Discover the 30 Most Exquisite Destinations to Explore in the Bahamas: A 2021 Guide

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It's amazing how Green Turtle Cay has bounced back after being hit by Hurricane Dorian. Despite the island's complicated past, tourism remains thriving. Nowadays, it's a sought-after destination for divers who want to experience the wreckage of a warplane off its coast.

Kat Vitulano via FlickrAndros, the largest of the Bahamian islands, boasts a plethora of natural wonders. With minimal construction, Andros flaunts some of the most unspoiled beaches and picturesque hiking trails in the Caribbean.

For those who love the great outdoors, Blue Holes National Park is a must-visit. Here, you'll get to take a dip in the freshwater pools and witness fascinating rock formations on the island.

Photo sourceBimini, the closest island to Florida, just 50 miles away, played an integral role during the prohibition era. It served as a port for smugglers to bring in illegal booze.

Today, curious travelers can explore Bimini's natural freshwater springs, beaches, and the 1,500-foot underwater Bimini Road. It's the stuff of legend as it's been rumored to be part of the Lost City of Atlantis.

Photo sourceUnmatched stretches of pristine, crystalline waters and the most beautiful beach in the Bahamas are less than four miles away from Nassau.

Blue Lagoon Island, fondly known as Salt Cay, is a popular private getaway that is perfect for swimming, lounging and soaking up the sun. It was a favorite hangout spot for 19th-century pirates who used its salt deposits to preserve their food.

These days, Salt Cay hosts a cute dolphinarium and a plethora of water sports activities from its awe-inspiring shores.

Bruce Tuten via FlickrThe Abaco Islands' Elbow Cay is an eight-mile stretch of unspoiled beaches with Tahiti Beach at its southernmost edge.

The crystal-clear waters surrounding the red and white-striped Elbow Reef Lighthouse are teeming with yachts. From the lighthouse's observation deck, you get to appreciate unparalleled views of the island landscape and stunning sea.

Shawn David Roberts via FlickrGreat Harbour Cay may be tiny, but it's a beach lover's paradise. It's the largest of the Berry Islands, and almost half of it is pure sandy beaches!

You're spoilt for choice with activities on Great Harbour Cay and the rest of the Berry Islands chain. Aside from catching the sun, there are caverns to explore, and you can watch dolphins and manatees swim in the beautiful harbor.

The remarkable island is home to some of the Bahamas' most coveted snorkeling and scuba spots, and boat rentals are widely available for those seeking adventure on the open sea. Sample the island's delicious Bahamian cuisine at one of the many local haunts.

Treasure Cay and its beaches remain a haven in the midst of Great Abaco's recovery from Hurricane Dorian. The area is dotted with stunning beaches, such as the sandy Leeward Beach, situated at the very edge of the cay. It is also home to a leading golf course where guests can indulge in a bit of active relaxation.

Nature's Wonders

The Bahamas is renowned for its natural beauty! That's why we recommend exploring these natural wonders, which we consider to be some of the most incredible places to visit while there.

This national park is a testament to human progress, as it was the first and remains one of the world's most successful parks dedicated to the conservation of both land and sea. The park has been declared a no-take reserve, banning fishing and preserving marine life in all its glory.

Scuba diving is a popular attraction here, offering divers an enchanting view of turtles and exotic fish darting about the underwater coral reef roadways.

Don't be deceived by the tranquil deep blue waters in the bay. Dean's Blue Hole plunges to a depth of 663 feet below the surface. Remarkably, the blue hole is only the world's second-deepest! The gaping cavern, which widens to a diameter of 330 feet at the mouth, is a sought-after spot for divers.

Experience 40 acres of unspoiled Bahamian nature at Lucayan National Park! This park is home to Gold Rock Beach and what is arguably the world's largest underwater cave system.

Amble through the park's tunnels and stroll the boardwalks that traverse the island's verdant foliage, expending an entire day exploring.

The sandbars in the Exumas are a sight to behold! These tiny islands are mere sand dunes in the middle of the ocean and provide ample opportunities for stunning photographs. Wear bright yellow or red and stand on the narrow slip of pristine sand, surrounded by nothing but shades of blue water.

You may recognize Thunderball Grotto, which has featured in two of the most famous James Bond flicks: Thunderball and Never Say Never Again.

Experience the thrill of exploring an underwater tunnel and bask under the light blue waters as you gaze upon the rugged sunroof above! If you're feeling brave like my friend Angie, you can take the plunge through the top hole or simply snorkel around the beautiful surroundings instead.

But don't forget about the man-made wonders in the Bahamas! The Paradise Island, connected via a bridge to Nassau, offers various attractions such as the Atlantis Paradise Island Resort, which boasts casinos, shopping areas, a dolphin cay, and the majestic Royal Towers. If you're feeling particularly luxurious, you can even stay at one of the most expensive suites in the world for a whopping $25,000 a night!

For a more affordable stay, you can check out other accommodations using the map below from or explore the rich history of the Bahamas at Fort Fincastle, a 1793 paddle-wheel steamer-shaped fort located atop Bennet's Hill. Get swept away by the breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean and Bight of Eleuthera as you cross the Glass Window Bridge, a narrow 30-foot road that replaced a natural rock arch.

Start your adventure in the Bahamas by visiting its capital, Nassau, and explore the downtown area for a taste of culture and city life. Escape the hustle and bustle of the resorts and discover the charm of Queen's Staircase, a 65-step limestone walkway surrounded by lush tropical plants that make for the perfect backdrop for a portrait. And don't forget to marvel at the Ocean Atlas sculpture, standing at 16 feet below the ocean surface.

Standing resolutely on the ocean floor, the modern version of Greek Atlas has shattered records and serves to encourage coral growth!

Clicking away in central Nassau, you will be struck by the pastel pink tint that illuminates the Parliament Square buildings circling the periphery.

In the late 1700s, the plaza was constructed as the locus of the country's power and it houses the Senate, House of Assembly, and Supreme Court of the Bahamas!


No list of the most gratifying Bahamian destinations would be complete without including beaches!

One of the Bahamas' most striking and immaculate white-sand beaches is Coco Plum Beach, begging for a daytime picnic. During low tide, the sands are enriched by an avalanche of sand dollars and the turquoise-colored water has swings that present an amazing photo opportunity.

Referred to as Grand Bahama Island's welcome mat, the seclusion of the beach becomes clear when the water recedes, exposing an additional 75-yard stretch of sand! It is where two Pirates of the Caribbean movies were set, and the particular shooting location marks it as a desired location.

If you want to get away from the crowds and escape to a Bahamian island, Greenwood Beach on Cat Island is the perfect place. Named not after the beloved pet but after a pirate, Cat Island is relatively remote and only accessible by ferry! Its pink sands lure beach lovers and is an avid diver's dream, with plenty of shipwrecks to explore off the coast.

Joulter Cay is designated the top fly fishing destination in the Bahamas due to its proximity to both shallow and deep water! Although it is not a place of residence for anyone, it is abundant in fish and, as an important bird area, plays beautiful music in the ears of bird lovers.

Harbour Island is a world-renowned site for its magnificent pink sand! Close to three miles long, the Pink Sand Beach is an incredible pastel-colored area that presents exceptional photo opportunities at sunset when shades of light purple, pink, and blue fill the Bahamian sky. It is undoubtedly one of the best destinations in the Bahamas because of its sheer beauty!

Without a doubt, the Bahamas is a fantastic region to discover! These are only a few of the most rewarding places to visit in the Bahamas, but there are certainly more! If you know of any that missed this list, share a comment! I'd be thrilled to take a look next time I'm in the Bahamas!

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