Easily pack your necklaces for your next trip or relocation with these 15 tried and true methods!

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If you're into jewelry, you probably have more than one necklace, and it can be challenging to figure out how to pack them all together.

When it comes to packing necklaces for travel or moving, there is no one best way to do it, but there are some products and household items that might help.

In this article, we'll go over some tips for packing and storing necklaces so that they last as long as possible without getting tangled up and damaging your jewelry.

You can find the best necklace storage solution for you by following these 12 suggestions.

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When you travel, how do you prevent your necklaces from getting tangled up?

Almost everyone has done the unwise thing of haphazardly bringing necklaces on a trip and hoping for the best. Once you get there and unpack them, they'll be a tangled mess.

Please don't feel too bad if this sounds familiar; it happens to the best of us.

When traveling, some people use sandwich bags to store their necklaces so that they won't get tangled up. Keep each necklace in its own container, and avoid letting the chain tangle with itself or other necklaces.

Infuriatingly, the necklace's knotted mess persists even when it is not in close proximity to any other necklaces. Avoiding tangled necklaces is as easy as packing them carefully.

How do you transport a necklace collection?

The single most crucial point to remember is to always store necklaces individually. Thus, they won't entangle themselves.

Put jewelry in Ziploc bags, making sure the chain is not tangled with itself. Paper or plastic drinking straws work best for this.

Each necklace can be individually wrapped in tissue paper and stored in its own gallon-sized Ziploc bag using this method.

We can all agree that tangled necklaces are the worst, so doing your best to keep them apart is a good idea.

How should precious items be packed for transport?

To avoid damage, you should take extra care when packing your jewelry for a move. Not doing so greatly increases the likelihood that your necklaces will become tangled, that your clasps will disappear, and that your rings will need to be resized.

If you want to keep your jewelry in pristine condition for as long as possible, you should always store it in separate Ziploc bags inside their own boxes.

The best way to pack necklaces for a trip or a move is discussed along with 15 alternative methods. Each suggestion includes detailed instructions for safely transporting necklaces without the risk of tangles.

If you want to keep your jewelry in order while on the go, invest in a travel organizer

Buying a travel jewelry organizer is one of the easiest ways to decide how to pack necklaces without damaging your expensive jewelry.

Depending on what you have, there are a wide variety of options for storing and safeguarding your jewelry.

Small jewelry pieces, such as stud earrings, rings, and small hoops, can be safely stored in the designated compartments of some jewelry organizers. Because earrings are so small and delicate, a travel jewelry organizer is a great way to keep them safe while you're on the go.

Necklaces, earrings, and bracelets can be stored safely in many types of organizers because of their hard surfaces.

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If you have the right jewelry roll, it's a lifesaver when traveling.

The next time you go on vacation, consider packing a jewelry roll to keep your necklaces organized. Necklaces can be neatly stored in the many compartments of a jewelry roll.

Packing your necklaces will be a breeze if you use a jewelry roll. If you want to wear the necklace, simply snap the top closure closed and tack the bottom together.

A necklace's tail can be secured in place with a tiny elastic band in some jewelry rolls. You should seek out examples such as these. Do not hang out with the kids who can't keep their necklaces on. If you don't untangle them at the bottom, they'll get tangled.

The velvet interior of the organizer provides an extra layer of security for your pricey necklaces, making this a top choice for storing your jewelry.

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To stay organized, invest in a portable or wall-mounted organizer.

One of the most useful things you can use to keep track of your jewelry collection is a hanging organizer, especially if you have a lot of different pieces. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and other jewelry can all be stored separately in their respective sized compartments. If you want to travel with all of your jewelry, this is a fantastic option.

Furthermore, it hangs up neatly, allowing you to see and access all of your jewelry at once.

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Roll-out mats for necklaces are ideal for extra-long necklaces.

Trying to figure out how to pack long necklaces is difficult. Roll-out mats are fantastic because they provide a larger surface area than a standard jewelry organizer, preventing your necklaces from tangling while they're stored. You can also use these for your costume jewelry needs.

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The use of Glad Press N' Seal or plastic wrap is recommended.

Press N' Seal, a product sold by Glad, is a fantastic form of plastic wrap. The material adheres when pressed against itself or another surface.

Simply spread out a single layer of plastic wrap on the table and press the necklaces down onto the plastic. The next step is to lay your necklace onto the wrap without the chain touching. Over the necklaces, place a second layer of wrap (the same size as the first). Put your finger on the necklace's interior and exterior and firmly trace an outline.

To prevent the necklace from becoming tangled, this makes a nice seal around it.

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Get creative by making a necklace out of plastic straws.

If you're wondering how to pack your necklaces, this might be the quickest and easiest solution. Using straws already on hand eliminates the need to buy more.

When a necklace is secured and threaded through a plastic drinking straw, the chain is both protected and prevented from tangling. If you have a particularly long necklace, you could also double up on the straws.

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Put the roll in the toilet and use it

To prevent necklaces from becoming tangled, I have also seen people use empty toilet paper rolls. If you want to make a necklace stand out, just use a toilet paper roll.

Due to the potential for necklaces to become entangled with one another in the toilet paper rolls, this method may not be optimal. However, this is an excellent choice for chunky costume jewelry or bold necklaces.

Wrap each one individually and place them in a jewelry box.

Tissue paper is a cheap and effective way to pack jewelry. Make sure your necklaces, bracelets, and earring sets don't get tangled by wrapping them individually.

When you're finished wrapping each item, tape the tissue paper shut and store it in a large box. On the other hand, if you're taking a flight, you can pack it in your carry-on.

Have a pill organizer handy.

Those who are concerned about how to pack delicate jewelry like necklaces and stud earrings will find that a pill organizer is the perfect solution. If you use these, you won't have to worry about losing these little things.

Bigger necklaces are better wrapped in bubble wrap.

Use bubble wrap to protect your larger necklaces from being crushed in your luggage. Wrap your necklace in bubble wrap like you would a poster or a large painting, and roll it up like a scroll.

It's not necessary to use tissue paper when shipping necklaces. To prevent the necklaces from getting tangled, wrap them in t-shirts before storing them in individual plastic bags. There are other options, such as an empty toilet paper roll or a shower cap. The options for jewelry that can be worn while traveling are practically endless.

Make use of a clean washcloth or napkin.

It's very similar to using a jewelry roll, but this one doesn't call for any additional investment.

Get a cloth napkin or washcloth and spread it out on the table. If you lay the necklaces out flat on the washcloth, you can roll it up without worrying about them tangling.

Fill the washcloth with necklaces by continuing to roll it. In order to prevent it from unrolling, you can tape it shut with packing tape.

In addition to rings, bracelets are another great option for this.

Make Use Of Shelf Liner

If you don't have a jewelry roll and need a quick solution for storing your necklaces, you can use shelf liner rolled up like a napkin or washcloth.

Because of the sticky nature of the shelf liner, the necklaces will be less likely to fall off the shelves.

You can just lay out the shelf liner and roll the necklaces inside of it. Simply seal it shut with some packing tape or scotch tape.

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When packing or relocating, a compact jewelry box is ideal.

A small jewelry box with a hard lid is a good investment if you only have a few pieces of jewelry and necklaces. The cushioned hard case protects delicate jewelry from damage and keeps necklaces from tangling on the road.

Avoid bringing anything fragile like a jewelry box with a glass window, as it may get damaged in transit.

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Try a tiny plastic storage bin.

Earrings and other small pieces of jewelry can be stored in the tiny plastic containers you probably already have lying around the house. If you pack the plastic containers inside a smaller bag, you can avoid having them get lost in your suitcase.

It's important to exercise caution when storing necklaces in these containers because of the potential for knotting and tangling. Pieces of jewelry with a lot of moving parts, like earrings and rings, may benefit from this approach.

Jewelry box for a single necklace

A few individual necklace boxes may be a good investment if you have a lot of high-priced jewelry. Just like in the movies

These keep your necklace from tangling up with others. You won't need to worry about your jewelry getting damaged or lost as much.

Whether you're shipping jewelry across town or across the world, these methods will serve you well. Everyone can go on their next trip or move with the knowledge that their jewelry will be secure if they follow these guidelines.

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Untangled necklaces are always more pleasant. Understanding proper necklace packing techniques will ensure that your necklaces and other jewelry items will arrive at your destination untangled and in a presentable state. If you value your jewelry, you should take extra precautions to prevent it from becoming tangled or broken during travel or a move.

When you next relocate across the country or to a new home, consider implementing one of the 15 packing strategies we've outlined.

For your convenience, we have compiled the following What method of storage do you plan to implement? Where can I find packing tips for necklaces?

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