Discover the Best Tropical Vacations: From Maldives to Saint Lucia

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Looking for the best tropical vacation destination that fits your budget? Look no further! From the crystal-clear waters of the Maldives to the stunning beaches of the Seychelles, we have compiled a list of the top tropical destinations that won't break the bank. Whether you're seeking adventure, relaxation, or cultural immersion, these tropical havens have something for everyone. So pack your swimsuit and get ready for the vacation of a lifetime!


Where can I find affordable tropical vacations?


Affordable tropical vacations can be found in various destinations worldwide. Places such as Bali in Indonesia, Phuket in Thailand, and Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic are renowned for their affordability. These destinations offer stunning beaches, lush landscapes, and a rich local culture. They are popular choices due to their cost-effectiveness and the wide range of experiences they offer.



Hawaii, USA is often considered the most popular tropical vacation destination. Known for its pristine beaches, vibrant coral reefs, lush rainforests, and rich Polynesian culture, Hawaii provides diverse experiences. Maui and Oahu are among the most visited islands in this vast Pacific archipelago.


Which tropical country is the safest to visit?


Costa Rica is often cited as the safest tropical country to visit. Known for its political stability, friendly locals, and well-developed tourism infrastructure, Costa Rica offers lush rainforests, diverse wildlife, and beautiful beaches. The country is renowned for its commitment to peace and democracy, making it a secure and inviting destination.




A dock extending into the shallow waters in the Maldives

A dock extending into the shallow waters in the Maldives paints an idyllic picture. The Maldives is a chain of 26 natural atolls located in the Indian Ocean southwest of India and Sri Lanka. The islands boast an almost surreal beauty, largely due to the stunning, luminous blue waters that surround them. If your idea of a perfect tropical vacation involves slipping into crystal-clear, soul-warming seas, the Maldives is the place to be. In fact, water comprises 99 percent of the Maldives' surroundings. However, this low-lying island nation faces a paradoxical threat of inundation due to these same waters.

While Male serves as the capital city, most visitors prefer venturing to one of the remote atolls, where luxury resorts with bone-white beaches fringed by aquamarine waters await. The Maldives is renowned not only for its breathtaking natural beauty but also as a top surfing destination. The North and South Male Atolls boast popular surf spots. Other popular activities in the Maldives include swimming with manta rays and whale sharks, as well as engaging in big-game fishing. With water being the focal point and numerous islands to explore, the Maldives is also an ideal candidate for a cruise vacation.

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Bora Bora, Tahiti


Bora Bora, Tahiti

Bora Bora in Tahiti is the quintessential South Pacific paradise. This island, lush and dramatically beautiful, showcases a sharp emerald peak surrounded by an azure lagoon. Along the beaches stand clusters of coconut palms, and luxury bungalows perch over the crystal-clear waters, some even featuring glass floor panels, allowing you to peer into the thriving sea below.

Bora Bora stands out not just for its natural beauty but also for its cultural appeal. French is the official language, and you can taste the Gallic influence in the gourmet cuisine. The destination offers a plethora of fun water sports, kayak trips to tiny motus (islands), picturesque hiking trails, and adventures such as shark dives. It's no wonder many travelers consider Bora Bora an expensive but worthwhile choice for a tropical vacation. It truly epitomizes the ultimate once-in-a-lifetime destination, particularly for couples embarking on a honeymoon.

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Riviera Maya, Mexico


The Riviera Maya, also known as the Mayan Riviera, is a fantastic choice for those seeking beautiful beaches, cultural experiences, and zesty cuisine on a budget. Situated on the tip of the Yucatán Peninsula along the Caribbean coast, the Mayan Riviera encompasses popular resort destinations such as Cancún, Playa del Carmen, and the island of Cozumel.

While you have the option to stay at big bustling all-inclusive resorts that line the long, postcard-worthy beaches, the Mayan Riviera also offers intimate boutique hotels and yoga retreats. Activities such as swimming with stingrays and dolphins, diving, snorkeling, and fishing in the clear waters are popular here. Culture enthusiasts can explore the magnificent ancient ruins of Tulum, located in a stunning setting above the turquoise Caribbean Sea, as well as Chichén Itzá, which is just a few hours' drive away from the resort strip.


Aitutaki, Cook Islands


One Foot Island, Aitutaki

Aitutaki in the Cook Islands, which maintains close ties with New Zealand, is a dream destination for those yearning for a solitary tropical escape. Blessed with a luminous aqua lagoon, lush peaks, and sublime palm-fringed beaches, this island ticks all the boxes for a perfect exotic tropical vacation experience. Rarotonga, the largest of the Cook Islands and the main tourist gateway, pales in comparison to Aitutaki, which is only a 45-minute flight away. Aitutaki shines as the crown jewel among the archipelago's 15 ravishing tropical isles.

Swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, and fishing are popular activities in the Cook Islands. Aitutaki provides visitors with a glimpse into laid-back village life, where everything slows down on Sundays for church services. More than 20 motus (small islands) are sprinkled around the lagoon, offering stunning vistas. Tapuaetai (One Foot Island), a small island located in the southeast corner of Aitutaki, is a particularly popular day trip, allowing visitors to enjoy a beautiful view of the lagoon. For a truly luxurious experience, consider staying in an over-the-water bungalow. From there, you can paddle to your own private motu, relax under a palm tree, and feel like Robinson Crusoe for a day.


Kaua'i, Hawaii


Kaua'i, Hawaii

Known as the Garden Isle, Kaua'i offers a tropical paradise for nature lovers. Lush rainforests, waterfalls, and breathtaking green coastal peaks attract visitors from all around the world. This island showcases dramatic landscapes sculpted by lava, exuding a more laid-back vibe compared to its popular sister islands, Maui and Oahu.

Although Kaua'i is known for being home to one of the rainiest places on Earth, the island comprises several microclimates, with the touristy area of Poipu typically being drier. Underwater, colorful coral reefs await, inviting you to witness turtles and tropical fish gracefully swimming. On land, you can bask on golden beaches, admire the clouds caressing the peaks of Hanalei Bay, hike through the velvety peaks of the breathtaking Napali Coast, and explore the deep and lush Waimea Canyon, which stretches for 10 miles. Tropical gardens, waterfalls, charming coastal towns, and fantastic surf breaks are among the top attractions in Kaua'i. Don't be surprised if you find yourself sharing the beach with slumbering monk seals; nature reigns supreme here, adding to the island's allure.

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The Mamanuca Islands, Fiji


The Mamanuca Islands, Fiji

If you dream of basking on an idyllic South Seas island, bathed in sunshine, the Mamanuca Islands in Fiji are perfect for you. A short boat ride from the gateway town of Nadi, this picture-perfect chain of around 20 islands is cherished for its gleaming palm-studded beaches, crystal-clear waters, and thriving coral reefs.

The breathtaking beauty of these islands has attracted the film industry as well, with productions like Survivor and the movie Cast Away being filmed on various islands in the chain. When choosing where to stay, your budget and interests will help determine the best Fiji island for you. Accommodation options range from lively backpacker resorts to family-friendly hotels with traditional thatched huts and luxurious hideaways. While Tavarua Island Resort is famous for being a mile away from one of the planet's top surf breaks, Cloudbreak, many other island resorts also offer access to this legendary surfing spot. Fijians are known for their love of children, making this destination ideal for families with youngsters seeking relaxation. You'll find plenty of family-friendly resorts dotted throughout the islands.


The Seychelles


A boat anchored near a small island in the Seychelles during a beautiful sunny day

Located more than 2,000 kilometers (1,242 miles) off the east coast of Kenya, the Seychelles Islands are an epitome of paradise. If there's anywhere in the world that could convince me to abandon everything and live in a beach hut, it would be the Seychelles. With perfect beaches, crystal-clear waters, numerous islands to choose from, and an abundance of seclusion (many islands are uninhabited), the Seychelles is a dream destination.

This group of 115 islands offers everything a beach lover could ask for. It's an amazing place to visit, boasting diverse marine life, several nature preserves, and marine parks. In fact, two of these parks are recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Unfortunately, the Seychelles islands can be quite expensive, although it is possible to visit on a budget with careful planning. The best time to visit is during the cool season from May to September, when rainfall is less frequent.


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The Abacos, The Bahamas


A palm-fringed island in the Abacos, located almost 300 kilometers east of Florida, offers some of the world's best waters for boating and sailing. These peaceful Atlantic islands, also known as the Out Islands or Family Islands, are a serene getaway from the bustling tourist spots of nearby Florida. Here, you'll discover secluded beaches surrounded by pine trees, vibrant coral reefs, and quiet fishing villages where golf carts and boats are the main means of transportation. British Loyalists settled these islands, and their heritage is evident in the charming colonial cottages lining the narrow streets. Some prime areas for a low-key vacation in the Abacos include Elbow Cay, famous for its candy-striped lighthouse, Green Turtle Cay with its old-world charm, and Treasure Cay, which boasts a breathtaking white-sand beach with turquoise waters. Other popular islands include Guana Cay, Walker's Cay, and Man "O' War Cay. The Bahamas offers a range of activities, including fishing, diving, snorkeling, and relaxing on its miles of pristine beaches, providing ample opportunity to find your own private patch of soft, white sand.


Ambergris Caye, Belize


Ambergris Caye in Belize, located off the tip of the Yucatán Peninsula, is one of the most popular places to visit in Belize and is the largest of its 200 cayes. While its Caribbean beaches are better suited for fishing than swimming due to the flourishing turtle grass flats, the magnificent Hol Chan Marine Reserve more than compensates. This underwater wonderland is part of the Belize Barrier Reef system, the second largest barrier reef in the world after Australia's Great Barrier Reef. Divers can come face to face with nurse sharks and stingrays at Shark Ray Alley, and anglers can try their luck in the flats for bonefish and other game fish. Ambergris Caye's colorful town of San Pedro, with its golf-cart-filled streets and unique dining experiences, offers a Mexican influence due to its proximity to Mexico and is a delightful place to explore. Accommodation options range from top-rated beach resorts to cater to every traveler's needs.


Dominican Republic


The Dominican Republic, situated on the eastern side of the island of Hispaniola, is a popular choice for budget-minded travelers. However, this vacation destination offers more than just beautiful beaches and all-inclusive resorts. It is rich in history and culture, boasting diverse ecosystems including steamy jungles, deserts, mangroves, coral reefs, savannas, and soaring green peaks. By venturing away from the tourist hotspots of Puerto Plata, Punta Cana, and La Romana, where all-inclusive resorts line stunning palm-fringed beaches, visitors can discover a world of adventures. From climbing the highest peaks in the Caribbean to rafting the white waters of the Río Yaque del Norte, hiking through lush jungles to waterfalls, biking along alpine trails in pine forests, and exploring the unspoiled beaches of the Samaná Peninsula, there is something for everyone. Additionally, cultural attractions like Santo Domingo, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with charming colonial architecture, offer a glimpse into the country's fascinating history. For those looking to bask on beautiful beaches, the Dominican Republic provides ample opportunities for fishing, diving, swimming, surfing, and snorkeling.


Bali, Indonesia


Bali, with its mystical charm and spiritual atmosphere, is an enchanting destination for those seeking a tropical vacation. Temples exuding fragrant incense, rice paddies glowing in the late afternoon sun, and the warm hospitality of the locals are just some of the highlights of this Indonesian paradise. Bali is also an ideal choice for travelers on a budget, as food and accommodation are relatively affordable. Kuta and Seminyak offer a lively beach scene with abundant shops and restaurants, while Sanur is a family-friendly destination with gentle waves. Ubud, nestled in the lush hills away from the coastal crowds, is known as the island's emerald soul. Bali is famous for its affordable spa treatments, allowing visitors to indulge themselves without breaking the bank. Accommodations range from budget hostels to beach resorts and luxury villas complete with personal chefs and drivers. Those looking for an alternative can explore the neighboring volcanic island of Lombok, which offers a quieter and less developed experience.


Port Douglas, Australia


Port Douglas, located in Queensland, Australia, is an ideal destination for adventurous nature lovers. Once a quiet fishing village, this upscale town has transformed into a popular tropical tourist resort and a convenient base for visiting the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rainforest. The Great Barrier Reef, with its exceptional diving and snorkeling sites, and the Daintree Rainforest, part of the Wet Tropics World Heritage Site, are just a short distance away. Port Douglas is known for its leafy streets adorned with mango trees and palms, as well as its cluster of upscale shops, cafes, and art galleries. Four Mile Beach, a stunning jungle-fringed strip of sand, is one of the town's standout features and a favorite spot for a leisurely stroll. Other attractions in Port Douglas include the Wildlife Habitat, Flames of the Forest Aboriginal Culture and Rainforest Dining Experience, and fishing trips and expeditions through the picturesque Cape York Peninsula. The best time to visit Port Douglas is during the winter season from May to September, when the weather is cooler and more pleasant.


The Andaman Coast, Thailand


The Andaman Coast in Thailand serves as a convenient base for exploring the breathtaking islands of the Andaman Sea. Lush limestone peaks rising from turquoise waters create a truly mesmerizing seascape. The famous Phi Phi Islands, including Ko Phi Phi Don and Ko Phi Phi Leh (known for being the filming location of the movie The Beach starring Leonardo DiCaprio), are popular destinations on the Phuket Day Trip circuit. However, even further afield, it is still possible to find peaceful and secluded slices of paradise. Phang Nga Bay is home to over a hundred emerald gems, including the renowned James Bond Island. Krabi and Phuket, Thailand's largest island, are excellent choices as bases for exploring this natural beauty. Khao Sok National Park, with its lush jungles and the opportunity to interact with elephants, is another must-visit destination. Accommodation options in the region cater to every budget, from budget-friendly beachfront bamboo shacks to luxury villa-style resorts perched on sea cliffs. The Andaman Coast provides an enticing blend of exotic culture, fiery cuisine, and stunning scenery at affordable prices. It's best to avoid the southwest monsoon, which typically occurs from the end of May to the middle of October.


The Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica


The Nicoya Peninsula, located on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, is a beloved destination for surfers and eco-tourists. Its combination of dense jungles, shimmering beaches with perfect waves for surfing, and vibrant wildlife make it an attractive spot for nature enthusiasts. Tamarindo, the most developed town on the peninsula, offers fantastic surfing opportunities at Playa Tamarindo, along with a wide range of restaurants and hotels. Nearby Playa Grande is one of Costa Rica's most important nesting grounds for leatherback turtles, attracting visitors who can witness turtles nesting from October through March. Upscale Santa Teresa in Mal Pais, known for its incredible surf, yoga retreats, organic eateries, and boutique accommodations, is another popular destination. Other notable places to explore on the Nicoya Peninsula include Nosara, Montezuma, and Samara, each offering its own unique charm. Additionally, the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, which protects one of the last unspoiled pockets of cloud forest in the Americas, is a must-visit attraction not far from these beach towns. Accommodations on the Nicoya Peninsula range from top-rated beach resorts to cater to every traveler's preferences.


Florida Keys, USA


Aerial View



The Florida Keys, located in the United States, are home to the country's only coral reef. Offering a tropical escape, excellent fishing opportunities, and beautiful palm-lined beaches, these coral islands span over 110 miles and are linked by causeways. The Overseas Highway allows visitors to easily drive between the Keys, from Key Largo in the north to Key West in the south, traversing a distance of about 90 miles.





The Florida Keys boast a range of attractions that showcase the area's natural beauty and cultural heritage. Notable spots include the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park and the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary in Key Largo, known for their exceptional diving and snorkeling experiences. Bahia Honda State Park, with its stunning beaches, is also a must-visit. Of course, no trip to the Florida Keys would be complete without exploring the vibrant city of Key West, famous for its unique atmosphere, colorful Caribbean-style cottages, and rich history associated with the legendary writer Ernest Hemingway. Additionally, Key West is known for being the southernmost tip of the United States, attracting many visitors eager to experience this iconic landmark.





While the Florida Keys may not be the top choice for beach vacations in the USA, the region still offers beautiful stretches of beach. Many of these beaches are found near popular beach resorts, offering picturesque views of the crystal-clear turquoise water and lush palm-studded grounds.





If fishing is your passion, the Florida Keys won't disappoint. Islamorada, known as the "sportfishing capital of the world," is a prime destination for catching tarpon, bonefish, and permit. Marathon is another excellent spot for fishing, and the surrounding waters host big-name fishing tournaments throughout the year. Both destinations are also home to a variety of beautiful resorts, providing a comfortable stay for fishing enthusiasts.





While visiting the Florida Keys, be sure to sample some local delicacies, such as conch, a type of marine snail, and the famous key lime pie.




Sri Lanka


Stilt fisherman in Sri Lanka



Sri Lanka is a tropical paradise that offers a diverse range of experiences for every kind of traveler. From world-class surf breaks to rich cultural heritage, this captivating country has it all. With over eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites and a relatively affordable price tag, Sri Lanka is a popular choice for those seeking a cheap tropical vacation.





If you're looking to relax on palm-lined shores, Sri Lanka's beaches won't disappoint. From pristine spots to renowned surf breaks suitable for all skill levels, the country offers a variety of beach experiences. Underwater enthusiasts can explore vibrant coral reefs and fish-rich wrecks while snorkeling and diving.





Nature lovers will be delighted by Sri Lanka's abundant wildlife and lush jungles. Embark on a thrilling safari and spot leopards, sloth bears, water buffalo, elephants, and a wide variety of birds. The country is also home to numerous cultural treasures, including ancient ruins, sacred temples, mosques, and colonial forts. Start your cultural journey in the capital, Colombo, and visit the National Museum for an overview of Sri Lanka's fascinating 2,000-year history.





To experience a different side of Sri Lanka, don't miss the famous tea plantations in the cool, mist-covered mountains. Indulge in a tea tasting and immerse yourself in the scenic beauty of the area.






Dhow sailing off Zanzibar



Zanzibar, part of Tanzania's archipelago, is a popular destination for those seeking an idyllic island escape after a safari. Positioned strategically on spice trading routes, Zanzibar has been influenced by African, Arabian, Indian, and European cultures. During your visit, you can immerse yourself in this rich tapestry of influences through the island's architecture, cuisine, and traditions.





Zanzibar Island, also known as Unguja, is the main island in the archipelago and offers beautiful beaches and the UNESCO-listed historic center of Stone Town. Explore the narrow cobblestone streets of Stone Town, which lead to historic sites, vibrant bazaars filled with spices, and intricately carved doors for which the island is renowned.





Relaxing on the stunning beaches of Zanzibar is a quintessential Tanzania experience. Enjoy the sight of graceful dhows sailing on turquoise waters, surrounded by white sandy beaches. Snorkeling and diving opportunities abound, especially near the island of Pemba, where you can explore vibrant coral reefs.





If you're seeking wildlife encounters, Zanzibar offers the chance to spot colobus monkeys in Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park or have a close encounter with critters at Cheetah's Rock. Dolphin tours are also popular activities. Don't miss the opportunity to visit a spice farm or stay in a zero footprint eco-bungalow at Chumbe Island Coral Park for a unique experience.






Aerial view of Mauritius



Known as the "pearl of the Indian Ocean," Mauritius is an enchanting island located off the coast of Madagascar. Its volcanic landscapes create a stunning backdrop, while luxury resorts with spas and golf courses line the pristine beaches.





Mauritius is renowned for its breathtaking beaches, including Le Morne beach, Flic en Flac, and Pereybere. Visitors can relax on the golden sand or venture into the idyllic lagoon of Iles aux Cerf. The turquoise waters offer a wide range of aquatic activities, such as swimming, snorkeling, diving, kitesurfing, sailing, and deep-sea fishing.





The island is known for its rich biodiversity, with many endemic species of plants and animals. Nature enthusiasts can hike to Chamarel Waterfall, climb the UNESCO-listed Morne Brabant, and spot a variety of bird species. Mauritius' multicultural roots are reflected in its cuisine, which combines Indian, African, Chinese, and French influences.





With an abundance of rewarding experiences, it's no wonder Mauritius is a popular choice for a tropical honeymoon.




Palawan, the Philippines




With a total of 7,641 islands, the Philippines is a tropical paradise offering endless opportunities for getaway. Palawan, located in the southwest region of the country, is particularly remarkable, with its archipelago of 1,780 islands. This region is known for its thundering waterfalls, expansive caves, world war II wrecks, and vibrant coral reefs, making it a perfect destination for snorkeling, swimming with whale sharks, and scuba diving at an affordable price.





El Nido, situated in Palawan, serves as the starting point for island hopping adventures aboard traditional outrigger boats called bangkas. Visitors can explore translucent lagoons and hidden beaches surrounded by imposing limestone cliffs.





The waters around Palawan are rich in marine life, providing ample bounty for local cuisine. Prawns, crabs, and various types of fish are commonly enjoyed. Visitors can also experience local culture by staying in traditional thatched bamboo shacks known as bahay kubos, homestays, hostels, or budget hotels. Additionally, good deals on resorts are available outside peak season, which falls between March and May.





For those seeking off-the-beaten-path adventures, Palawan in the Philippines is a must-visit destination.




Goa, India


Goa is a captivating tropical destination known for its unique fusion of Indian and Portuguese cultures. This small state boasts pristine, uncrowded beaches, such as Palolem and Butterfly Beach in the south, where visitors can witness stunning sunsets over the Arabian Sea.

Water activities abound, including kayaking, parasailing, and dolphin-spotting excursions.

Amidst the dense jungles, wildlife sanctuaries like Cotigao offer opportunities to encounter civets, gaurs, pangolins, leopards, monkeys, and giant Indian squirrels. The region is also abundant in cashew and spice plantations, featuring crops such as turmeric, pepper, vanilla, nutmeg, and cinnamon. Colorful markets showcase local specialties like cashew-based feni spirit and delicious dishes, including seafood thalis and pork vindaloo, influenced by the multicultural roots of Goa. Budget-friendly accommodations range from guesthouses and hostels to beachside bungalows and resorts. The monsoon season from June to October sees some closures, but outside of this period, visitors can enjoy Goa's affordable prices and avoid peak-season crowds.


Bahías de Huatulco, Mexico


Located in southeastern Oaxaca on Mexico's Pacific coast, Bahías de Huatulco offers a unique and affordable eco escape. With a total of nine bays and 36 beaches, this destination is a beach lover's paradise. One of the highlights is Santa Cruz, known for its stunning emerald-green waters, which is situated just south of the commercial hub of La Crucecita. In La Crucecita, you can arrange various water activities such as sailing and scuba excursions, as well as rent equipment like jet skis and kayaks. If you're a surfing enthusiast, make sure to visit La Bocana, a well-known surfing spot. Another must-visit bay is Maguey, famous for its pristine white sand beaches and exceptional snorkeling opportunities where you can encounter coral, rays, and turtles. Bahías de Huatulco is part of the Parque Nacional Huatulco, offering incredible hiking, biking, and horseback riding adventures, allowing you to immerse yourself in the stunning natural surroundings while encountering abundant wildlife, including black iguanas, armadillos, and dwarf porcupines. In addition, if you venture into the mountains, you can explore breathtaking waterfalls and visit coffee plantations.

To minimize costs, indulge in delicious super-fresh seafood and try local specialties like tlayudas - corn tortillas topped with black beans, pork fat, and cheese - at rustic comedores. When it comes to accommodations, consider staying in rooms located in private homes, simple hotels, or low-rise resorts and villas, especially outside the peak-season holidays (Christmas, New Year, and around Easter) during the dry season from November to April. Prices are typically lowest during the wet season from May to October, although some establishments may close in September and October.

People bathing at Josephine Falls, a tiered cascade waterfall on Josephine Creek located in the Far North region of Queensland.For a truly mesmerizing experience, head to Josephine Falls, a tiered cascade waterfall located in the Far North region of Queensland, Australia. This picturesque natural attraction offers a stunning backdrop of lush rainforest, making it a perfect spot for immersing yourself in nature and enjoying a refreshing swim.


Far North Queensland, Australia


In Far North Queensland, Australia, you'll find the perfect blend of World Heritage rainforest and the iconic Great Barrier Reef. The region is bordered by beautiful sugarcane fields, and its gateway city, Cairns, is an excellent starting point for exploring this tropical paradise. While Cairns doesn't have its own beach, it compensates with a sand-fringed artificial swimming lagoon located on the reclaimed foreshore. From Cairns, you can embark on breathtaking reef trips, such as visiting the coral cay of Green Island, or explore the enchanting hinterland by visiting nearby village Kuranda, known for its artsy and hippie markets nestled beneath the rainforest canopy.

Cairns is a fantastic budget-friendly base, offering a vibrant hostel scene, family-friendly motels and resorts, and affordable dining and drinking options. Don't miss out on the tropical-fruit-filled market at Rusty's or the lively happy hours at the bars and pubs in Cairns. For a beachside stay, consider Trinity Beach and Clifton Beach, both located just north of the city. The months of April, May, September, and October, which fall just outside the peak dry season, are ideal for an affordable tropical holiday.


Manabí, Ecuador


If you're seeking palm-studded beaches, spectacular rock formations, and fiery red sunsets, look no further than the stunning province of Manabí in Ecuador. Located midway along Ecuador's coast, this province offers an array of captivating beaches. Playa Santa Marianita is particularly popular for kite-surfing and swimming, while the family-friendly Playa de Cojimíes boasts gentle waves perfect for a relaxing swim. Playa Canoa, on the other hand, is a favorite destination for surfing, cliff-top paragliding, and adventurous kayaking explorations.

One hidden gem in the region is Horseshoe-shaped Playa de Los Frailes, which remains tucked away within the Parque Nacional Machalilla. This pristine beach is home to an astonishing array of wildlife, including green macaws, capuchin and howler monkeys, anteaters, and even jaguars. The fishing village of Puerto López serves as the gateway to Isla de la Plata, a more affordable alternative to Ecuador's famous Galápagos Islands. Here, you can witness incredible marine life, such as sea lions, giant manta rays, blue-footed boobies, turtles, albatrosses, frigatebirds, and humpback whales.

When it comes to accommodations, there are various budget-friendly options available, including hostel dorms, thatched huts, guesthouses, and cozy B&Bs, as well as contemporary hotels. Don't miss the opportunity to sample local fish-based specialties from beachside stalls, food carts, and markets, such as ceviche jipijapa - cured raw fish topped with a spicy peanut sauce - or bolón, which are deep-fried balls made of green plantains and cheese. To make the most of your visit, plan your trip during the wet season from December to May, when the refreshing coastal rainfall is typically short-lived. For the best deals, avoid major holiday periods like Christmas, New Year, and Easter.

A shirtless white man rides a wave on Bali, Indonesia with tropical palm trees in the backgroundIf you're looking for a paradise retreat, head to Lombok in Indonesia. This stunning island is surrounded by captivating pearl-white, coral-pink, and black volcanic sand beaches, making it an ideal destination for an active tropical vacation. In the southern region of the island, you'll find an abundance of reefs, inlets, and bays, such as Pantai Mawi, which offer world-class surf breaks for surfing enthusiasts. For those seeking adventure and breathtaking views, climbing Indonesia's second-highest volcano, the sacred Gunung Rinjani, is a memorable multiday experience. Alternatively, you can embark on easier treks to visit spectacular waterfalls like Air Terjun Sindang Gila. Just offshore, nestled between Lombok and its famous neighbor, Bali, you'll discover the blissful and motorized transport-free Gili Islands. These islands, including Gili Trawangan (known as "Gili T"), Gili Meno, and Gili Air, offer a laid-back atmosphere and are favorite destinations for backpackers.

When it comes to dining, Lombok and the Gilis offer affordable and delicious options at local warungs, which are small and simple eateries. Here, you can savor mouthwatering skewered-meat satays and enjoy grilled fish cooked over coconut-shell charcoal. For accommodations, you'll find a range of affordable options, including beach huts, hostels, and bungalows. Traveling during the wet season from October to April is the cheapest time to visit, especially if you avoid the busy Christmas holidays.

Young man runs with body board on beach.Fiji is a tropical paradise located in the South Pacific Ocean. Comprising a total of 322 islands, with only a third of them inhabited, this country offers unparalleled beauty and adventure. When you hear the name Fiji, you instantly envision postcard-perfect beaches and crystal-clear turquoise waters - and for good reason. It's no exaggeration to say that Fiji is one of the most incredible destinations in the world. Whether you're a young traveler seeking excitement or a honeymooner looking for peace and serenity, Fiji has something for everyone. Activities such as diving, sailing, snorkeling, and whale-watching are popular among visitors. For budget travelers and young people, the Yasawa Islands are a must-visit. These islands are known for their affordable accommodation options, budget-friendly transportation, and unforgettable late-night parties. The weather in Fiji remains mostly consistent throughout the year, although cyclones can occur between November and January.


If you're wondering about the best place to stay in Fiji, consider checking out The Beachouse located on the Coral Coast. This family-owned resort offers a picturesque setting with private bungalows and dorm rooms available. Guests can enjoy a complimentary breakfast and access to kayak rentals.

To start planning your trip to Fiji, be sure to read our comprehensive budget travel guide to Fiji!


Big Island Hawaii

Steaming Hale Ma'uma'u Volcano Crater at Kilauea volcano, with the endemic Lehua tree in the foreground, on the Big Island in Hawaii, USA


Situated over 4,000 kilometers (2,500 miles) off the west coast of mainland USA, Big Island Hawaii offers an abundance of activities and natural wonders to explore. What sets this island apart is Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park, home to two of the world's largest and most active volcanoes. This UNESCO World Heritage Site and International Biosphere Reserve offers visitors the opportunity to explore volcanic landscapes, hike through old lava tubes, and witness new lava oozing into the ocean.

Beyond volcanoes, the island boasts stunning waterfalls, excellent snorkeling and diving spots, and the lush wilderness of the Waipi’o Valley, which was once the ancient home of Hawaiian kings. Big Island truly has it all, embodying the essence of Hawaii. The wet season occurs from October to March, with cooler weather during this time. However, it's worth noting that weather conditions can differ between the islands.


If you're searching for the best place to stay on the Big Island in Hawaii, check out My Hawaii Hostel. Located close to all amenities, this hostel offers free parking, free Wi-Fi, a fully equipped kitchen, and a relaxing indoor/outdoor common area.

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Brightly painted buildings on the tropical island of Curaçao in the Caribbean


Situated in the Caribbean Sea, Curaçao is an exquisite tropical island that is part of the Netherlands Antilles. Recognized as one of the top destinations in the Caribbean, Curaçao offers visitors a taste of Dutch influence in a breathtaking tropical setting. The island's main city, Willemstad, is a vibrant and bustling metropolis with stunning Dutch architectural designs. It has also been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage listed Old Town.

As the largest and most populous island in the Netherlands Antilles, Curaçao is renowned for its lively atmosphere and vibrant social scene. It attracts a younger crowd of travelers who are looking for a mix of relaxation and excitement. Whether you prefer lounging on the pristine beaches or immersing yourself in the island's exhilarating nightlife, Curaçao has it all. Don't worry about unpredictable weather, as the island enjoys a stable climate with year-round warmth and sunshine. The rainy season falls between November and January, and luckily, Curaçao is located below the hurricane belt, providing a safe haven from these natural disasters.


BEST PLACE TO STAY IN CURAÇAO: If you are looking for affordable accommodation that offers a unique experience, consider staying at First Hostel Curaçao. Set in a converted ice cream factory in Willemstad, this hostel boasts an outdoor pool, a dive shop, a relaxing terrace, and air-conditioned rooms.

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The Perhentian Islands

Colorful jetty sticking out into the clear turquoise waters off a beach in the Perhentian Islands, Malaysia


Located along the east coast of Malaysia, the Perhentian Islands comprise two main islands, Perhentian Kecil ("Lesser Perhentian") and Perhentian Besar ("Greater Perhentian"). These islands are blessed with abundant palm trees, picturesque beaches, and crystal-clear blue waters.

Despite the smaller size, Perhentian Kecil attracts more visitors due to its affordability and a wide range of activities. On the other hand, Perhentian Besar offers upscale accommodations and is popular among families and honeymooners.

The laid-back atmosphere and limited attractions make the islands an ideal escape for beach lovers. Unwind on the shore, swing in a hammock, and let yourself be immersed in the tranquil surroundings. The name "Perhentian," which roughly translates to "stopping point" in Malay, is aptly fitting as travelers often find themselves wanting to extend their stay here. Diving and snorkeling enthusiasts will be delighted by the vibrant coral reefs, sea turtles, sharks, and various colorful fish that inhabit the crystalline waters.

It's important to note that the islands have a monsoon season, so plan your visit between March and October for the best experience. During other times of the year, consider exploring the beautiful beaches of Thailand, where the weather is more favorable.


  • Embark on a thrilling Jungle Trekking adventure
  • Discover the mesmerizing Turtles at Turtle Beach
  • Explore the underwater wonders through Diving

BEST PLACE TO STAY IN THE PERHENTIAN ISLANDS: If you are seeking budget-friendly accommodations that offer comfort, Senja Bay Resort is an excellent choice. Just a minute away from the beach, this resort provides both fan-cooled and air-conditioned rooms, free Wi-Fi, and a delightful on-site restaurant.

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The historic Commissioner's House, surrounded by fortified walls in the Caribbean sea, on the island of Bermuda


As Great Britain's oldest colony, Bermuda stands out as one of the most breathtaking islands on the planet. However, it is important to note that this paradise can be quite expensive due to the presence of banks and tax-avoiding businesses, which cater to high-end clientele. Nevertheless, don't let the cost discourage you from visiting this extraordinary destination.

Bermuda offers an abundance of stunning beaches that rival the best in North America and the Caribbean. Among the must-see beaches are Church Bay, Elbow Beach, and Chaplin Bay. The locals are renowned for their friendliness, and the island is renowned for its delectable cuisine. Apart from beach activities, you can explore fascinating caves, embark on scenic hikes, and indulge in world-class snorkeling and diving. Bermuda is famously referred to as the "shipwreck capital of the world," with over 300 shipwrecks dotting its waters.


  • Witness the natural beauty of the Crystal and Fantasy Caves
  • Take in the stunning views from the Gibbs Hill Lighthouse
  • Explore the historical Royal Naval Dockyard

BEST PLACE TO STAY IN BERMUDA: For a cozy and welcoming atmosphere, consider booking your stay at Blue Horizons Guest House. Located close to the beach, this three-star guesthouse offers comfortable accommodations and an attentive staff.

For more detailed information and tips to plan your trip to Bermuda, refer to my comprehensive budget travel guide to Bermuda!


Isla de Providencia (Old Providence)

Colorful shack on a beach surrounded by palm trees in Providencia, Colombia


Isla de Providencia, also known as Old Providence, is located between Costa Rica and Jamaica and is a part of Colombia. The island comprises two smaller islands, Providencia and Santa Catalina, covering a combined area of 22 square kilometers (8.5 square miles). It is truly a natural paradise, as Providencia serves as the central point for the Seaflower Biosphere Reserve, a UNESCO Marine Protected Area, and is home to the remarkable 2,400-acre national park known as Old Providence McBean Lagoon.

In contrast to its more luxurious Caribbean neighbors, Isla de Providencia offers budget-friendly accommodation options. Accessible only by ship or airplane, the island maintains its simplicity and natural beauty without succumbing to excessive development. As a result, it provides an authentic and non-touristy getaway for travelers seeking a rustic experience.


  • Embark on an exhilarating hike up El Pico
  • Indulge in the captivating world of Diving & Snorkeling
  • Relax on the stunning Playa Manzanillo

BEST PLACE TO STAY IN ISLA DE PROVIDENCIA: For a delightful and hospitable experience, consider staying at Berton Place. This three-star guesthouse, only 10 minutes away from the beach, offers a cozy ambiance, attentive local owners, free Wi-Fi, and convenient parking.

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The San Blas Islands

A thatched hut off the coast of the San Blas Islands in PanamaPanama is often overlooked as a Central American destination, and the same goes for its hidden gem, the San Blas Islands. This archipelago of 378 islands is a favored destination for sailing and boat tours. However, there are also a few resorts available for those seeking a more luxurious stay.


The San Blas Islands are mostly uninhabited and under the control of the Guna indigenous people. Consequently, they maintain a rustic and off-the-grid atmosphere, perfect for a secluded island escape. Accommodations on the islands are simple, ranging from traditional huts to hammocks and tents. The islands offer plenty of opportunities for sailing, diving, and snorkeling amidst stunningly picturesque surroundings.

If you are interested in venturing off the islands and exploring the waters, you can book sailing expeditions. These range from three-day and two-night trips for around $285 USD, which includes meals, to longer four to five-day voyages priced between $400 and $520 USD.


BEST PLACE TO STAY THE SAN BLAS ISLANDS: Consider staying at Discovery Gunayar, a laid-back lodge just one minute away from the beach. Relax in the rustic yet comfortable accommodations provided by this charming retreat.

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The Canary Islands

Aerial view with Puerto de la Cruz, in background Teide volcano, Tenerife island, Spain


Located just off the coast of Western Sahara in Africa, the Canary Islands are actually a Spanish archipelago and therefore owned by Spain. There are 7 main islands in the Canaries, each offering unique attractions for adventurous travelers seeking relaxation and an island lifestyle.

Tenerife, the largest island, boasts a variety of attractions, including one of the world's largest Carnival festivals in February and two UNESCO World Heritage sites: the city of La Laguna and Teide National Park, home to Mount Teide, Spain's tallest mountain and the third-largest volcano globally.

For sunbathing and beach activities, Fuerteventura is the ideal destination. Gran Canaria, on the other hand, offers diverse and awe-inspiring landscapes perfect for hiking enthusiasts. Regardless of which island you choose to visit, you can expect a tropical paradise experience that ranks among the best in the world.


BEST PLACE TO STAY IN THE CANARY ISLANDS: Lagarto house – This laid-back hostel in Tenerife offers an outdoor pool, bicycles for beach transportation, a BBQ area, and a fully-equipped kitchen.

To begin planning your trip, consult my comprehensive budget travel guide to Spain!



People walking down a stone causeway leading to the white-washed Old Town town in Naxos, Greece


While many travelers opt for Santorini or Mykonos when visiting the Cyclades, you can beat the crowds and explore the stunning and picturesque island of Naxos. Known for its tranquil Mediterranean atmosphere, Naxos boasts charming whitewashed villages and pristine beaches.

Naxos offers a wide range of activities to suit any traveler's preferences. Whether you prefer lounging on the beach, embarking on hiking adventures, indulging in water sports, or delving into history by exploring ancient sites like the monumental temple gate, medieval castles, and the legendary birthplace of Zeus on Mount Zeus, Naxos promises to keep you entertained without the typical tourist crowds.


BEST PLACE TO STAY IN NAXOS: Soula Naxos – Ideally situated just 20 meters from Saint George Beach and a short walk from the city center, this budget-friendly hotel features free Wi-Fi and offers delightful views from its rooftop terrace.

To start planning your trip, refer to my extensive budget travel guide to Naxos!


The Whitsunday Islands

A propeller plane in the water off the coast on the Whitsunday Islands in Australia


Situated off the central coast of Queensland in Australia, the Whitsunday Islands form a picturesque collection of islands renowned for their natural beauty. Most of these islands are designated as national parks and are part of the world-famous Great Barrier Reef.

These national park islands are home to pristine beaches and stunning coral reefs, making them perfect for snorkeling, diving, and sunbathing. Whitehaven Beach, in particular, stands out as a favorite among visitors. With over half a million annual visitors, the Whitsunday Islands are undeniably one of the top tropical destinations worldwide.

Embarking on a multi-day sailing tour is a popular way to experience the islands, offering incredible diving opportunities and unforgettable memories. Expect to pay between 399-499 AUD per person for a three-day/two-night sailing trip.


  • Go Kayaking
  • Snorkel with Wildlife
  • Go Diving

BEST PLACE TO STAY IN THE WHITSUNDAY ISLANDS: Whitsunday Apartments – Located just 2 minutes from Catseye Beach, these private apartments offer ocean views, free Wi-Fi, and complimentary airport transfers. You'll also find an inviting outdoor pool.

To start planning your trip, consult my comprehensive budget travel guide to the Whitsunday Islands!


The Galápagos Islands

A bright lizard standing on the rocks in the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador


There are few destinations that evoke wanderlust and fascination like the Galápagos Islands. Located 1,000 kilometers (620 miles) off the coast of Ecuador, these islands are not only highly sought-after within the country but also globally renowned.

Formed by volcanic activity, the Galápagos Islands hold immense scientific significance as they served as the birthplace of Darwin's theory of evolution. The diverse wildlife found here offers unparalleled opportunities for nature enthusiasts, from marine iguanas, Galapagos penguins, and sea lions to orcas, manta rays, and the iconic Giant Galápagos tortoise.

However, this fragile ecosystem is highly vulnerable to the effects of climate change. It is crucial to visit these islands while maintaining a mindset of sustainability and responsibility towards the environment. Consider booking a multi-day visit to make the most of your time exploring this extraordinary destination.


  • Go Kayaking
  • Snorkel with Wildlife
  • Go Diving

BEST PLACE TO STAY IN THE GALÁPAGOS ISLANDS: Hostal Romy – This comfortable two-star hotel in close proximity to Puerto Baquerizo Moreno Beach offers air-conditioned rooms with free Wi-Fi and kitchenettes.

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Saint Lucia

Beautiful blue water and a massive green hill in Saint Lucia


Saint Lucia, an exquisite island in the Caribbean's Lesser Antilles volcanic chain, is often hailed as one of the most romantic destinations in the world. Its breathtaking landscapes, lush surroundings, and pristine white sand beaches stretching for miles make it a true paradise on earth.

Originally known as "Louanalao" by the indigenous Arawak people in 200 CE, St. Lucia entices visitors with its enchanting avian species, abundant tropical fruit orchards, world-class diving locations, vibrant wildlife, and crystal-clear azure waters. Whether you seek a peaceful escape or an active holiday, St. Lucia offers endless opportunities for entertainment and relaxation.


BEST PLACE TO STAY IN SAINT LUCIA: Harmony Marina Suites – This three-star hotel offers suite accommodations with idyllic terraces, air-conditioning, and Wi-Fi. Guests can enjoy an outdoor pool and convenient access to the beach, just a few minutes away.

To start planning your trip, refer to my comprehensive budget travel guide to St. Lucia!

With so many breathtaking tropical destinations to choose from, it's no wonder why these places rank as the best for vacations. Whether you're looking for an affordable getaway, a safe and secure country to visit, or simply an exotic paradise to explore, the options are endless. So pack your bags, grab your passport, and immerse yourself in the beauty of the Maldives, the allure of Bora Bora, or the serenity of the Dominican Republic. Discover the wonders of Sri Lanka, the idyllic beaches of Zanzibar, or the stunning landscapes of Palawan. No matter which destination you choose, a tropical vacation promises to be a dream come true.

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