30 Methods for Keeping Jewelry Neat and Safe While Traveling

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how to travel with jewlery

Bringing jewelry with you on a trip is a great way to look put-together without packing a ton of extra clothes. But how do you maintain order so that you don't open your bag to find a jumbled mess when you need something?

We've scoured the Web for the most ingenious tips and tricks for bringing jewelry on a trip, including unusual packing strategies for your favorite necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets. The best part is that you probably already have the materials you need to make a good number of these right at home.

Tips for Keeping Jewelry Neat and Secure While Traveling

Mint tins for rings and earrings A tin from a pack of mints, along with some cotton balls, makes a great jewelry box for the road.

One, a mint tin, can be made from empty Altoids or Tic Tac containers. With the addition of a cotton ball for padding, they are ideal for holding and transporting jewelry.

Cases with a hard exterior, such as the briefcase-like Caracaise, have foam lining and separate sections for earrings, but they do take up more space. The Amazon marketplace could use something like this.

Drawstring pouches are another option for storing jewelry; you can find these in stores or make your own. A circular piece of fabric with drawstrings allows you to organize all of your belongings in a compact pouch. Anything other than necklaces would work better with it.

O-Rings are metal ring clips that are commonly used for arts and crafts projects but can also be worn as jewelry. Easy as opening, putting on, and packing Check these out on Amazon

Use straws to keep your necklaces from tangling. Put your necklaces on straws to avoid knotting up.

Use a drinking straw to avoid tangled necklaces. You can do this by passing the chain through a plastic straw and connecting the two ends. It prevents the bending and tangling of one side.

Do you have a pill organizer that is divided by weekdays? Separate your jewelry while you're on the go. You can use the one you already have, or buy one for about $5 at your neighborhood pharmacy.

Seven. Extra GoTubbs, snack cups, or other travel containers for jewelry. These are great because they prevent jewelry from tangling and can be worn constantly without fear.

If you lay your necklaces out flat on a sheet of "Press N Seal" cling wrap and press them together, making sure to leave some breathing room in between, you can keep them from getting tangled. You can find it in most supermarkets, but regular cling wrap will do if you roll it up.

travel jewelry roll To prevent jewelry from getting tangled up and lost in transit, pack it in a jewelry roll. This jewelry roll can be purchased from the following Etsy store:

To prevent your jewelry from becoming tangled, roll it up and store it in one of these jewelry rolls, which feature zippered compartments and a large panel with a fold-over and tie closure. Find them in stores or follow the steps here to make your own. They are space-saving because they can be folded flat.

10. If you have a lot of 10.Ziploc bags on hand, you can store one necklace at a time in each bag by zipping off the open end. Earrings and rings can be grouped together in storage bags.

Make your own jewelry roll with just a washcloth and some rubber bands—a great idea I found on Pinterest! Separate your necklaces on a washcloth, roll them along their length, and fold in half, securing the ends with rubber bands.

The backs of your stud earrings won't get lost if you store them in an old eraser from elementary school.

bead organizers for jewelry Bead trays and other craft storage containers are ideal.

Bead organizers and fishing tackle boxes sold in hobby stores are essentially identical products with distinct branding. Choose a transparent plastic box with multiple dividers. So, you can swap them out for your personal effects.

You can find a travel soap dish at any store, and it is perfect for storing jewelry like necklaces, bracelets, and rings. It can keep everything safe and organized.

15. These are the perfect case for your contacts, and they also fit tiny earrings. Just recycle a bottle or can you're done using.

Stick your earrings through the Styrofoam plate; it works best for studs and long earrings. You can then toss it into your suitcase along with the rest of your stuff.

carabiners work well for rings Clips are useful for rings, and carabiners are ideal.

17. 17.Carabiners are so versatile they can be used for almost anything. You can use the clips on these inexpensive items to make bracelets or necklaces.

Once you've used up the last of the toilet paper, you can recycle the roll by stringing necklaces and bracelets through the empty tube. For optimal results, set on top of your suitcase.

19. Remember the plastic divider pages used to store and protect your baseball cards and other collectibles? You can also use them to keep your jewelry organized. Separate items into their respective pockets.

Once you've outgrown your eyeglasses or sunglasses, you can put your bracelets, earrings, and other small jewelry pieces in the case.

Old buttons are small and easy to pack with earrings. In the same way that vintage buttons are compact and perfect for storing alongside a pair of earrings,

21. Buttons: If you've been saving the extra buttons from every shirt you own in order to protect the backs of your earrings, now is the time to put them to use.

Put your delicate necklaces and earrings on a safety pin and wear them like a carabiner.

Zippered pouches, available in satin varieties in Asia and at stores like the Container Store in the United States, are the item of the week. Bracelets and earrings can be stored in tiny pouches of any material.

One member of the HPLWorld community suggested the 24th item, socks, to be used as a ring cushion. When packing, you can put things inside.

empty lip balm tubes hold jewelry Jewelry components such as necklaces and earrings can be made from empty lip balm tubes. Really, who would have guessed

Empty lip balm container (especially those from the Eos brand): These aren't universally applicable, but after you've finished the lip balm, they make excellent earring holders. Put them away in your wallet just in case.

Jewelry rolls are one option for storing your jewelry, but there are also hanging jewelry cases that were originally designed to hold cosmetics and toiletries. It's a handy tool for staying on top of things while maintaining an overall overview. See if Amazon has it yet

27. Cupcake liners: One suggestion was to put earrings in cupcake liners (paper or foil) and then wrap the whole thing in foil or something else to keep it in place.

You can use index cards as jewelry holders by inserting earring backs or wrapping bracelets and necklaces around them.

Use business or playing cards to keep jewelry organized. Keep jewelry in order with playing cards or business cards.

In the same way that index cards can be used to neatly stack necklaces, business or playing cards can be used to wrap around and secure necklaces.

You can use wine corks as earring backs, just like you would an eraser.

Jewelry Hints for Extended Trips

In the introduction, we touched on how changing your jewelry can easily transform your outfit from day to night. The following are some additional considerations:

One) Take a necklace that stands out By drawing attention away from your base layer, something daring will make you feel as though you're sporting an entirely new ensemble. An added bonus of statement necklaces is that they can make even the simplest of outfits look elegant. (For further advice, please refer to our comprehensive business travel packing list. )

Pack some low-quality jewelry Never bring anything that you would be devastated to lose or have stolen, especially jewelry.

How to travel with jewelry

When packing for a trip, do you have any other suggestions for safely transporting jewelry? If you have any thoughts, please share them below.

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