Discover the Secret to a Comfortable Long-haul Flight: Flipping Your Neck Pillow

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    Have you ever used a neck pillow on a long-haul flight and wondered why it didn't quite do the trick? Well, you might have been using it the wrong way. Read on to discover the correct way to use a neck pillow to get the comfort you need on long flights.

    Using the pillow the wrong way around:

      Like most people, the author initially wore their neck pillow with the gap at the front, expecting to sleep soundly. However, they found that their chin kept falling forward, and they couldn't get comfortable. After giving up on the U-shaped travel pillow, they discovered that they had been using it the wrong way around.

      The correct way to use the pillow:

        As demonstrated in a viral TikTok video, the correct way to use a neck pillow is to flip it and reverse it, with the gap at the back. This position supports your head and eliminates neck strain when your head falls from side to side, with your chin securely in place.

        The author's positive experience:

          After discovering the correct way to wear a neck pillow, the author tried it on a second flight and found that it made all the difference. They slept soundly throughout the night and felt so much more comfortable than they ever had before on a long-haul flight. They were even tempted to tell others to try it the other way around, as they felt like a "convert."

          Situations where the reverse position may not work well:

            While the reverse position is perfect for sleeping, it may not be as useful during mealtimes or when drinking. The gap in the back might make it challenging to move your head down and back up repeatedly. Therefore it's advisable to switch to the traditional position during such times.

            Using the pillow as lumbar support:

              If you're not sleeping, you can use your neck pillow as lumbar support while watching movies. It's a great way to avoid back pain caused by uncomfortable airplane seats. The author, for instance, found this strategy useful and encourages others to try it out.


                Next time you're on a long-haul flight, consider using your neck pillow the right way. Not only will it make a significant difference in how comfortable you are, but it might also make all the difference in how much rest you get during your flight. Loop your neck pillow around your luggage handles to avoid wearing it the wrong way when walking around the airport. With this simple tip, you might be the envy of fellow travelers who haven’t discovered the correct way to use a neck pillow.

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