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Discover Switzerland in Every Season


The Swiss alps, with their white, glistening snow and sparkling nights, are a stunning fairytale destination waiting to be explored. The best time to visit Switzerland depends on your plans, as each season offers unique experiences and colors. Embrace the beauty of Switzerland in any shade you prefer. Every season in Switzerland offers something special to enjoy, so why not start planning your trip now? 

Peak Season - From June to August, the Swiss summertime sees comfortably warm days and lots of outdoor activities to enjoy.

Shoulder Season - From May to June, the weather is slightly cooler, making it an ideal time to explore the countryside with pleasant temperatures.

Low Season - From October to March, Switzerland transforms into a winter wonderland, with cool winds and snowfall - perfect for winter sports enthusiasts.

Travel Seasons
Min/Max Temperature

Comfortably warm days

Slightly cooler weather

-1 to 4°C
Cool winds with snowfall


Peak season: Summer (June to August)


Temperature - During summertime, the air temperature in Switzerland fluctuates between 19°C and 32°C.

Weather - The Swiss summertime is all about enjoying the sun while exploring the beautiful surroundings. Whether by foot, air, water, or mountains, Switzerland offers something for everyone. You can trek through the northern Alps of Switzerland and discover the Via Alpina, or marvel at the views over the Berne and Alps from Gurten. Stroll along Lake Zurich and discover street artists in the evening – the possibilities are endless. 

Significant Events - Experience Swiss culture by attending various festivals during the summer season. Ascona Music Festival is a Swiss Chamber Music Festival that brings together renowned music artists from around the world. Lugano is home to 17 free jazz concerts held in the medieval town, attracting music fans from around the globe. During July, Zurich is filled with opera, concerts, dance theatre, art, and mouth-watering dishes. The Gauklerfest Interlaken street festival is a vibrant showcase of artists from around the world.

Why You Should Visit Now - The Swiss summertime is filled with vibrancy, festivals, and colours, making it an ideal time to visit. Whether you prefer outdoor activities or just lazing around by the lake, there is always something to do in Switzerland. Enjoy a cold beverage while taking in the scenery and soak up the summertime excitement.

Things to Know Before Your Visit - As Switzerland is becoming increasingly popular among tourists, make sure to book your tickets and accommodation well in advance. Public transportation is easy to use and is the best way of exploring various areas in Switzerland.

Suggestions – As this is peak season, it's important to note that discounts may not be available, so take your time weighing your options carefully before booking accommodation. Plan your activities and schedule according to the weather. As you pack, be sure to include both warm and cool clothing and don't forget to bring sunscreen and stay hydrated in case the heat gets to you. Additionally, it's always helpful to book accessible, centrally located accommodations.

Autumn (September to December):

Temperature: Autumn has air temperatures ranging from 8°C to 15°C.

Weather: Switzerland in the fall is quite comfortable, with the summer season slowly saying goodbye as misty mornings and the approach of winter come into view. The country is bursting with yellows, oranges, and golds, with a constant chill in the air during the day and cooler temperatures at night. Take advantage of this time of year to head to the Rhine Falls for some boating and an exciting water adventure.

Notable events: Switzerland in autumn will truly feel like a fairytale with the splendor of golden hues decorating the entire country, bringing to mind King Midas's magic touch. The nation also hosts a variety of festivals and events that elevate and enhance the beauty of Switzerland, drawing visitors from all over the world. One of the season's highlights is the Grape Harvest Festival in September, celebrating the beginning of the grape harvest and featuring a delightful floral parade with floats adorned with beautiful flowers and ornate art. Witness the beauty of fire lights that illuminate the lake with bursts of color along Neuchatel's waterfront on Saturday nights.

Why visit now: Autumn in Switzerland is quiet and lovely, making it the perfect time to visit with your family if you're looking for some isolation. This season is a great opportunity to pick some delicious chestnuts in the forests of Ticino.

Tips: Before booking your tickets and accommodations, check the weather reports. Book a centrally located and accessible hotel. Having cash on hand is practical if you plan on traveling to remote areas or villages. Consider booking tickets in advance, as tourists gradually increase in numbers. Keep an eye out for discounts on accommodations and hotels since this is low season. Remember to pack warm clothing, sunscreen, sports shoes, and mosquito repellents. If you wish to travel extensively around Switzerland, getting a Swiss Rail Pass is highly recommended.

Winter (December to February):

Temperature: Winter has air temperatures ranging from -1°C to 4°C.

Weather: Switzerland in winter is dreamy, with ski slopes and small Swiss towns that highlight the nation's culture. Popular destinations like Grindelwald, Zermatt, Engelberg, and Andermatt are perfect for travelers with a taste for adventure. Don't forget to pack sunblock and protective glasses.

Notable events: Winter festivals in Switzerland bring life to the chilly season, featuring plenty of heart-warming events suitable for people of all ages. One of the highlights is the Lugano Festival in October, celebrating the arrival of autumn and lasting for three days filled with joyous and exciting activities. It's also an excellent time to sample the country's cuisine and mingle with the locals. Experience all things snow during the Grindelwald World Snow Festival in January, with ice sculptures, lollies, and a snow-filled wonderland.

Discover the Hidden Gems of Switzerland – Are you someone who loves exploring offbeat places? Switzerland awaits you! This is the perfect time to visit as the skiing and snow sports enthusiasts take center stage, allowing you to enjoy a quieter and more serene experience. With fewer crowds, you can relish everything this picturesque location has to offer without breaking the bank. The festive season adds to the charm, as you indulge in some Christmas shopping and bask in the warmth of holiday cheer. Make a beeline for Zurich for an authentic Swiss experience, where you can relish the local cuisine such as Rosti, Fondue, and Raclette at traditional huts and houses. The tantalizing flavors will leave you wanting more!

What to Keep in Mind Before You Go – Don't forget to look for any discounts that may be available during this off-peak season. Ensure your itinerary takes into account the weather conditions, so you can plan your activities accordingly. It's advisable to book a centrally located hotel that is easily accessible and has all the amenities necessary to keep you cozy, including central heating.

Pro Tips – As you pack for your trip, remember to bring warm woolen clothing, as some routes may be blocked due to heavy snowfall. Stay hydrated by sipping on water, tea, or hot beverages, and keep yourself warm at all times with shawls, mufflers, and gloves.

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