Explore Arizona's Top 22 Must-Visit Destinations

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Arizona offers a diverse range of landscapes and historic sites, with iconic national parks such as the Grand Canyon and Horseshoe Bend. The state is also home to many interesting archaeological, historical, and cultural sites related to Native American culture. Arizona’s cities, including Lake Havasu, offer great museums, theaters, and art galleries, as well as vibrant nightlife. The best places to visit in Arizona include Lake Havasu, an outdoor paradise with 27 replica lighthouses, the largest skatepark in Arizona, and 60 miles of navigable waterways; Bisbee, a former mining town turned hub of art and culture with over 45 saloons; Tonto Natural Bridge State Park, famous for the largest natural travertine bridge in the world, surrounded by pines and ferns; and Tombstone, a historic town famed for the Gunfight at the OK Corral and its silver mines.1. Tombstone: A tourist trap with historic buildings, saloons, and reenactments of gunfights. Also has cheap eateries, souvenir shops, restaurants, and hotels.

Arizona Map

2. Scottsdale: Part of the Greater Phoenix Area, caters to every budget with resorts, hotels, restaurants, and bars. Marketed as "The West's Most Western Town" with historic sites, festivals, cowboy competitions, horse shows, museums, art galleries, cultural scene, and nightlife.

Lake Havasu

3. Montezuma Castle: Built between 700-900 years ago using limestone cliffs in Beaver Creek Canyon by Sinagua people. Comprises 20 rooms held together by clay mortar and mud. Visitors can't explore the inside, but can enjoy the walking trail and informative panels at the visitor center.

4. Glen Canyon National Recreation Area: Surrounds Lake Powell and consists mostly of desert terrain with beautiful red rock formations and dramatic rock faces. Popular for boating, water sports, fishing, hiking, Paria Canyon, Rainbow Bridge, and Horseshoe Bend.

5. Phoenix: State capital with educational and entertaining museums, theaters, shopping options, restaurants, bars, sports teams, and over 200 golf courses. Bathed in sunshine almost year-round and attracts over 16 million visitors annually.1. Jerome


- Once a mining town, now a popular tourist destination

- Explore historic stores, old restaurants, museums, and the famous Sliding Jail

- Accommodation available for day trippers visiting from Sedona, Phoenix, Flagstaff, and Prescott

2. Prescott

- A town located at over 5000ft with a balance of desert and pine forest features

- Capitol of Arizona Territory with idyllic lakes for kayaking and camping

- Watson Lake Loop Trail for hiking with deep blue lake colors

- Adorable downtown area with historic buildings and restored BnBs for accommodation

3. Horseshoe Bend

- A stunning horseshoe vista carved by the Colorado River in the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

Tonto Natural Bridge State Park

- Flat 1.5 mile hike to the observation platform for the best view of the bend, wheelchair accessible

4. Havasu Falls

- A bucket list-worthy hike to turquoise waterfalls amid the desert landscape

- Permits need to be arranged ahead of time, with a night spent either at Havasupai Lodge or the campground near the falls

- Strenuous ten-mile hike one way, losing 1800ft of elevation

5. Tucson

- Home to the University of Arizona, a lively college town with great nightlife

- Second largest city in the state with diverse museums and arts/culture scene showcasing its history and culture.I. Introduction

- Tucson is home to local shops, restaurants and bars

- The city is surrounded by arid mountains and cacti-filled plains

- Tucson is an attractive place to visit

II. Saguaro National Park


- Tucson is surrounded by serene desert and is one of the few places in the United States to see the giant saguaro in the wild

- The Saguaro National Park was formed to protect and show off the rare and spectacular cacti

- The park is split into two sections, with Tucson in the middle

- The best time to visit the saguaro is in the morning and late afternoon

III. Meteor Crater

- The Barringer Crater is a massive meteor crater just outside of Winslow, Arizona

- The crater came to be roughly 50,000 years ago

- Visitors can get up close to one of the biggest craters in North America and admire the sheer size of the hole

- The visitor center offers more information about the history of Barringer Crater

IV. Petrified Forest National Park

- The Petrified Forest National Park became famous for the sheer number of petrified wood on display


- Visitors can hike through the desert badlands and get up close to fossils that date back over 200 million years

- The Blue Mesa Trail is a must-do hike that guides visitors through blue-infused clay to a large area of petrified wood

V. Flagstaff

- Flagstaff is not just a handy waypoint on your travels to the Grand Canyon

- The city is the highest point along the entire Route 66 and is where Pluto was first discovered

- Flagstaff tends to your inner-traveler, allowing you to experience a fresh place that hasn't yet been bombarded with Insta-famous attractions

VI. Conclusion

- Tucson offers amazing natural sights just outside of the city

- Visiting Saguaro National Park, Meteor Crater, Petrified Forest National Park, and Flagstaff are all incredible experiences

- Tucson is full of charm and worth a visitOutline:

    I. Introduction

    A. Flagstaff - the world's first International Dark Sky City

    Montezuma Castle

    II. Antelope Canyon

    A. Mesmerizing sandstone walls

    B. Upper and Lower parts

    C. Erosion-created rock formations

    D. Only accessible by guided tour

    III. Canyon de Chelly

    A. Inhabited since over five thousand years

    B. Protects ancient buildings

    C. Site of numerous massacres throughout history

    D. Owned and run by Navajo

    E. Great trails and horseback tours available

    F. Spider Rock - the canyon's most distinctive feature

    IV. Monument Valley

    A. Incredible geological features

    B. Iconic in look

    C. Surrounded by a desolate desert

    D. Must-see place

    V. Sedona

    A. Jaw-dropping red sandstone formations

    B. Considered sacred by Native Americans

    C. Lots of outdoor activities

    D. Many shops selling alternative medicines and spas

    E. Lots of great restaurants on offer

    F. Numerous art galleries to explore

    Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

    VI. Grand Canyon

    A. Awe-inspiring beauty

    B. Gigantic in size and scale

    C. Mesmerizing geological formations

    D. Fossilized remains of plants and animals

    E. Gain greater insight into how it came to be

    F. Ancestral Puebloans' history and culture

    G. Highlight of what Arizona has to offerIntroduction:

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    Horseshoe Bend

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    Havasu Falls

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      Saguaro National Park

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      Meteor Crater

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        Petrified Forest National Park

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          Antelope Canyon

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            Canyon de Chelly

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              Monument Valley

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              Grand Canyon

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