Here Are This Summer's 27 Most Affordable Vacation Destinations

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Now that more and more Americans are getting shots, they're hitting the road in massive groups. Hotel searches on the travel app are up a whopping 130% since the beginning of 2021, and AAA predicts that this Fourth of July could have the second highest travel volume of all time. However, since high demand results in high prices, low-cost travel and low-cost flights are no longer an option, and there aren't many travel deals available right now.

There are too many people selling too many products in America. In the words of Jack Ezon, founder and managing partner of Embark, a luxury lifestyle and travel planning company, "people are paying five to ten times the price of a vacation for a compromised experience." In remote areas like Montana and Wyoming, rental cars can cost more than hotel rooms. Normally $400/night rooms are now selling for $2,000/night, with only half the staff present to provide the necessary level of service. ”

Hopper predicts that hotel prices will continue to rise, so the company has introduced a new feature called Price Freeze for Hotels, which allows customers to lock in a rate for as long as 60 days in advance. According to Anwesha Bhattacharjee, the head of hotel fintech for Hopper, "we're expecting prices to continue to rise into the summer months on the back of both seasonal demand and growing domestic leisure travel demand." Lock in low hotel rates with Hopp's Price Freeze before they increase with summertime demand. ” 

Where should you go this summer for the lowest possible price tag, and where is it currently the cheapest to travel? Professionals from Hopper and Embark have compiled a list of the most cost-effective locations in the United States to visit this summer. S ...European destinations that come with a pleasant price tag

Current travel costs are prohibitive. Where to go to cut costs? We have some suggestions.


Looking for cheap U.S. travel? S Florida beaches are at the top of Hopper's list for most affordable domestic destinations this summer. This is due to "low cost [airline] carriers increasing service and adding routes to leisure destinations," as Bhattacharjee puts it. The Sunshine State is still the best option, even after factoring in the price of lodging. When considering both hotel and flight costs, Bhattacharjee claims that Florida is once again the most cost-effective option.

According to Hopper's research into the most cost-effective U.S. vacation spots, Orlando and Ft. Second-ranked Fort Myers, third-ranked Tampa Due to average hotel room prices being less than $115 per night, Houston and Dallas also make the top 10. The ten least expensive U.S. cities are listed below. S

The most affordable U.S. vacation destination is Orlando, Florida. S The summer of this year

  1. Florida's Orlando
  2. Ft The city of Fort Myers, Florida
  3. Florida's Tampa Bay Area
  4. Metropolis of Detroit, Michigan
  5. Ft Specifically, the city of Fort Lauderdale in Florida
  6. Specifically, it is located in Atlanta, Georgia.
  7. Texas; Houston
  8. Located in Ohio's Cincinnati
  9. The Windy City, Chicago
  10. A city in Texas called Dallas.

North America is the cheapest continent to visit.

Need to get away? According to Hopper, it is most cost-effective to fly internationally from the United States. S to the rest of North America, including Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, and Canada As Bhattacharjee puts it, "longer haul flights trans-Atlantic or trans-Pacific incur higher jet fuel costs." The fact that all the cheapest international destinations this summer are on this side of the pond does not come as a surprise to us." ”

According to Hopper, if you're only looking at airfare, flying to San Juan, Puerto Rico, this summer will cost you the least. T. in the USA S Those islands known as the Virgins The average price of a plane ticket to the cheapest international destinations has dropped by 11% since the height of their price in the summer of 2019. When hotel costs are factored in, however, the picture changes. The following cities have been ranked highest by Hopper as the most affordable international summer 2021 vacation spots. Keep in mind that it's possible that the United States is currently restricted from accessing some of these locations. S Those of you who are travelers, but the rules keep shifting

Just outside of San Salvador is El Tunco Beach.

  1. City of San Salvador, El Salvador
  2. Location: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
  3. Cities in Colombia; Medellin
  4. City of Cali, Colombia
  5. The Capital City of Colombia: Bogota
  6. City of San Jose, in Costa Rica
  7. The Canadian city of Toronto
  8. Located in the Canadian city of Calgary
  9. Metropolitan Area of Guatemala City, Guatemala
  10. Capital of Mexico, Mexico City

Europe is the most cost-effective place to visit.

Passengers on Embark are rethinking their requests to travel within the United States as Europe opens up, or they are booking trips outside of the country altogether. S or reroute their summer vacation plans from the United States to Europe. Embark CEO Jack Ezon claims that 22 percent of the company's June, July, and August U. S It is possible to save 20%-50% by changing or rebooking your European vacation. They are also experiencing increased value and a superior end product in Europe. According to Ezon, "a number that increases every day as entry requirements ease or become lucid" means that more and more people are choosing to travel to Europe this summer.

In no particular order, here are Ezon's top recommendations for Europe's best value travel destinations.  

Looking for ways to cut costs on your summer vacation? Take Italy's Dolomites, for example. Lake of Como is shown here. [ ] Carezza

  • The Dolomites in Italy are a beautiful and surprisingly affordable alternative to the more popular U. S places to stay in the mountains For example, Ezon says, "I just got back from the Dolomites, where I took my 13-year-old, Steven, on an epic father-son experience." "We had more options for fun than we knew what to do with, including some spectacular hiking experiences that would have cost us a fortune in the United States." In Jackson Hole, where Ezon claims to have looked, the going rate for a suite at a high-end hotel is over $2,000 per night (if you can even find a room). He was able to get a junior suite at the Rosa Alpina, an Aman resort, for a third of that price, and that included breakfast and a spa treatment. Which is better, the food or the company? The vast majority of U.S. S have meager provisions Norbert Niederkofler, a three-star Michelin chef, prepared a picnic for us in the mountains. ”
  • As Ezon puts it, "Prices have come back down to humble earth and geothermal experiences rivaling Yellowstone."
  • The Amalfi Coast in Italy is a beautiful alternative to the California coastline for a beach vacation. According to Ezon, "everyone still has space," and for the same price as a junior suite at the Montage Laguna Beach, "you can get a suite at the amazing new Borgo Santandrea (or the classic Hotel Santa Caterina)."
  • Skip the Hamptons and make a beeline for the Tuscan coastal town of Forte dei Marmi. According to Ezon, "the cost of a small standard room at Gurney's in the Hamptons is comparable to the cost of a junior suite at the beachfront Hotel Byron."
  • Do not waste your time in Miami, but rather visit the original Riviera, which is located in France. Says Ezon, "Even Hotel du Cap is cheaper than peak nights at the Faena Hotel."
  • According to Ezon, Santorini, Greece "rivals Big Sur with its spellbinding vistas and fabulous Greek cuisine."
  • The Douro Valley in Portugal is a hidden gem that can hold its own against Napa Valley. A place to stay that was Ezon's personal recommendation Located in the hills above the surrounding countryside is Six Senses Douro Valley.


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