Here are 20 Summer Outfit Ideas to Inspire Your Trip

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Summer Travel Outfits

The opportunity to go on vacation is a major perk of summer. It's a wonderful time to travel, whether you're going to the sandy shores of Nantucket (one of my favorite vacation spots) or the cobbled alleys of London. You should pack some new clothes so that you can feel your best on vacation wherever you go. Plus, shopping for a new wardrobe is a fantastic method of self-indulgence.

In order to help you create your own unique vacation ensemble, I have compiled a list of 20 examples for you to peruse today. I really hope this is helpful for all you ladies as you plan your summer vacation wardrobe. So, without further ado, here's the rundown:

Packing List: 20 Summer Outfits

Outfit: classic wide-legged jeans and a striped navy shirt.

This is the perfect outfit for a weekend getaway. This one is great because it combines comfort and style, making it an excellent option for a flight or train journey (although I rarely take the train in Chicago, lol). But naturally, I'll be on a United flight. In addition, many of the ensembles here lean heavily toward the feminine, whereas this one is decidedly more neutral.  

Tibi Navy Cropped Culottes Summer Travel Outfits

Start with this classic yet refined pinstripe button-down shirt from Rag & Bone. White, wide-leg, high-waisted jeans will do wonders for your figure. Pair those black square sunglasses with this diamond bracelet by Monica Vinader and that spacious slouchy tote (it will come in handy on the plane).

Get your hands on a pair of authentic Veja leather sneakers now. Put these on and you'll be ready for a long day at the airport!  

Dress in neutral tones and floral prints for a midday event

Wearing dresses while on vacation has many advantages. They are light and airy, look great on almost everyone, and are simple to put together. The white ruffled A-line dress features a navy floral print that is both striking and glamorous. Very adorable and adaptable, it can be worn to both a laid-back outing and a fancy brunch while on vacation.  

Ann Taylor New Arrivals

This dress is so striking on its own, so I recommend keeping your accessories simple. Instead of drawing attention away from your dress, your accessories should serve to enhance it. Get a raffia crossbody, some gold hoops (or these rattan earrings), and a neutral leather purse. This set, which consists of pieces that perfectly complement one another, is perfect for a glamorous beach getaway.

A sweater and a peacoat made of wool

It's important to remember that you won't always be basking in sunshine and ocean breezes. One of your vacation goals could be to go somewhere cold. Cooler weather is on the way in August even in warmer climates like Nantucket and San Francisco, so you may want to bring along some warmer layers.

Wool is versatile and therefore ideal for the transitional periods between summer and fall. It's insulating, moisture-resistant, and completely covers your skin. Totally dig that

Sail to Sable Navy Stripe Sweater Summer Travel Outfits

The marled funnel-neck wool blend sweater in blush and the distressed blue jeans (which are cheap) are all you need to complete this look. This navy wool peacoat is perfect for when the long sleeves aren't quite enough. Bold gold and crystal accessories will stand out against the supple fabrics.

In addition, this custom necklace and the Kennedy rings are two of my favorites. Gorgeous

Outfit: a hat and a dress with a gingham bow

From my own Sail to Sable collection, here's another dress that couldn't be easier to accessorize. These dresses are so cute, and they make you feel carefree and joyful no matter where you go. This feminine outfit is elevated by the addition of an origami sun hat with UPF 50 protection and crocheted wedges. Plus, don't leave home without your Gucci handbag.

Dressed in this timeless ensemble, you'll exude elegance, beauty, and youthful fun.  🙂

Dress, Boots, and a Woven Bag, All in Black

A fierce and sultry outfit is essential for vacationers who plan to spend the night out on the town. That describes this outfit perfectly. It's time to show off your curves in this rib-knit dress.  

The flared sleeves and rounded neckline will draw attention to your curves, while the dark color and luxurious fabric will help to slim your frame. Complete your evening ensemble with a pair of sleek black boots and this eye-catching geometric woven tote.

A formless pink dress and matching sandals

Incredibly cute and comfortable, this little white dress is a must-have. It's a great option for those who want to disguise their curves or add some heft to a lean frame. That pretty much covers everyone, right? If pink isn't your thing, you can choose from seven other colors when purchasing this dress.

Jennifer Lake Nantucket Pink Lace Dress Summer Travel Outfits

If you go with a bold hue, balance it out with complementary accents. These raffia lantern earrings and AJ Morgan shades are a major style upgrade. Grab these sandals made of matching leather right now! They have no heel, so they will elongate your legs, and they look great with your voluminous dress. Your equilibrium and style will be impeccable.

Floral-print miniskirt and cable-knit top

The Style Charade has never looked better than in this outfit. Vivid hues Full of varied textures And unmatched in any way This apple green cable knit crop top and this voluminous floral slip skirt are a great place to start. When paired with a solid top, I adore colorful maxi skirts.

Intriguingly endearing! J Crew also has a floral bucket hat to complement the outfit and draw attention to the wearer. It's okay to keep adding green blocks as decoration.   

Wearing a floral-print chiffon top and faux leather pants

Modern and edgy best describe this Asian-inspired style. It's perfect vacation streetwear. Put on this floral sheer blouse in a mustard hue; it has a gathered neckline, balloon sleeves, and a slimming balloon silhouette.

Wear leather pants (or black jeans if that's not your style) to complement the top. This burnt red or sun yellow expandable tote is the perfect accessory. It serves its purpose and looks good doing it.

Symbolic Bathing Suit, High-Waisted White Shorts

One Shoulder Bow Swimsuit

This swimsuit is FABULOUS. Its large, detachable bow makes it both a fashionable top and a practical swimwear option. (You need to include this in your suitcase. This is my favorite of the color schemes available, though there are others.

You might need a piece of clothing like this if your day begins on the boardwalk and ends with a trip to the beach. To get ready for the beach, all you need is your swimsuit, some faded white shorts, and this Tory Burch basket bag.  

A white t-shirt and a denim jacket

Evereve Review

Any fashionable people out there? Here's another muted, functional outfit idea. An outfit like this is ideal for a day filled with sightseeing and exploring. Putting on this oatmeal strong shoulder tank is the first step toward a more flattering hourglass shape. Then, throw on a denim jacket and some white cropped jeans to lighten things up. Pair it with heels if you're not going to be doing a lot of walking, or your favorite sneakers.  

Wedges and a romper with a tie waist

One of the best things about rompers is how easily they can be used to create a chic all-black ensemble. You'll stay cool and cozy in this romper made from a linen blend. More so, the tie belt will help draw attention to your waist. Use red and white accessories to accentuate the blue. (The two are) a timeless pair.  

These faded-red canvas wedges are just what you need to give your behind a boost. Accessorizing your busy romper with white beaded drop statement earrings and a pair of chic white sunglasses will help tone down the print. This romper doubles as a coverup for your favorite swimsuit!  

Straw and gold accented shirt dress

You can't have a summer wardrobe without this timeless shirt dress. There are countless ways to fashion it. You can wear it with or without buttons, adjust the length of the sleeves, and accessorize with a belt [link waist belt article when live]. It's top-notch.  

Grab this shirtdress with a collar and dress it up with some gold beach accessories. These caraway studs mimic ruffled straw in appearance. They're super stylish and interesting to look at, and they go perfectly with my palm leaf tote. For shoes These glittering sandals are sure to keep you in style.  

Dress with Tiered Gingham Pattern and Textured Accents

Mix and match different fabrics to create a sumptuous ensemble. It's up to you if you want to use cheap accessories or high-end ones. I began with a dress that has GREAT body and is a gingham print with grosgrain trim.

I wore leather slides, a woven bag, an enamel cuff, and gold bird cage earrings to add texture to my outfit. Countless Surfaces MANY THINGS TO ADORE  

Dress of Flowers that Drapes to the Floor

Christopher John Rogers Orange Floral

And my long floral dress is so chic and appropriate for your getaway. This print would look great on some flashy accessories. With this wild Qajar Rose Eos clutch and these Vanilla raffia heels, you will steal the show in this dress. It's daring, but any of you ladies could pull it off.  

White V-neck top and a colorful bucket hat.

I enjoy the matching look every once in a while. It's simple to put together and fits right in with the current fashion scene. Building a foundation is the first step. Defining your figure and drawing attention away from any less interesting parts of your ensemble is this white cotton v-neck top with tassels. In addition, this smocked skirt is the epitome of summertime style. Add these caramel kitten-heel sandals to the mix, and you have yourself a sweet and romantic beach getup.  

Sicily Pants and a Bikini Top

You've probably heard me rave about Rifle Paper Co. I really admire how they take those incredible prints and apply them to a wide variety of fabrics. The process of finding the right clothes or furnishing the right space is simplified.  

Put together this look with the matching bikini top and bottom and the matching wide-leg pants with floral patterns. If you take off your pants, you'll look like a model while wearing them, and then you can jump right into the water. Don't forget the coordinating towel, either. Does anyone disagree that Rifle Paper Co. is the greatest?

Dress with Passiflora Print and Fringed Wallet

While on the road, you may find yourself in need of something a little more formal, be it for a formal dinner or an upscale event. This asymmetrical No Pise La Grama passiflora dress is just what you need to pull off that formal look. This Palm Springs print and color scheme is ideal for a chic and beachy vacation look. You can finish off your evening ensemble with this fringe clutch and these pleated mules.  

Shirt, Poplin Skirt, and a Woven Headband

I feel like a Disney princess in this outfit, and I want to run through a field laughing and singing. There are touches of both modern style and retro inspiration. A must-have for any vacation This quilted poplin skirt and seafoam pinstripe bodysuit are a match made in heaven.  

Add this origami straw hat and these strappy stilettos, both in a similar green hue, to complete the look. Use this neutral purse to offset all the hues. Aside from the pricey skirt, this is lovely and reasonably priced.   

Striped dress and wedges to coordinate

Blue Stripe Halter Dress Summer Travel Outfits

Another great find for those of you who like things to match One-color or one-print pieces are the simplest to pair together. Take this midi dress in a stripe pattern of tide blue and white, and pair it with these heels for a chic ensemble. Then, finish off your outfit with some timeless pieces, like white sunglasses and a wicker bag. There is no further discussion needed. How easy

Combination of an asymmetrical one-piece swimsuit and a sarong

Due to the warm weather and laid-back nature of a vacation, swimming attire is perfectly acceptable for public consumption. Let’s fashion some garments from them, then, right? This glitzy, asymmetrical one-piece could easily pass for a high-end blouse in my opinion, and I adore it.  

Make it a full ensemble by adding this green flower sarong. When you're not in the water, it keeps you dry and looking good, but it quickly sheds for a dip in the sea. Don't leave the house without these chic sandals.

Styles in the summer should be daring, stunning, and easy.

What, out of these twenty amazing options, will you pack for your next summer vacation? Please share your travel plans and preferred travel aesthetic in the comments below. I'm excited to hear about your adventures and see your fashionable outfits.  

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