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Explore Travel Town, where you can combine everything into better and more useful items while you travel the world!Reveal secrets as you discover yourself and help the friendly people of Travel Town!T



Explore Travel Town, where you can combine everything into better and more useful items while you travel the world!
Reveal secrets as you discover yourself and help the friendly people of Travel Town!

TRAVEL TOWN FEATURES:== Match Objects ==• Discover over 500 fantastic objects through hundreds of levels!• Freely drag objects around the beautiful world and match 2 of a kind evolve them into more superior items!• Fulfil the missions of the townsfolk to unlock more amazing items!== Meet New Villagers ==• Discover 55 villagers who live in Travel Town, and help them restore their seaside town!• Match objects to upgrade them and unlock more and more items to support you on your journey!== Town Building ==• A storm has ravaged Travel Town – Collect coins and bring the town back to its former beauty!• Discover and upgrade dozens of houses and improve the town beyond your wildest dreams!

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Welcome to the latest update of Travel Town! We’ve been improving the game and addressed bugs for you. Watch out for some festive seasonal offers in our store. Have fun!

Over rating: Recommend App

I really love this game. Usually I’m bored to death by the plot lines in games but I love the conversations and the little people and always want to read more. The matching game is a good balance of thought, luck, and persistence. But I completely agree with the reviewer who says the game peters out after level 41. I’ve limped along to level 47 hoping it would pick up again, but I’m about to give up. I’ve only got 3 goals at a time, and they’re all for items that take a really long time to recharge, so I check in, tap the items a few times, and that’s pretty much all that’s worth doing. Sometimes I make a bunch of seashells and sell them but you really don’t get much money for that. When I fulfill a goal I get another, but it’s the same situation. One of my goals is for a level 2 key, and I’ve only gotten 1 key ever so I just keep waiting. Maybe I’ll check back in a few months and see if it’s recovered.

… more

Still getting stuck with big update…

First off, I do really enjoy this game, and I don’t mind the new update too much. Even though we had to start over, you gave us all our diamonds back, and it was kind of nice to start with a fresh board again. HOWEVER, you said it was to give smoother progresss for everyone and less instances of getting stuck and that’s NOT what’s happening for me. I’m at level 16 and progress has pretty much halted completely. Tasks that offer supplies as rewards are not often enough to continue upgrading the buildings so I have 3 buildings just sitting there waiting for me to get more cement mixers, brick walls, and boxes of nails. So progress has almost completely stopped for me and I am unable to play the game as intended. I get what you were trying to do but you need another update to accomplish it. Right now I am just disappointed and frustrated. (Side note, the amount you get for selling high level items is ridiculous. For example, the large bacota sandwich is level 13, but when you sell it you only get 12 back, which is borderline insulting! You get 1 for the mix of olives that is level 2 in the same category so we should be getting A LOT more back for the sandwich considering it takes 2,048 olives to create it…just something to think about as this is always something about your game that has always rubbed me the wrong way.)

… more

Another “Fun at first” review ….

When I first started playing it, my thought was finally a merge-game I really like. There were a bunch of goals to complete. A nice flow of energy to play with – the items were cute. I really liked the “board” concept. Well, I made it to level 13 and suddenly the pace just stopped. I have only 2 goals to complete. One is an artifact fish that people on the FB page tell me they had to reach a much higher level to ever achieve it. The other goal is a picture portrait and the backpack to make cameras and then the cameras themselves take forever to recharge. So I am at a standstill – I typically stop playing these energy-based games for this reason because I always run out of energy in a matter of minutes. Now I have energy, but no reason to use it until my backpack charges. Tapping my foot wondering when the game will get fun again. Next day playing the game – waiting for the boat to recharge is taking forever – recharge times will definitely kill this game for me. Ending on a positive note – I really enjoyed the special safari event with the tigers – that’s about how long it should take for items to recharge, IMHO. After several weeks of opening this game to play it, things have only gotten worst with the recharge times. It’s taking days to weeks to complete a single task. Never got to play the special safari event again, the one thing about the game I liked, so made this game a one star, at best.

… more

pro soligolfer25/11/2021

Hello developers. Getting straight to the point. Either the recharge time needs to be lowered or give more opportunities to gain blue gems to buy energy. The shop is useless to me because i never have blue gems to spend. Why cant things in the shop be bought with smileys instead? Certain orders take entirely too long to fulfill. This drives you to have to try to merge other items in the meantime which quickly fills the board with items you cant sell because theyre needed. With each source at least give enough items to make half the order. Also when leveling up the energy level should rise. 100 is not alot of energy when your whole top row is a source object. The seashells and silverware takes forever! In closing, dont take this as a negative review. Love the game and latest update. Not asking for a simplified game but more of a balance. I play daily every chance i get. But make it worth my effort . I shouldnt be merging for weeks to get one high level food item. Its pointless to use the whole 100 energy to try and get one high leveled food item thats still not completed after using the next 100 after waiting on a recharge. Work with me please. Im level 24 and only have 4 areas unlocked. Come on!

… more

Update: I was trying to give the benefit of the doubt, but I can’t waste my time anymore. I can’t get the items I need to level up and the rest of the time it takes me forever to get the items to get tool chests. This isn’t fun anymore it’s become like a job. Thanks for the pointless updates that don’t help. The other day I finally complete a task that gave me 6 large toolboxes….I still wasn’t able to update any of the 5 outstanding buildings I have. I’m done. I loved this game. However I don’t think I can continue. I play the challenges to get toolboxes and meet the daily goal every day. Yet I still don’t get the parts I need to level up. The algorithm is not fair based on the needs you have. I have a million brick walls and yet zero wallpapers. This needs a better update and with all the tasks I complete I should have another option of leveling up. It’s frustrating to work towards so,etching for so long just to be disappointed. What is the point of an update with new buildings if I can’t even get to the buildings I have!! Also completely blocked from leveling up. I was a beta user and in half the time was a higher level than I am now after the reset. The tool boxes are way too random and don’t give what I need. I’ve been waiting on a plug for at least a month. I’m over this.

… more

average potater26/6/2021

I, like many others, had my progress reset with The Update. I thought it was fun at first, there were new resources to get, and it was much easier to get the higher level item spawners compared to before. The idea of having building materials was also interesting. However, they completely nerfed the drop rate of higher level items from the spawners. For example, previously, at a level 7-8 sand bucket, you could occasionally spawn max level sand castles and starfish. Now, you can only spawn level 3 castles and shells, max. Same with the picnic basket, and I imagine every other spawner. The devs claim that this new update will smooth the progression, so you don’t have to be stuck on a level for days. That’s not the case. Orders are MUCH higher level, asking for items at the end of the merge chain, and you have to spend days grinding for orders and building supplies. Do I think this is a ploy to get players to spend more money? Probably. Bad move, devs. I want to give them the benefit of the doubt, so I’ll keep the game until the next update comes out. Maybe this new version just needs to be balanced better. I think the devs should’ve just made a sequel, tbh, instead of resetting long-time players.

… more

Azn Lady Luck29/6/2021
The newest update is terrible !

I’ve been playing this game for more than a couple of months and really got hooked to it. I like it so much I actually bought energy & gems for this game. I was on Level 51!! I wasn’t even done with all of the unlocking of the buildings. When I updated the newest version June 2021. They put me back to level 1!! Yes you guys gave me a lot of Gems back , but it didn’t last too long & I needed them for energy #newupdate! Why this update?? so this app update has new and exciting different things?? It’s actually harder to level up now. Yes you have new things, but in order to build houses you also Now need more “ ” smiley faces & supplies in the game verse before where only needed game coins. On top Of that you waste more energy with this new upgrade. So after this I’m on level 17 and I’m struggling, it’s not that fun anymore. Sorry to say I lost interest in this game and now will delete. I’m very disappointed & sad this game is no longer my favorite. The makers got too carried away in this update making it harder for us “Gamers” . When I mean harder you have to spend more $$ on gems and energy to level up!! It’s not worth it!! I love Merge games this is app was in my Top 5!! Not anymore!!

… more

First I wanna start off with the fact that suddenly the game won’t load. I had it on the title screen for over 3-4 minutes, probably could have gone longer but I’m tired of wasting my time on this game. Which leads me to stating that even with a little fixing, the balance is still off. 15,000 coins and can’t do anything because I need rarer tools. It’s a bit better since the last update but it’s still SO off. Can’t even get a piece of window. I feel like if you require a certain tool, maybe make the chances of pulling those from the toolboxes higher. It’s a great game, but it needs work. And I gotta give major props to you guys because y’all actually seem to listen to players, but quite a few things still need work. Pushing people to the point of buying gems? That makes me want to avoid giving you guys any money. Plenty of times I’ve thought about it but nah, 1000 gems for a new slot on inventory? Not worth spending a single penny. The more you work with players, the more people will actually want to play and spend money.

… more

Cute and fun but tons of issues

Story and game pieces are great. But each building that makes items can only produce a few until it stops and recharges. This is the worst part of the game. I’m on level 42 and the orders can take days of work to fill. Thus it’s really hard to do anything. I’ve got 1200 energy because of the energy crates and I can only use 20 energy a day because all of the buildings lock up. Many don’t unlock for 20 minutes. Very frustrating. Someone compared it to Merge Mansion, so I downloaded that one to compare. It works so much better. The game play is way better and it’s almost identical to travel town. More review……some buildings never get orders so they just sit. If you want to use your energy to make stuff randomly your board gets full and you need to sell stuff for very few coins. Items that took you days to make are sold for almost nothing. If your lucky and can fill an order the price paid doesn’t match how long it took you to make it. I’ve had items I’ve made in the beginning that are never ordered. Some orders are for really rare items you never get and the orders just sit. Refreshing the orders would be nice. Like other games there are slots and if you refresh an order you don’t get another for 24hrs. That’s fair. Each item should show a value so you can decide if you want to sell. I’m really hoping an update is in the next week. Or I’ll delete game. I don’t recommend playing. It’s very frustrating.

… more

Fabulous Merge Game with a Few “Kinks”

Let me start by saying that I have played probably 75-80% of the merge games out there and this is in my top 5! With that said, I do agree with what many others said (and it’s like that in a lot of merge games) once you get to the higher levels…it gets a bit boring. The game say there for months for me, I deleted it, and just downloaded it again. They added quite a bit of new stuff, which has made it fun for me again. I will update my review once I get to higher levels again. 🙂 My request for the developer – I have tried my usual fixes for this – my countdowns are not functioning properly. I have a 24 hour chest that has been opening for three days. And my bag to get camera parts has been stuck since yesterday. I’m not sure if anyone else is having this problem. I’m not having the same issue in the event… Also, kudos to the developers for making a great game! Small bugs and good feedback can do wonders everyone! 🙂

… more

Was great before the update I was super far in now it take WAY WAY TO MUCH to upgrade the buildings I did enjoy the new addition when it was an realistic amount of products you need to upgrade but this is insane you went from a game i enjoyed more than any other Merge game and I play a lot to one I almost want to give up on. You went to far with this update, way way to far maybe make it a bit easier to upgrade buildings it shouldn’t take me over a month to upgrade a building and that’s just one portion not the whole building because there like 10 things you have to do to finish the building. I really recommend calming down on the amount of cement, wood wallpaper, and screws it takes upgrade. I wasn’t mad about this update resetting everything and screwing over my progress didn’t even complain but this is insane and is asking to much of the player. I swear this is just a money grab

… more

Was fun, completely stuck to easily

I had just maxed all the buildings when the update came along and reset everything back to level 1. I was happy to give this game another go from scratch, but quickly got stuck at level 17, for weeks. I went 2 solid weeks without any screws to advance one of the buildings. As upgrading buildings is the only way to advance levels, it was quickly no longer fun. The requirement to spend gems for the daily tool boxes is impossible. The amount if gems given for free to play, is negligible. It makes it seem like a cash grab to force people to buy gems. The only way to get gems free are from level up chests (see concern above on time required to level up,) and from the mystery island, which takes even longer to obtain the rare pieces to create. Even with these you get maybe 20 gems if you are lucky. Very disappointed in this update, and they beed to offer more ways to get toolboxes if they want to “smooth out” the level progression. Past level 15 progress us non-existant.

… more

Determined, but Not Really Fun Anymore

I’m not a fan of the new UPDATE. It definitely came out of left field! I try to play several times a day which is mostly out of determination and frustration. I am at level 37 and have dwelled there for what seems like a lifetime. Too dramatic? Maybe. Going up the chain to capture the very last dessert spawned my determination and frustration!! Obtaining building materials is akin to watching paint dry. It is insane for a 60 year old Kindergarten teacher to obsess over a game, especially when I am an advocate for much less screen time for children and more active play. I can afford to pay to play when it helps my perspective to enhance the game and have more fun. Spending money on Travel Town does nothing to enhance the game nor make it anymore fun. I just see it as a disguised subscription fee. I sincerely hope the developers will seriously reflect on these reviews. If said developers have any help suggestions, please share. Any and all advice from other players would be most appreciated.

… more

UPDATE: want to update this to say that i can’t even play it now. at all. not sure what the point is of a game that i can’t even open. it was frustrating enough to have to struggle for a while to get it to work but now it doesn’t work at all. opens, loads, crashes, closes. and starts to overheat my phone in the process. i’ll start to say i love this game. it keeps me occupied for a good amount of time and although it’s simple i really do like it. the biggest problem is that it keeps crashing! sometimes i have to close and open it multiple times before i can actually play the game. once it stops crashing it’s usually fine for a good while but it can be really frustrating getting to that point. and it overheats my phone terribly. no other game or app that i have makes my phone overheat like this. i don’t know why. i also wish i could get more energy chests but that may just be because i’m impatient and want to play when i’m in the mood to, not when the game allows me.

… more

frustrating and a money pit

This game is more frustrating than fun. I get that the developers’ object is to make money but too many diamonds are needed just to play the game. I am fine paying to play but the diamonds are needed to recharge the items after only a few hits. One must pay multiple times just to play. Otherwise one has to wait 5-20 minutes to recharge after just 30 seconds of playing. Also the sewing kits, maps, and pouches can’t be discarded and take up spots on the board. There are not enough inventory spots & these also cost diamonds. The concept and graphics are good on this game but the game is stacked against the player. I buy items in other games that help me advance & reward me- the in-app purchases in this game only give you a couple of days of play & then you must buy diamonds again or wait to play. Very frustrating. I’m looking for other merge games that are more fair to the player. The developers need to strike a better balance between revenue generation and game satisfaction. Game Over.

… more

Disappointed and frustrating

I agree with those reviews that are more negative because of frustration with collecting and obtaining goals in the game. After the last big update, it was disappointing to start again from the beginning, and I was going to just delete the game, however I held in there knowing i did get all of the gems and energy back to rebuild the town again. However, it takes WAY too long to acquire the building materials to even begin to set up the village. You guys took the fun out of completing a task and receiving energy and “perks” from the game. It takes days if not weeks to even gather supplies to be “allowed” to build. I am finding myself now spending money on gems, and never earning more than 10 gems at a time with playing the game for long periods of time. I’m really losing interest in this game which I really did love playing. I’m hoping for an update to fix the “bugs” and difficulty obtaining building materials. Otherwise I’m afraid I’ll have to move on……

… more

I have been playing this game for maybe almost a year now and though I love it, there are some frustrating issues. Before the overhaul, I progressed pretty quickly. This time, I feel as though my progress is being held up because I am lever 21 and I have not seen another mysterious letter since I started the updated game weeks ago. I didn’t have this issue before hand and was able to collect the items needed for the island fairly quickly. Now, I’m stuck with a mysterious map with nothing to merge it with. The fossil task has been sitting there for weeks now with no avail. I just don’t get the issue with the lack of letter drops from the bucket. I tap and tap and tap and tap…..nothing. I’m not saying the letter has to drop all the time from the bucket, but this is ridiculous. Do they just stop after a certain level? I really love this game like I said before but wow is that annoying.

… more

They did a major update where they completely redid the game. This was a few months back, everyone’s account got wiped and we got diamonds back we put into the game. We had no warning they were doing this. One of the main reasons they did this was to fix people getting “stuck.” We had to gather up resources which could take irl days to do. They made it worse, I have over 10k of the new “money,” but I don’t have the resources you need on top of the “money” to keep the story going. Before the wipe I almost had all the building completed. Now I don’t even 5 (there was over 30, now they added more.) they destroyed the game and it isn’t fun anymore. I gave it a few months after this new update. I’m stuck worse then before. At least before it took a few days irl. Now it takes WEEKS. Highly disappointed, only reason it had 2 stars is because the storyline is amazing. Everything is horrible and it’s not fun anymore.

… more

First off, What happened to my original review?? Did u delete it? Once again, I can’t play. What is going on? I need stuff for orders I can’t even make! Still, fossils, they’ve been asking me for those for about a 1 1/2 weeks now. Now I need shrimp, lobster, paper / messages, etc…. I can’t even get my daily prize by completing 5 orders because I can’t even make this stuff. For some reason I have a boat and can make snorkels etc but there are no orders for it. I think this game is seriously off by unlocking stuff to early? I can’t upgrade any buildings because I’m not making any money. Selling my stuff for 1 – 5 coins isn’t a help. So, do I stop playing? It’s been like this for a while with asking me for orders I can’t even make! I’m level, I think 18. It’s boring because I have no goals to work toward. I think u need to think about this game, about us leveling but what is unlocking and not unlocking while leveling up. Hmmm now what do I do? Don’t play anymore??

… more

Rookie Developers | Cannot Save Player’s Progress While Updating Their Game!

Super rookie of the developers to delete everyone’s progress because they updated some stuff. The many hours everyone spent waiting for items to recharge, the hours many people spent to wait for their energy recharge, the amount of ads people watched to get JUST 25 ENERGY. Whether it might have been beta or not, there are ways to keep progress while cleaning and updating a game. Would not be surprised for you to take people’s money every time you update and we have to start over again. UPDATE: Takes forever to upgrade buildings. We don’t get enough supplies from the toolbox. Trash game to need to start over. ALSO, the amount of diamonds they give us is nowhere near enough to get us back to where we were before the update. Update 2: Orders needs to be refreshed or catered to what we have on our board. I have been doing the same things over and over and still have items I cannot even turn in. It takes up so much room.

… more

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