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It’s time to Marie Kondo your beauty stash.

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Every beauty lover knows that organization is key. A tidy beauty stash undoubtedly makes for a great IG post or ASMR TikTok, but more importantly, it also helps keep your makeup or skin-care routine as streamlined as possible. “Your kit should allow you to sift through your products seamlessly and allow you to work efficiently without the need to dig,” says celebrity makeup artist and L’Oreal Paris U.S. Creative Director Sir John.

Apart from using traditional makeup bags, there are plenty of different ways to store makeup that don’t involve going bigger in size. Today’s organizational tools include tons of handy dividers and innovative space-saving designs to keep your makeup routine as easy as possible.

The different types of makeup organizers

Depending on your budget, how much space you have and how much product you use, there are plenty of different makeup organizers you can choose from. They include:

  • Drawer orgaziers
  • Organizer boxes
  • Travel bags
  • Countertop containers
  • Makeup cases
  • Rotating organizers
  • Clear organizers
  • Hanging /over-the-door organizers

A good makeup organizer will mean something different for everyone. “It’s attuned to your artistry and working style,” says Sir John. He’s a big fan of labeling and color-coding products. If your makeup collection is on the more minimal side, he suggests decanting larger products into smaller containers and opting for multi-use products to save even more space.

According to celebrity makeup artist and founder of Blighlighter Jamie Greeneberg, “a good makeup organizer comes with a variety of different components and sizes,” she says.

Things to consider before buying a makeup organizer

“Before buying a makeup organizer, think about what you’re wanting to organize,” Greenberg says. If you mostly have lipsticks and pencils, she recommends looking for small square structures. Small products, she explains, fit easily into these types of organizers and provide easy access for you. If you have to organize bigger items, she recommends looking for something with more space and less structure, so you can organize products easily.

Greenberg also suggests thinking about the quality of a makeup organizer before purchasing. “If it feels cheap, odds are it will crack or break too easily,” she says.

Ahead, Sir John, Greenberg and makeup artist and CTZN Cosmetics co-founder Naseeha Khan break down the best makeup organizers on the market. See their picks, as well as some of our own, below.

Top Makeup Organizers

Lipper International Bamboo Wood Drawer Organizer Boxes

Best Makeup Organizer Drawer

The organizing possibilities are endless with this five-piece set from Lipper International. Not only is it a more aesthetically pleasing option compared to some plastic ones out there, but the wood is also made from bamboo for sturdy and eco-friendly organization. It comes in five different sizes and fits most standard drawer dimensions. Opt for this to fill your drawers and organize those makeup products accordingly.

Lipper International Bamboo Wood Drawer Organizer Boxes

Lipper International Bamboo Wood Drawer Organizer Boxes Buy Now

The Container Store Acrylic Office Drawer Organizers

Best Makeup Organizer Drawer, Runner-Up

The Container Store is organization heaven. It’s no surprise that its acrylic office drawer organizer is at the top of this list. It comes in an assortment of sizes to fit any drawer dimensions, so you can mix and match until you find the right system for you and your makeup products. It’s also clear, so it matches any drawer design.

The Container Store Acrylic Office Drawer Organizers

The Container Store Acrylic Office Drawer Organizers - Buy Now

Z Palette Extra Large

Best Makeup Organizer Box

Take it from a pro and store your various pressed powders and eyeshadows in a Z Palette like Sir John does. “I love them because they have a clear window that allows me to see the products without opening the container,” he says. There are plenty of sizes to choose from, but for those with a lot of products in their collection, this palette can store up to 35 makeup pans. It has a magnetic backing, so you can mix pans in and out as you please.

Z Palette Extra Large

Z Palette Extra Large Buy Now

Muji Acrylic Storage Five Drawers

Best Makeup Organizer Box, Runner-Up

Minimal and sleek, this five-drawer acrylic box from Muji is perfect for organizing the most basic makeup products. It’s easily stackable to fit most spaces and it’s design is just so pretty, you’ll have no problem fitting this in with any home decor. As an added bonus, reviews rave about its durability.

Muji Acrylic Storage Five Drawers

Muji Acrylic Storage Five Drawers Buy Now

Monda Studio Cylinder Brush Holder

Best Makeup Organizer for Travel

Sir John loves his makeup brushes, and if you do too, this is the organizer for you. He recommends the Monda Studio cylinder brush holder to keep brushes organized in one place without having to worry about damaging bristles. “It’s sleek and durable,” he adds. It can also fit sponges and pencils to make it a more multifaceted organizer that you can throw in your bag easily.

Monda Studio Cylinder Brush Holder

Monda Studio Cylinder Brush Holder Buy Now

Beis The Cosmetic Case

Best Makeup Organizer for Travel, Runner-Up

For every type of makeup product in your beauty arsenal, Beis’ The Cosmetic Case is your go-to travel bag. “It’s the perfect travel-friendly case that fits all of my go-to products in one,” Khan says. ”There’s plenty of storage space. It has a pocket to insert your brushes, a removal mirror that’s great for touch-ups and four slip pockets: two small and two large.” She also loves that the brush pouch is removable in case you need a smaller organizer.

Beis The Cosmetic Case

Beis The Cosmetic Case Buy Now

Sorbus Cosmetic Makeup And Jewelry Storage Case Display

Best Large Makeup Organizer

When it comes to the ultimate makeup organizer, it doesn’t get better than this one from Sorbus. This holds every makeup product imaginable — and more. It has a place for lipsticks, palettes, foundations and setting sprays and comes in a super sleek acrylic design. For about , it’s a steal.

Sorbus Cosmetic Makeup And Jewelry Storage Case Display

Sorbus Cosmetic Makeup And Jewelry Storage Case Display Buy Now

DreamGenius Makeup Organizer

Best Large Makeup Organizer, Runner-Up

This four-piece acrylic makeup organizer by DreamGenius holds so much. It has 12 lipstick holders and nine different-sized drawers to hold palettes and individuals jars of product. The best part is that you can arrange each section however you please. If you have room for stacking, each box interlocks with one another to create an entire organization system. If you don’t, you can move different sections and place them wherever fits best. It’s a win-win.

DreamGenius Makeup Organizer

DreamGenius Makeup Organizer Buy Now

Umbra Bellwood Cosmetic Organizer

Best Countertop Makeup Organizer

This circular three-tier organizer from Umbra is peak minimal modern vibes. But it’s more than just aesthetically-pleasing. It holds brushes and a good amount of product to keep all your makeup in one place on your counter. This is one organizer that doubles as a great decor piece, and you really can’t ask for more.

Umbra Bellwood Cosmetic Organizer

Umbra Bellwood Cosmetic Organizer   Buy Now

iDesign Cosmetic Palette Organizer

Best Countertop Makeup Organizer, Runner-Up

Sometimes, you don’t have that much counter space. If that’s the case and you’re looking for something simple and minimal to keep your basic palettes in place, this iDesign cosmetic palette organizer is perfect. It has nine slots and can be tucked away in the corner without taking up too much space. It’s also super durable and easy to clean.

iDesign Cosmetic Palette Oranizer

iDesign Cosmetic Palette Oranizer Buy Now

rèphr Modular Vanity System

Best Makeup Organizer for Vanities

“For everyday use, I love rèphr’s Modular Vanity System,” Greenberg says. “The full set comes with five components perfect for storing your brushes, palettes, lipsticks and anything else you want to organize on your vanity.” She also points out how the different components magnetically stick together, so you don’t have to worry about anything moving around.

rèphr Modular Vanity System

rèphr Modular Vanity System   Buy Now

Jeezi Makeup Storage Box

Best Makeup Organizer for Vanities, Runner-Up

This ’60s mod-inspired storage box is stunning. But apart from its super cool design and gorgeous teal color, the Jeezi Makeup Storage Box holds a lot. You can keep some products on display on the top with its clear lid and it comes with two small drawers for other smaller products that you want to keep hidden. It also comes with a handle for easy transportation. This is truly an eye-catching piece.

Jeezi Makeup Storage Box

Jeezi Makeup Storage Box Buy Now

Zuca Artist Shoulder Bag

Best Makeup Organizer Bag

Sir John always has Zuca bags on him. For when he’s on set, he likes to carry a set bag with a long shoulder strap so he can follow his client throughout the day with his kit. If you’re looking for the same mobility, this Zuca Artist shoulder bag stores all your makeup essentials and is easy to travel with. It’s super spacious and will fit every makeup product you need.

Zuca Artist Shoulder Bag

Zuca Artist Shoulder Bag Buy Now

Relavel Travel Makeup Train Case

Best Makeup Organizer Bag, Runner-Up

The Relavel travel makeup train case makes traveling with makeup so easy. It comes with adjustable compartments so you can organize makeup by category however you see fit. Priced at just , it’s also made with high-quality nylon that is waterproof so that it can withstand wear and tear.

Relavel Travel Makeup Train Case

Relavel Travel Makeup Train Case Buy Now

Calpak Vanity Case

Best Makeup Organizer Case

The Calpak Vanity Case is basically a mini suitcase for your makeup. Made with the same hardshell casing as the brand’s beloved suitcases, this makeup case is one of the most durable ones out there. It’s also big enough to use as a carry on (it comes with a handy shoulder strap) and can fit any type of makeup of product you need. Plus, the shiny nude casing is very chic.

Calpak Vanity Case

Calpak Vanity Case Buy Now

Joligrace Makeup Train Case

Best Makeup Organizer Case, Runner-Up

The Joligrace makeup train case is the makeup case that beauty die-hards dream of. It contains two-tiers trays for major storage options and a mirror for application convenience. Plus, it’s made of aluminum for extra durability and can be locked for security. If you’re looking for a makeup case with a bit of style, opt for this studded bright pink casing that’s just so fun.

Joligrace Makeup Train Case

Joligrace Makeup Train Case   Buy Now

Jerrybox 360 Rotating Makeup Organizer

Best Rotating Makeup Organizer

A lazy susan-style organizer makes it so easy for you to access all your makeup products. This rotating one from Jerrybox can accommodate at least 30 makeup brushes and 20 different types of products. It has seven layers that are adjustable so you can customize it to best suit your needs. The base is also super sturdy, so no need to worry about it breaking down mid-spin. It’s a total steal for under .

Jerrybox 360 Rotating Makeup Organizer

Jerrybox 360 Rotating Makeup Organizer Buy Now

Ameitech Makeup Organizer

Best Rotating Makeup Organizer, Runner-Up

Another huge benefit to going the rotating makeup organizer route is the amount of counter space you save by having all your products stored in one place. This style from Ameitech comes with eight adjustable layers for a customized fit and can hold tons of products. It has a clear acrylic finish, which is super sleek and will match any home decor.

Ameitech Makeup Organizer

Ameitech Makeup Organizer Buy Now

Calpak Clear Cosmetic Case

Best Clear Makeup Organizer

Sometimes, you want to be able to see everything that you’ve packed. That’s where a clear makeup organizer comes in. This one from Calpak is completely transparent on both sides so you can see everything before opening it. It also holds so much; you get two spacious compartments as well mesh compartments for smaller products.

Calpak Clear Cosmetic Case

Calpak Clear Cosmetic Case Buy Now

Truffle Clarity Jetset Case

Best Clear Makeup Organizer, Runner-Up

For minimal makeup lovers out there, this clear makeup organizer from Truffle is for you. It fits just the essentials. It’s transparent on both sides and outlined with leather trim for a really sleek look. Perfect for travel, this is also TSA-approved.

Truffle Clarity Jetset Case

Truffle Clarity Jetset Case Buy Now

Songmics Wall-Mounted Makeup Organizer

Best Hanging Makeup Organizer

You can save so much space with hanging organizers. This wall-mounted one from Songmics has two removable cosmetics trays, four shelves, lipstick slots and two compartments for palettes and powders. It also has storage for jewelry, so it makes for a great 2-in-1 organizational piece. It’s a little pricey, but we think it’s totally worth it to keep everything organized.

Songmics Wall-Mounted Organizer

Songmics Wall-Mounted Organizer 5 Buy Now

Mossio Hanging Toiletry Bag

Best Hanging Makeup Organizer, Runner-Up

You can save space when you travel, too. This toiletry bag from Mossio comes with an attached hanging hook so that you can hang it up on the door, shower rod, or towel rack for easy access. It has three main compartments in the interior and outside pockets for extra storage. The polyester fabric is water-resistant, durable and lined to prevent any leaks.

Mossio Hanging Toiletry Bag

Mossio Hanging Toiletry Bag Buy Now

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