Dress Folding: Three Methods

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    If your dress has sleeves, fold them inwards first. The sleeves should be able to cross the chest and rest flat against the dress. Using the right sleeve as an example, fold the sleeve inward until it is even with the arm seam. Repeat steps 1-3 with your left sleeve. [1]

    • If the dress's sleeves are too long, you can tuck them into the top half by folding them over and crossing them.
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    Longitudinally fold the dress in half. Adjust the skirt so that the side seams are parallel. Just shake the dress to get rid of the ruffles, and then smooth the skirt with your hands. [2]

    • You can try folding the dress on a table or another hard surface. You can now fold clothes neatly with the aid of this.
    • Even when folded in half, a dress's skirt shouldn't take up too much room. An accurately straight dress side begins with perfectly aligned seams.


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    Tuck the slack into the skirt's straight edge. Dresses should be a simple rectangle. In the event of an abundance of data (i.e. e Since the fabric of the skirt is now longer than the lengthwise fold you just made, you must make a second fold in the opposite direction. [3]

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    Tuck the dress in at the waist and/or the hips. First, fold the dress's hem upwards toward the bodice. This will help you determine how many times you need to fold the dress before you reach the desired size. [4]

    • The dress, when folded, should form a neat square or rectangle.
    • Dresses that are knee- or calf-length may need to be folded in thirds rather than in half for storage, but shorter dresses only need to be folded in half.
    • Even more folding may be necessary for a floor-length sundress or other particularly long dress.
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    Dresses should be folded and stored in a dry cleaning bag or an odor-free grocery bag. Your dress will remain wrinkle-free while traveling thanks to this easy hack. Before you do any of the folding, you will put the dress into the bag. Fold the dress so that the top of it is even with the top of the bag. [5]

    • If the dress's skirt is longer than the bag, simply tuck the extra fabric into the bag and continue folding as usual.
    • Avoid squashing the bag and forcing out all the air at once. A small air cushion can prevent wrinkles and keep the dress fresh during transport.


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    Those of you wearing dresses should tuck in the sleeves. The sleeves should be worn so that they cross the chest and hang flat. First, fold the right sleeve inward so that the crease is even with the arm seam. Continue in the same manner with the left sleeve. [6]

    • If the dress's sleeves are too long, you can tuck them into the upper half by folding them over and crossing them.
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    The dress should be folded in half vertically. It is important to ensure that the side seams of the skirt are aligned. Simply shake the dress to remove any wrinkles, and then smooth the skirt with your hands. [7]

    • Make a table the dress's new home. It will be simpler to fold and roll objects on the hard surface.
    • Even if the dress's skirt takes up a lot of room when folded in half, that's fine. It's crucial to ensure that the seams are aligned properly so that the dress will have a straight edge.
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    Tuck the slack into the skirt's straight edge. Make sure that your dress is a clean rectangle. When information overload occurs (i.e. when there is an excessive e The skirt fabric has been folded in half lengthwise, but since it has grown past this original fold, you must now fold the excess fabric up in the other direction. [8]

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    Turn the dress so that the bottom is touching the top. This is the optimal method for stowing a dress in transit. It's space-efficient and ought to prevent wrinkles in your dress. [9]
    • It is recommended that only cotton dresses be made using this method. If your dress is made of a material other than cotton, silk, or rayon, you should fold it rather than roll it. [10]
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    Dresses should be rolled with the seam facing down when being packed or stored. If you roll it up like this, it won't unroll in storage or in your suitcase.

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    Dresses shouldn't be stuffed into a closet. This will prevent the fabric from creasing, making the dress ready to wear as soon as you unroll it. [11]


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    Dresses you intend to wear soon should be stored in drawers or hung on shelves. Dresses should not be piled higher than three deep. There will be wrinkles because of the extra weight of your clothes. Wrinkles can be avoided by giving them breathing room rather than jamming them into a suitcase. [12]

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    If you are traveling, remember to pack your dress in a suitcase. Don't forget to put the dress on top of your other belongings when you pack your suitcase. Doing so will prevent it from being crushed and wrinkled during transport. [13]

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    If you aren't going to be wearing the dress for a while, put it away. When winter comes around, it's a good time to put away the summer dresses and make room for the winter clothes. Dresses should be packed in a storage tote (either folded or rolled), with care taken to prevent the tote from being overly stuffed. [14]

    • You should pack a sachet of potpourri with your clothes. Doing so will help maintain their pleasant aroma until you're ready to bring them back out of storage. [15]


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