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The Optimal Time to Travel to Egypt

Egypt proves to be an enchanting tourist destination all year round. However, when investigating the best time to visit Egypt, it's essential to consider the weather patterns and seasonal crowds. The ideal time to visit Egypt is during the winter season from October to April when the temperatures are milder. December and January are the most sought-after months in Egypt for tourists, making it a popular season for travelers. It would be best if you planned your trip ahead of time during this season, as tourism is booming. March, April, and September are also great months to travel to Egypt, keeping in mind that you will want to evade the crowds. You can experience daytime weather at an optimal level during these months and partake in water activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, and swimming in the Red Sea.

Despite its usual high temperatures, summer in Egypt is particularly hot in comparison to other seasons amid temperatures ranging from 23-36 degrees between May and August. Hence, we highly recommend carrying sunscreens, shades, and water bottles with you at all times. As rainfall is scarce during this time, the weather may exhibit severe dryness.

While the Nile Delta Region and Cairo exhibit a significantly cooler climate during the winter season, Southern Egypt retains warmth even during winters. It is best to carry a light jacket when traveling to the Nile Delta region and Cairo as the temperatures may drop at night. Winter proves to be the optimal season to visit Egypt, and planning your trip ahead of this peak tourist season is extremely important as it will guarantee you more affordable airfares and accommodations.

We also suggest keeping a few tips in mind as you prepare your travels. Be sure to carry weather and country-appropriate clothing, sunscreen, shades, water bottles, and hats, especially during summers. If you plan on visiting from May to August, understand that the weather is the warmest during these months, and you will want to consider hydration and sun exposure. During January, rainfall may prove to be a frequent occurrence, so prepare accordingly. If you are visiting Egypt during Ramadan, which falls between May 27th and June 25th, consider the country's customs and culture during these dates.

Finally, Egypt proves to be a land of many festivities. If you plan to visit during the winter season, don't miss the Aby Simbel Sun Festival on October 21st, celebrating Abu Simbel's Birthday and King Ramses II's crowning day. Also, keep in mind that Eid El Adha occurs on August 31st.

The Shoulder Months: March, April, and September

March, April, and September present a fantastic window of opportunity to travel to Egypt. During these months, the daylight is particularly pleasant for engaging in sunbathing, as well as other water activities like snorkeling and swimming, at the Red Sea. Scuba diving, on the other hand, can be performed year-round in Egypt.


March: The minimum temperature is 11 degrees Celsius, while the maximum temperature is 24 degrees Celsius.

April: The minimum temperature is 14 degrees Celsius, while the maximum temperature is 28 degrees Celsius.

September: The minimum temperature is 21 degrees Celsius, while the maximum temperature is 33 degrees Celsius.

Weather: The daylight weather is usually mild, with nights being comparatively cooler.

Significance: There are no national holidays or festivals during these months.  

Why You Should Visit Now: You have the extraordinary opportunity to partake in sunbathing, snorkeling, and swimming at the Red Sea. Furthermore, Egypt offers year-round scuba diving.

Know Before You Visit: The shoulder months fall between the start and end of the tourist season in Egypt, which means you can capitalize on off-season prices while still enjoying the country without getting overheated.  

Tips: Dress appropriately for the weather and country, use sunscreen, wear shades, drink lots of water, and sport a hat.

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