For a Sweet End to Your Summer Picnic, Try One of These Forty Recipes

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Mix in marshmallow fluff, chocolate, graham cracker crumbs, and more for a treat that tastes like summer, any time of year. Stephanie Tewell, Elizabeth, IL

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Hand Held Apple Pies Exps152990 Uh142930c03 27 2b Rms 25
Every year during high school, my best friend's mother would bake a version of this mini apple pie recipe. I felt like a real grown-up when she gave it to me, and it made me very happy. Katie Ferrier from Houston, TX

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Exps13766 Fb143426d05 08 2b Web 8
These chocolate-filled cookies are sure to be a hit with any chocolate fan. I know exactly what recipe people are referring to when they tell me to make "those cookies." Spring Branch, Texas's Rebecca Jendry

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An Atmosphere Redolent with the Flavors of Home
You'll win over the neighbors if you whip up a batch of these fudge-like treats. Intensely juicy and luscious The combination of chocolate and nuts in the topping is very appealing. Eugene, Oregon's Frank Bee

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Lemon Coconut Squares Exps Bdsmz17 7984 B03 03 3b 7
This simple dessert's tangy lemon flavor is perfect for a hot summer evening. I'm transported back in time to when I was a little girl and would sell lemonade from a paper bag on the sidewalk, and it brings back such happy memories Elmira, New York's Donna Biddle

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Chocolate Fudge Brownies Exps Tohcom21 2052 B05 12 14b 4
After school, I'd bake a batch of fudge brownies, and my kids would go crazy for them. Forget the frosting; these brownies are sweet enough on their own. Palestinian, Illinois resident Hazel Fritchie

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Comfort Food
S'mores bars were a summertime staple at our family's summer cabin, thanks to my aunt. You can eat them plain or with frosting, and they're great for on-the-go snacking. Betsy King, from Duluth, Minnesota.

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Chocolate Chip Blondies Exps Cmz18 10578 B10 20 6b 48
Fans of the traditional cookie will find that these chocolate chip bars have the same delicious taste. For those times when you need a quick dessert or unexpected guests drop by, this blondie recipe is your best bet. Hecker, Illinois resident Rhonda Knight

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White Chocolate Macadamia Cookies Exps Hcbz22 11164 Dr 05 10 1b 6
These white chocolate macadamia nut cookies, made with butter, are a wonderful blend of the melted goodness of white chocolate and the flavorful crunch of Hawaiian nuts. Newport, Tennessee resident Cathy Lennon

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Lemon Blueberry Whoopie Pies Exps Thjj19 231973 E02 19 7b 7
These whoopie pies are filled with tangy cream cheese frosting and topped with soft, cakey cookies studded with tart, juicy blueberries. Every time I bring them to a gathering for my family or my children's school, they disappear right away. While making the batter and the frosting, make sure to scrape the sides of the bowl frequently. Kathy Martino from Pittsbugh, PA

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Peach Crumb Bar Exps Thjj17 187116 D02 09 7b 15
I had a bounty of gorgeous peaches, and I wanted to use them in a dessert. I began with my tried and true blueberry crumb bar recipe and was ecstatic with the end result after only two attempts. Everyone else who tried it in the office was, too. --Amy Burns, Newman (Illinois)

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Smell and feel like home
Fans of peanut butter will go bananas for these decadent sandwich cookies. Spread ice cream between two cookies instead of frosting on a warm day. It's a great way to chill out. Nappanee, Indiana's Keri Wolfe

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Nutella Hand Pies Exps Thca19 188252 E08 22 4b 4
These mini puff pastry hand pies filled with Nutella are too delicious to keep to yourself. —The editors of "Taste of Home"

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Coconut Lime And Pistachio Cookies Exps Thd18 225107 C07 26 2b 14
These cookies look like Christmas but have a summery flavor, making them ideal for the freezer. Pass Christian, Mississippi resident Barbara Crusan

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Comfort Food
To show my appreciation for my loved ones, I enjoy baking and giving them cookies. I made these cookies for my annual Christmas cookie platter, and they were a huge hit with both the kids and the adults. After incorporating all of the butter, if the buttercream still doesn't come together, add shortening, one tablespoon at a time, until the mixture begins to transform. (Saukville, WI) Julie Thomas

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Blueberry Lattice Bars Exps Hca18 19073 C05 19 6b 4
My two daughters and I are always on the lookout for delicious new blueberry recipes to enter in the local blueberry festival's annual cooking contest. Those beautiful bars took first place once. From: Debbie Ayers, Baileyville, Maine

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Exps19039 Th2847295b02 27 2b Web 7
This is a wonderful use for zucchini because it is lighter and fluffier than traditional zucchini breads. Missouri native Kevin Bruckerhoff summed up the sentiments of many when he said:

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Amish Sugar Cookies Exps Hcbz22 3935 P2 Md 04 15 5b 14
Quick and simple to bake, these traditional Amish sugar cookies are pure bliss. Many of my friends and family have benefited from this recipe that I've shared. My sister took the recipe I gave her and won first place at the county fair with the cookies. Sylvia Ford, from Kennett, Missouri

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Exps 183199 Rds143478d05 01 2b 3 3
To put it simply, everyone here is extremely occupied and time-poor. Rather than spending all day in the kitchen, I often come up with recipes that take only a few minutes to make but yield impressive results. One of my all-time favorite treats is this hybrid of chocolate and cookie bars. Averie Sunshine from sunny San Diego, California

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Yummy Cracker Snacks Exps Hcbz21 39576 B05 25 5b
These sweets are a crowd pleaser in my home. The problem is that no matter how many I make, they always go missing before their time. —D The Weaver family of Ephrata, Pennsylvania

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Toni S Tropical Biscotti Exps Cbz16 186247 D05 12 1b 5
My adoptive mother craved pistachio and dried papaya biscotti. Due to the fact that she is an excellent cook, I decided to try it. The outcome was mind-blowing. Bonnie Hauschild, Wellington, Florida

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Snickerdoodle Blondie Bars Exps Sddj18 167271 C08 01 5b 13
My son's football team requested a dessert, and I surprised them all by baking these deliciously unusual blondies. Coarsegold, California's Valonda Seward

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Lemon Zucchini Drops Exps Ucsbz17 11146 B05 05 3b 2
When we lived in the East, there was a fruit and vegetable market with a stand nearby that sold these cakey cookies. When we moved, we missed every meal, so I decided to make this dish from scratch. By Barbara Franklin, in Tucson, Arizona

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Maple Glazed Cinnamon Chip Bars Exps Fbmz18 154149 B05 11 6b 3
The holiday season comes to life in my kitchen when I bake these. The maple glaze gives the bars a touch of class, and the cinnamon chips give them an amazing flavor. Springfield, Missouri resident Lyndi Pilch

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Moist Pineapple Banana Bread Exps14978 Th Cw1973175d05 09 4b Rms 1
Banana bread is a favorite breakfast item in our house, and all four of our children enjoy eating slices of this moist, tropical-flavored bread. So that we can have just a taste, I sometimes bake it in mini loaf pans and then freeze the loaves. Mary Watkins, from Chaska, Minnesota

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Peanut Butter Pretzel Squares Exps Ucsbz17 166150 C05 17 3b 14
The key to these decadent no-bake treats Crusted pretzels They're a tasty addition to the traditional peanut butter and chocolate combination, providing a salty crunch. Virginia's Jennifer Beckman from Falls Church

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Traditional Flavors
So that everyone in my family could enjoy a delicious treat, I adapted the recipe for these blondies to be gluten free. These cake-like treats satisfied our craving for brownies one night. These gluten-free peanut butter chocolate chip cookies are delicious. Loudonville, New York's Becky Klope

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Domestic Flavors
A neighbor thought these butter cookies I made for a party were so pretty that she froze one to share with her friends. The preparation is also simple. Suze Ann Benham from Valparaiso, Indiana

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Nut Topped Strawberry Rhubarb Muffins Exps Sdam19 25515 E12 06 4b 3
These soft muffins are packed with rhubarb and strawberries, two of spring's most beloved fruits, and topped with a sweet, crispy topping. They go great with brunch or as a quick breakfast on the go. Audrey Stallsmith from Hadley, Pennsylvania

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Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies Exps Mrr16 33121 A09 01 01b 27
OBSESSED with chocolate chip cookies The heart-healthy oatmeal in this chocolate chip cookie recipe is abundant, and the cookie itself is soft and chewy. Everyone will want seconds, so make a huge batch of this dish. In case you're looking for an "oat choc chip cookies recipe," you've found the best one. From: Diane Neth, Menno, South Dakota

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Exps3227 5sd153598a11 12 1b 1
This is truly a national dish, as it combines the best of home cooking from all over the country. Awards of excellence have been given to it at state fairs and cookie competitions across the country. It's simple to prepare, so you can bring it to potlucks, bake sales, or use it as a snack. Californian Jill Moritz

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Orange Dreams Exps Hccbz19 11188 E03 28 6b 3
This recipe was given to me by a colleague teacher. Among the faculty, there are a number of talented chefs, and we all take turns providing refreshments for the lounge. These orange-flavored, moist, chewy cookies are always a hit. --Susan Warren, North Manchester, Indiana

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Exps15696 Tohsi01 23 1b 16
These fruity scones are a favorite of mine to bake for bridal and baby showers. Enjoy one without feeling too guilty because of how low in fat they are compared to traditional scones. Orange, California native Jacqueline Hendershot

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Comfort Food
A coworker brought these divine bars to a potluck, and she graciously shared the recipe with me. Our three adult children all agreed that these were delicious because they combine two of their favorite foods, chocolate chip cookies and cheesecake, into one satisfying treat. Jane Nolt from Narvon, PA

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My cookie is one of a kind due to its rich butterscotch and chocolate flavor. It goes great with either milk or coffee. This is the recipe I always turn to when I need a quick and satisfying meal. Norcross, Georgia native Allie Blinder summed up the sentiments of many.

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Angel Macaroons Exps Hccbz19 11140 E03 27 4b 11
An angel food cake mix is the foundation of these soft coconut cookies. Minnesotan Renee Schwebach from Dumont

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Authentic Flavor from Back Home
If you need a last-minute treat for a potluck or bake sale, here's one you can whip up in no time. Only ten minutes are needed to prepare them. The bright lemon flavor, satisfying crunch, and cheery yellow color are guaranteed to put a smile on your face. — Julia Livingston, Frostproof, Florida

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M M Pretzel Cookies Exps Cbz16 170575 B05 27 5b 1
These crunchy and sweet no-bake cookies are a hit with kids and adults alike. Those who prefer a sweeter snack can add more candy, while those who prefer a saltier snack can add more pretzels. Madison Allen, from Destrehan, Louisiana

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Exps3709 Hc153382c03 11 3b 5
Though diminutive in size, these tender muffins never fail to please when served at a brunch buffet, as a quick snack, or as part of a bread basket variety. Poppy seeds and lemon zest make these treats irresistible. Casper, Wyoming's Kathryn Anderson

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Exps6790 Mt163844c03 16 1b 13
These Strawberry Oatmeal Bars are one of a kind due to their fruit filling and coconut topping. They add the perfect touch of holiday cheer to my serving platters. Gage, Oklahoma's Flo Burtnett

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