Discover the Secrets of Cabo San Lucas Weather by Month

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Los Cabos boasts a delightful climate, with sunny skies all year round, but the destination experiences distinctive seasonal variations. When analyzing the weather in Cabo San Lucas by month, temperatures and precipitation levels fluctuate, giving travelers the chance to select the best time to visit based on their own personal preferences and vacation goals. Even though the temperature never drops near freezing, changes in the weather can still be observed. Nonetheless, whenever you go, an exhilarating adventure awaits!



The first month of the year brings with it the coolest Los Cabos Mexico weather, with an average temperature of 54-77°F. Though this may be warmer compared to other places, it's still advisable to bring a jacket for the mornings and evenings. Clear skies are the norm at this time, and the local humpback and grey whales visit the waters, offering an amazing spectacle of their tail-waving jumps and breeches.


As January progresses towards February, the weather remains constant with chillier mornings and evenings. If you plan to dine or spend time on the beach, you might also need a jacket. The water temperature in Cabo San Lucas is the coolest during the winter period, so it's less ideal for scuba diving. Nonetheless, thick wetsuits can help conserve your body heat.


With an average high temperature in the 80s, March is noticeably warmer. However, this also coincides with the whales' departure back to arctic waters. Therefore, if you wish to catch glimpses of these fascinating creatures, March is your last opportunity.


Springtime heralds no rain or storms in the Los Cabos Mexico weather forecast. With the average high hovering around 84°F, it's an ideal vacation period for families and students who want to unwind during spring break before the season gets hot.


During May, you can expect an average high of 86°F, and the warmth of summer is palpable. A jacket won't be necessary during this period, and water temperatures begin to warm, allowing for diving adventures.


June marks a peak in Los Cabos Mexico weather, with temperatures rising to the low 90s. Clear skies allow for visitors to indulge in snorkeling, swimming, and basking by the pool. Tourist traffic is usually reduced during this off-peak season, making it a perfect time to visit if you prefer more solitude.


The sizzling summer temperatures come with cost-saving all-inclusive vacations. July shows the hottest averages of the year, so refreshing dips in the water and cold drinks are necessary. Expect a few rainy days, but they aren't too long and will not significantly disrupt your plans.


August is one of the months when rain is more common in Los Cabos. It's also considered hurricane season, though most hurricanes do not come to the Baja peninsula. One might experience some tropical storms, in which case, indoor activities like shopping, cooking classes, or spa days will provide enjoyable respite.


September sees the continuation of August weather patterns with the heat and rainfall. Visitors should make sure they have prepared to stay cool by spending time at the beach or pool. Spend the day exploring the charming natural beauty of Cabo and relax indoors during the rainy weather.


October is the month when Los Cabos climate starts to shift into a new phase, as the rainfall steadily diminishes and average temperatures remain warm. Diving enthusiasts are in for a treat, as the water temperature in Cabo San Lucas becomes ideal for underwater exploration. However, visibility may still be hindered due to storm aftermath. Consult with a seasoned Cabo dive master to get the latest information on the top-notch diving sites to explore in October.


November marks the commencement of cooler weather in Los Cabos, although daytime temperatures can still range in the pleasant 80s. It's a great opportunity to embark on outdoor activities such as hiking, ziplining, and horseback riding. For refreshing experiences, partake in afternoon poolside floating or diving beneath the waves. November is the ideal time to visit with a growing influx of visitors and the start of the tourist season.


Christmas comes early in Los Cabos, as December has the coolest temperatures all year round. The average high remains in the upper 70s, providing ample opportunities for lounging under the shade of palm trees. As the mornings and evenings begin to cool off, you might want to pack a light jacket for early morning strolls or the sunset cruises. And don't forget to keep a lookout for the arrival of the whales if you plan to set sail on an adventure.

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