacation prices at various levels of luxury and affordability are detailed below. More specific flight pricing based on your departure airport is available by searching for fares.

When to Go to Hawaii to Save the Most Money

These are, on the whole, the least expensive times to fly to Hawaii and stay at a hotel there.

  • Between January 8 and March 4
  • Between August 13 and December 9 (with the exception of the week of November 19),

Early September is typically the least expensive time to visit Hawaii.

What Most Visitors Spend in Hawaii

A weeklong trip to Hawaii for one person averages $1,783-$3,849 (From $255 to $550 Daily)

Daily expenses for one person range from to $150 depending on location.

Cost of economy airfare ranges from $545 to $1,347.

Expenses related to sleeping: a single night at a 2- or 3-star hotel will cost you $120 - $169.

Approximately $198 - $242 per night for a studio or 1-bedroom apartment.

To spend a week in Hawaii at the national average cost for a couple is $2,845-,246 Average Daily Cost: $406 - 2

Budget between $148 and $300 daily for the two of you to cover food, transportation, and sightseeing.

Economy airfare costs between $1,089 and $2,694.

Lodging: Two- or Three-Star Hotel, $120 - $169 Per Night

or between $198 and $242 per night for a studio or similar sized vacation rental

Typical expenditures for a weeklong vacation in Hawaii for a family of four are $5,691-$11,772 Costing between 3 and $1,682 daily

The average cost of maintaining a group of four, including meals, transportation, and attractions, is between $296 and 0 per day.

The cost of an economy flight can range from $2,179 to $5,388.

Two 2- or 3-star hotel rooms cost between $240 and $339 per night.

Alternatively, a 2-bedroom rental can cost you anywhere from $298 to $364 per night.

Cost-Effective Hawaii Vacations

When planning a trip to Hawaii, how can you minimize costs? If you're willing to take standby flights and otherwise minimize your trip costs, you can visit Hawaii for as little as $185 per person, per day. Vacation rentals can be reserved for as little as $20 per night, and about 1% of all rentals are available for less than $100 per month. These low-cost accommodations are limited in availability, require early booking, and might not be located in the best neighborhoods. There are more options for inexpensive hotels with room rates starting at per night at the 1 star level.

If you live in the right place and have a car, you may be able to take trips for even less money. For more money-saving tips, research when it's best to fly.

If you're planning a trip to Hawaii for one week, you can get there for as little as $1,296-$2,950 daily costs between $185 and $421

Costs associated with a single day's worth of food, transportation, and entertainment average between $37 and .

Tickets for economy flights cost between $545 and $1,347.

Cost of a single night at a 2-star hotel: to

rental prices for a single-bedroom vacation home range between $151 and $182 per night.

Two people can spend a week in Hawaii at the cheapest rate of $2,092-$4,815 (Per day costs between $299.99 and 8.00)

Daily expenses for two, including food, transportation, and sightseeing, will run you between and $147.

Economy airfare can cost anywhere from $1,089 to $2,694.

Lodging: One-star hotels cost between and per night.

or between $151 and $182 per night for a studio or equivalent

For a trip for four to Hawaii that lasts a week, the cheapest possible total price is $4,192-,095 (between $599 and $1,299 daily)

Depending on how far you travel and what you want to see, a family of four can expect to spend between $147 and $293 per day on food, transportation, and entertainment.

Economy airfare prices range from $2,179 to $5,388.

Two 1-star hotel rooms can cost between $164 and $192 per night.

or $227-$276 per night for a 2-bedroom rental.

Overall, it's tough to find affordable flights to Hawaii.

The Price Tag of a High-End Vacation in Hawaii

We based our estimates on the activities most tourists partake in during their time in Hawaii, but there is no hard and fast rule limiting how much a luxury vacation can cost.

A weeklong trip to Hawaii can cost as much as $3,863-$14,748 (551 - 2 107 dollars daily)

Daily expenses for one person include $151 to $298 for food, transportation, and sightseeing.

First-class airfare costs between $1,360 and $3,308.

To stay in a 4 or 5 star hotel, expect to pay between $241 and $433 per night.

that's between 4.1 and 1,559.2 per night for a luxury vacation rental

For a couple, a week in Hawaii can cost as much as ,280-$20,135 Price per day ranges from 7 to $2,876.

For two people, daily expenses (including food, transportation, and sightseeing) average $302 to $595.

Expenses for first-class airfare range from $2,720 to ,616.

Cost of a single 4- or 5-star hotel room per night: $241 to $433

or 4.1-1.559.6 per night for a luxury rental.

A weeklong trip to Hawaii for four people can cost as much as $12,559-$35,512 (1,796 - 5,072 dollars daily)

Daily costs for four people, including food, transportation, and sightseeing, can cost anywhere from 4 and $1,190.

First-class airfare costs between $5,439 and $13,232.

Cost of two rooms at a upscale hotel ranges from $482 to 6 per night.

price range of $1,191-$2,325/night for a luxury vacation rental

Costs of Hotels in Hawaii

Compared to other states' capitals, Hawaii has a very pricey hotel industry. Hotels, on the whole, are cheaper than rental homes for vacations. Due to the high cost of real estate, Hawaii's high-end vacation rentals are more costly. The following charts illustrate how much money may change hands based on the desired activities.

The y axis represents the typical rate for a hotel of a given category. The x-axis depicts the hotel's star rating (from 1 to 5).

Hawaii hotel prices are averages and may not be reflective of the most recent price changes. Sometimes we have to use our best guess at the cost to you, and the hotels you want may not be available at the price point you're looking for.

On the y axis (which reads left to right) is the share of available vacation rentals that fall within that price range. The y axis represents time, and the x axis represents cost.

The Aloha State of Hawaii has a plethora of vacation rentals to choose from.

Costs of a Trip to Hawaii

The average cost of an international flight ranges from $1,580 in late December to 8 in early September. The typical cost of an airline ticket is 3. The costs are calculated using data from millions of flights. We have information on hundreds of departure airports and dozens of airlines serving Hawaii. There is a larger price range here than in other areas.

In most cases, Tuesday is the most cost-effective day to arrive, and Tuesday is the most cost-effective day to depart. To get information about how much flights from your airport cost, please click here. If you use our free flight guides and book in advance, you can easily save around 63% on a trip to Hawaii, where the price range from cheapest to most expensive week is about 2.

Planned Daily Spending

The cost of a day of vacation varies more according to the activities you plan to partake in. If you want to dine in style in Hawaii, expect to pay $551 or more per person, while a nice meal at a more affordable restaurant might only set you back $37. Depending on the itinerary, private tours can cost up to $1100 per day, while self-guided tours of the outdoors may cost nothing at all. Due to the wide range of prices, we can only make broad suggestions based on the averages and cost-of-living factors we've observed for trips of this type.

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