28 Must-Visit Destinations for Expecting Moms to Experience ASAP

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If your doctor has given you the green light to travel, then while your mama is still pregnant could be the perfect time to squeeze in a vacation before the joys and responsibilities of parenthood fully take over. Once the new baby arrives, most parents find they're too preoccupied to pack up and vacation with a newborn.

Alternatively, some parents may wish to celebrate the end of one chapter of their lives before embarking on the next one. Often referred to as a babymoon, these vacations taken by pregnant women are designed to combine the excitement of impending parenthood with relaxation and the opportunity to say goodbye to certain aspects of their single life that will soon be left behind.

There are a variety of factors that contribute to creating a memorable and enjoyable babymoon. Many pregnant women look forward to exploring new places while they still have the freedom to get around without baby carriers or strollers. Others seek out spa experiences and indulgent pampering as they prepare for their new role as a mother.

Some couples take advantage of a vacation while the mother is pregnant to reconnect and strengthen their relationship, knowing that the arrival of a baby will test their bond. Babymoons can be taken anywhere in the world, though pregnant women typically have preferred destinations where they experienced an unforgettable time. Whether the trip is packed with amenities and luxury or is priced just right, we've compiled a list of the top 25 vacation spots for pregnant women.

Updated by Lauren Feather, February 25, 2022: The pandemic and the need to stay at home have resulted in a significant increase in the number of babies born in the last year or so. With this in mind, we've updated this guide to provide additional superb vacation options for expectant parents looking for a memorable babymoon. So, if you're among those lucky parents-to-be this year, why not consider one of the following destinations for an indulgent babymooning escape?

28 Relax in Siesta Key, Florida

Siesta Key presents a peaceful retreat where you can enjoy beautiful white sand beaches and crystal clear aquamarine waters without traveling abroad. The beaches facing the Gulf of Mexico are truly stunning and have been rated number one in the US by Visit Sarasota.

For those who want more than beach lounging, the area offers a host of activities, from kayaking to fishing.

Located near Geneva, Lausanne boasts stunning Gothic architecture and incredible lakeside views. Lonely Planet describes it as less formal than its larger counterpart and highlights an abundance of museums, including the Olympic Museum and Musée Cantonal des Beaux Arts.

Vacationers can also enjoy day trips to opulent castles or landmarks. No matter what you're craving, there's sure to be a gourmet restaurant that will whip up something fresh for you.

Asheville is a multifaceted city that boasts stunning foliage, particularly in the fall. Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, it offers accommodations ranging from rustic to luxurious, with packages tailored to suit your interests, such as focusing on romance, the season, or the vibrant music scene, as per Explore Asheville.

There is so much to do in Asheville, and pregnant mothers who prefer to stay closer to home can take in fresh mountain air and breathtaking views all year round.

Venice is an ideal destination for pregnant women who don't mind walking because it's best experienced on foot or by gondola ride. Composed of over a hundred interconnected islands, the city is an architectural masterpiece that's both modern and ancient, as per Trip Savvy.

Experience the charm of Venice as you glide through its winding canals, serenaded by romantic gondoliers. Take in the sublime architecture of palaces, basilicas, and the world-renowned Galleria dell'Academia, with well over a thousand years of arts, crafts, and history at your fingertips, all just a short journey from your hotel.

Escape to Palm Springs and discover the incredible contrast between the stark Sonoran desert and the sharp San Jacinto mountains. Make the most of your vacation, braving the midsummer heat for a fantastic deal at one of the opulent resorts or visiting in-season to explore the weekly street fair on Thursdays. Indulge in tempting cuisine, particularly the Mexican options, and uncover some hidden cultural gems in the heart of Palm Springs.

In the Cotswolds, a pregnant woman faces the challenging decision of whether to stay at a luxurious spa, a charming bed and breakfast, or a cozy cottage. Traverse the rolling green hills and explore the burgeoning art scene, or indulge in the delectable locally-produced cheese and meat. Take a guided tour of ancient architecture that blends modern luxury to start your unforgettable vacation.

Lihue offers a tropical paradise where luxury hotels dot the stunning beaches. More adventurous babymooners can explore Wailua Falls or the Hokuala Golf Resort, while those looking for an escape can immerse themselves in Hawaiian culture by touring a plantation or one of several museums. With a world-famous setting that's complemented by Lihue's less populous appeal, it's easy to see why Hawaii is a top destination in the US.

In Cork, visitors can bask in the rugged beauty of Ireland's wild Atlantic coast while taking in ancient castles and cuisine that blends traditional Irish fare with contemporary twists. Explore the rolling green hills, and embrace the hospitality of the gastropubs and restaurants in Cork City. Use Cork as a jumping-off point to tour all around Ireland, and return after the baby is born for more family-friendly fun.

In Scottsdale, indulge in some of the highest-rated spas and resorts in the US, and experience the city's contradictions - from the Sonoran Desert to a river with steamboat excursions and the collision of the Old West with modern shopping. Explore prestigious golf courses or embark on hikes into the desert, and expect to be pampered with luxurious treatments and spa amenities.

Lisbon's unique mix of travel wonders, safety, and security has made it one of the must-see destinations in a lifetime. Hillsides adorned with older and modern-style homes tumble towards the Atlantic Ocean, and the uniquely Portuguese architecture can be easily navigated even by beginner travelers. Expect to be spellbound by the wonders of Lisbon and fall in love with the miles of coastline for a babymoon to remember.

Discover the many sights and sounds of Wiscasset, a town high on the list of the prettiest in Maine. Experience the quiet romance of the town with a partner, and return with the family for the ultimate family-friendly vacation. Bask in the vibrant green foliage and discover the long history on display against the backdrop of the town's ragged but beautiful coastline.

Explore the unique culture, language, and music of Basque country from Saint-Jean-de-Luz on the French side. Relax with thalassotherapy sessions or venture out to the Spanish border to discover the rich tapestry of Basque country. With an unforgettable spa experience like no other, Saint-Jean-de-Luz is the perfect babymoon destination.

Experience the ultimate relaxation at the Adirondack resorts, where beautiful and serene pools, with stunning views of the majestic ocean, await you. Take a stroll around the charming nearby villages, ranging from small to medium sizes, and discover a wealth of exciting places to explore.

Chestertown, New York, once known solely for its hiking trails, has recently become the go-to destination for expectant couples seeking a romantic escape. Fern Lodge is a well-loved favorite among the various beautiful resorts in and around the larger town of Chester, where Chestertown is located.

Visitors to Chestertown can indulge in lounging, fishing, and other fun activities at one of the two nearby lakes, promising an unforgettable experience.

With over a century of popularity, the Adirondacks continue to attract vacationers from all walks of life, and babymooners, in particular, are eager to visit before entering parenthood.

In Rome, the most difficult decision expecting parents will make is choosing which of the many must-see attractions to squeeze into their itinerary, and what to unfortunately leave out. Immerse yourself in thousands of years of history, visible on almost every street, as discovered by Fodors.

Navigating the grand city is simple after you familiarize yourself with the traffic laws. Opt to explore by foot, and don't forget to take in the enchanting ambiance of the elegant hotels that provide a romantic backdrop.

The pristine and unspoiled beaches of the Emerald Coast, situated along the northern panhandle of Florida, offer vacationers an idyllic and cost-effective retreat. Emerald Coast reveals that even luxury bookings with world-class services come at surprisingly affordable prices. Travelers need only take a short drive for some solitude on their own stretch of beach.

The locals, well-versed in the best seafood spots, recommend a visit during the warm months of May to July, right before the hurricane season.

Lake Tegernsee, located in the heart of the Bavarian Alps, is quickly gaining popularity among babymooners due to its juxtaposition of luxurious accommodations with the rugged beauty of the majestic mountains, as reported by Traveller. Take in the serene views of the alpine woodlands while indulging in the many spas and retreats scattered around Lake Tegernsee. Later, explore the historical sites, including an 8th-century abbey and traditional Bavarian architecture adorned with Baroque embellishments.

Vacationers seeking similar mountain experiences without leaving the United States will find Stowe, Vermont, a perfect alternative to European destinations, according to US News And World Report. Enjoy a charming blend of Alpine and New England aesthetics at any time of the year, with fall being particularly beautiful amidst the changing colors of the trees.

Expectant mothers eager to explore beyond their homeland's borders are embarking on adventurous journeys to far-flung destinations like Antalya, Turkey. Nomadasaurus reveals that Antalya's architectural marvels and breathtaking mosques offer an experience unique to the city's confluence of Eastern and Western cultures. If sightseeing seems too overwhelming, unwind at a spa, or enjoy a day out exploring the natural waterfalls just outside Antalya.

Cape Cod's only drawback is that visitors never want to leave. Located just an hour away from Boston, the breathtaking beaches and distinctive architecture transport visitors to a whole new world, according to Vacation Idea. Add a touch of adventure to your babymoon with a trip to the Cape Cod National Seashore, salt marshes teeming with crabs and birds like the green heron, a visit to the quaint lavender farm, or a whale-watching tour.

Madeira, although an island destination, attracts visitors not for its beaches, which are too rocky, but for its stunning views, exotic fruits, and delicious gourmet cuisine, as per Huffington Post. Hike along miles of trails for panoramic views of the majestic mountains, or follow the levadas, man-made irrigation canals, to explore the landscape's hidden gems. Expecting mothers will undoubtedly cherish their memories of a vacation in Madeira.

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