Five Easy Steps to Packing a Minimalist Toiletry Kit

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Afraid there won't be enough room in your suitcase for your makeup, skincare, hair tools, etc. Learn how to make the most of confined spaces without compromising on hygiene with these suggestions for packing travel-size toiletries.

Finding the best travel size versions of your favorite toiletries and other beauty products is a major headache when packing for a trip.

As an employee of a cosmetics manufacturer, I understand how difficult it is to part with any component of your carefully curated beauty regimen. I'm here to make it easier for you to pack light for your upcoming trip without having to forego your usual skincare products.

There are a few reasons why it's essential to pack miniature versions of your toiletries whenever you travel.

In addition to being lightweight and easy to pack, these items are also cheap enough to restock as needed and don't break any rules for taking on a trip.

You must adhere to the "3-1-1 liquids rule" when flying.

Limiting liquids to 3 fluid ounces is a requirement of most airlines. oz When packing a carry-on, all liquids must be contained within a single clear quart-sized ziplock bag. You'll only be out a minor size if they get thrown out by security, and your trip won't be ruined.

The key to minimalism in packing is to bring only the essentials and to make your own toiletries. e a  Packing cubes for vacation which, with the help of, can be compressed into a carry-on bag compression cubes   


Use this free bathroom supplies list by downloading it here.

Get started by getting our complete toiletry packing list. It's at no cost to you. You can click here or download a blank template by clicking the button above.

You can save time packing thanks to the list's helpful categories. It contains all the items in each group and blanks for your own details.

This manual will teach you how to:

  • Enter the item's weight (less heavy items equal a lighter suitcase).
  • Take stock of what you have and what you still need.
  • Determine the best packing location for each item.

If you're looking for a free printable packing list that's not limited to just garments but also footwear and other accessories

If you're planning a trip, here are five things to keep in mind when packing toiletries:


Prim Primitive Too Faced Color | NARS

Goods with Multiple Functions

Combination items are a great way to save room and weight when packing travel toiletries.

Makeup brands like Too Faced Color Prim and NARS Multiple serve multiple purposes, and you can even find shampoos and conditioners that do double duty, as well as a foldable brush with a mirror built right into the handle.

Some of our favorite multitasking cosmetics are listed below.


Packages in Convenient Carry-On Dimensions

Compact Storage for Long Trips

Is it a concern that your toiletry and cosmetics will take up too much room in your carry-on? Empty containers of all sizes and shapes can be purchased from any pharmacy.

The most important thing to remember is that the 3 ounce "travel size" containers are not necessarily the best option.   Make sure you only bring what you need by bringing a variety of sized containers:


Portable, stackable container

Storage Containers

How I store all my toiletries in a tiny space Women who have a wide range of beauty products or a comprehensive skincare routine will benefit greatly from stackable containers.

  • How to Use: Face moisturizer, body moisturizer, and sunblock can be kept in separate stacks.
  • Use the stacks for long-lasting products like foundation, eye cream, and face moisturizer if you're going on a longer trip and plan on buying products along the way, or take only what you need if you're going away for the weekend.
  • Use the containers on your next trip, or bring them home and use them to organize your jewelry, craft supplies, or partially used products.


teeny cosmetic jars

Separate Containers

Concealer and foundation often come in small amounts, and I find that using individual pots is the best option. Since I don't require a large quantity, and since they typically come in a bulky glass bottle, decanting them helps me avoid unnecessary poundage.

In my experience, these are the most convenient portable storage options for modest amounts.

  • Use them to store individual items you want to carry in your purse, or for makeup and beauty products you won't need often. (A bunch won't fare well if you just toss them around in your purse or backpack. )
  • If Ever: Whenever You Need Them You can bring your toiletries for a weekend getaway or even longer if you don't plan on using them often.
  • Have you ever used a concealer pump that dispensed more product than you required at home? Don't throw away perfectly good goods. A small amount of the liquid or gel can be transferred to one of these containers for single-use.


Airsspu's Leakproof Set of Travel Bottles

Tubing of a Cylindrical Shape that is Soft to the Touch

Although I prefer them, there are times when a tube would be more convenient, such as when you need more product or a different kind of cap. These are great travel bottles because they are sturdy but comfortable to carry.

In comparison to rigid plastic bottles, they make for the best portable storage option. Most people opt for GoToob because of its widespread availability and its handy 2 fl oz size.  

  • How to Use Them: Pack multiples of each kind of container so you can make your toiletry bag look like a game of Tetris. The thin, dripping liquids and the products you don't want to touch directly will benefit from their use.
  • When to Use Them: Take them on trips of any length if you regularly use products that don't work quite right in a pot.
  • If you want to make the most of your limited kitchen storage space, decant any product using the same principles as the pots.

White sticker labels are widely available and can be used to label each bottle. When I find that a 3-ounce serving of my go-to cosmetics isn't enough, I simply divide it between two smaller containers.

Check out the ten best travel toiletry bags we've found.


Deluxe 19-piece travel set

Pick Up the Bare Essentials

When it comes to your beauty routine, less is more. Small bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash as well as a couple of disposable razors will take care of washing up needs while traveling.

When packing for your skin, you can be more flexible according to your preferences, but try not to bring more than three essentials: a cleanser, a treatment (for acne or aging skin), and a moisturizer. Use whatever skin care system you like; it's fine to switch things up as long as you can get by with just three mini versions of your essentials for the trip.

Find out what you can do for your skin while traveling.


The "Travel Quotes" Solid Soap Gift Set from Hello Soap

Rather than using liquids, switch to solids.

Switch to solid versions of liquid cosmetics when you can. Lush's solid shampoos, which can last for up to 50 washes, are a fan favorite. Take a look at what Trish thought of the LUSH Godiva Bar.

You can forego the body wash and just use a bar of moisturizing soap, or you can get these neat Travelon Shampoo Sheets. Don't forget the solid foundation, solid deodorant, and solid perfume! Instead, you can use a liquid shampoo as a shampoo, body wash, hand soap, dish washing liquid, and detergent.

Listed below are 18 of our favorite solid personal care products.


Everyday Essentials Beauty Kit

Travel Kits and Gift Sets

Makeup sampler sets from Nars and body care kits from Burt's Bees are two examples of what to look for when shopping for presents. Keep an eye out for deals that include a free trial or travel size product with the purchase of a full-size item.

You can find more of your favorite products in convenient, portable sizes in these fantastic holiday gift sets for women.

Additional suggestions for maintaining the bathroom

Keep these guidelines in mind when packing your own travel containers:

  • To prevent compression leaks, fill the container no more than two-thirds full.
  • If you want to make sure no liquid escapes, put a piece of saran wrap under the lid.
  • Stay away from toner and other water-based products. A thinner liquid is more likely to seep through a porous surface.

More space-saving toiletry ideas that are "better than travel size"

  • If you're always on the go but never have much time to get ready, Squeeze Pod has you covered with their single-use toiletry kits. Get yourself a complete set and you'll be all set! More one-time-use toiletries are provided below.
  • For those who prefer to create their own one-time-use sets, these wholesale packs are a convenient option.
  • And if you're running low on space, these dry wipes are a lifesaver.

Watch this quick TPSY TV video on the top four multipurpose travel beauty products to get you started on your journey toward packing a minimalist travel makeup kit.

These are just a few tricks and tips for using travel-sized toiletries on your next trip, whether you're flying carry on only or are a minimalist traveler. Put in your two cents and share your thoughts Please re-tweet and share if you found this post to be informative.

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