Discover the Ultimate Time to Experience Paradise on Bora Bora

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Escape to Bora Bora, a true tropical paradise with stunning turquoise lagoons, golden beaches, and verdant mountain views. Whether you are on a budget or seeking a luxurious getaway, this remote island awaits with open arms - and with warm weather all year round, you really cannot go wrong.

With plenty of activities on offer, from snorkeling with rays and reef sharks to exploring ancient ceremonial sites on foot, Bora Bora promises a memorable experience for any traveler. Keep in mind, however, that while the island may look picture-perfect with cloudless skies in photographs, it still has a tropical rainy season from December to March.

But don't let that dampen your spirits too quickly - there are still advantages to visiting during the so-called low or shoulder seasons. Here's what you need to know about the best times to plan your Bora Bora vacation.

Low Season: December to March

Less crowds and lower prices

As Bora Bora's dry season comes to a close, the weather tends to get cloudier, rainier, and more humid. This marks the low season for tourism on the island, but that can work in your favor with fewer crowds and lower rates at top resorts, including the posh Four Seasons Bora Bora. Not to mention, during these months, you may even catch a glimpse of a rare cyclone passing through, adding a touch of adventure to your stay.

Shoulder Season: April and November

The best of both worlds - moderate prices and good weather

April and November come in between the wet and dry seasons, providing some of the advantages of both. You will find fewer tourists but still plenty of sunshine, as well as scuba diving opportunities galore, with calm and clear waters to spot amazing sea creatures.

High Season: May to October

The months from May to October are peak season for travelers to Bora Bora, with plenty of sunshine and activities to keep you entertained. However, high demand means higher prices and bigger crowds. If you don't mind the inflated costs and larger crowds, you are sure to enjoy a fantastic vacation in the midst of Bora Bora's peak season.

Clear blue skies and sunny days galore

The dry season is a must-visit time in Bora Bora, occurring during the winter months in the southern hemisphere, opposite to Europe, Asia, and America's winters. With lower rainfall during this season, Bora Bora's visitors can bask in the sunlight with clear blue skies for most of their stay. The winter months see a decrease in temperature in comparison to the summer season, boasting a daytime high around 28°C (83°F).

A woman looks from overwater bungalows to the mountains on Bora Bora

This dry season's ideal weather conditions make it the most popular time to visit Bora Bora. Be mindful that this comes with a downside, resulting in higher resort prices, a more significant number of people on the island, and difficulty finding available seats on flights during peak periods.

Moreover, the shoulder seasons of the year serve as the best time of the year for snorkeling and scuba diving because of optimal water visibility.


The month of January in Bora Bora characterizes for rain and high levels of humidity, making it one of the least popular months for tourists. However, this month is perfect for visitors seeking budget-friendly options as various deals are available from most of the island's luxurious resorts. Key events: Taurua Varua.


February exhibits less rainfall than the preceding month, with the probability of a cyclone being the highest during this month. Due to French Polynesia's position off the main cyclone belt, the chances of occurrence are sparsely few but still pose as a possibility. The humidity levels remain high but come with stunning sunsets. February's tourism rate remains slow, offering lower prices for resorts during this month. Key events: Valentine's Day Special Events (14th February).

Young couple snorkeling over reef next to a resort beach, Bora Bora


With March's arrival, rainfall decreases further, though daily showers and high humidity prevail. Despite the scarcity of tourists, event season begins in March, with competitions occurring to discover Bora Bora's best orero (guardian of spoken history). Key events: Missionary Day, Orero Championships.


April is the first of the two shoulder-season months, with rainfall easing up and an increase of sunshine and lower levels of humidity. Visibility in the water improves, marking April as a perfect start for the scuba diving season. Since the official high season does not commence yet, accommodation deals are still available, and one can avoid the crowd. Key events: Easter Celebrations (occasionally in March).


With May comes the beginning of the high season, resulting in clear blue skies and ideal conditions for scuba diving coupled with an increase of resort prices. May caters to less crowd, while the water condition is perfect for scuba diving. The Tahiti Pearl Regatta sailing race is an attraction for teams worldwide. Key events: Tahiti Pearl Regatta, Victory Day.


June exhibits cool temperatures at night and decreased humidity, making it perfect to visit at this time of the year. School holidays begin in North America and Europe, attracting families to vacation in Bora Bora. The wind tends to become stronger during this month, creating an ideal opportunity for sailing and kiteboarding. However, scuba diving visibility may decrease. Key events: Hivavaeve.

The peak season boasts perfect beach weather during most mornings. July

In July, Bora Bora witnesses its peak high-season, and this is not simply due to the favorable climate. Heive I Bora Bora, a major cultural festival of the island, takes place in July, making it one of the ideal times to plan a visit. Key events of this month include Heive I Bora Bora and the Raid Anei hiking race.

August is one of the busiest months in the high season, with most Europeans visiting during this time. Although tourist crowds and expenses are at their peak, August also sees the best climate with ample sunshine hours and low humidity. The trade winds, accompanied by manageable heat, provide an ideal climate for sightseeing and relaxing at the beach. The key event of this month includes Assumption.

A beautiful Bora Bora island beach at sunrise

September is still a part of the high season but brings about a slight decrease in activity with families returning back to school. This month marks the peak of humpback whale season, providing a great opportunity to witness the mother-and-calf pools around the island. While swimming with them is not allowed, various whale-watching tours are available. The key event of this month is Whale migration.

As October approaches, it marks the close of the high season. Although humidity and rain tend to increase, there is still a lot of sunshine. With the beginning of local school holidays, families can be spotted at the beaches. Moreover, scuba divers prefer to plan trips during October due to the calm waters and excellent visibility. The key event of this month is stone-throwing competitions.

November is one of the two shoulder season months, with higher humidity and more rain showers. Nevertheless, the overall temperature still remains manageable with some sunshine. This month experiences a decline in resort pricing along with a decrease in the crowd. In addition, the great visibility for snorkeling and scuba diving can be enjoyed before the onset of heavy rains. The key events of this month include La Toussaint (All Saints’ Day), Hawaiki nui va’a, and Armistice Day.

December is the most humid season in Bora Bora, accompanied by periods of rainfall and cloudy skies. However, the Christmas spirit uplifts the island with enthusiastic celebrations, and tourists are welcomed to various events. The key event of this month is Christmas.

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