Discover the Best US Spring Break Destinations for Unforgettable Adventures

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Looking for the ultimate spring break getaway? Look no further! We've compiled a list of the best US spring break destinations that will have you packing your bags and booking your tickets in no time. Whether you're searching for a sun-soaked beach retreat, a cultural city adventure, or an outdoor exploration, we've got you covered. From the bustling streets of New York City to the serene beauty of the Florida Keys, the stunning landscapes of the Grand Canyon to the vibrant energy of New Orleans, get ready to discover the most exhilarating and unforgettable destinations across the country. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable spring break adventure.

Best Places to Visit in the USA in Spring

Naples, Florida

Top Reasons to Visit in Spring:

  • Enjoy perfect spring weather!
  • Experience less crowded beaches and restaurants
  • Witness the Naples St. Patrick's Day Parade
  • Attend the US Open Pickleball Championships in April

Average Spring Temperatures: Highs in the 70s to mid-80sF.

Where to Stay: Bellasera Resort

How could we not start this list with one of our favorite places! Naples has plenty to offer year-round, but it is especially amazing to visit in April for several reasons: most "snowbirds" (seasonal visitors) have already left, providing us with beautiful weather and less crowded beaches. The springtime temperatures range from the mid to high 80sF, with low humidity and no threat of hurricanes. It's the perfect time to explore the nearby Everglades and 10,000 Islands. Naples is also a fantastic destination for families during spring break, offering a variety of nature activities. Stay near downtown Naples to enjoy shopping, dining, and beaches. Don't forget to catch a stunning sunset at the Naples Pier. Indulge in Happy Hour at The French, Sails, or Del Mar, or visit Celebration Park for a casual hangout with delicious food trucks and a spacious bar. Take an eco boat tour from Tin City or venture to Keewaydin Island for a secluded beach experience. For more island fun, hop on the Key West Express from Marco Island and reach Key West in less than 3 hours! Enjoy your stay at Bellasera Resort, which offers convenient proximity to downtown Naples and features a fabulous raw bar restaurant and the chic London Club jazz bar.

Best places to visit in April USA

Midcoast Maine

Top Reasons to Visit in Spring:

  • Experience Maine Maple Sunday
  • Take advantage of great off-season hotel deals
  • Enjoy excellent spring fishing

Average Spring Temperatures: Highs ranging from the low 40s to mid-60sF.

Where to Stay: 250 Main Hotel

When winter begins to subside and you're looking for a spring getaway to New England, Midcoast Maine is the place to be. The region starts to bloom, making it a charming spring break destination. Midcoast is dotted with picturesque villages and small towns that offer a flourishing food scene. Lobster shacks reopen, and food trucks serve up the freshest seafood in creative ways. Don't miss the Sriracha ceviche scallops at Brother Shuckers food truck in Rockport! The towns of Rockland and Camden are bustling with great shops and restaurants. Make sure to reserve a table at Primo, a farm-to-table restaurant in Rockland. Immerse yourself in art by visiting the Center for Contemporary Maine Art, the Farnsworth Museum, or the Olson House, which showcases the works of three generations of Wyeths. Midcoast Maine is known for its maple syrup, and the annual Maine Maple Sunday celebration is a delightful event for families. Early spring in Maine can be cold, but April brings warmer temperatures and ideal conditions for freshwater fishing. In May, enjoy temperatures in the 60s and embark on a sunset sail on Penobscot Bay. For a unique experience, book a 3-night Maine windjammer cruise. Stay at 250 Main Hotel in downtown Rockland, which offers a comfortable boho industrial vibe and relaxing spa-like bathrooms.

Spring break destinations USA

The Berkshires, Massachusetts

Top Reasons to Visit in Spring:

  • Explore the Berkshire Botanical Garden in Stockbridge
  • Visit The Mount, Edith Wharton's home in Lenox
  • Go hiking at Bish Bash Falls

Average Spring Temperatures: Highs ranging from the mid-50s to high 70sF.

Where to Stay: Red Lion Inn

The Berkshires in western Massachusetts offer rolling mountains, art museums, and picturesque small towns that seem straight out of a Norman Rockwell painting. While the area is usually busy during summer and fall, spring brings blooming flowers and fewer tourists. The Berkshire Botanical Garden in Stockbridge showcases vibrant blossoms and is at its best during the spring months. Don't miss a hike to Bash Bish Falls, the highest waterfall in Massachusetts, which is most spectacular in spring. The region is also known for its art scene, with the Clark Institute in Williamstown and Mass MoCa in North Adams offering impressive collections. Visit The Mount, the former home of Edith Wharton, and explore its beautifully decorated interiors and lovely grounds. The Berkshires are a great place to visit in April, with average temperatures ranging from the 50s to high 70sF. Keep an eye out for cherry blossoms in Tom McCall Waterfront Park in Portland, and explore the Columbia River Gorge for blossoming wildflowers and stunning waterfalls. The average spring temperatures in this region range from the mid-50s to high 60sF. For a comfortable stay in Portland, book a room at Jupiter NEXT, a stylish hotel with an onsite bar and restaurant.

Columbia River Gorge - Portland, Oregon

Top Reasons to Visit in Spring:

  • Experience cherry blossoms in Tom McCall Waterfront Park
  • Enjoy wildflowers in the Columbia River Gorge

Average Spring Temperatures: Highs ranging from the mid-50s to high 60sF.

Where to Stay: Jupiter NEXT

Portland, Oregon, and the beautiful Columbia River Gorge offer some of the best spring vacation experiences on the west coast. This region, located on the border of Washington and Oregon, is perfect to visit during the spring. Witness the blooming cherry blossoms at Tom McCall Waterfront Park, located along the Willamette River in Portland. Explore the Columbia River Gorge and experience the vibrant wildflowers that adorn the national scenic area. This area is home to nearly 100 waterfalls, which are at their peak during the spring months. Consider taking a half-day tour to visit Multnomah Falls and other stunning waterfalls. In Portland, indulge in thrifting at the House of Vintage and savor the diverse culinary options. April and May bring temperatures ranging from the low 50s to upper 60sF, along with some rainfall. After a day of exploring, unwind at Jupiter NEXT, a stylish hotel in the Buckman neighborhood with an onsite bar and restaurant.

Maroon Bells - Aspen, Colorado

Top Reasons to Visit in Spring:

  • Enjoy vibrant spring wildflowers
  • Experience cool mornings and warm days, perfect for hiking

Average Spring Temperatures: Highs in the high 60sF, lows in the 30s-40sF.

Where to Stay: The Little Nell

One of the best places to enjoy spring in the United States is Maroon Bells in Aspen, Colorado. Offering breathtaking views, this area is known for its magnificent spring wildflowers. The cool mornings and warm days create ideal conditions for hiking. The average temperatures in spring range from the high 60s during the day to the 30s-40sF at night. Maroon Bells is a fantastic destination for outdoor enthusiasts seeking natural beauty. To make the most of your visit, stay at The Little Nell, which offers a luxurious experience in the heart of Aspen.

By Kate of Yes, Massachusetts!

Top spring break destinations in the US

Catalina Island, CA

Top Reasons to Visit in Spring:

  • Experience ideal spring weather on Catalina Island
  • Witness the return of kelp forests, some of the best in the world
  • Enjoy the extra lushness and blooming of the island
  • Embark on incredible whale watching adventures

Average Spring Temperatures: Highs in the mid-60s, lows in the mid-40sF.

Where to Stay: Bellanca Hotel

Spring is the perfect season to visit Catalina Island. The weather warms up, but the summer crowds have yet to arrive, allowing you to fully enjoy this unique destination. Located just an hour off the coast of southern California, Catalina Island provides a relaxing escape at the Bellanca Hotel in Avalon. Here, you can immerse yourself in underwater and outdoor adventures or simply lounge on the sand at Descanso Beach Club, sipping cocktails. The island is known for its excellent snorkeling and diving spots, including the mesmerizing kelp forests. Explore the marine life from a glass-bottom boat or kayak. Spring is also the time when the island blooms, creating a lush and vibrant environment. Don't miss the incredible whale watching opportunities, as Catalina Island is frequently visited by humpback whales and grey whales in March and April. May brings blue whales and finback whales. If you want to discover the highlights of Avalon, take a private golf cart tour or explore the island on foot with its amazing hiking trails. Make sure to visit the Catalina Casino, which features a stunning movie theater, ballroom, and museum. End your day at the beautiful Bellanca Hotel, surrounded by the serene atmosphere and saguaro cacti.

By Janello of Make The Trip Matter

Best spring vacations in the US

Saguaro National Park - Tucson, Arizona

Top Reasons to Visit in Spring:

  • Experience practically zero chance of afternoon thunderstorms
  • Enjoy crisp mornings and sunny afternoons on the trail
  • Witness the majestic blooming of saguaros in mid-late April

Average Spring Temperatures: Highs ranging from 70-76F, lows around 46F.

Where to Stay: Joshua Tree House

Saguaro National Park in southern Arizona is one of the best places to enjoy spring. Located near Tucson, this park is famous for its vast groves of magnificent saguaro cacti and rugged mountains covered in desert vegetation. The region experiences practically no chance of afternoon thunderstorms in the spring, and you can expect crisp mornings and sunny afternoons, perfect for hitting the trails. One of the top hikes is the Wasson Peak hike on the west side of the park. Don't miss the opportunity to witness a stunning desert sunset across the cactus-clad valleys. The park is divided into two sections, with Tucson offering a wide range of lodging options. While there are no developed campgrounds within the park, Gilbert Ray Campground in nearby Tucson Mountain Park provides a great camping option. For a luxurious experience, choose to stay at Joshua Tree House, a holiday home located just outside the west part of the park. Wake up surrounded by saguaros and embrace the beauty of the desert.

By Chris at Around The World With Me

Columbia River Gorge - Portland, Oregon

Top Reasons to Visit in Spring:

  • Experience cherry blossoms in Tom McCall Waterfront Park
  • Enjoy wildflowers in the Columbia River Gorge

Average Spring Temperatures: Highs ranging from the mid-50s to high 60sF.

Where to Stay: Jupiter NEXT

If you're looking for a fantastic spring vacation on the west coast, Portland, Oregon, and the Columbia River Gorge are perfect choices. Situated on the border between Washington and Oregon, this region offers stunning cherry blossoms at Tom McCall Waterfront Park in Portland. The Columbia River Gorge is renowned for its vibrant wildflowers that bloom throughout the national scenic area. With nearly 100 waterfalls at their peak during spring, hiking in this area is a must. Join a guided tour to explore Multnomah Falls and other breathtaking waterfalls and viewpoints. When in Portland, be sure to explore the House of Vintage and indulge in the diverse local culinary scene. Experience temperatures ranging from the mid-50s to high 60sF, with occasional rainfall. At the end of the day, retreat to Jupiter NEXT, a stylish hotel located in the Buckman neighborhood, featuring an onsite bar and restaurant.

By Kassidy of The Hiking Helper

Maroon Bells - Aspen, Colorado

Top Reasons to Visit in Spring:

  • Experience vibrant spring wildflowers
  • Enjoy cool mornings and warm days, perfect for hiking

Average Spring Temperatures: Highs in the high 60sF, lows in the 30s-40sF.

Where to Stay: The Little Nell

Marvel at the stunning beauty of Maroon Bells in Aspen, Colorado, during spring. This picturesque destination is famous for its vibrant wildflowers that bloom during this season. The cool mornings and warm days provide the perfect weather for hiking. Expect highs in the high 60sF and lows in the 30s-40sF. Embrace the natural wonders around you and enjoy the tranquility of the area. For a luxurious stay, book a room at The Little Nell, located in the heart of Aspen.

By Kate of Yes, Massachusetts!

Spring Break in New York City

Recommended by Lyndsay from The Purposely Lost

A view of Lower Manhattan, including One World Trade Center, from Edge in Manhattan

If you're looking for the perfect spring break destination for college students, New York City is the place to be.

While NYC has a reputation for being expensive, with proper planning, you can make this trip affordable.

Although accommodations may be the most expensive part of your trip, there are affordable hostels in New York City, such as Freehand New York City. Additionally, major hotel chains often offer deals.

Instead of relying on expensive taxis, embrace the New Yorker spirit by taking the subway. A weekly unlimited MetroCard costs $33, allowing you to ride the subway as much as you want, anywhere you need to go, for a full seven days.

You can even use your MetroCard to spend a day at one of New York City's beautiful beaches, like the Rockaways, Brighton Beach, or Coney Island.

Many iconic locations in New York City offer free activities. Take a stroll through Central Park, Times Square, the 9/11 Memorial, or any neighborhood without spending a dime. You can also plan visits to museums, such as the American Museum of Natural History, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, or the Whitney Museum, during their free admission hours.

If a museum you're interested in doesn't have free hours, check if they offer reduced admission pricing for students.

Keep in mind that many Broadway shows have student rush ticket policies, allowing you to enjoy a fantastic show at a discounted price.

For those over 21, make sure to visit a rooftop bar for dinner and drinks. Loopy Doopy Rooftop Bar offers stunning views of the Hudson River and Jersey City, while 230 Fifth Rooftop Bar provides an amazing view of the Empire State Building. Lucy's Cantina Royale overlooks the old and new Penn Station complexes, and The Heights Bar and Grill offers delicious food on the Upper West Side near Columbia University.

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Boston, Massachusetts

Recommended by Nicole Hunter from Go Far Grow Close

Boston Public Garden Paul Revere Statue in Boston Massachusetts

Boston is an incredible destination for your college spring break.

One of the top activities in Boston is a food tour, such as the Boston Secret Food Tour. This tour allows you to explore significant parts of the city while enjoying delicious food.

By taking the tour in the mid-afternoon, you can even skip lunch and dinner.

Of course, you can't miss the Freedom Trail, which provides a deeper understanding of Boston's history and highlights some of the city's most important sights.

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For a fantastic night-time activity, consider visiting Improv Asylum in Little Italy. The improv shows there are top-notch. Make sure to visit the iconic Mike's Pastry next door and try one of their famous cannolis. Just be prepared for a bit of a wait in line.

Boston is a great city for exploring on foot. Many historical sites, restaurants, and shopping areas are within walking distance of each other. However, if you need a break, Boston has an excellent mass transit system that allows you to easily access different parts of the city and even the suburbs at an affordable price.

An excellent option for affordable accommodation near a train line is The Lodge at Brandeis University. Alternatively, you can find budget-friendly places to stay in the city center or suburbs on VRBO.

If you prefer to stay closer to the action, Moxy Boston Downtown is a fun hotel located just a couple of blocks away from Boston Common.

Avoid taking taxis or Ubers around Boston, as the city's one-way streets and indirect highway system can result in expensive rides for short distances.


Florida Keys

Recommended by Amanda Emmerling, Toddling Traveler

Florida Keys is one of the best spring break destinations in the US. From Key Largo to Key West, the Keys offer a variety of activities for every family and interest. You can enjoy deep sea fishing, explore marine life, visit state parks and beaches, and indulge in great restaurants and unique accommodations.

When planning a family vacation in the Florida Keys, consider staying in Islamorada. Not only does it have a central location for exploring the Keys, but it's also a laid-back fishing town with family-friendly resorts, restaurants with outdoor seating, and fun activities for kids.

Don't miss Theater of the Sea, where you can swim with dolphins and enjoy other family-friendly attractions. Robbie's Marina is another great spot for family fun, especially feeding the Tarpons. The Florida Keys offer numerous outdoor activities and water sports, including snorkeling, kayaking with manatees, jet skiing, and boating.

If you're looking for a unique town with great restaurants and nightlife, a visit to Key West is a must. Explore attractions like the Butterfly Conservatory, Southernmost Point, and the Ernest Hemingway House.

TIP: Consider taking a day trip to Dry Tortugas National Park for a breathtaking experience. Remember to book the day tour in advance.

Spring weather in Florida Keys is perfect, with warm temperatures ranging from 70-80°F (20-27°C) and plenty of sunny days.

What makes the Florida Keys great for spring break is the combination of warm weather, stunning beaches, and a wide range of unique family activities. It's an ideal destination for a warm-weather getaway during spring break.


Key West, Florida

Recommended by Megan Starr from Megan & Aram Travel Blog

Key West, Florida, is one of the coolest places to go for spring break in the United States.

While many college students choose easily accessible beaches like Miami and Ft. Lauderdale, Key West offers a different vibe with a touch of Caribbean charm that will make you feel like you've left the country.

Getting from Miami to Key West is simple if you rent a car and take your time. Along the way, there are many worthwhile stops to explore, such as Islamorada, Bahia Honda State Park, and the backwaters of Key Largo.

If you're on a budget, consider staying on one of the islands near Key West, where prices are more affordable. Marathon, located less than an hour away from Key West, offers cheaper accommodations and snorkeling opportunities.

Once you're in Key West, you'll find a plethora of fun activities to enjoy, from sunset cruises to partying at historic bars like Sloppy Joe's on Duval Street.

Key West is known for its laid-back atmosphere, and visitors are open-minded and ready for a good time.

If you want to embark on an exciting day trip, don't miss the chance to visit Dry Tortugas National Park and admire its beautiful blue waters and Fort Jefferson.

While Key West may not be the top spring break destination in the US, it offers a wonderful alternative to the more crowded spots in mainland Florida.


Outer Banks, North Carolina

Recommended by Neha Kulshrestha, Travelmelodies

Outer Banks, an archipelago of islands off the coast of North Carolina, is a captivating destination with sandy beaches and plenty of outdoor activities. Known as the "First in flight" state, Outer Banks is where the Wright Brothers built and flew the first aircraft, making a visit to the Wright Brothers Memorial a must-visit activity.

With a 200-mile coastline, Outer Banks offers beautiful beaches, sand dunes to climb, and noteworthy lighthouses. Don't miss the Currituck Beach Lighthouse, Bodie Island Lighthouse, and the iconic Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, where you can even climb to the top for stunning views (available from spring to summer).

Adventure seekers will love driving on the beaches of Outer Banks, which provide a thrilling experience. However, a permit is required for driving on Cape Hatteras.

TIP: Take a scenic drive along the Outer Banks Scenic Byway to soak in the beautiful vistas and create lifelong memories.

Spring weather in Outer Banks is warm with crisp air, making it perfect for outdoor activities. Temperatures range from the mid-60s to 70s (18-21°C).

What makes Outer Banks great for spring break is the off-season status, which means warmer temperatures and affordable hotel rates. There are many family-friendly Airbnbs by the beach, making it a perfect and budget-friendly destination without the crowds.


Bald Head Island, North Carolina Spring Break

Recommended by Maria from Maptrekking

As a barrier island off the coast of North Carolina, Bald Head Island (BHI) is the perfect destination for slow traveling and experiencing nature away from the college hustle and bustle.

While the island was a filming location for the movie "Weekend at Bernie's," it offers a different atmosphere with its rich history, abundant nature, and beautiful beaches.

Make sure to visit "Old Baldy," the oldest lighthouse still standing in North Carolina. Climb to the top for panoramic views of the entire island.

BHI boasts various ecological habitats, including beaches, dunes, a maritime forest, freshwater lagoons, and salt marshes. Enjoy kayaking or stand-up paddleboarding in the salt marsh or go beachcombing for unique shells.

The island is home to over 260 bird species, making it a paradise for birdwatching.

It's worth noting that residents of BHI use electric golf carts as transportation, so the island is mostly car-free.

Despite being located far north, Bald Head Island is home to alligators. They primarily stay near the lagoons but can sometimes be seen on the beach, salt marsh, or even in backyards.

Visiting BHI during spring break allows you to experience the island's peaceful solitude and explore freely, as it's less crowded compared to the summer high season.


Charleston, South Carolina

Recommended by Brittany from Travel by Brit

Colorful houses on Rainbow Row in Charleston South CarolinaCharleston, South Carolina, is an ideal destination for college students looking for a spring break getaway.

With a myriad of free or budget-friendly activities to enjoy in Downtown Charleston and plenty of fantastic day trips around the area, there's never a shortage of fun things to do in Charleston.

During your spring break in Charleston, make sure to take advantage of these free activities:

  • Marvel at the Angel Oak Tree, which is 1,500 years old
  • Take a leisurely stroll through Waterfront Park to see the pineapple fountain and swing on the pier
  • Embark on a Charleston Walking Food Tour to savor some of the city's best culinary delights
  • Relax on Folly Beach, Sullivan's Island, or Kiawah Island
  • Browse the Charleston City Market for unique finds
  • Learn the art of tea-making at the Charleston Tea Garden
  • Take a picture at the iconic Rainbow Row
Charleston boasts an incredible food scene, and there are several must-visit restaurants and bars in the city:
  • FIG – For a upscale dinner experience, FIG is a favorite among Charleston locals, serving dishes made from seasonal and local ingredients.
  • Poogan's Porch – A fun spot for brunch, don't miss out on their delicious chicken and waffles.
  • The Commodore – Enjoy an exciting night out at this classic and iconic Charleston music club.
  • The Vendue – Lounge at this rooftop bar, offering breathtaking views of the French Quarter and Charleston harbor.
  • Carmella's – Cozy up with a boozy coffee and a sweet cannoli at this charming dessert bar.
If you're looking for accommodations in Charleston, consider these options:
  • The Mills House ($$$) – An iconic pink hotel located on Meeting Street in Downtown Charleston.
  • Courtyard by Marriott Charleston Historic District ($$) – Situated on Meeting Street and within walking distance of all the sights in Downtown Charleston.
  • VRBO ($$) – Explore vacation rentals located outside of downtown Charleston in Mount Pleasant or James Island for the best deals on accommodations.


Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

From Marianne at The Journeying Giordanos

Looking for a family-friendly spring break destination in the US? Look no further than Myrtle Beach, South Carolina!

Known for its over 60 miles of beautiful beach area, Myrtle Beach is the perfect place to play, relax, and explore.

During spring break, the daytime temperatures in Myrtle Beach average between 62 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit, making it comfortably warm for outdoor activities.

Although swimming in the ocean may still be a bit chilly in March or early April, the beaches are perfect for sunbathing and playing in the sand.

Aside from beach activities, there are plenty of other things to do in Myrtle Beach. Take a ride on the Skywheel for stunning views of the area, visit Ripley's Aquarium to see amazing marine life, or explore the beautiful Myrtle Beach State Park. You can also enjoy mini-golf, visit a car museum, or shop and dine at Broadway at the Beach entertainment complex.

Myrtle Beach offers a wide range of family-friendly accommodations and restaurants, making it an ideal choice for a spring break getaway. It is easily accessible via major highways and is just a short drive from the airport.


Texas Hill Country

By Kay of Enchanting Texas

Texas Hill Country, located in Central Texas, is a picturesque region characterized by rolling hills, tranquil rivers, and numerous swimming holes. Outdoor recreation is abundant here, with opportunities for hiking, mountain biking, camping, visiting waterfalls, and horseback riding. River tubing is also a popular activity in the region.

Spring in Texas Hill Country is marked by the blooming of bluebonnets, transforming the countryside into a carpet of blue flowers. Ennis and Burnet are among the best places to admire these beautiful blooms.

The small towns of Texas Hill Country exude a romantic charm and are perfect for a relaxing stay while exploring the scenic countryside. Fredericksburg, with its authentic German heritage, offers a charming experience, while Historic Downtown Brenham is ideal for leisurely strolls. Marble Falls boasts stunning bluebonnet fields, and Luckenbach is famous for its live music scene.

Wineries are another highlight of Texas Hill Country. Take a tour of the region's beautiful vineyards and indulge in wine tasting. You'll also find peach orchards, wildflower farms, distilleries, and breweries in this diverse region.

In terms of weather, spring in Central Texas sees temperatures ranging from 70-80°F (21-27°C) in March and April, making it perfect for outdoor activities.

Texas Hill Country offers the perfect combination of pleasant weather, stunning natural beauty, and a variety of events and activities for the whole family, making it a fantastic spring break destination.


San Francisco, California

Recommended by: Debbie Fettback of WorldAdventurists

San Francisco is a vibrant city with a mix of urban and natural landscapes, making it an ideal destination for spring break.

Start your visit at Fisherman's Wharf, where you can explore attractions, shops, and enjoy delectable eats. Don't forget to say hello to the barking sea lions!

For a memorable experience, drive, bike, or walk across the iconic Golden Gate Bridge or admire its beauty from Baker Beach.

Make sure to visit Alamo Square Park to see the famous Victorian homes known as the Painted Ladies. Explore the city's captivating art scene, including its vibrant murals. And don't miss the chance to drive down Lombard Street, the world's most crooked street. Riding the iconic cable cars is a must-do activity for visitors of all ages.

For a fascinating history lesson, take a boat ride to Alcatraz Island (book your Alcatraz tour in advance to secure your spot).

San Francisco offers mild weather throughout the year, but spring is considered one of the best seasons to visit. In March and April, temperatures range from 50 to 65°F (10 to 18°C), perfect for sightseeing. However, the Bay Area experiences strong winds during this time, so don't forget to bring a jacket and dress in layers.

San Francisco's pleasant weather, low crowds, and family-friendly attractions make it an excellent choice for a spring break getaway. Plus, it serves as a great starting point for a road trip to beautiful destinations like Carmel-By-The-Sea or Big Sur.


Los Angeles, California

Recommended by Francesca from Homeroom Travel

A view of the Hollywood Sign from Los Angeles, CaliforniaPhoto Credit: Francesca from Homeroom Travel Los Angeles is one of the best spring break destinations for college students.

There are plenty of fun and unique things to do in Los Angeles, and the best part is that many of them are free or affordable.

To make the most of your stay, consider accommodations in Downtown Los Angeles for convenience and savings.

If you're looking to relax, spend a day at one of the many beautiful beaches in Los Angeles. All beaches are free to access and offer a range of activities and amenities.

Hiking enthusiasts will find numerous trails to explore in and around Los Angeles. Popular hiking destinations include the Hollywood Sign, Runyon Canyon, and Griffith Park.

For TV enthusiasts, attending a TV show taping can be a memorable experience (many shows offer free tickets online).

Los Angeles is also home to an array of incredible museums, such as The Getty, The Broad, LACMA, and the La Brea Tar Pits.

When it comes to dining, Los Angeles has no shortage of amazing restaurants. Don't miss the chance to try a classic In-N-Out burger or visit Grand Central Market for a variety of dining options.

Downtown Los Angeles offers a vibrant nightlife scene, with bars like Broken Shaker, Mama Shelter, Perch, Clifton's Republic, and Library Bar offering stunning city views or unique atmospheres. Craft breweries like Angel City Brewery in the Arts District also provide a fun experience.

No matter your interests, Los Angeles offers a plethora of exciting activities and experiences for college students during spring break.


Palm Springs, California

Palm Springs SignThe southern California desert offers warm weather in early February, making Palm Springs a fantastic spring break getaway. This destination caters to all types of travelers, including families, friends, couples, and solo adventurers.

With temperatures still bearable, spring is the perfect time to explore the natural wonders of Greater Palm Springs. Take a hike through the Living Desert or Joshua Tree National Park to admire breathtaking flora and fauna.

In Palm Springs, you'll find a variety of bars, diners, movie theaters, and museums to suit adult travelers. There are also resorts and a zoo that offer fun activities for kids.

For a unique experience, hop on a rotating tramcar that takes you to the top of Mount San Jacinto.


Santa Barbara, California

Recommended by Daria from The Discovery Nut

View of Santa Barbara California from the pierIf you're looking for a spring break experience that combines culture and outdoor activities, Santa Barbara, California is the perfect destination.

Often referred to as the American Riviera, Santa Barbara has a rich colonial heritage and is home to many historic landmarks that provide insight into its Spanish roots.

Visit the El Presidio de Santa Barbara State Historic Park, a former military outpost built by Spanish settlers to protect their domain. Today, it houses an open-air museum featuring El Cuartel, the second oldest building in California.

Santa Barbara is also known for its historic Mission Santa Barbara, Casa de la Guerra, and its stunning courthouse, which is considered the most beautiful in the United States.

When it's time to unwind, downtown Santa Barbara offers a variety of bars, restaurants, and clubs to enjoy.

In addition to its cultural attractions, Santa Barbara offers plenty of recreational opportunities. Whether you're interested in surfing, kayaking, hiking, or simply lounging on the beach, this destination has something for everyone.

The Santa Ynez mountains surrounding Santa Barbara provide numerous hiking trails and scenic spots for outdoor enthusiasts. With temperatures ranging from pleasant to warm in March and April, it's the perfect time to enjoy the great outdoors.

And of course, don't forget to spend some time at the beautiful beaches in Santa Barbara, such as East Beach or Butterfly Beach.

Despite its small size, Santa Barbara offers a wealth of adventure and history, making it an ideal spring break destination for college students.


Mammoth Lakes, California

From Jenifer at The Evolista

Mammoth Lakes, California, is the perfect destination for a Spring Break trip with your family.

There are countless fun activities to choose from, and spring skiing in California should definitely be on your USA bucket list. Just imagine picturesque snow, sunny skies, and a wide range of enjoyable activities for the kids!

Stunning Mammoth LakesPrepare to be amazed by the stunning beauty of Mammoth Lakes.

The highlight of your trip will undoubtedly be hitting the slopes. Mammoth Mountain consistently ranks as one of the top resorts for families.

With its expansive 3,500 acres of skiable terrain, Mammoth Mountain offers plenty of beginner and intermediate trails. The ski school also provides enjoyable lessons for skiing and snowboarding, ensuring that your kids have a fun learning experience.

Another thrilling adventure for families is Woolly's Tube Park. Strap yourselves onto big, cushy innertubes and whiz down the groomed lanes.

Younger kids will love the snow play area, and everyone can enjoy ice skating and snowmobiling. In the evenings, Mammoth Village hosts various events, and there are plenty of fantastic restaurants to choose from.

Springtime in Mammoth Lakes brings the blooming of California's incredible wildflowers. It's the perfect time for a family hike and capturing beautiful selfies.

April marks the start of fishing season, offering multiple lakes where you can catch trout. Don't miss the opportunity to explore the old Mammoth mine or visit the Hot Creek Geologic Site.

Monterey Bay, Central California

From Dhara at Roadtripping California

Monterey Bay in Central California is a fantastic option for an active and enjoyable spring break with your family.

There are numerous things to do in Monterey for kids and adults alike, and spring offers beautiful weather and minimal fog.

You can easily access Monterey Bay through the regional airport, or by flying into San Francisco, San Jose, or Oakland and driving down to the Monterey peninsula.

Taking photos at Monterey AquariumCapture beautiful moments at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Photo by Lance Anderson on Unsplash.

A visit to the Monterey Bay Aquarium is a must for both kids and adults. Explore the renowned living kelp forest and discover the diverse marine life from the Monterey Bay.

Embark on a thrilling whale watching tour and encounter not only whales, but also dolphins, otters, and more. Enjoy kayaking to spot marine life up close.

On the South of the bay, Point Lobos State Natural Reserve offers easy and scenic hikes suitable for all skill levels. In the spring, you'll have the chance to see harbor seals and nesting sea birds in the park.

For a relaxing beach experience, head to beautiful Carmel Beach. Take a leisurely stroll or have a picnic along the sandy shores. Swimming is not recommended due to the cold waters.

Whatever you decide to do in Monterey, you are guaranteed to have a wonderful and memorable spring break with your family!

Point Lobos, Carmel by the SeaExplore the beauty of Point Lobos in Carmel by the Sea. Photo by Meriç Dağlı on Unsplash.

Disneyland, California

Recommended by: Kim Tate, Stuffed Suitcase

Disneyland in California, with its two parks - Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park - is a joyful destination all year round. However, visiting in March or April gives you the opportunity to experience the Food and Wine Festival, which adds an extra delicious touch to your theme park visit.

Every year, the festival's chefs collaborate with local farms and businesses to create a California-inspired menu. Don't forget about the drinks! Local breweries, wineries, and distilleries are also featured.

With regular park admission, you can enter Disney California Adventure Park and embark on a tasting journey at the various themed booths. Keep track of all the delectable bites and sips with a tasting passport.

During the festival, there are incredible live performances to enjoy. Grab something tasty and revel in the musical performances at the stage while you savor your food. Of course, make sure to take time to experience all the fantastic attractions and entertainment available at both Disneyland theme parks - it's the perfect destination for kids and adults alike!

During springtime in Anaheim, CA, the weather is beautiful with daytime temperatures in the 70s (20-25°C). However, evenings can be cool, so pack a jacket or sweater.

Disneyland is an ideal destination for spring break. Pleasant weather, extended opening hours, numerous shows and performances, and minimal attraction closures make for a fantastic experience for the whole family. Don't miss out on the Food and Wine Festival, which adds a special touch to your theme park visit!

For more information about visiting Disneyland, check out the Ultimate Disneyland Guide.

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Disneyland California during Food and Wine Festival in springExperience the magic of Disneyland during the Food and Wine Festival in spring. Photo by Kim Tate, Stuffed Suitcase.

Spring break in Lake Tahoe, California

From Cortney Edwards of Tin Can Living

Lake Tahoe, located in California's beautiful Sierra Nevada mountain range, is an idyllic destination for a spring break vacation.

The crisp mountain air, abundant sunshine, and a wide range of activities available make Lake Tahoe a memorable experience for your family.

Lake TahoeImmerse yourself in the beauty of Lake Tahoe. Photo by Fabian Quintero on Unsplash.

Your children will love playing in the remaining snow while you take a break from work. For those seeking adventure, the many ski slopes provide an afternoon of excitement. Yes, there's still snow in spring!

Lake Tahoe offers a unique spring break experience, away from the typical crowded destinations. What sets it apart is that there are endless activities for everyone to enjoy.

Did you know that you can still ski in April? While others are flocking to crowded beaches, you can hit the slopes instead.

Kids can enjoy the sunshine and partake in fun lake activities. They can transition from splashing around in Lake Tahoe to building snowmen. Tubing down a mountain or biking along the scenic trails are other exciting options.

Adults can visit the numerous casinos or, for the more adventurous, spend a day hiking in the beautiful Tahoe National Forest.

For accommodations, consider staying in a vacation rental home or condo, which are plentiful in the area.

There is truly no shortage of things to do in Lake Tahoe. Your family will never want to leave!

Snow on the ground at Lake TahoeExperience the snowy wonder of Lake Tahoe. Photo by Intricate Explorer on Unsplash.

Oregon Coast road trip

From Emily Mandagie at The Mandagies

If you're searching for an exciting spring break road trip for your family, consider the stunning Oregon Coast!

In fact, the Oregon Coast is part of the renowned Pacific Coast Highway, which stretches from San Diego to Seattle, with the Los Angeles to San Francisco drive being the most famous section.

Oregon coast highwayEmbark on a scenic drive along the Oregon coast highway.

During springtime, the Oregon Coast attracts fewer crowds, giving you easy access to popular attractions. It's the perfect time to embark on an Oregon coast road trip.

To fully experience the Oregon coast, start your journey in Portland and drive west to the coast, following Highway 101. The road trip covers approximately 350 miles and can be comfortably completed in 5-7 days. To return to Portland quickly, take I-5 back north.

Most activities on the Oregon Coast are suitable for all ages, and the majority of them take place outdoors.

On the Northern Oregon Coast, you'll find picturesque and dog-friendly beaches such as Cannon Beach and Seaside. Take a memorable ride on the Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad, a steam train tour perfect for visitors young and old.

On the Central Coast, explore tide pools, go hiking, and spot sea lions relaxing on the Newport docks.

Heading towards the Southern Coast, you'll encounter majestic trees and dense coastal forests reminiscent of California's Redwoods.

While you may experience some rain during spring break on the Oregon Coast, a good raincoat and waterproof boots will allow you to enjoy short hikes and trails.

There is a wide array of accommodations available, including campgrounds, hotels, and bed & breakfast establishments along the coast. Major towns such as Cannon Beach, Newport, Coos Bay, and Brookings provide convenient access to gas, food, and accommodations.

Sea lions lounging in Newport, OregonObserve sea lions lounging in Newport, Oregon.

Cannon Beach, Oregon

Cannon Beach SunsetAlthough not typically known for its beaches, Cannon Beach is a must-visit destination for an unforgettable spring break. In fact, it has become one of the best beach vacation spots in the US.

Spring brings slightly chilly weather, but it is still a great time to visit.

At Cannon Beach, you can spend your days birdwatching, exploring tide pools, or simply reveling in the sound of crashing waves. Plus, the beach is dog-friendly, so your furry friend can join in the fun without a leash.

When you're not at the beach, you can shop at charming boutiques, visit galleries, and explore museums. There are also numerous hiking trails that offer scenic walks through lush greenery and opportunities to spot wildlife.

Cannon Beach provides plenty of options for a magical spring break vacation. Choose Cannon Beach and create everlasting memories with your family.

Snow on the ground at Lake TahoeSnow on the ground at Lake Tahoe. Experience the winter wonderland.

Sacramento, California

From Emilie at Love Life Abroad

Did you know that the California Gold Rush started in a small village of Northern California called Coloma?

This enjoyable family spring break trip begins with a California Gold Rush tour in Sacramento's Old Town, which was established as a commercial center. The first store was opened by the river, quickly becoming a trading hub for miners.

Old town Sacramento

Next, head to Sutter’s Fort State Historic Park a few blocks from Old Sacramento. This fort served various purposes, but it was here that John Sutter learned about the gold discovery in Coloma.

After a few days in Sacramento, drive towards Auburn and take Highway 49. This highway was named after the "49ers," the immigrants who rushed to California in search of gold.

Highway 49 runs north and south of Auburn, and the main California gold rush stops are:

  • Empire Mine State Historic Park in Grass Valley
  • Auburn
  • Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park in Coloma
  • Columbia State Historic Park in Columbia
  • California Mining and Mineral Museum in Mariposa

There is nothing better than experiencing a road trip through the historic area where the California Gold Rush took place. Enjoy your visits, make sure to ask for the Junior Rangers program at each state park, and immerse yourself in history.

SacramentoSacramento, CA. Photo by Stephen Leonardi on Unsplash

Las Vegas, Nevada

Recommended by Anjali from Travel Melodies

Las Vegas needs no introduction! The vibrant and colorful city is one of the most unique places on earth, one that you should visit once in your lifetime. It’s a classic for a reason! From family activities to adult fun and from world-class shows to the great outdoors nearby, Las Vegas offers a complete sensory experience!

Simply stroll down the Strip (4.2 miles of magic) and take in the charm of Vegas. There are also plenty of free and kid-friendly activities offered by the resorts on the Strip.

We highly recommend indulging in the dancing fountains of Bellagio, the botanical conservatory at Bellagio, the wildlife habitat at Flamingo, a circus show at Circus Circus, flower displays at Wynn, and the erupting volcano at Mirage.

Our kids absolutely loved the chocolate tour and Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart as well. You must also check out the thrilling Stratosphere Tower attractions and Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay.

And you haven't truly visited Las Vegas if you haven't seen Cirque du Soleil, some of the best shows ever.

In addition, there are so many amazing places to see near Las Vegas that you can easily spend an entire spring break here and never get bored!

Spring weather: Spring weather is very pleasant in Las Vegas, making it one of the very best times to visit. Temperatures hover between 50-70°F (10-20°C) in March, 55-77°F (13-25°C) in April, and 65-90°F (19-32°C) in May.

What makes it great for spring break: Las Vegas is a wonderful spring break destination because of the great mix of activities and perfect weather! Comfortable temperatures make sightseeing and excursions very pleasant. Plus, it’s a good time to take advantage of special spring break deals on accommodations and activities.

LEARN MORE: Best Things to Do in VegasLas Vegas Tips for Your First Visit

Spring break destinations - Las Vegas USALas Vegas is a great place to visit in spring! – Photo

Zion National Park, Utah for Spring Break

Recommended by McKenna Hurd from One More Step Travels

Red cliffs at Zion National Park in Utah, a unique destination for college spring breakersPhoto Credit: McKenna Hurd from One More Step TravelsSouthern Utah is a popular spring break destination, when the weather is warm and sunny and the desert has splotches of green mixed in with the red rock.

Rent a car and hit the road for an adventure best experienced in your twenties!

One of the highlights of a Southern Utah road trip is Zion National Park, known for its iconic trails, such as Angel’s Landing, The Narrows, and The Subway.

Each of these hiking adventures is challenging and requires a lot of grit to complete – perfect for outdoorsy college students.

Each trail offers something different: Angel’s Landing provides the thrill of hiking along a cliff with incredible views of Zion, The Narrows trail leads through the Virgin River in a slot canyon, and The Subway is an advanced rappelling and rock-climbing adventure that requires a permit.

With the latter two hikes, be aware of flash floods, especially during the springtime, and heed warning signs when there is a threat posted.

Nearby Springdale is the gateway town to Zion National Park and a great place to grab a drink and bite to eat.

Popular places include Zion Canyon Brew Pub for the brews, Whiptail Grill for Mexican food, and Bumbleberry Inn for delicious bumbleberry bars.

Plan your trip to Zion National Park in advance and reserve a campsite in the park.

Watchman Campground is right up against red cliffs, iconic to Zion, and is a cheap place to kick it with a group of friends.

Bonus tip for saving money: purchase an annual America the Beautiful National Park Pass for , splitting the cost between the group, and visit nearby national parks with it, too.

Within a five-hour radius of Zion are Arches, Canyonlands, Bryce Canyon, Capitol Reef, Grand Canyon, Great Basin, and Death Valley.

This Utah national park itinerary has even more details for planning a Southern Utah road trip.


Moab, Utah

Our personal recommendation

Moab in Utah must be one of the best American spring break destinations for nature and outdoor lovers! There is so much to see and do in the area, and spring weather is perfect for exploring!

The highlights of the area are, of course, Arches and Canyonlands National Parks, and also Dead Horse Point State Park. These parks have lots of easily accessible landmarks that everyone can visit and also a variety of hikes for all levels. In addition, there's also a big choice of fun activities, including ATV rides, family-friendly rafting (available from around mid-March), mountain biking, and more!

In Arches National Park, drive the Arches Scenic Drive stopping at all the main viewpoints. Take an easy hike to Landscape Arch, an iconic Delicate Arch hike, or one of the longer trails to many other natural arches of the park. For more information, please check our guide to the best things to do in Arches National Park.

In Canyonlands National Park, visit the Island in the Sky district that offers easy access to many viewpoints with jaw-dropping views of the area. Also, don't miss a short Mesa Arch hike. For more information, please check our guide to the best things to do in Canyonlands National Park.

TIP: Don't miss the sunset at Dead Horse Point State Park! Also, take at least one ATV tour to explore the areas that you wouldn't be able to easily access otherwise. See our selection of the best Moab tours for more info.

Spring weather: The weather in Moab in March and April is as good as it gets in this area! Daytime temperatures are around 65-75°F (18-24°C), and you can expect sunny skies with just a very small chance for rain.

What makes it great for spring break: With phenomenal landscapes, a big variety of activities, and excellent weather, Moab is a wonderful destination for an outdoorsy vacation in spring. Furthermore, because you spend the majority of your time outdoors, it's also very budget-friendly!

Another big advantage is that you can just stay in Moab and explore so many beautiful places in the area without having to drive far every day. See Moab itinerary suggestions for more details on how to plan your trip.

Moab Utah is a great spring break destination in the USATunnel Arch in Arches National Park

Park City, Utah

View of Park City, UtahIf winter and its cold weather are a personal favorite, you don't have to say goodbye just yet. Utah's Park City is a laid-back place boasting museums, galleries, restaurants, and bars. And the best thing is that it's just a quick hop away from Salt Lake City. (you can check here some of the best things to do in Salt Lake City.)

You can join in on some end-of-season snow sports as snow usually remains on the mountains through April. For a less adrenaline-charged experience, you can take the kids tubing or ice skating.

Hiking, zip-lining, and mountain biking are some of the more popular outdoor activities at this top spring break destination in the US.

If the weather is too chilly, there are many indoor activities available. Take on an escape room, visit the museums, or go bowling if you feel like something competitive.

Spring Break in Capitol Reef, Utah

From Michelle of Travel With Intention

Capitol Reef, the least crowded park on the impressive Utah National Park scene, will be an amazing experience. Explore history, hike, go off-road, or even spend a day trekking with llamas!

Enter early, and you may get the benefit of pie from the Gifford House. Opening each year on March 14th (pie day), this unique gift shop sells out quickly. Grab one first thing and then come back to Fruta for a picnic lunch.

Fruta area, Capitol Reef, UtahFruta area, Capitol Reef, Utah. Pic Michelle

With pie(s) secured, take Scenic Drive. Spend half a day stopping to take stunning pictures along the Waterpocket Fold.

At the end, you'll find a parking lot. Continue down the unpaved road on the left toward Capitol Gorge Trailhead, an easy 1.5-mile hike to the Pioneer Register and petroglyphs.

Also, from Scenic Drive, you can take a gravel road to the parking lot for Grand Wash trail, a 2.2-mile hike. Or for more of a challenge, take Cassidy Arch trail.

Along Hwy 24, Hickman Bridge trail is a short hike along the Fremont River, and Petroglyph Pullout is just after the small Fruta Schoolhouse. Sunset Point and Goosenecks Overlook at the end of the day provide amazing canyon and sunset views.

Stay at Capitol Reef Resort (a Best Western Hotel) and book a llama excursion! During trips that range from 2 hours to overnight campouts, the informative guides will teach you all about the personality of your working llama as well as details about the stunning landscape all around you.

Come back to the park at night to stargaze. From Capitol Reef, you can go off-roading in Cathedral Valley, drive less than an hour to Boulder, UT to visit the Anasazi Museum, or head just over an hour to run wild in the incredibly unique Goblin Valley State Park. Each opportunity is a one-of-a-kind experience!

Hiking in Cathedral Valley, Capitol Reef, UtahHiking in Cathedral Valley, Capitol Reef, Utah. Photo by Brady Stoeltzing on Unsplash

Washington, DC

A visit to the nation’s capital during spring break is a magical time to go because CHERRY BLOSSOMS!

However, they are tricky little blooms, and you never know from one year to the next when exactly the city will be carpeted in petal confetti like all those famous Instagram shots.

But even if you miss the 3000 trees, donated by Japan, in blossom (which is usually late March to early April), there are plenty of other really cool things to do in DC for families.

Start at the incredible Natural History Museum, one of the 21 free Smithsonian museums – which also includes the Zoo. You’ll want about two hours here. Or maybe the newly re-opened Air and Space Museum is more suited to your family.

Last time we visited we took a free Capitol Building tour. You need to get tickets online, and they run from 9am to 3.30pm.

Inside the hallowed halls of the Capitol BuildingInside the hallowed halls of the Capitol Building

Another fun thing we did was a Monuments Cycle Tour. Actually, we did the nighttime tour, but by day will be just as good. Probably better for photos too!

Depending upon the age of your kids, this is a great way to easily get around the vast National Mall and see up close the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, WWII Memorial, Jefferson, Martin Luther King Jnr, and more.

You’ll pick up your bikes at The Wharf, which is a new neighborhood of restaurants, bars, and apartments right on the marina. Another great place to hang for lunch or dinner with the family.

I’ve also written this post on 19 things to do in Washington DC for first-timers covering all the main sights and some fun ideas you might not know about.

Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta, GeorgiaAtlanta enjoys pleasant weather after winter, making it a popular destination for US spring break. You can delve into history at the Atlanta History Center or the National Center for Civil and Human Rights.

You'll also have the chance to explore incredible flora and fauna at the Atlanta Botanical Garden and Zoo Atlanta. If you want a change of scenery, head to Georgia Aquarium, which happens to be the largest aquarium in the United States.

Moreover, the city offers numerous art galleries, museums, markets, and bike tours for day trips. Afterward, you can enjoy Atlanta's vibrant nightlife or dine at one of the many great diners.

Savannah, Georgia Spring Break

The white fountain surrounded by Green Trees in Forsyth Park in Savannah, GeorgiaThe centerpiece fountain in Forsyth Park, Savannah. If you're looking for a spring break destination that combines exciting nightlife, rich history, delicious food, and proximity to the beach, Savannah, Georgia is the place to be.

Savannah's Historic District features cobblestone streets, mansions, and beautiful Spanish moss-draped trees. Exploring the Historic District is completely free and a must-do during your visit.

The best part? If you're 21 or older, you can stroll around with a drink in hand! Enjoy a refreshing frozen daiquiri from Wet Willie's as you explore the historic squares and make your way to Forsyth Park, a perfect spot for people-watching.

You can also opt for a ticket on the hop-on hop-off trolley, which will take you to all the main sights in the Historic District.

Did you know that Savannah is considered one of the most haunted cities in the United States? Don't leave without experiencing one of the famous ghost tours. From haunted walking tours to hearse tours and even a haunted pub crawl, there's something for everyone!

If you're in the mood for a beach day, Savannah is less than 30 minutes away from Tybee Island, a popular beach destination for both locals and tourists. And if you don't have a car, you can book a convenient day trip to Tybee Island from Savannah that includes round-trip transportation.

Savannah is easily accessible from various locations in the Eastern USA, with the Savannah-Hilton Head Airport offering budget-friendly flights, such as Allegiant, which is perfect for college students on a budget.

Hotels in the city's outskirts are more affordable than those downtown, but keep in mind that you may end up spending what you save on Uber or Lyft charges. The Thunderbird Inn and Hotel Indigo are two affordable choices conveniently located in the Historic District.


New Orleans, Louisiana

Recommended by Priya Vin from Outside Suburbia

New Orleans offers a fun atmosphere, incredible history, and delicious food. The weather is mild year-round, making it an ideal destination with plenty to see and do.

The most popular area in New Orleans is the French Quarter, where you can stroll around and admire the unique architecture and historic sights. Jackson Square is the main plaza of the French Quarter. Exploring the rest of the city is easy with a hop-on hop-off bus tour.

New Orleans is renowned for its food scene. Start your day with coffee and sugar-dusted beignets at Cafe Du Monde and enjoy po'Boys for lunch. Make reservations at one of the city's best restaurants for a nice dinner and don't forget to try a mint julep or two. Finish off the night with a live jazz performance on Bourbon Street, which is lined with bars and filled with tourists seeking the authentic New Orleans nightlife experience.

If you're visiting during the Mardi Gras festival in February, you're in for a treat. Catch the parades and festivities celebrated throughout the city. Even if you're not there during the festival, you can visit Mardi Gras World to get a behind-the-scenes look at the floats and costumes used during New Orleans' famous party.

Pro tip: Just outside of New Orleans, you'll find the beautiful Oak Alley Plantation. Built in 1839, it is known for its double row of live oaks planted almost 300 years ago. Guides in period costumes will take you on a tour to learn about the history and life on the plantation.

Spring weather in New Orleans is typically in the 70s, perfect for sightseeing and enjoying the beach and pool.

What makes it great for spring break: Aside from the pleasant weather and abundance of sights and dining options, New Orleans hosts various festivals and celebrations in the spring. If you're visiting in March, you can join the St. Patrick's Day celebrations or attend the New Orleans Wine & Food Experience in mid-March.

US Spring destinations - New OrleansSt. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans – Photo by

Grapevine, Texas

Family fun awaits in Grapevine! Experience the joy of riding an authentic 1920s Victorian coach on the Grapevine Vintage Railroad. For a bird's eye view of Grapevine and beyond, take a tour at the Grapevine Main Tower or try your hand at the ancient art of glass blowing at Vetro Art Glass.

Embrace the fastest-growing sport in America at Chicken N Pickle, a premier pickleball restaurant and entertainment destination. With 12 year-round pickleball courts, lawn games, a rooftop bar, and a chef-driven restaurant offering delicious dishes, you're in for a unique indoor-outdoor "eatertainment" experience.

Main Street GrapevineMain Street Grapevine

At SEA LIFE Grapevine Aquarium, you can feed friendly stingrays and dive into an amazing underwater world. Explore 16 themed zones and get up close to thousands of amazing creatures, including rays, jellyfish, and sea turtles.

For LEGO® enthusiasts, LEGOLAND® Discovery Center is the ultimate indoor LEGO® Playground. Enjoy interactive rides like Merlin's Apprentice, Kingdom Quest, and LEGO City Forest Ranger Pursuit.

Discover more about the surprising number of things to do in Grapevine, the city nestled between Dallas and Fort Worth, in this post.

Peace Circle, GrapevinePeace Circle, Grapevine

South Padre Island, Texas

View of South Padre Island BeachSouth Padre Island, located on Texas' southern coast, is a popular spring break destination known for its warm weather, clean beaches, and lively atmosphere. It attracts college students and families alike with its wide range of attractions.

Rockstar Beach is the place to be for parties, with numerous bars and clubs ready to welcome you. Engage in water sports by renting kayaks, jet skis, kiteboards, and paddleboards.

If you're traveling with family and prefer a more relaxed vibe, fret not. There are lodging options specifically catering to families. Additionally, there are plenty of family-oriented activities available, such as fishing, parasailing, snorkeling, and dolphin watching.

Destin, Florida

Beach in Destin, FloridaWhen it comes to top spring break destinations in the US, Destin, Florida definitely makes the list. Known for its white-sand beaches and warm waters perfect for water sports, Destin exemplifies the allure of the Sunshine State.

Take your kids to Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park to see and interact with marine life, or cool down at the Big Kahuna Water Park. Enjoy fun on the water with a boat tour that offers dolphin sightings.

Destin isn't just about the coastline; there's plenty of fun inland as well. Practice your swing at the Golf Garden of Destin, have a blast at Wild Willy's Adventure Zone with the whole family, or try rock climbing and zip-lining.

For college students, Destin is a dream destination with its vibrant nightlife. From piano bars to restaurants and cruises, the party scene here is unmatched.

Orlando, Florida

From Candice at CS Ginger

Orlando, Florida is one of the best places for a family spring break. There are countless fun things to do with kids, and the warm weather is guaranteed!

Orlando is home to world-famous amusement parks like Walt Disney World and Universal Studios. Even if you're not planning to enter the parks, you can still visit two free areas within the parks: Disney Springs and City Walk. These shopping areas offer shows, dining options, souvenirs, and shopping, perfect for spending a few hours.

Gatorland is another fantastic place for kids. It is a zoo housing hundreds of alligators, crocodiles, and other animals. You can watch alligator feeding shows throughout the day, and older kids can even go ziplining above the alligators.

If you're looking for outdoor activities, visit the natural springs located within an hour of downtown Orlando. These springs offer swimming, river floating, and kayaking opportunities, and you might even spot some manatees.

Just outside Orlando, you'll find the Kennedy Space Center. It's about an hour's drive, but well worth the trip. Spend a day exploring the center with its fascinating tours, thrilling G-force rides, and the chance to chat with real astronauts. Afterward, you can unwind at nearby Cocoa Beach.

Orlando offers more than just theme parks. Discover more fun things to do, like outdoor movies and incredible gardens, in this post.

Spring Break in Phoenix, Arizona

Recommended by Ellie from Ellie’s Travel Tips

A rocky desert landscape near Phoenix ArizonaPhoto Credit: Ellie from Ellie’s Travel Tips Phoenix’s warm climate attracts sun-loving spring breakers looking to escape the cold, brisk air of their college towns year after year.

This scenic city offers plenty of budget-friendly attractions and restaurants that any college student would love.

Grab a bite to eat at the Social Hall in nearby Tempe, where you can enjoy delicious and affordable food while playing ping pong and listening to live music.

Another great place to take your friends is The Duce – a mall-style restaurant filled with countless unique food and drink options.

Later, book a breathtaking ride into the sky on one of the area’s epic hot air balloon rides.

If you prefer to stay on the ground, head into the surrounding desert for an exhilarating ATV tour bringing you through Phoenix’s beautiful landscape.

Once the sun goes down, head over to the Pima Canyon at the South Mountain Park and Preserve where you can enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime moonlight hike.

A night out in Phoenix’s bustling downtown area is the perfect way to let loose and have fun during a college spring break vacation. Here you can search for hidden bars like UnderTow, Melinda’s Alley, and Straight Up to have a great time enjoying some drinks with your friends. If you are not into the partying night scene, check out the nearby Tempe Town Lake. Here you can float and glow as you kayak through the warm waters of the area’s top water attraction.

A fun place for college students to stay is the Kimpton Hotel Palomar Phoenix. Boasting a refreshing pool and proximity to all the fabulous bars and restaurants, this hotel is a fantastic option for college students trying to stay on budget for their spring break vacation.

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Sedona, Arizona

From Debbie Fettback at

Visiting Sedona during the spring, you will enjoy comfortable weather to explore the red rock paradise that is full of towering cliffs, majestic scenery, and cultural treasures.

Stunning Sedona landscapeStunning Sedona. Pic by World Adventurists

There are plenty of family-friendly hiking trails to choose from, perfect for a picturesque nature adventure. Devil’s Bridge (4 miles) is one of the busiest and most beautiful.

Bell Rock Pathway (3.6 miles) and Bell Rock Loop (1.5 miles) give views of Courthouse Butte and, of course, Bell Rock.

The Sedona View Trail (1.2 miles) shows off Chimney Rock, Coffee Pot Rock, and Thunder Mountain. No matter the distance, you will be left in awe.

Rip around on an off-road Jeep tour to explore more breathtaking and dramatic red rock views against a bold blue sky. Or, take a calmer drive along the Red Rock Scenic Byway 179 and 89A for additional perspectives of the mesmerizing scenery.

Bring a swimsuit and have fun splashing around at the natural waterslide at Slide Rock State Park.

Or, take the 20-mile journey on a train ride along the Verde Canyon Railroad. Also, you will not want to miss a visit to the Out of Africa Wildlife Park, a must-visit for animal lovers.

Sedona is also known for its strong energy vortices and as a place of healing. You can find these different energies at Airport Mesa, Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock, and Boynton Canyon.

Finish off a long day of exploring by watching the sunset from the Sedona Airport Overlook.

There is no shortage of fun experiences in Sedona to create long-lasting family memories.

Down town SedonaDown town Sedona. Photo by The Luc (James) Nguyen on Unsplash

Grand Canyon, Arizona

Our personal recommendation

No list of best American spring destinations would be complete without mentioning one of the most-visited national parks the Grand Canyon! There is no bad time to visit this natural wonder, but spring is pretty much as good as it gets!

The best places to visit in spring are the South Rim where all the main viewpoints are located, and Grand Canyon West, where you’ll find Grand Canyon Skywalk.

Some of the best-known postcard views of the Grand Canyon are easily accessible at the South Rim. Don’t miss Mather Point, Mohave Point, Hopi Point, and Powell Point. A helicopter flight above the canyon is a real bucket list experience!

You can see the main highlights of the Grand Canyon in one day, but if you plan to go hiking, you can easily spend a few days here.

Grand Canyon Skywalk is relatively close to Las Vegas and can easily be visited with a day tour. Just like the South Rim, it’s open the whole year round.

TIP: You can easily combine your visit to the Grand Canyon with that of Las Vegas, St. George, Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, Sedona, or Phoenix and Scottsdale. If you go in another direction, you can visit Page, AZ, area with the famous Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend, but also Monument Valley. There’s enough to see and do in the area to fill a couple of vacations!

Here you can find a suggested Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon & Horseshoe Bend Itinerary, and you can easily expand it to make a longer road trip visiting some of the best places in Arizona.

Spring weather: Spring weather is usually dry at the Grand Canyon and mild temperatures are perfect for sightseeing and hiking. Average temperatures at the South Rim are 53-61°F ( 12-16°C), but it is much warmer inside the canyon.

What makes it great for spring break: If you want to explore the Grand Canyon to the fullest and go hiking, spring is truly one of the best times to be here. If you come in summer, it’s so hot that hiking inside the canyon can get dangerous. Furthermore, even though busy, the crowds are still much lower in the spring than in the summer.

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Mather Point Grand CanyonMather Point at the Grand Canyon – Photo by Jay Yuan/ So, here are our suggestions of some of the best places to visit in spring all across the United States.

TIP: If you are looking for even more inspiration for where to go in spring, please check our guides to the best National Parks to visit in March, the best National Parks to visit in April, and some great National Parks to visit in May.

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Best American destinations to visit in spring

Maui, Hawaii

Our personal recommendation

Maui Island in Hawaii is another wonderful place to go for spring break in the U.S.! Just like Oahu Island mentioned above, Maui offers a great mix of relaxing beach time, stunning landscapes and outdoor activities, and also a chance to get to know local culture and traditions. Don’t miss a luau, a traditional Hawaii feast!

There’s so much to see and do in Maui that you can easily fill a week or even two here. Don’t miss the Road to Hana, a scenic drive with gorgeous coastal scenery and waterfalls. Another must-see is Haleakala National Park, where you can see the sunrise from the top of a volcano. For more adventurous, there’s also an opportunity to zip-line or bike down the volcano.

Maui also has beautiful beaches and a wonderful underwater world. You can swim with turtles, go snorkeling, or diving. There’s also sailing, paddleboarding, kayaking, and so much more. Plenty to keep the whole family happy!

TIP: Spring months are also good for whale watching in Maui, with whale season running from November to May. So make sure to take a whale watching tour to see these impressive giants!

Spring weather: Average temperatures on Maui in March and April are in the low 70s (21-25°C), but there are big differences depending on where you are on the island. It will be significantly cooler on the volcano than at the beach.

What makes it great for spring break: Maui is a great spring break destination for those who want to get the absolute most out of their vacation. With nice weather, beaches, and natural and cultural attractions, there is plenty to do in Maui for the whole family. For tips on how to plan your trip, please check our Maui itinerary suggestions.

Sea turtles in Maui HawaiiSea turtles in Maui Hawaii

Oahu, Hawaii

Recommended by Marcie Cheung, Hawaii Travel with Kids

To us, one of the best places to travel for spring break in the USA is Oahu, Hawaii. It’s a tropical paradise with gorgeous beaches and incredible resorts. Furthermore, Hawaii has a rich history and culture, so it feels like you’re traveling abroad even though you’re still in the United States.

There are tons of fun things to do on Oahu with kids. Out of all the Hawaiian islands, Oahu has the most activities, tours, and attractions. It’s where you’ll find Pearl Harbor, Waikiki Beach, and the Polynesian Cultural Center. Also worth a visit is Kualoa Ranch where they filmed Lost. And if you like to do some shopping, head to Ala Moana, the largest outdoor mall in the world.

In addition, you can try all the typical Hawaiian things like learning how to surf, watching a Hawaiian luau, eating shaved ice, going snorkeling, hiking up mountains, relaxing at the beach, and so much more. Parents will love sipping tropical drinks while their kids play at their resort pool.

Spring weather: The weather in Oahu during spring is pretty nice. It’s not as rainy as winter and it’s not as hot as summer. Expect mostly sunny skies in the mid-70s to low 80s (24-28°C).

What makes it great for spring break: Oahu is the ultimate spring break destination because you can do/see just about everything on the island in 7-10 days. There are options for educational experiences, outdoor adventures, or simply enjoying a resort vacation.

Because it’s the most populated Hawaiian island, you’ll also find the best deals on airfare, car rentals, and hotel rooms.

Waikiki Beach in OahuWaikiki Beach in Oahu – Photo by Marcie Cheung, Hawaii Travel with Kids

Denver, Colorado

Street in Denver, ColoradoDenver boasts many natural landscapes and breathtaking outdoor attractions, making it one of the best places for spring break in the USA for outdoor enthusiasts.

During spring, the weather is comfortable enough for you to wander outside without sweating furiously. Spend your time in Denver on some of the best Colorado hikes, or take in nature at one of the several parks in the city.

If you prefer to enjoy your spring break with a buzz, there are many bars and restaurants in Denver. Breweries, wine bars, and rooftop bars sell tasty drinks, while food options range from Japanese and Italian to Mediterranean, Mexican, and more.

Rocky Mountains, Colorado

Recommended by Tanya Raedeke of Rad Family Travel

Experience an amazing family spring break in the beautiful Colorado mountains. With sunny blue skies and warmer days, March and April are the perfect time for a snow-filled vacation in the Rocky Mountains. Whether it's sunny or snowing, you'll find pristine powder for excellent skiing and snowboarding conditions.

By March and April, all ski lifts and runs are open at each ski resort, thanks to the well-established snow base layer. Conveniently located just 50-80 miles outside of Denver, there are plenty of options for families to choose from. Big ski resorts like Aspen, Breckenridge, Keystone, and Copper Mountain offer a range of activities for the whole family. You can also explore smaller ski resorts like Arapahoe Basin and Loveland in Summit County, which are perfect for families and make it easier to stay connected if you get separated.

If you're on a tight budget, Colorado also has many affordable smaller ski resorts throughout the state. One great option is Monarch Mountain, where you can enjoy a day of skiing at an affordable price. And while you're in the area, don't forget to visit Rocky Mountain National Park for some breathtaking scenery.

Spring weather in the ski resorts is usually around 38-43°F, perfect for enjoying outdoor activities in the mountains. Make sure to pack sunscreen and ski goggles or sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun. Colorado mountains are a fantastic destination for a spring break filled with skiing and more winter activities for the whole family.

Bozeman, Montana - A Unique Spring Break Destination

Recommended by Ryan from Passions and Places

Escape the beach crowds and head to Bozeman, Montana for a unique and budget-friendly ski trip during spring break. Bozeman is home to two incredible ski hills, with Bridger Bowl just 20 minutes away from downtown and Big Sky Resort a little over an hour away.

Save money and travel more sustainably by using public transportation to reach these ski hills. Bus rides to Big Sky are only $10, and Bridger trips are free on weekends. Bozeman's Streamline Bus system is also free and can take you all over town.

In addition to skiing, you can try cross-country skiing at Crosscut Mountain Sports Center or explore the nearby trails with rental gear from Round House. After a day on the slopes, relax with a yoga class or a soak at Bozeman Hot Springs.

While hotels in Bozeman can be pricey, Treasure State Hostel offers affordable accommodations for families. And when it comes to dining, Bozeman has a fantastic restaurant scene with options for every taste.

Experience the beauty of Bozeman, Montana during your spring break and enjoy a memorable ski trip at a fraction of the cost of more popular destinations.

Biloxi, Mississippi

From Disha Smith at Disha Discovers

Biloxi, Mississippi may not be the first place on your spring break list, but it's a popular destination for families due to its mild weather and great attractions.

While the spring weather may be too chilly for beach lounging, there are still plenty of activities to keep the whole family entertained. Enjoy the beautiful Gulfport Beach, Biloxi Beach, and East Beach, where you can even rent kayaks and jet skis.

For a little adventure, visit Ship Island, which was divided into two separate barrier islands after Hurricane Camille in 1969. These natural beauties offer a unique experience, and you can also explore Fort Massachusetts while you're there.

Learn about Biloxi's history at the Maritime and Seafood Industry Museum or admire the pottery work of artist George Ohr at the Ohr-O'Keefe Museum of Art. Biloxi also boasts world-class resorts, such as Beau Rivage Resort, offering a range of amenities like restaurants, shopping, and a golf course.

To make the most of your visit, take a cruise on the Betsy Ann Riverboat and enjoy stunning views of the Gulf Coast.

Newport, Rhode Island

From Brittany Sawyer at Travel by Brit

Newport, Rhode Island is a fantastic spring break destination for families, offering a wide range of activities that everyone will enjoy.

While the weather might be too chilly for a beach day, there are plenty of things to do in Newport. Explore the International Tennis Hall of Fame, take a tour of the city on the old-fashioned Newport Trolley, or visit historic homes like The Breakers and The Elms. Don't miss the chance to walk along the scenic Cliff Walk.

If shopping is your thing, Thames Street and Bellevue Avenue are filled with charming boutiques and local stores. And when hunger strikes, Newport offers a variety of dining options, from cost-effective breakfast at CRU Café to delicious Italian pizza or pasta at Pasta Beach, and seafood at The Mooring Seafood Kitchen & Bar.

Immerse yourself in Newport's rich history, take in the beautiful views, and indulge in the city's culinary delights during your spring break getaway.

New York City, NY

From Lanie van der Horst at Make More Adventures

New York City is the perfect spring break destination for families, offering a diverse range of attractions that appeal to all age groups.

Explore iconic sites like Central Park, the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, and the Brooklyn Bridge. Spring is a beautiful time in the city, with flowers blooming and warmer, sunnier days. Take advantage of the longer daylight hours to make the most of your time in NYC.

The city is also home to numerous fascinating museums that both kids and adults will enjoy. Visit the National Museum of Mathematics, NY Hall of Science, or the Tenement Museum to learn while having fun. Many museums offer tours and workshops specifically designed for children.

For a unique experience, join a scavenger hunt with Watson Adventures to explore neighborhoods and museums. If your family enjoys food, consider a walking food tour or a mafia tour with food tastings.

New York City has something for everyone, so make sure to explore beyond Times Square and midtown. Visit the city's rooftop restaurants, check out the flea markets, and find insider tips on how to experience NYC on a budget.

Spring Break in New Orleans, Louisiana

Recommended by Devin from Deventuretime

St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans' Jackson Square on a partly cloudy day New Orleans is an ideal destination for college students seeking a vibrant party scene, delicious food, and rich history.

The renowned Bourbon Street is located in the French Quarter and stands as one of the top party spots in the United States. It's a street adorned with various bars that offer oversized fishbowls and giant beers, which you can enjoy while strolling along.

Even though Mardi Gras takes place early in the year, you'll find people wearing the iconic colorful beads throughout the year.

Many visitors enjoy day-drinking on Bourbon Street, taking a break at their hotels to relax, and then returning in the evening when the street comes alive with vibrant lights and bustling bars.

Besides the lively party atmosphere, New Orleans offers plenty of other fantastic things to do.

Jackson Square is home to the beautiful St. Louis Cathedral and is filled with local artists selling their artwork and musicians playing music. It's a fantastic place to unwind and immerse yourself in the city's culture!

Close by, you can visit the historical French Market and indulge in delicious local cuisine, including trying the famous beignets from Café du Monde. This area is perfect if you're on a budget and looking for great food!

In the evening, consider going on a Haunted Pub Crawl to learn more about the city's haunted history while enjoying a few drinks.

New Orleans offers discounts for students at various places, including museums, restaurants, and bars. You can take advantage of great discounts at the Voodoo Museum and the National WWII Museum.

Remember to bring your student ID or an ISIC card and inquire about discounts before purchasing tickets or entering bars!


Cool Family Fun in Oklahoma

Take a break from electronic devices and immerse yourself in a spring break full of exciting family activities in Oklahoma.


For families with a competitive spirit, a thrilling climb to the top of the world's tallest adventure course awaits in the heart of Oklahoma City. The SandRidge Sky Trail stands tall at 80 feet above the Oklahoma River and is just one of the many exciting attractions at OKC Riversport Adventures


With twelve different eco-regions, Oklahoma offers an abundance of outdoor recreation opportunities. Take the whole family on a drive to the summit of Mount Scott in the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge in Lawton.

From 2,500 feet above the southwest Oklahoma prairie, you'll be amazed at how small the free-range buffalo and elk, who call the refuge home, appear. Hiking, fishing, and wildlife watching are simple pleasures that adventurous families will thoroughly enjoy.

Western Wandering

Immerse yourself in the history of the American West at the Chisholm Trail Heritage Center in Duncan. Interactive exhibits allow you to try your hand at roping with a lasso or experience the rumble of a cattle stampede and the aroma of cowboy coffee in a special effects theater.

Other incredible Western experiences in the state include the Ben Johnson Cowboy Museum in Pawhuska, the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City, and the Woolaroc Museum & Wildlife Preserve in Bartlesville.

Little Joe's boots in Stockyard CityPick up a pair of cowboy boots from Little Joe's in Stockyard City

Farm Exploring

Embark on more farm fun at the Express Clydesdales Ranch in Yukon, where you'll have the opportunity to get up close and personal with internationally acclaimed black Clydesdale horses that travel the world participating in parades and equine events. Families will also enjoy the Orr Family Farm in Oklahoma City.

As spring approaches, the excitement for the much-awaited spring break intensifies. Whether you crave the hustle and bustle of New York City or the tranquility of Baldwin Head Island, there's a destination in the USA that will perfectly suit your spring break dreams. Picture yourself strolling through the vibrant streets of Charleston or relaxing on the stunning beaches of South Padre Island. From the breathtaking landscapes of the Grand Canyon to the thrilling nightlife of Las Vegas, there's an adventure waiting for everyone. So, grab your friends and start planning for an unforgettable spring break experience in one of these best US destinations.

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