Finding a Travel Companion in Your Area

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Some of the allure of visiting a foreign location is having the freedom to do as you please once you get there. Even so, there are benefits to traveling with a friend, and many people would choose to do so if given the opportunity. You'll want to know how to find your new companion in a safe and trustworthy manner, whether you're looking for extra security in an unfamiliar place or just want to have someone to share new adventures with.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Traveling with Others

What makes you think it's a good idea to go on a trip with a complete stranger? The possible reasons why you might Traveling alone and traveling with a companion each have their benefits and drawbacks.

The Benefits of Companion Travel

  • There is strength in numbers, as more eyes mean less chance of theft or loss. It's not fun to have to disassemble everything just to go to the bathroom. And if you're just trying to enjoy a quiet bus ride with your friend, having them along can be a great deterrent. Always better to be in a group of two than one when in a dangerous situation.
  • Assuming you're willing to return the favor, having a personal photographer means you can take more creative control over your photos. The best photos often aren't the staged ones, but the ones that happen naturally, like a selfie.
  • While those with disabilities or chronic health conditions can certainly go on their own, having a travel companion who is familiar with your emergency contacts or who is willing to help you navigate an area with difficult terrain can make all the difference. Also, this is why it might be good for seniors to have a travel buddy. Even if you're in perfect health, even the most seasoned traveler is at risk from something as simple as a slip or an allergic reaction. Even if your partner isn't necessary, just having them there can make you feel safer and more at ease.
  • By splitting the cost of a room, you and your travel partner may be able to stay in a much nicer establishment than either of you could afford on your own. There is the potential for transportation cost savings as well. As an added bonus, you can lighten your luggage by sharing items like sunscreen and laundry detergent.
  • What you're anticipating is likely shaped by your unique set of experiences and interests. By teaming up with someone else, you can learn about and try out things, places, foods, and activities that you otherwise might not have considered.

The Downsides of Traveling in a Pair

  • Working around each other's preferences, hobbies, and routines is essential due to time constraints. When you're on your own, you can go whenever you want, do whatever you want, and stay wherever When traveling with others, it's important to have some sort of itinerary so that you don't end up frustrated because you missed something.
  • It's not hard to fall for a catfisher's ruse of pretending to be someone they're not. This can be avoided with proper planning and communication, as well as by seeking out travel companions from reliable sources; however, you should still be aware of the possibility and take appropriate safety measures.  
  • Sharing can help you save money and space in your luggage, but you should be careful not to reveal too much personal information. Recognize that you and your new friend may have contrasting preferences and communicate openly about them.
  • Misaligned hobbies: if you and your partner can't agree on how to spend your free time, tensions are bound to rise. Very simple aspects of the trip may become difficult if, for example, you and your travel companion have different smoking and drinking habits or different ideas about how much time should be spent actively exploring versus relaxing. In order to make the most of your time together, it is essential that you and your partner are able to communicate effectively.

Where to Look for Friends Abroad

Once you've decided that a travel companion is worth the effort, we can discuss where to look. Find people who share your passions and travel dreams on any number of dedicated online communities. If you're a traveler in search of a travel buddy, check out some of these top websites and apps:


GAFFL is a platform where travelers can share itineraries and meet up with others who are going the same way. You can stay in touch wherever you go thanks to GAFFL's mobile app for both iOS and Android. Multiple checks indicate when a user's profile has been confirmed. Users can verify their identities in a variety of ways, including through their phone numbers, Facebook profiles, and more.

You'll be able to see where people are coming from and going to, as well as join them, decide who else comes along, and rate your traveling companions at the end of the trip so that their next buddy will know how reliable they are.  

TripTogether 2

In addition to age and gender, TripTogether also lets you narrow your search results based on departure and arrival locations, as well as specific dates. The interests you list in your profile will be used to help you find new friends; when you browse profiles, you'll see that those who share your interests are highlighted.  

If you have a specific vacation in mind, this site will help you find it. If you're looking for a backpacking buddy, for instance, you can browse the listings to make sure that someone else is doing the same thing before contacting them.

Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit

There's a good reason that social media has become so pervasive in people's daily lives. It's simple, and it bridges the gap between people in different locations and different times. Additionally, these sites can be useful when you need to find a travel companion. You probably already have an account on at least one of them, so you won't have to sign up for yet another service to use it. Participating in online travel communities by joining Facebook groups or Reddit forums (ex. Following users and hashtags on Twitter to find travel companions (e.g., /r/solotravel) is a simple way to quickly reach a large number of people.

Since it's so simple to create a fake profile on social media, you'll have to do additional checking to ensure the person you're communicating with is who they say they are and can be trusted. Additionally, your capacity for filtering information will decrease, leaving you with more work to do on your end. Yet if you're confident in your abilities, you'll gain access to a much wider circle of friends and acquaintances.

4. Meetup com

From multi-day excursions to casual happy hours, is a fantastic resource for arranging fun group activities. If you're traveling somewhere new, the best way to immerse yourself in the local culture and meet people who are actually from there is to join in on their favorite pastimes. You can look through listings of local events, find people who share your interests, and join groups.  

Sharing a room or car with a stranger you met on this site is not recommended. One of the best travel apps for those venturing out on their own, though, as it facilitates spontaneous meetups with like-minded individuals. Meetup is a great way to find people interested in participating in a single or limited number of activities with you.  

Travello, No. 5

The free (iOS/Android) app Travello connects like-minded travelers by letting them browse profiles of other users in search of potential travel buddies. As the company promotes itself as a social media platform for travelers, it's a great option for solo travelers looking to hit the road with a pal. You can also use it at home if you'd like to pretend to be a helpful native to passing strangers in your area, and it works whether you're currently traveling or not.  

In addition, Travello allows you to book a wide variety of activities, from visiting Hawaiian volcanoes to going jet skiing in Cancun, where you can also meet new people.

No.6: StrollBuddy

StrollBuddy (previously known as Global Greeter Network) connects people who want to show off their city to others with volunteers who share their enthusiasm for their neighborhood. "Not like a guide, more like a buddy" is their slogan, which conveys the enthusiasm of their volunteers to make new friends and show off their hometown.

The website has a form for you to fill out with your trip details and preferences. Despite the fact that you'll have to chip in for your fair share of whatever it is that you and your new pal end up doing together, the service is totally free of charge.

Schedule a Tour for a Larger Group

Reserving a trip is a surefire way to meet new people. Many of the activities you'll take part in can be reserved and paid for in advance, which will help you plan and budget for the trip. A tour can be as short as a day trip to one city or as long as a month-long journey across many destinations. You can find the perfect trip with the help of sites like GetYourGuide.

There are sites that organize tours specifically for people who are traveling alone and would like to meet other people in a similar situation. This is useful if you'd like to avoid being the only single person on a tour full of honeymooning couples and close-knit groups of friends.

What to Look For in a Trustworthy Travel Companion

First, you should look through public records.

Using public record information is one way to make sure the people you're traveling with are trustworthy and worth spending time with. With access to US database information, you can verify an individual's identity and determine whether or not to trust them based on factors such as their criminal, driving, and real estate records.

Make Use Of Email Address Lookup Services

So that you can more easily communicate with them and do a reverse email lookup, it's a good idea to get their email addresses if you're thinking of inviting them along on your trip. You can learn more about the person, which will help you form an opinion about them.

(3) Trust Your Instincts

There’s a good reason you have a sixth sense. There's no shame in politely declining an offer if it doesn't sit well with you. If, on the other hand, you can't wait to meet this person, you're probably in for a great time.

The fourth piece of advice is to not be in a hurry.

Don't rush into anything; instead, give yourself plenty of time to consider your options. It's true that making a rash choice can pay off in many situations, but this isn't one of them.

5. Pre-Communicate

In any situation, but especially one like this one, communication is crucial. You and your new partner must be able to trust one another. While many of the aforementioned platforms support messaging, it's always best to confirm a friend's identity via phone or video chat first. Find out what your partner needs and wants, as well as what he or she likes and doesn't like.

Sixth, you must take responsibility for your life.

Your event's posting on a site is a good first step, but it may not generate many attendees if you're not yet well-known on the network. Read through the comments and profiles of others to find people with whom you might have something in common. Create your own luck by taking charge of the circumstance.

7: Hold your initial get-together in a public place.

Spend time in public places with your new travel companion until you feel comfortable in their company. Unfortunately, not everyone can be trusted. Make sure there are other people around until you're sure you want to trust your new friend in a private space.

Fear often prevents people from taking the plunge and going on a new adventure with a complete stranger. On the other hand, it provides a plethora of chances that you might not have had if you had been on your own. Following the advice in this guide will guarantee that you have a wonderful travel companion on any trip you take.

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