7 "Real" Time Travel Experiences That Will Make You Doubt Everything

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Among the mysteries of the universe, time travel is the one that most intrigues me. You need to be a believer of some stripe to take anything in this article at face value, but I promise you, some of the tales you're about to read will make you ponder things for which there are no answers. Could time travel actually exist? All indications are that these individuals do, in fact, hold this view.  

P This makes for an interesting read, but keep in mind that until it can be backed up by scientific evidence, it's all just speculation.  

Sir Victor Goddard, Air Force, entered an alternate dimension by mistake.  

Time Travel

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Time Travel: A New Perspective is J. H Brennan shares an unforgettable tale of "accidental" time travel. Author claims that Air-Marshal Sir Victor Goddard accidentally entered a parallel universe while on a flight. In 1935, when Sir Goddard was still a wing commander, he was sent to Drem, a small town near Edinburgh, Scotland, to check on an abandoned airbase. Sir Goddard saw the dilapidated condition of the airbase as he flew over it, complete with cattle grazing on the wild grass that had broken through the tarmac. The place was in shambles. Later, he was flying his biplane and ran into some trouble as a result of the bad weather. So that nothing disastrous would happen, Sir Goddard returned to the airbase to wait for the weather to improve. Strangely and very suddenly, the heavy rain stopped as he neared the airbase, and the sun came out. The fact that the airbase was still in operation and in pristine condition also struck him as odd. In fact, he saw blue-clad mechanics hard at work on the runway's yellow planes. When the air force first began using the planes, they weren't the ones currently in use. True fact: not even Sir Goddard could identify one of them! It's funny because it's impossible to imagine the place being renovated overnight, and more importantly, these men aren't even dressed in the standard issue khaki. The Air Force's planes are silver, not yellow, and they use a special paint for that purpose.  

Four years after Goddard had been left wondering what the hell had happened, he received the shock of his life. War had broken out across Europe, and he found himself back in Drem. However, unlike in 1935, when he first saw everything, this time he saw it all in one sitting. The same, with blue overalled workers maintaining the yellow planes. That feeling of having just experienced something before He even located the aircraft he had previously been unable to identify, a Miles Magister. Did Sir Goddard take a flight to the year 2024? Critics argue that Goddard may have been confused about where he was. In any case, that's far too simplistic an explanation. Further, how could a renowned officer like him make such a basic oversight? Since Sir Goddard has been dead since 1987, I doubt we will ever find out.  

2. L Time travel via C's car

Time Travel


Written by Ken Meaux and published in 1988's Strange Magazine 2, the article was titled "Time Traveler." A man identified only as "L" shared his shocking story in the article. C When L. Ron Hubbard first published his After lunch in the Southwest Louisiana town of Abbeville, C and his business associate Bob (fake name) were driving along highway 167 towards the Oil Center city of Lafayette. The time was 1:30 p.m. on the 20th of October. With the sun shining and a light breeze blowing, it was a perfect day. They saw a rusty, turtle-backed car moving painfully slowly up ahead. A vehicle like that was definitely something neither of them had ever seen before, so it piqued their interest. Definitely an antique with a one-of-a-kind design However, here's the rub The car had a throwback look, but was actually in pristine condition. After passing the car, the two stopped next to it to take a closer look. Strangely, the car's large, bright orange license plate prominently displayed the year "1940," despite the fact that such vintage vehicles were not permitted to be driven on public roads unless they were taking part in a formal parade. Thereafter, strangeness ensued. The car's driver was a young woman dressed in what could have been a "vintage" 1940s ensemble, complete with a hat and fur coat. A child, bundled up in a thick coat and a hat, was also present. They had just pulled up next to the vehicle when the woman began to freak out. In a moment of sheer terror, her face went completely white. She began to look around frantically, as if she were in the middle of something unfamiliar. Almost in tears, she looked like she really could use some assistance. L She said "yes" when C asked if she needed any assistance. Still, she never once looked at him directly or rolled down the window. The group had asked her to stop several times before they saw her pull over to the side of the road. L C and Bob went on ahead of her and stopped in front of her. But when they turned around to check, the car was gone. Poof Faded away into obscurity A sudden disappearance of this magnitude was highly improbable on this deserted highway.  

Surprised and at a loss for words, L C and Bob decided to keep going with the car ride. A short time later, they were still on Highway 167 when they witnessed yet another brand-new car pass an extremely slow-moving, very old car. It was so slow that passing cars appeared to have stopped. The same thing happened when the new car pulled over in front of the old car. It froze, and then vanished without warning. When they saw it, they couldn't believe it. The other car's passenger was equally taken aback. After a brief silence, the three began sharing what they had observed. They set off on foot to explore the neighborhood. The third man insisted they should notify the authorities because it involved a missing person. L C and Bob flatly refused, especially since they had no idea where the woman, child, and car had gone. Without these two, the third man would be thought to be crazy if he went to the police. But just to make sure he didn't go crazy, he kept in touch with them by exchanging phone numbers and addresses and talking about what happened. Is it possible that she was actually a time traveler from the past who ended up in the future? Possible alternative explanation: she was a time traveler stuck in limbo who could never return to her own era. In all honesty, there is no way to know for sure.  

3. The story was published 11 years before the event itself took place.

Time Travel

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Media outlets would give anything for a story that's eleven years ahead of its time. But if something like this happened to me, I'd completely lose it. This chilling tale was published in Ron Edwards, C.E.O.'s The Little Giant Book of Eerie Thrills and Unspeakable Chills. B John Macklin Colby Apparently, in 1932, newspaper correspondent J The German shipyard in Hamburg was the subject of a feature story that Bernard Hutton and photographer Joachim Brandt were assigned to produce. At the very moment they were preparing to leave the building after finishing their task, they heard the roar of airplane engines. The bombs and anti-aircraft guns started firing. War broke out here all of a sudden. Everything was going up in flames, buildings were crumbling, and death and mayhem were all around. Hutton had asked a security guard if they could do anything to help before he rushed out to save their lives, but the guard had told him to leave the area immediately. Things shifted as the two entered Hamburg while still in their car. The clouds dissipated, and life resumed as usual. No one was hurt, and no structures were damaged. There was no sign of panic. As if absolutely nothing had changed Hutton and Brandt turned around to face the shipyard, but they saw nothing amiss. There is no evidence of damage or smoke coming from any of the structures. Shocking Office workers at the newspaper obviously didn't buy the two's story. In fact, Brandt's photos from the attack showed business as usual. Everything at the shipyard appeared brand new. Their coworkers didn't believe them because they assumed they'd been drinking before work and that the alcohol was affecting their perceptions.  

Shortly before the start of World War II, Bernard Hutton relocated to London. In 1943, he almost died from shock after reading the morning newspaper. A Roy Air Force squadron had successfully raided the Hamburg shipyard, and the story was about their exploits. Uncanny was the closest word to describe the similarity. This was a dead-on depiction of what he and Brandt had seen back in 2003. How

The guy who ran into himself

Hkan Nordkvist, 36, returned to his home on August 30, 2006 to find water flooding his kitchen. He figured it was just a small leak, so he went under the sink to fix it. When he reached inside the cupboard, however, he saw that it kept going. So he continued to squirm forward until he reached the tunnel's terminus. It dawned on Nordkvist when he emerged from the capsule that he had somehow traveled through time and space to the year 2042. Interestingly, he also encountered his future self, a crone version of himself aged 72 years. Meeting this man didn't shock Future Noirdkvist all that much. Furthermore, he revealed information to him that only he would have known. Furthermore, they shared an identical tattoo. The tattoo on the future man was, of course, a little less vivid. One of them even posed for a group selfie with the other. Yeah, that's cool But who are we to pass judgment, especially since this one sounds more like an acid trip?  

No. 5: The time-traveling hipster

Time Travel


Take a close look at this image. You need to critique it until you find something wrong with it. Photos like this one from the Virtual Museum of Canada date back to 1941. The reopening of the South Fork Bridge in Gold Bridge, B.C., in the 1940s is depicted in the photo. C, Canada Even though this appears to be a standard portrait, your eyes can't help but be drawn to the gentleman dressed in hipster garb. It's hard to see him as "one of the guys" in this setting. Was it possible that he went back in time?

Sixthly, the time-traveling con artist from Wall Street's past

Time Travel

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On January 28, 2003, a man named Andrew Carlssin was detained by the police for insider trading on Wall Street. Absolutely ridiculous. From an initial investment of only 0, Andrew made a whopping $350 million in the stock market over the course of two weeks. It's as if all of his investments suddenly became priceless gold. The kind of money he made is extremely difficult to achieve. Law enforcement officials claimed he had access to confidential information and consequently arrested him. But the police weren't prepared for Andrew's explanation of why and how he did it. From 2256, he said he was writing to you. Being from the future, he could predict with absolute certainty how the stocks would do. The police obviously thought he was talking nonsense. But here's the kicker: not long after posting bail, the man vanished, and no amount of searching could turn up any trace of him. Were his words true? Who knows, but here's a twist: Carlssin accurately predicted the day the United States would invade Iraq.

Numeral 7. The Taurean man

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This is a very peculiar story, and many questions remain unanswered. Here's how the plot unfolds:

A man flew into Haneda Airport (now Tokyo International Airport) on a steamy afternoon in July of 1954. Bearded and white, this man's native tongue was French, but he also spoke several others quite well. At this point, you should know that there are different accounts of what happened. Others claim that the man handed his passport over to Japanese immigration officials for stamping despite their knowledge that the country listed on the passport, "Taured," did not exist.

The man claimed he was from Taured, and when the authorities didn't believe him, he produced his passport. The man did his best to convince the police that Taured is a real person, though. He claimed it was situated in the middle of the Atlantic, between Spain and France. He insisted that neither he nor his hometown were pioneers, saying that they had been resident there for at least a thousand years. After some time with the map in hand, the man eventually indicated the current location of Andorra as the principality he desired. He seemed genuinely perplexed by the authorities' insistence on continuing to use the name "Andorra." As time went on, the man was eventually detained by immigration officials who suspected him of criminal activity. He was taken to a nearby hotel so he could be questioned further while investigators tried to figure out what in the name of God was going on. There were two guards stationed outside his door. To your surprise, the next day when they went to see how he was doing, Poof Vanished There was no evidence of his attempt to flee. All of the papers he had on him that could have been used to verify his identity vanished as well. Was he possibly a man from the future? Or, more intriguingly, maybe he's from an alternate reality where Andorra is called Taured. All this could just as easily be the product of a creative writer. The only way to know for sure is to try it out for yourself, which  

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