Discover the Best Travel Destinations for January: From Montreal to Sri Lanka and Beyond

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Looking to kick off the new year with a sensational adventure? Look no further! We have curated a list of the best travel destinations January has to offer, from the snow-capped wonders of Montreal to the sun-soaked beaches of Costa Rica. Whether you're in search of breathtaking landscapes, cultural immersion, or simply a tropical escape, this article is your gateway to thrilling explorations across the globe. So grab your passport, pack your bags, and join us on a journey to discover the most enticing destinations that January has in store for all avid travelers.

Montreal, Canada

Temperature in January: -4°C high; -12°C low

Season: winter

Travel time from UK: 7 hours 20 minutes

Time difference: GMT -5

If the idea of attending a rave in sub-zero temperatures appeals to you, then Montreal is the perfect destination. Every January, the city hosts the Igloofest, a music festival featuring world-class EDM acts. Embrace the winter wonderland by admiring the French château architecture covered in frost and going snowshoeing up Mount Royal for breathtaking views of the city. Don't forget to indulge in the city's culinary delights, such as classic smoked-meat sandwiches at Schwartz's Deli or hand-rolled bagels at St-Viateur's. Poutine, a local specialty, is a must-try comfort food, and you can enjoy it at renowned restaurants like Au Pied de Cochon or Garnde Manger. If you need a break from the cold, explore the Underground City, a vast network of shops, museums, and restaurants located beneath downtown Montreal.

Sustainable travel tip: Consider staying at the eco-friendly Hôtel Alt Montréal in the Griffintown warehouse district. This hotel, owned by Canadian company Groupe Germain, utilizes geothermal heating and energy-saving lighting.

Where to stay: For a picturesque riverfront experience in the heart of Old Montreal, book a stay at Auberge du Vieux-Port. This charming hotel offers a restaurant and a rooftop terrace with stunning views of the St-Lawrence River and the Old Port.


Ethiopia is an excellent destination to visit in January outside of India. It is renowned for its stunning highlands and the continued practice of age-old traditions by the locals. The best time to visit is between October and June, with January offering clear skies and mild temperatures. However, be prepared for a drop in temperature. January is also the time for the famous Timket festival, where locals don traditional attire and priests carry sequined velvet umbrellas. It truly makes Ethiopia one of the top travel destinations in January.

Places To Visit: Addis Ababa, Lalibela, Gondar, AksumPlaces To Eat: 2000 Habesha Cultural Restaurant, Sishu Restaurant, La Mandoline RestaurantTop Tourist Attractions: Lake Tana, Blue Nile Falls, Erta AleThings to do: Marvel at the rock-hewn churches of Lalibela, experience the heat at the Danakil DepressionWeather: Mild temperature throughout the year, around 22 degrees Celsius Places To Stay At: AG Palace Hotel, Melala Addis How To Reach: Bole International Airport in Addis Ababa is one of the main airports connecting Ethiopia to the rest of the world.

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Airlie Beach of the Whitsundays in AustraliaAirlie Beach of the Whitsundays in Australia

Temperatures: Low 54° F | High 97° F

Highlights: Hot weather, culture, water sports, scenery, Great Barrier Reef, beaches

Other recommended travel times: February, March, April, October, November, December

Australia is a country that always surprises. Its exceptional beauty is derived from its diverse landscape, featuring unique ochre plains that transition into shimmering blue waters.

Boasting the world's oldest cultures, ancient natural wonders, modern urban splendor, and contemporary spirit, Australia is more than just a stunning destination.

This dreamscape encompasses ancient rainforests, the Great Barrier Reef, islands with powdery-white sands, red deserts, and renowned winelands.

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Zahara de la Sierra in the province of Cádiz, SpainZahara de la Sierra in the province of Cádiz, Spain

Temperatures: Low 43° F | High 64° F

Highlights: Culture, scenery, wine, cuisine, museums, historical towns

Other recommended travel times: March, May, June, September, October

Spain is a captivating blend of land, sea, and culture. Vibrant cities reflect centuries of cultural evolution. Museums showcase renowned artists, while preserved medieval towns exhibit a blend of Moorish and Christian architecture.

Small countryside villages are adorned with whitewashed homes, and lush hills give way to vineyards and picturesque landscapes. Whether in Barcelona, Madrid, Santiago, San Sebastian, Seville, or Cap de Creus, Spain offers a diverse range of attractions and experiences for art lovers, foodies, wine connoisseurs, active explorers, and those seeking stunning coastal views.

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Ha Long Bay, VietnamHa Long Bay, Vietnam

Temperatures: Low 79° F | High 61° F

Highlights: Culture, historical towns, scenery, museums, beaches, water sports

Other recommended travel times: March, April, November

Vietnam is a captivating blend of stunning natural wonders and rich cultural heritage. Bustling megacities coexist with traditional hill-tribe villages, creating a sensory experience like no other.

Exotic landscapes and fascinating customs offer deep connections, whether exploring limestone islands that rise above crystal-clear waters, dining in authentic local restaurants, or immersing oneself in the vibrant green of paddy fields.

The tropical climate in January provides a perfect opportunity to explore oceanic waters, traverse evergreen hills, visit marble temples, or witness the beauty of glowing green rice fields.

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Pagoda in Doi Inthanon National Park in Chiang Mai, ThailandPagoda in Doi Inthanon National Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Temperatures: Low 72° F | High 90° F

Highlights: Warm weather, culture, wildlife, beaches, water sports, museums, cuisine

Other recommended travel times: March, April, May, November, December

Thailand is a paradise for pristine beaches, tropical forests, unique architecture, and sumptuous cuisine.

The warm and inviting culture reflects the country's climate. Fragrant aromas of lemongrass fill the air, while culinary classes offer a taste of traditional flavors that balance spicy, sweet, salty, and sour.

From cascading waterfalls to picturesque karsts, majestic temples to idyllic island sands, Thailand offers an array of experiences that showcase the beauty of the country.

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South Africa

Lion in Kruger National Park, South AfricaKruger National Park, South Africa

Temperatures:  Low 60° F | High 79° F

Highlights: Warm weather, water sports, wildlife, culture, beaches

Other recommended travel times: February, March, May, June, August, September

South Africa is a captivating combination of classic African landscapes, captivating wildlife, and a unique urban culture shaped by diverse traditions. Each city has its own distinct character, and the coastline is adorned with rugged cliffs and vibrant coral reefs.

Golden beaches, renowned surf breaks, and wide-open plains where rhinos, elephants, and lions roam help bring the rainbow on the national flag to life, symbolizing the true diversity of South Africa, where the colors shine brightest when experienced as a whole.

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Marine iguana on the rocks in San Cristobal, Galapagos IslandsMarine iguana on the rocks in San Cristobal, Galapagos Islands

Temperatures: Low 84° F | High 70° F

Highlights: Wildlife, seclusion, water sports, marine life

Other recommended travel times: March, May, September, October

The Galapagos Islands form a collective archipelago, with each island offering a unique character. From towering volcanoes to pristine beaches, these islands are home to some of the world's most exotic wildlife reserves.

The combination of protected land and sea reveals islands devoid of vegetation alongside lush green landscapes.

This isolated and fragile ecosystem has achieved mythological status, where black-rock and white-sand beaches are inhabited by giant tortoises, and shimmering blue waters provide glimpses of penguins and iguanas.

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Embark on an adventure to the wild eastern country of Kenya in East Africa, known for its stunning coastline along the Indian Ocean and diverse topography encompassing savannah, lakelands, the dramatic Great Rift Valley, and mountain highlands. The enchanting wildlife of Kenya is a major draw, especially for wildlife enthusiasts who love going on safaris. The Maasai Mara Reserve and Amboseli National Park, two of the best national parks in Kenya, offer breathtaking views, including a glimpse of Tanzania's Mt. Kilimanjaro. Kenya is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit in January, offering wildlife lovers the opportunity to satisfy their inner souls.

Places To Visit: Maasai Mara, NairobiPlaces To Eat: Carnivore Kenya, Talisman RestaurantTop Tourist Attractions: Maasai Mara Reserve, Amboseli National Park, Lake, and Tsavo National ParkThings to do: Soak up the sea, sand, and sun at Diani, explore Elsa's home turfWeather: Hot throughout the year, temperatures range from 20°C to 28°CPlaces To Stay At: Ol Donyo, Kobe Suite Resort, Giraffe Manor, and Mara PlainsHow to reach: Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Kisumu International Airport, Moi International Airport, Eldoret International Airport, and Wilson Airport are the main international airports in Kenya. Kenya Airways operates non-stop flights from Mumbai to Nairobi. Other carriers such as Jet Airways, Qatar Airways, Air India, and Etihad also operate on this route.

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Laos, known as the land of a million elephants, is home to magnificent cascading waterfalls and shimmering temples, where Buddhist monks welcome tourists with a smile. It is also one of the most affordable places to travel in January. With a laid-back atmosphere, Laos offers a pleasant and relaxed vibe that sets it apart from the bustling energy of Thailand and Vietnam.

Places To Visit: Vientiane, Luang Prabang, Vang Vieng, PaksePlaces To Eat: KimSatCat Restaurant, Mama Laos RestaurantTop Tourist Attractions: Kuang Si Falls, Mount Phousi, Pha That LuangThings to do: Explore famous attractions like the pottery village, Wat Xieng Thong Temple

Weather: The weather is mild and pleasant, with temperatures around 24 degrees Celsius.

Places To Stay At: Downtown Backpackers Hotel, Tony Central Hostel

How To Reach: Laos has only one major international airport located in Vientiane. There are direct flights from Phnom Penh, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Bangkok, and Chiang Mai that connect to this airport.

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Cambodia is a true heritage destination. From fabulous temples and serene beaches to breathtaking landscapes, there is a long list of places to visit in Cambodia. January is a great time to visit, as the weather is pleasant, neither too hot nor too cold. If you're still wondering where to travel in January, Cambodia is a fantastic option.

Places To Visit: Siem Reap, Phnom Penh, Tonle SapPlaces To Eat: Embassy Khmer Gastronomy, Cuisine Wat Damnak, MarumTop Tourist Attractions: Kampot, Kratie, Angkor WatThings to do: Cruise and jungle safari in Virachey NationalAverage Price: INR 2,000 per day per personWeather: Warm and sunny, temperatures range from 20°C to 26°CPlaces To Stay At: NagaWorld Hotel & Entertainment Complex, City Centre HotelHow to reach: Phnom Penh International Airport and Siem Reap International Airport are the major airports in Cambodia. There are also other airports in Sihanoukville and Battambang. Most people arrive in Cambodia from Bangkok and Phnom Penh, and then travel to Siem Reap.

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Lofty peaks, serene islands, and stunning beaches make Seychelles a delightful destination during winter. It is considered one of the best places to visit in Seychelles in January, offering breathtaking scenic beauty that has made Seychelles tour packages highly sought after.

Places To Visit: Mahe, Praslin, La Digue, Beau VallonPlaces To Eat: La Goulue, La Perle Noire Restaurant, Del Place RestaurantTop Tourist Attractions: Vallee de Mai, Seychelles island hoppingThings to do: Scuba diving, snorkeling, and taking cruise ridesAverage Price: INR 12,000 per day per personWeather: Warm, with temperatures ranging from 29°C to 32°CPlaces To Stay At: Hilton Seychelles Northolme Resort & Spa, Four Seasons Resort SeychellesHow to reach: Taking a direct flight is the easiest and most popular way to reach Seychelles. From Mumbai, you can book a flight with Air Seychelles to Seychelles' international airport near Victoria. The distance between Mumbai and Seychelles Mahe Island is approximately 3,250 kilometers.

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Belize is a gem of Central America, surrounded by a vast array of natural wonders that reflect its cultural history. It is one of the best places to visit in January, offering plenty to explore. The beaches in Belize are particularly special, with one of them being home to the second-largest barrier reef in the world. As a UNESCO World Heritage site, Belize can be visited year-round, but January is considered one of the best months to appreciate its beauty.

Places To Visit: San Pedro, Caye Caulker, San IgnacioPlaces To Eat: Riverside Tavern, Celebrity Restaurant & Bar, Casa PicassoTop Tourist Attractions: Ambergris Caye, Great Blue HoleThings to do: Scuba diving, snorkeling

Weather: Belize has a sub-tropical climate, with temperatures remaining around 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Places To Stay At: The Nature Resort, Bella's Backpackers Hostel

How To Reach: The easiest and most common way to reach Belize is by taking a flight from Philip S.W Goldson International Airport in Belize City.

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Machu Picchu, PeruMachu Picchu, Peru

Temperatures: Low 74° F | High 80° F

Highlights: Warm weather, culture, scenery, beaches, wildlife, ancient ruins

Other recommended travel times: January, February, June, November

January is the heart of summer in the Southern Hemisphere, making it a great time to visit Peru for any kind of adventure. While the Andes and the Amazon may experience rain, causing the closure of the Inca Trail or adding lushness to the jungle, the crowds are often smaller during this time.

The scenery is vibrant and bright, with warm sunshine prevailing even during the rainy season. January reveals the hidden treasures of Peru, whether you seek beaches, untamed wildlife, desert landscapes, or Incan ruins.

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Nicaragua, renowned as one of the best destinations to visit in January, is famous for its lush tropical forests, pristine beaches, and impressive volcanic cliffs. With pleasant weather, minimal rainfall, and optimal temperatures, January offers the perfect opportunity to explore this beautiful country in Central America.

Places To Visit: Managua, Ometepe, Granada

Places To Eat: Black Monkey Irish Bar And Restaurant, Restaurant Don Candido, Peruvian Terrace

Top Tourist Attractions: San Juan del Sur, Ometepe Island, Corn Islands, Apoyo Lagoon, Granada, and Leon

Things to do: Visit Apoyo Lagoon Natural Reserve, Reserva Natural Miraflor

Average Price: INR 5,800 per person per day

Weather: Hot and sunny, with temperatures ranging from 26°C to 30°C

Places To Stay At: Dreamsea Surf Resort Nicaragua, CASA AMAYA

How to reach: There are no direct or connecting flights from India to Nicaragua. Travelers can reach Nicaragua by flying to Mexico City, Miami, Dallas, Panama City, Guatemala City, Atlanta, Havana, or Toronto, and then taking an international flight to Augusto C. Sandino International Airport, Managua.

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Amber Fort near Jaipur in Rajasthan, IndiaAmber Fort near Jaipur in Rajasthan, India

Temperatures: Low 46° F | High 69° F

Highlights: Culture, museums, palaces, historical cities, scenery, cuisine

Other recommended travel times: February | March | April | May | September | October

India is a captivating blend of tradition and the modern world. While the Taj Mahal stands as the country's most iconic symbol, India boasts a wealth of heritage and a history rich in cultural encounters.

From lush national parks and captivating wildlife sanctuaries teeming with tigers and elephants, to golden-sand beaches and an abundance of spiritual centers, India is a treasure trove of diversity. January offers the opportunity to experience snowy adventures in the Himalayas or enjoy the tropical warmth along the southern canals.

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Temperature in January: High 32°C | Low 24°C

Season: Dry

Travel time from UK: Approximately 12 hours and 50 minutes

Time difference: GMT -5

Panama, with its two long coasts, offers picturesque beaches that are perfect for capturing stunning photographs. However, finding a chic and stylish accommodation to match can be a challenge. The gem of Panama, Islas Secas, is changing that perception. Located on a remote private archipelago just 20 miles off the Pacific coast, this newly established retreat offers luxury and tranquility. With nine casitas featuring pools and ocean views, guided excursions to uninhabited islands and jungles, and serene silence after sundown, Islas Secas is revolutionizing tourism in Panama.

In addition to luxury accommodations, Panama also offers the annual Panama Jazz Festival in January, a must-visit for music enthusiasts. The capital city's old quarter, Casco Viejo, has undergone a transformation with revitalized colonial buildings, housing trendy new establishments. The area, once plagued by gang activity, now boasts romantic boutique hotels like La Concordia.

Sustainable travel tip: Islas Secas archipelago, owned by billionaire conservation philanthropist Louis Bacon, has 13 of its 14 islands remaining undeveloped. The resort operates on solar energy and uses recycled water. For a completely untouched beach experience, head to the San Blas Islands on the Caribbean coast. Protected by the indigenous Guna tribe, these islands offer simplicity with basic huts and hammocks on deserted sands. Travelers can reach the San Blas Islands by speedboat from Panama City.

Where to stay: Consider the Sofitel Legend Casco Viejo, a waterfront hotel with an infinity pool, luxurious spa treatments, and spacious terraces overlooking the city skyline. For a retreat in the mountainous Boquete area, consider Los Establos, a charming hotel located on a coffee farm. The hotel offers spacious suites with breathtaking views and a wide range of activities.

  • Temperature in January 27°C high 20°C low Season summer Travel time from UK 22 hours 30 minutes Time difference GMT 10 ...


    For travelers seeking an offbeat and exceptional destination to explore in January, Cartagena on the Caribbean coast is an ideal choice. The city offers a beautiful mix of unspoiled natural landscapes and historic sites, including ancient colonial stone walls. Being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Cartagena's charming cobbled streets, balconies adorned with bougainvillea flowers, and grand churches sprawling across leafy plazas create a magical ambiance.

    Places To Eat: El Burlador Gastrobar, Moshi, Cafe Stepping Stone

    Top Tourist Attractions: Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas, Palace of Inquisition, Rosario Islands, Las Bovedas

    Things to do: Visit Walled City of Cartagena, Nauty 360, and Luxury boat rental Cartagena

    Average Price: INR 3,000-6000 per day

    Weather: Warm and dry, with temperatures ranging from 24°C to 31°C

    Places To Stay At: Hotel Ibis, Hilton, Hotel Sofitel Legend, Bastion Luxury Hotel

    How to reach: There are no direct flights from India to Cartagena. Travelers can take a flight from Delhi or Mumbai to New York and then continue their journey to Cartagena.

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    Morocco, known for its warm weather and rich cultural heritage, is a charming winter destination and one of the top places to visit in January for a tropical escape. The vibrant cities with their bustling markets and majestic mosques, as well as the towering Jbel Toubkal, the highest mountain in North Africa, are among the best sights to explore in Morocco. The country exudes a historic and ancient ambiance that captivates visitors.

    Places To Visit: Chefchaouen, Casablanca, Marrakech, Fes

    Places To Eat: Al Fassia, La Maison Arabe Restaurant, Grand Cafe de la Poste, Terrace des Epices

    Top Tourist Attractions: Majorelle Gardens, Menara Gardens, Tizi-n’Test Pass, Kasbah Ait Ben Haddou, Atlas Mountains, and Medina Souks

    Things to do: Explore Casablanca, visit the medina in Fez, discover the Blue Village of Chefchaouen

    Average Price: INR 3,000-3,500 per person

    Weather: Mild winters, with temperatures ranging from 20°C to 23°C

    Places To Stay At: Hotel Ibis Casablanca City Center, Hôtel Oudaya

    How to reach: Air India, Air France, Egypt Air, Qatar Airways, Emirates, Etihad, Lufthansa, and Jet Airways offer flights from India to Morocco.

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    Iguazu Falls, BrazilIguazu Falls, Brazil

    Temperatures: Low 78° F | High 86° F

    Highlights: Warm weather, rich culture, stunning beaches, water sports, trekking, diverse cuisine

    Other recommended travel times: March | August | November

    Brazil offers an exotic blend of rainforests, beautiful beaches, vibrant culture, and bustling cities. It is a country that pulsates with a unique rhythm, showcasing world-class art museums, delightful cuisine, idyllic coastlines, and immersive jungle adventures. In January, visitors can experience the essence of summer in the Southern Hemisphere and bask in Brazil's remarkable biodiversity, with opportunities to encounter scarlet macaws, thundering waterfalls, and pristine white-sand beaches.

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    Dubai is a popular destination for travelers worldwide, particularly in January. The city entices visitors with its extravagant malls, impressive amusement parks, traditional souks, and vibrant beaches. It is a perfect place to explore during the winter season and one of the best locations to visit in January outside of India.

    Places To Eat: Al Dawaar Revolving Restaurant, The Talk Restaurant, Armani

    Top Tourist Attractions: Jumeirah Beach, Dubai Creek, Global Village, Underwater Zoo

    Things to do: Desert safari, relaxing at the beach

    Average Price: INR 2,500 per person per day

    Weather: Warm, with temperatures ranging from 14°C to 24°C

    Places To Stay At: Emirates Grand Hotel, Carlton Downtown Hotel

    How to reach: The only airport in Dubai is Dubai International Airport, which is well-connected to major cities around the world.

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    Amsterdam, known as the city of Golden Age canals, offers a plethora of attractions that make it an irresistible destination. Considered one of the best places to travel in January, it is brimming with museums, vintage shops, striking architectural structures, and a vibrant dining and drinking scene. Amsterdam breaks away from conventional lifestyles and routines, making it a city filled with hidden treasures waiting to be discovered on every street corner.

    Places To Eat: De Royal Chop House, Restaurant Zaza's, De Silveren Spiegel

    Top Tourist Attractions: Van Gogh Museum, Anne Frank House, Rijksmuseum, Dam Square

    Things to do: Get lost in the arty Jordaan neighborhood, explore hidden gems by cycling, try herring from a herring cart

    Average Price: INR 14,500-20,000 per day

    Weather: Winter season with damp weather, temperatures ranging from 1°C to 6°C

    Places To Stay At: Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam, Hotel NH Amsterdam Centre

    How to reach: Amsterdam can be easily reached through airports in Brussels, Charleroi (Brussels South), and Lille. The most convenient way to travel to Amsterdam is by train, with direct trains available from Brussels Airport.


    Image Source

    Bruges is a picturesque destination where romance blends with history. This charming city in Western Europe is known as one of the most beautiful canal cities in the world. Bruges, with its vintage appearance and colonial architecture, dazzles during winter with stunning decorations welcoming the New Year. It is the perfect place to travel in January for canal cruises, architectural wonders, historical landmarks, and a touch of romance.

    Places To Eat: Parkrestaurant, Pomperlut, The Olive Tree Brugge

    Top Tourist Attractions: Lake of Love, Boudewijn Seapark, canal cruises, vintage horse carriages

    Things to do: Visit Brugge market, climb the Belfry tower

    Average Price: INR 8,000 per person per day

    Weather: Winter season, with temperatures ranging from 2°C to 6°C

    Places To Stay At: Bruges Hotel Navarra Brugge, Floris Hotel

    How to reach: Bruges can be easily reached by train from airports in Brussels, Charleroi (Brussels South), and Lille. Direct trains from Brussels Airport run hourly.

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    Tanzania, known as one of the best places to travel in January, is a hidden gem in Africa where wildlife roams freely. From its exotic and diverse wildlife to its pristine beaches, Tanzania captures the hearts of visitors with its humble locals and fascinating culture. The country offers incredible safaris, where travelers can spot hippos, elephants, crocodiles, lions, giraffes, and more freely roaming the plains. With its natural beauty and incredible biodiversity, Tanzania is a paradise for nature enthusiasts. In January, when the weather is perfect for game-viewing, Tanzania is a must-visit destination.

    Places To Visit: Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Tarangire

    Places To Eat: Delight Zanzibar, Indoitaliano Restaurant, Akemi Revolving Restaurant

    Top Tourist Attractions: Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Serengeti National Park, Tarangire National Park

    Things to do: Climb Mount Kilimanjaro, witness the Great Migration

    Average Price: INR 5,000-7,000 per day

    Weather: Fairly warm and humid, temperatures ranging from 26°C to 30°C

    Places To Stay At: Zanzibar Dream Lodge, Waikiki Zanzibar Resort, Villa Poa

    How to reach: Tanzania is well-connected to the world through ocean freighters, passenger liners, ferries, and steamers. The port of Dar es Salaam is easily accessible, connecting the island of Zanzibar to other destinations in the region.

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    Paddington, Sydney, Australia

    Temperature in January: High of 27°C; Low of 20°CSeason: SummerTravel time from UK: 22 hours 30 minutesTime difference: GMT 10

    If you're looking for the epitome of urban living done right, Paddington in Sydney, Australia is the place to be. It combines the relaxed and cosmopolitan vibe of a beach town with the charm of a cozy village. The colorful Victorian terrace rows with their beautiful wrought-iron balconies may remind you of Notting Hill. The main promenade, Oxford Street, is bustling with cafes, pubs, and boutiques, while the back alleys are home to cool galleries, design studios, and charming bars. Check out Nicky Zimmermann's spacious store on Glenmore Road, where she started selling her designs at Paddington's famous Saturday markets. And when it comes to food, join the foodies at Fred's, where chef Danielle Alvarez's farm-to-table comfort food will tantalize your taste buds. In January, you can experience the quintessential Sydney summer, with warm temperatures and the vibrant Sydney Festival bringing the city to life with music and art.

    Sustainable travel tip: While there currently isn't a nonstop London to Sydney flight available, you can still make sustainable choices when you're in Sydney. The city offers numerous innovative ways to reduce your carbon footprint, such as visiting Paddington's zero-waste fashion boutique, EkoLuv, or exploring the 'rescued food' market, Oz Harvest. You can also indulge in sustainable seafood at Love Fish, a restaurant in the waterfront Barangaroo development, designed to be Australia's first carbon-neutral precinct.

    Where to stay: The Dive Hotel, a groovy family-run guesthouse in Coogee, is located about 8km southeast of central Sydney. Don't let its name fool you - this hotel offers crisp cotton sheets, polished floorboards, and stylish blue-tiled bathrooms. If you prefer a different neighborhood, check out Ace Hotel in Surry Hills, which pays homage to the area's creative roots and offers a diverse range of music, talks, workshops, and Pride parties, including an artist-in-residence program showcasing the works of Aboriginal and other boundary-pushing artists.

  • Temperature in January 30°C high 23°C low Season dry Travel time from UK 13 hours Time difference GMT 6 Warning a...


    Image Source

    Another jewel in the Caribbean, Nevis is a stunning destination that offers breathtaking scenery and spectacular views. Comprising the islands of St Kitts and Nevis, this place is known for its tranquil beaches and rugged mountains. You'll also have the opportunity to interact with friendly locals who embody the island's culture of relaxation, conversation, and pulsating soca beats!

    Places To Eat: Oasis in the Gardens Restaurant, Lime Beach Bar, Wilma's DinerTop Tourist Attractions: Charlestown, New Castle, Fig Tree, Cotton GroundThings to do: Funky Monkey Tours, Nevis Yacht Charters, Cottle ChurchAverage Price: INR 18,000-22,000 per day for a coupleWeather: Warm and humid weather, 5°C to 7°CPlaces To Stay At: Qualie Beach Resort, Paradise Beach NevisHow to reach: There are no direct flights from India to Nevis. One option is to take a flight from the UK, such as British Airways or Virgin Atlantic, to Antigua and then connect to CaribJet or Golden Caribbean for the remaining journey to Nevis.

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    Image Source

    Located in Heilongjiang, China, Harbin is a capital city renowned as the 'Ice City' of China. It is one of the top destinations to visit in January, primarily due to the International Ice and Snow Festival held annually. This festival showcases stunning snow and ice sculptures that are created and maintained in subzero temperatures. In addition to the festival, Harbin offers a variety of snowy experiences to enjoy.

    Places To Eat: Laochujia, Golden Hans, Maomao Smoked Meat HouseTop Tourist Attractions: Saint Sophia Cathedral, Yabuli Ski Resort, Long Ta, Bingxue Big WorldThings to do: VisitHarbin Ice and Snow World, Zhongyang Pedestrian Street and Sun Island (Tai Yang Dao)Average Price: INR 3,000-7,000 per dayWeather: Winters and snowy weather, -24°C to -13°CPlaces To Stay At: Shangri-La Hotel, Wanda Realm HotelHow to reach: Harbin Peace International Airport is the second largest airport in Northeast China, with connections to Beijing. From India, you can fly to Beijing and then continue to Harbin.

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    Crabeater seals on ice floe in AntarcticaCrabeater seals on ice floe in Antarctica

    Temperatures: Low of 32°F; High of 43°F

    Highlights: Snow, wildlife, scenery, water sports, scientific excursions

    Other recommended travel times: November

    Antarctica is a truly unique destination that immerses you in remote wilderness and showcases the dramatic beauty shaped by snow, ice, water, and rock. Exploring Antarctica by land and sea is the ultimate adventure, allowing you to witness the surreal extremes of mountain ranges and coastlines teeming with incredible wildlife. From Emperor penguins to Weddell seals and massive whales, the natural wonders of Antarctica will leave you in awe. Don't miss the pancake ice and marine mists, each with their own distinct rhythms during the Southern Hemisphere's summer.

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    Sri Lanka

    Sri Lanka is a warm and inviting destination to visit in January. With its beautiful beaches, charming hill stations, thrilling wildlife, and historic monuments, it offers the perfect winter getaway. It is undoubtedly one of the best countries to visit in January.

    Places To Visit: Nuwara Eliya, Bentota, Colombo, KandyPlaces To Eat: Golden Grill, Ministry of Crab, The LagoonTop Tourist Attractions: Dambulla Cave Temple, Galle, Sigiriya Rock Fortress, Mirissa, Yala National Park, Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage, Bentota, and KandyThings to do: Go for a wildlife safari, scuba diving, or campingAverage Price: INR 1,500-2,000 per day per personWeather: Warm, with temperatures ranging from 20°C to 28°CPlaces To Stay At: Cinnamon Lodge Habarana, OZO Kandy Sri LankaHow to reach: The easiest way to reach Sri Lanka is by taking a flight from India. Numerous airlines offer direct flights, allowing you to reach the country on the same day of departure.

    Sri Lanka In January: Best Places To Visit & Stay In 2023

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    With an array of choices covering every type of traveler, January proves to be the perfect time to embark on an unforgettable journey. From the snowy wonders of Harbin and Antarctica to the exotic allure of Sri Lanka, there is a destination to suit every adventurer's taste. Whether you prefer the bustling energy of New York or the tranquil serenity of the Seychelles, January promises endless opportunities to explore and discover. So pack your bags, prepare to immerse yourself in new cultures, and let these incredible travel destinations become your playground for unforgettable memories.

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