Discover the Best Places to Travel in September for an Unforgettable Experience

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Looking for the best place to travel in September? Look no further! From the scenic seaside of Newport, Rhode Island, to the enchanting beauty of the Greek Islands, this article will take you on a journey to the most captivating destinations to explore during this sweet spot between seasons. Whether you're a nature enthusiast, an art lover, or simply seeking a coastal chic escape, we've got you covered. Dive into the alluring charm of Savannah, Georgia, or bask in the never-ending summer of Hilo, Hawaii. So, pack your bags and get ready for an unforgettable adventure as we explore the top destinations to visit in September.

Bar Harbor, Maine: Enjoy the Perfect September Getaway

best places to visit september usa bar harborBar Harbor, located near Acadia National Park, is a charming town that offers the best of September. The landscape comes alive with vibrant fall foliage, creating a picturesque setting. As the summer crowds disperse, you can take your time exploring the town and enjoy a more relaxed pace. During this time, the temperatures are still relatively warm, making it a perfect time to savor the last days of the season in Bar Harbor, Maine. Whether you're indulging in the famous local seafood or immersing yourself in the natural splendor of Acadia National Park, there's plenty to keep you busy in this quaint town.

In town, you can treat yourself to delicious lobster rolls, clam chowder, and fresh seafood platters at the many seafood shacks and restaurants. Don't forget to try local specialties like blueberry pie and Maine's famous wild blueberries. Bar Harbor also serves as the gateway to Acadia National Park, a pristine wilderness with mountains, forests, lakes, and rugged coastline. You can explore scenic trails like the Jordan Pond Path and the Precipice Trail, which offer breathtaking views and opportunities to spot wildlife. And make sure to catch a sunrise or sunset from Cadillac Mountain, the highest point on the East Coast.

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Newport, Rhode Island: Experience a Scenic September Vacation

where to vacation in september usa newportIf you're wondering where to vacation in September on the East Coast, look no further than Newport. This coastal town offers pleasant weather, cultural experiences, and stunning beauty. As the summer comes to an end, Newport shines with its autumnal charm. Take this opportunity to explore historic mansions, enjoy scenic drives, and indulge in the culinary delights the city has to offer. Newport promises an unforgettable visit filled with history, elegance, and coastal allure.

A visit to Newport wouldn't be complete without exploring the opulent Gilded Age mansions like The Breakers, Marble House, and The Elms. These architectural gems showcase grandeur and elegance from a bygone era. Take a leisurely stroll along the Cliff Walk, a scenic pathway that hugs the shoreline and offers breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean. If you're visiting towards the end of September, don't miss the Newport Mansions Wine & Food Festival, where you can indulge in culinary delights and sample a wide selection of wines while enjoying live music and entertainment. And of course, savor the delicious local seafood that Newport is known for.

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Savannah, Georgia: Discover the Charm of the Beautiful South

savannah georgia where to vacation semptember usaIn September, you can comfortably explore the historic streets, parks, and squares of Savannah without the scorching heat of summer. As summer subsides, Savannah takes on a new charm, drawing visitors with its blend of history, culture, and beauty. The city's glamorous architecture and southern charms make it an ideal destination for a September vacation. There's plenty to see and do in Savannah.

Start your exploration by taking leisurely strolls through the city's picturesque squares, visiting historic homes and museums, or embarking on a ghost tour. Admire the moss-draped oak trees and well-preserved 18th and 19th-century buildings that line the streets. Spend a relaxing afternoon in Forsyth Park, a beloved local green space, and enjoy the cool September nights with a river cruise. And don't miss out on the delicious Southern cuisine that Savannah is famous for, with dishes like shrimp and grits, fried green tomatoes, and Savannah red rice. If you're lucky enough to be in Savannah in September, you can also experience the Savannah Jazz Festival, a week-long celebration of jazz music held at various venues across the city.

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Chicago, Illinois: Enjoy Mild Weather in the Windy City

best places to visit september usa chicagoChicago is an excellent choice for a September getaway as the weather transitions from summer to fall. This vibrant city offers mild temperatures, allowing you to comfortably explore its architectural marvels, world-class museums, and gorgeous lakefront. September in Chicago is a softer side of the seasons, inviting tourists to experience the city's unique charm.

With average highs ranging from the 70s to the low 80s Fahrenheit, September offers the perfect climate to enjoy the city's attractions. Start your visit by taking a stroll along Lake Michigan's shoreline, where you can visit Navy Pier for a leisurely stroll or a ride on the Ferris wheel. The Lakefront Trail offers scenic views and is perfect for biking, jogging, or simply relaxing by the water. Don't miss the Chicago Jazz Festival, a renowned event featuring performances by jazz legends and emerging artists. For art enthusiasts, the Art Institute of Chicago houses an extensive collection of artworks, including renowned masterpieces. Explore the city's iconic architecture by taking a river cruise or joining a guided architectural tour. And if you're a baseball fan, catch a game at Wrigley Field to experience the excitement of the Chicago Cubs.

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New Orleans, Louisiana: Experience the Big Easy in September

new orleans best place to travel in september usaIf you're in search of southern charm, New Orleans is the place to be for your September vacation. While summer draws to a close in many places, New Orleans continues to offer warm weather and a vibrant atmosphere. Known for its rich cultural heritage and lively festivals, New Orleans welcomes visitors with open arms all year round. September is a great time to experience the city's festival vibe.

Indulge in the local Creole cuisine, from po'boys to gumbo to jambalaya, and satisfy your sweet tooth with an iced coffee and beignet at Café du Monde. Explore the historic French Quarter and its emblematic architecture, starting from Jackson Square. Stay for the live jazz music that can be found throughout the city, with Frenchmen Street being a hotspot for nightly performances. If the heat is still a bit too much, take a scenic steamboat cruise on the Mississippi River or a swamp tour to spot alligators and discover the unique ecosystem of the bayous. New Orleans offers an unforgettable September getaway with its rich history, vibrant culture, and delicious cuisine.

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San Antonio, Texas: History and More in September

San Antonio is a fantastic choice for a September vacation, offering a blend of history, culture, and more mild weather compared to the height of summer. With average temperatures ranging from the mid-70s to mid-90s Fahrenheit, September provides a pleasant atmosphere to explore the city's architectural marvels, world-class museums, and enjoy its gorgeous lakefront. San Antonio has so much to offer beyond the famous Battle of the Alamo.

A visit to the Alamo is a must. This historic mission-turned-fortress played a significant role in Texas history, and a guided walking tour will provide insights into its fascinating past. Afterward, head to the San Antonio River Walk, a picturesque urban oasis that winds along the river and offers an array of restaurants, shops, and green spaces. Take a boat tour to learn about the area's history and architecture, or simply enjoy a leisurely stroll. If your visit coincides with the last week of September, the Fiesta de San Antonio is a citywide celebration featuring parades, live music, food festivals, and events that showcase San Antonio's rich heritage and diversity.

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Taos, New Mexico: Art, Nature, and History Await in September

best places to visit september usa taosTaos is a hidden gem nestled in the high desert of northern New Mexico. September is the perfect time to visit this unique destination, as the weather is generally pleasant with warm days and cool evenings. Taos offers a blend of art, nature, and history that will captivate any traveler.

Immerse yourself in the rich culture and history of Taos by visiting the UNESCO World Heritage site, Taos Pueblo. This ancient community is one of the oldest continuously inhabited communities in the United States and offers a glimpse into Native American traditions. Explore the stunning landscapes dominated by the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, with opportunities for outdoor adventures like hiking and mountain biking. Don't miss the Taos Fall Arts Festival, which showcases the work of local and regional artists, or the Taos Pueblo Powwow, a vibrant celebration of Native American culture. And if you're feeling adventurous, take a scenic chairlift ride or a hot air balloon ride for breathtaking views of the surrounding area.

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Hilo, Hawaii: Embrace Eternal Summer in Paradise

where to vacation in september hilo hawaiiIf you're dreaming of a September vacation in a tropical paradise, Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii is the perfect destination. Hawaii's warm and pleasant weather is a constant draw for tourists, and September offers smaller crowds compared to the peak summer months. Whether you're exploring the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, lounging on black sand beaches, or experiencing the local culture, Hilo promises an unforgettable getaway.

Visit the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park to witness the power of Kilauea Volcano and explore lava fields, hiking trails, and scenic drives. Take a guided tour to view active lava flows if conditions allow. Relax on black sand beaches like Richardson Beach Park, where you can swim, snorkel, or simply soak up the sun. Hilo Bay offers opportunities for kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding, while boat tours allow you to spot dolphins and whales. And don't forget to visit the daily Hilo Farmers Market to pick up fresh tropical fruits to enjoy on the beach or in the comfort of your vacation home.

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Santa Barbara, California: Coastal Chic September Getaway

best places to visit in september santa barbaraSanta Barbara is an idyllic beach town that offers a coastal chic September vacation. While peak season may attract more visitors, September is the best time to experience summer in this luxurious destination. As the marine layer known as June gloom dissipates, Santa Barbara reveals its true beauty, inviting you to enjoy the relaxed coastal atmosphere and stunning surroundings.

Spend your days on the city's stunning beaches and boardwalk, relaxing under the sun and taking in the beautiful views. Explore the historic Santa Barbara Mission and El Presidio, and immerse yourself in the vibrant Funk Zone neighborhood, filled with wineries, breweries, and art galleries. Take a scenic drive along the Pacific Coast Highway to enjoy stunning September sunsets. And if you're a wine lover, venture to the nearby Santa Ynez Valley for wine tasting as the grape harvest kicks off. Santa Barbara offers a perfect blend of relaxation, culture, and natural beauty.

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Catskill Mountains, New York, USA

Catskill Mountains, New York, USAWhen you think of New York state, bustling cities may come to mind, but the Catskill Mountains offer a different experience. September is one of the best times to visit this rural paradise, filled with wildlife and stunning landscapes. With comfortable temperatures around 71°F, it's the perfect time for a fall road trip.

The Catskills offer a variety of activities for outdoor enthusiasts. Explore Catskill Park through hiking trails, experience the thrill of ziplining down the fastest canopy tour on the continent, or take a scenic drive along the Catskill Mountains Scenic Byway. You can also visit attractions like the Hudson-Athens Lighthouse, Kaaterskills Falls, and the Thomas Cole National Historic Site. Throughout September, the region hosts several festivals, including the Flyday Music Festival, Nussy's Octoberfest, Catskill Food Festival, and Skywalk Arts Festival. The Catskill Mountains provide a peaceful and picturesque setting for your September getaway.

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Aspen, Colorado, USA

Aspen, Colorado, USADiscover the charm of Aspen, Colorado beyond its reputation as a premier Colorado ski destination. September provides the perfect opportunity to visit this small mountain town nestled in the Rockies. During this time, the Aspen trees transform into a stunning gold color, attracting visitors from all over the world. Enjoy the warm and sunny days by engaging in outdoor activities like mountain biking and hiking. Don't miss out on the popular attractions such as Maroon Bells, The Wheeler-Stellard House, Aspen Art Museum, John Denver Sanctuary, and Aspen Center for Environmental Studies. Additionally, September hosts various festivals including Bluegrass Sundays, Snowmass Balloon Festival, and Snowmass Wine Festival.

Moab, Utah: Where to Vacation in September for Outdoor Enthusiasts

where to vacation in september MoabMoab, Utah is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, especially in September. With pleasant temperatures ranging from the 70s to low 80s Fahrenheit, it's the perfect time to explore the stunning red rocks and the Colorado River that runs through the area. Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature by visiting Arches National Park, famous for its iconic Delicate Arch and unique sandstone formations. Nearby, Canyonlands National Park offers breathtaking views of canyons, mesas, and the confluence of the Green and Colorado Rivers. Experience thrilling activities like hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, and whitewater rafting. Don't forget to explore the town center of Moab, where you'll find a variety of restaurants, cafes, art galleries, and outdoor gear shops. Take scenic drives to truly appreciate the picturesque surroundings.

Shenandoah Valley, Virginia, USA

Shenandoah Valley, Virginia, USAThe Shenandoah Valley in Virginia offers a breathtaking display of fall foliage, especially in late September. While the valley is worth visiting at any time of the month, September provides ideal weather with temperatures averaging around 73°F. Explore this pristine wilderness area and discover the numerous attractions it has to offer. Visit wineries, go ziplining at Family Adventure Park, hike the Massanutten Ridge Trail, and explore cultural landmarks like Edith J. Carrier Arboretum, Virginia Quilt Museum, and Explore More Discovery Museum. September is also the time for exciting festivals such as Lynchburg’s Beer and Wine Festival and Front Royal Brew and Blues Festival.

Grand Canyon, Arizona

Must Visit Places in September: Grand Canyon, ArizonaThe Grand Canyon in Arizona is a must-visit destination in September. While it's always popular, this month attracts fewer tourists than the peak season, allowing you to enjoy the awe-inspiring views with more tranquility. Marvel at the vastness of this UNESCO World Heritage Site, spanning 277 miles in length, 18 miles in width, and a mile in depth. Explore the South Rim, where you'll find iconic trails like the Bright Angel Trail and the Grand Canyon Village. If you prefer a quieter experience, head to the North Rim for challenging hiking routes and secluded camping spots. The Grand Canyon's grandeur, shaped by the Colorado River over millions of years, will leave you in awe.

Big Sur, California

Best Cities to Visit in September: Big Sur, CaliforniaBig Sur is not just a vacation destination, but a way of life. This coastal hotspot stretches for 90 miles along the picturesque west coast of central California. September is the perfect time to visit, as the summertime crowds have dwindled, leaving behind wide-open spaces and serene tranquility. Immerse yourself in the incomparable beauty of Big Sur as you drive along the scenic Pacific Coast Highway, offering breathtaking views of the coastline. Explore hidden gems, indulge in pampering wellness retreats, visit independent art galleries, and savor the diverse culinary offerings. Big Sur is a haven for creativity and inspiration, attracting photographers, writers, musicians, and artists from around the world.

Glacier National Park, Montana

Where to Vacation in September: Glacier National Park, MontanaFor a close encounter with nature and a tranquil experience, Glacier National Park in Montana is a perfect choice for a September getaway. During this month, the park sees fewer visitors, allowing you to enjoy the dense forests adorned with vibrant hues of red, yellow, orange, and gold. Spot local wildlife preparing for winter as they navigate the changing seasons. Camping in the park is a great option, as the campsites are rarely full in September. Explore the park's scenic trails, appreciate the untouched beauty of nature, and revel in the serenity. Enjoy the freedom of driving through the park without the congestion of crowds, immersing yourself in the peacefulness of your surroundings.

Wine Country, California

Must Visit Places in September: Wine Country, CaliforniaSeptember is an excellent time to explore California's Wine Country, as it marks the beginning of grape harvesting season. Experience the unique flavors and aromas as you visit the vineyards scattered throughout Mendocino, Napa, and Sonoma counties. Indulge in wine tastings, vineyard tours, and learn about the winemaking process. The weather is warm and pleasant, making it ideal for outdoor activities like touring picturesque vineyards and enjoying al fresco dinners. September is also packed with events such as outdoor concerts, celebrity chef-hosted dinners, wine pairing seminars, art exhibitions, and more. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of Wine Country and savor the delights it has to offer.

Loire Valley, France

What Places Have Shoulder Season in September: Loire Valley, FranceSeptember is a delightful time to visit France's Loire Valley, known for its charming festivals and picturesque landscapes. Experience the Festival of Tomatoes and Flavors at Chateau de la Bourdaisière, indulging in tastings of local products and culinary workshops. For a family-friendly option, explore Tours-sur-Loire, a lively festival offering open-air dining, outdoor movies, giant board games, and drawing lessons. Embark on a journey through the countryside, where vineyards offer wine tastings and vineyard tours. Discover aristocratic castles, enjoy cycling routes, and immerse yourself in the stunning gardens that have been meticulously maintained for centuries. The Loire Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, invites you to experience its rich heritage and bask in its beauty.

Albanian Riviera, Albania

Must Visit Places in September: Albanian Riviera, AlbaniaIf you're looking for a destination to enjoy the last bit of winter sunshine, the Albanian Riviera in Albania is the perfect choice. This region offers beautiful golden-sand beaches, clear blue waters, ancient Greek ruins, and charming villages. You can tailor your experience here to your preferences and desires.

Whether you want to relax on the beach, hop on a yacht to explore the islands, or visit historical Greek sites, the Albanian Riviera has it all. You can also choose to party at beach clubs, mingle with locals in tavernas, or enjoy the tranquility of seaside villages. This region truly offers something for everyone.

What Places Have Shoulder Season in September: Albanian Riviera, AlbaniaThe Albanian Riviera is home to some of Europe's most stunning hidden gems. Explore national parks with breathtaking panoramic views, discover cascading waterfalls that look like they've been edited in Photoshop, and relax in natural hot springs that rival any spa.

Not only does the Albanian Riviera offer incredible beauty, but it's also budget-friendly. It is one of the most affordable places to visit in Europe during September. Despite the lower prices, the summer crowds have largely disappeared, and the weather remains warm and sunny. If you're seeking a September getaway to bask in the sun, the Albanian Riviera should be at the top of your list.

Flagstaff, Arizona, USA

Flagstaff, Arizona, USAAfter New England, Flagstaff is one of the top destinations to see fall foliage in the United States in September. You don't need to travel far from the city to witness the vibrant colors of autumn leaves. Simply stroll through the streets of downtown Flagstaff.

In September, the weather is pleasant with temperatures in the 70s. Whether you're exploring the city, shopping, dining, or venturing into the nearby mountains, forests, and deserts, you'll enjoy ideal conditions for your Flagstaff adventures.

September in Flagstaff is also a time for festivals such as the Jest Another Comedy Festival, Pickin in the Pines Festival, Art in the Park Festival, and Flagstaff Festival of Science. If you have extra time, consider taking a drive to Sedona for a few nights of desert fun!

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best places to visit in septemberNamibia is undoubtedly one of the least populated places on Earth, making it an incredible destination in Africa. It is home to the world's oldest desert, covering a significant portion of the country. Namibia offers unparalleled natural beauty, from towering red sand dunes to preserved valleys filled with ancient trees and unique wildlife.

In addition to the famous desert landscapes, Namibia boasts massive canyons, striking rock formations in Fish River Canyon, Damaraland, and Spitzkoppe, as well as the majestic Naukluft Mountains rising from the sandy dunes. Further east, you'll find the vast plains of the Kalahari and the Caprivi Strip, which is an oasis of floodplains and rivers teeming with wildlife.

September is an excellent time to visit Namibia as it marks the height of the dry season. With the retreat of wildlife to rare rivers and water holes, you'll have a fantastic opportunity to capture incredible safari photos and spot a variety of safari animals.


best places to visit in septemberAlthough September brings slightly cooler temperatures, Portugal remains a wonderful destination to visit during this month. It is the perfect time to explore Portugal's top tourist sights, with fewer crowds and quieter beaches. You might even score a great deal on accommodation since it's the off-season.

In September, the average temperature in Madeira hovers around 26°C, and the island continues to bloom. Madeira International Airport offers convenient access to the island, where you can discover beautifully decorated churches, stunning valleys, and exotic blooms.


best places to visit in septemberSeptember is one of the best times to visit Borneo. This is when the orangutans come down from the trees to enjoy the abundant fruit. It's the perfect opportunity to embark on a jungle tour and witness these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat.

Borneo is often regarded as paradise, offering lush rainforests, rivers, mangroves, breathtaking waterfalls, and hidden mammals. Although the palm oil industry has caused significant deforestation, conservation projects aim to protect this biodiversity hotspot.


best places to visit in septemberSeptember marks the arrival of spring in Queenstown, New Zealand's South Island. As the world's adventure capital, Queenstown offers stunning green valleys and majestic snow-capped peaks during this season. If you're looking for an escape, Queenstown is the perfect destination to travel to in September.

It's a great time to explore the famous Milford Sound and admire the breathtaking landscapes. Afterward, you can enjoy outdoor patios in town, sipping local Pinot Noir as you take in the beauty of the surroundings.

Greek Islands

Things to do in Milos, GreeceA trip to the Greek Islands is always a fantastic idea, and September is one of the best times to visit. The weather is still warm, with the average temperature across the country at 29°C. It's not as hot as the peak summer months, and the tourist crowds have significantly thinned out, making it a more pleasant time for a vacation.

In September, the islands furthest south may still be fairly hot, but the rest of the islands offer ideal weather conditions and fewer tourists. We spent last September in Milos, Naxos, Tinos, and Paros, and it felt like an extension of summer!

The Canadian Rockies

Banff is a beloved destination all year round, but September is truly one of the best times to visit. The summer crowds have dispersed, and if you time your visit right, you might witness the majestic larch trees changing colors. This natural phenomenon typically takes place in the third week of September and is truly a sight to behold.

Although the temperature begins to cool off slightly in September, the average temperature is still around 18°C. However, nights can be chilly, so it's advisable to come prepared with warm clothing. Outdoor activities such as hiking are still in full swing before the arrival of late October and November snowfall.

September offers a good balance of fewer tourists and plenty of attractions to enjoy in Banff and its surroundings. Don't forget to check the weather forecast and pack accordingly!


best places to visit in septemberWith the departure of summer crowds, September is an excellent time to visit Italy, especially Sicily. The average sea temperature remains invitingly warm at 24°C, and the beaches are less crowded.

In September, you can enjoy the pleasant weather and explore Sicily's fascinating attractions. Despite being the off-season, everything is still open, and you'll have the chance to meet fellow travelers while enjoying great deals on accommodations.

We personally experienced the beautiful Sicilian beaches on September 28th and highly recommend visiting this enchanting island during this time!

The Andes

best places to visit in septemberSeptember is considered the shoulder season in Peru, making it an ideal time to explore the country's nature and history without the crowds of previous months. Lima experiences more spring-like weather with temperatures in the mid to late teens, although misty conditions are still common.

In Lake Titicaca and Cusco, you can expect highs of 20°C and enjoy clear days with fewer tourists. This is particularly advantageous if you plan to visit Machu Picchu, although Cusco may experience some cloudiness in September.


iceland - northern lightsIceland in September offers a unique combination of fall colors and the mesmerizing northern lights. This is an ideal time to visit as the weather is still relatively dry, and you can comfortably explore attractions such as the Blue Lagoon, Gullfoss Falls, and Þingvellir National Park. Renting a campervan is a highly recommended option for getting around the country.

Reykjavik, the capital city, is home to top-notch museums, restaurants, and several festivals in September, including the Reykjavík International Film Festival and Tove Festival.

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Munich, Germany

Best Cities to Visit in September: Munich, GermanyThe famous Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany, actually begins in the second half of September and continues into October. This celebration attracts visitors from all over the world, but Munich is the ultimate destination for experiencing the best of Oktoberfest!

The festival revolves around beer, offering a wide range of options from various German breweries, both well-known brands and small-scale family-run microbreweries.

Munich also offers more than just beer for those who are not interested. Visitors can indulge in delicious German cuisine, including pretzels, sausages, pork knuckles, and potato pancakes. The main goal of the festival is to ensure everyone has a great time, and the lively atmosphere is hard to resist.

While celebrations can be found throughout the city, the official festivities take place in the Theresienwiese, Munich's largest fairground. Alongside numerous beer halls and food stalls, visitors can enjoy fairground rides and shows.

For an unforgettable September trip, Munich is undoubtedly one of the best cities to visit.

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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

VancouverVancouver is an incredible destination to visit in September, offering fall foliage, outdoor adventures, a vibrant culture, and delightful weather with average daytime temperatures in the 60s.

Although swimming might not be ideal due to the cooling temperatures, Vancouver's beautiful shoreline and Stanley Park offer excellent opportunities for leisurely walks, thanks to one of the longest waterfront trails in the world.

Escape the urban landscape and head towards the mountains for a day of hiking or explore the renowned attractions in the area, such as Capilano Suspension Bridge, Chinatown, Vancouver Art Gallery, Prospect Point, and the Vancouver Aquarium.

If you enjoy festivals, September hosts some fantastic events in Vancouver, including the Vancouver International Flamenco Festival and the Vancouver Fringe Festival.

Honolulu, Oahu

Best Cities to Visit in September: Honolulu, OahuHonolulu is one of the top destinations to explore in the USA during September. While summer is winding down, the temperatures remain pleasant, offering favorable conditions for various activities.

If you plan on exploring the volcanoes and mountains, September offers a cooler and quieter experience compared to the peak summer season. Daytime temperatures are typically in the mid to high 80s, but as you go higher in elevation, the temperature becomes more refreshing.

What Places to Visit in September: Honolulu, OahuIn September, the beach becomes a perfect destination in Honolulu, as you can enjoy the warmest ocean temperatures of the year. Additionally, the pleasant evening temperatures in the 70s create an ideal setting for relaxing by the sea.

Honolulu offers a unique blend of cultural and historical sites, such as the Pearl Harbor National Memorial and Iolani Palace. Moreover, you can explore rural treasures like the beautiful blue waters and hidden hiking trails along the North Shore.

Although fall marks the beginning of the rainy season in Oahu, September experiences relatively dry weather. You can easily enjoy a 14-night vacation in Honolulu without encountering any rain.

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The Berkshires, Massachusetts & Connecticut

Best Places to Visit in September: The Berkshires, Massachusetts & ConnecticutSpread across the western parts of Massachusetts and northwest Connecticut, the Berkshires offer breathtaking natural beauty and thrilling adventure sports in September. As you drive along the winding roads, you'll be mesmerized by the majestic mountains adorned with vibrant red, golden, and orange foliage.

This rural region is a popular destination for city dwellers yearning for a break from their busy routines. Visitors can choose from a variety of outdoor activities, such as hiking, mountain climbing, and ziplining. There are also opportunities for kayaking, fishing, and paddleboarding in the region's sparkling lakes.

Best Cities to Visit in September: The Berkshires, Massachusetts & ConnecticutIf you're looking for a more relaxed experience, explore one of the charming towns in the Berkshires. In September, these cozy places are less crowded with tourists, allowing you to enjoy independent cafes and family-run restaurants without long waiting times. You can also snag excellent last-minute seats for theater shows due to the reduced crowds.

That wraps up our list of the 14 best places to visit in September. What's your favorite September travel destination?

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The Best Places to Travel in September

September is a sweet spot between seasons, offering the perfect opportunity to explore incredible destinations around the world. From the idyllic coastal charm of Bar Harbor, Maine, to the historic beauty of Savannah, Georgia, there is something for everyone. Nature lovers will be captivated by the stunning landscapes of Moab, Utah, and Glacier National Park, Montana, while culture enthusiasts can immerse themselves in the art, history, and flavors of Taos, New Mexico, and the Loire Valley, France. Whether you're seeking adventure in Borneo or relaxation in Sicily, September is the time to go. So pack your bags, embrace the mild weather, and let your wanderlust guide you to the best places to travel this September.

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