A Step-by-Step Guide to Bringing Marijuana on Board a Plane

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You've finally taken the plunge and bought some weed, huh? You may have even had a taste of it by now. Maybe you've taken advantage of the expanding recreational options in the United States by smoking an edible while skiing down the slopes at Aspen or strolling the neon-lit streets of Las Vegas. Perhaps you've had a visit from your neighborhood delivery man who rides a bike around New York City. You've managed to keep the bag safe, whatever the circumstances, and you'd like to take some of the contents with you when you leave/when you travel again. You open Google and begin typing, "Can I bring marijuana on a plane?"

It's a simple enough query to ask, and the situation it describes is all too common: you want to transport some cannabis from Area A, where you can legally buy it, to Area B, where you cannot. You'll find no criticism or opposition here, and you can rest assured that we've got your back. Here is a helpful guide on how to sneak your pot into your destination without getting busted. Unfortunately, the entire guide does not rhyme. Let's get started

The TSA does not look for pot

In other words, how much weed can I take on a plane safely?

Even if you've decided to bring along some cannabis, it's still smart to exercise caution. The first piece of guidance is easy to understand: don't take any chances. Take only a little with you when you fly. The traditional measurement for old-school nugs (also known as flower) is an eighth. That’s 3 We suggest a maximum of 5 grams for this experiment. Consider the same reasoning with respect to food, drink, etc. Do some rational thinking. The more items you bring on a flight, the more likely it is that the TSA will notice them and ask you to dispose of them. That would be terrible. Marijuana is a splurge.

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Cheeseburgers and vino go together like...

To complement their cheeseburgers, Harley and Lara enjoy a bottle of wine.

When I fly, where is the best place to stow my weed?

Not in the bags you checked We understand that this may sound daunting, and that some of you may be anxious the entire time you're in the air about those buds, but rest assured, you'll be much better off if you don't have to worry about leaving them behind. The TSA routinely performs random inspections of passengers' checked bags. However, once you pass the standard security checkpoint, your carry-on bags will likely not be subjected to any further inspection. Assuming you use common sense

We recommend not overthinking this section. Although it may seem counterintuitive, the TSA is not screening passengers' bags for marijuana. They're on the hunt for weapons capable of bringing down a jetliner. If you're trying to sneak some weed past security, remember that the most convincing lies are the ones that stray the least from the truth. For example, instead of saying, "It's in my peanut butter," just say, "It's in plain sight."

How to fly with weed Illustration by Maitane Romagosa for Thrillist

Tips for Getting Weed Past Airport Security

In the eyes of the TSA, marijuana is just another indistinguishable blur. There is no longer any reason to put off dealing with one's own internal body storage. A cigarette pack is the perfect size for stashing a few extra joints, which you can then stow away at the bottom of your carry-on. You should still keep flower concealed because of its pungent odor. One Thrillist contributor recommends this method for getting your hands on some real buds: simply empty an opaque bottle of an OTC pain reliever like Ibuprofen. You should fill it with weed. Cover your weed with cotton balls. Fill the container up to the top with cotton balls, then place pills on top.

TSA Precheck holders can conceal liquids and gels in shoes by placing a plastic bag inside. Break up a few buds to fit inside your joint container, toss the plastic tube in with your other purse essentials like chapstick and hand sanitizer, and you're good to go.

There's a good chance that nothing will happen to you even if your pot gets caught. Thrillist was directed to the following statement by Carrie Harmon, a regional TSA spokesperson: "TSA's focus is on terrorism and security threats to the aircraft and its passengers." The Transportation Security Administration's (TSA) screening procedures are grounded in federal law and are intended to identify individuals who may pose a threat to aviation and passengers. Like in the past, if a TSA officer finds something during screening that could be illegal, they will notify local authorities. The decision to launch a criminal investigation is made by law enforcement. ”

This means that if a TSA agent discovers any marijuana on your person while you're trying to leave Portland, they will refer you to a local police officer who will have you discard the drug (perhaps while cracking a Phish joke). This would release you to leave at your leisure. We don't know why you'd try to fly weed out of a state where it's still illegal to possess it, but if you must know: TSA agents in Waco are probably much less used to spotting weed than their Denver counterparts.

There's a good chance nothing will happen to you

So, how about food?

It is most convenient to bring edibles on a flight. Haribo gummy bears are placed into an empty bag. A bag of those strange honey candies is where you should put the shards and wax. Furthermore, etc. Avoid the security guard's attention while they search for the tweezers and scissors you forgot to leave at the Airbnb by concealing them in identical-looking packaging. And this brings us to an extremely critical issue: double check that the rest of your bag's contents are legal. To what end is TSA searching Principally bombs Metal objects after that Finally, we have liquid bombs Don't take any chances with security by carrying around liquids of any kind.

Dope Can we talk about e-cigarette cartridges for a minute?

The days of law enforcement mistaking vape cartridges for USB drives are over. However, once again, the TSA is not conducting a pot search. TSA screeners are on the lookout for explosives, knives, and other weapons. You probably forgot to remove something else illegal from your bag if they had to search it. Due to the regulations on liquids, you must ensure that your vape cartridges weigh less than three ounces. You should keep them in a pocket with other seemingly harmless items, such as a pen, lip balm, or nail file.

Heath Montgomery, the senior public information officer at Denver International Airport, was contacted by Thrillist to offer his thoughts on the petty congestion that plagues the airport. Airport policy typically forbids "possession, consumption, etc. cannabis-related products on airport property," Montgomery says. To quote the Denver Police Department: "When a person is found to have marijuana on them [an amount legal under Colorado law] at the TSA checkpoints, a Denver police officer will typically explain the airport's rules and ask the passenger to dispose of the marijuana." To this day, not a single person we've asked has refused to do as we asked and remove it from public view by bringing it home or disposing of it themselves. Only a small fraction of the millions of people who pass through the TSA each year receive any sort of communication from the agency regarding marijuana. Due to the low volume, police no longer record these interactions.

According to airport officials, "basically, people seem to be well informed that it is illegal under federal law to fly with marijuana, and the airport prohibits the possession of any amount of marijuana, and the vast majority of travelers are simply not bringing it to the airport." ”

Take that data and run with it.

How to fly with pot Photography by Maitane Romagosa for Thrillist


The main selling point of CBD is that it is legal because it does not contain any psychoactive THC. The TSA revised its policy in 2019 to permit the use of CBD products with a 3% THC, but we wouldn't worry too much about that. CBD is fine unless you live in a very red state and have a lot of bad luck. It's highly unlikely that TSA will bother with your CBD if you can buy an CBD latte on airport property after you clear security.

When I get through security, what should I do?

Fire it up! To joke, don't unpack anything until you've reached your final destination. The situation is over and you can rest easy now Keep in mind that you will likely be landing in an unfriendlier region than the one you just left. When compared to going through airport security, the odds of getting caught smoking while driving are much higher in your own city.

If I have marijuana in my car, can I legally drive across state lines?

Not taking a flight, or just not a fan of them The choice is yours. Short-distance, weed-friendly analog travel can be accomplished by foot or bike, but long-distance automobile travel is an entirely different beast. Driving is the most dangerous choice you can make. Police in states where marijuana use is illegal sometimes stop passing vehicles bearing license plates from states where it is legal.

Don't bring flowers into the car if you have to drive, as the aroma could cause an accident. Put some candies or a vape pen in the bottom of your bag and hit the road; just remember to keep your speed within the law. Last but not least, a piece of advice from a veteran criminal defense attorney: when someone gets caught breaking the law, it's usually because they've broken multiple laws.

A quick note from the editors: the cannabis products mentioned above are not meant to treat, cure, or prevent any illness. The author is not a licensed medical professional, and the information presented here is based on the author's own experiences, which may not be representative of the expected outcome. Readers are advised to check their local laws before purchasing or using cannabis products, as their legality varies from state to state. At the time of writing, it is against federal law for anyone, regardless of state law, to possess, use, distribute, or sell marijuana or marijuana-based products. There is a possibility that in the future, enforcement of federal and/or other state laws will conflict, and compliance with the laws of a particular state does not guarantee compliance with federal law. This article is not intended to provide guidance on the legality of cannabis or cannabis products.

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